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first time getting my dick stroked and sucked by a guy

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Started by #509942 at 30,Dec,16 22:32
Went to a video store. Never been to one. Mostly guys when i walked in. Looked at some vi. os but wanted to go to the back to watch some videos
Went into a booth and closed the door but it didn't have a lock. Put a couple dollars in and started watching some porn. Unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out and started playing with it. Changed the channel and saw this guy sucking a dick. My dick got hard and this guy opened the door and came in. He started stroking my dick and before i knew it he got down and sucked my dick i was going to cum i tried to pull my dick out but he wouldny let me. Felt so good

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By XJacker at 07,Jul,23 22:58 other posts of XJacker 
I first got stroked off by a boy in my teens,

I’d recently discovered masturbation and I was wanking myself off a couple of times each day. I soon picked up that other boys in my class wanked. I’d also picked up that some boys had “wank buddies” with whom they masturbated.

One day at school. As part of our English literature course we were all sitting in a darkened lecture theatre watching a historical movie of Shakespeare’s Henry V. Another boy was sitting a couple of seats along and we were by ourselves in our row.

He moved to sit next to me. I felt his knee pressing against mine and his hand on my thigh through my thin school trousers. In the dark and with the seats in front of us no one could see us. I knew immediately what he wanted! When I didn’t stop him his hand began to move across my thigh toward my sex kit. In response I spread my legs wide to show him I was interested. He started stroking the bulging ridge of my by then erect cock through my trousers, then he undid my zip and an instant later my cock was out sticking up vertically erect.

He started feeling my cock shaft and reaching down to stroke my balls and ruffle my cock bush. It was the first ever time my erect penis had been touched by anyone other than myself. I couldn’t believe the sexual excitement and pleasure. I felt my cock was stiff enough to snap. I couldn’t get my legs wide enough for his hand.

Then he started to wank me. In the confined space he couldn’t do much more than wrap his thumb and forefinger round my penis just below my cock head and stroke my shaft up and down across the base ridge of my knob. I involuntarily rammed my hips forward to push my cock against his hand. I came much more quickly than when I masturbated solo probably because I was so excited. My semen fountained up over the front of my shirt and trousers.

After I’d shot my load my friend unzipped and saw he had his own cock out sticking up vertically like mine had been. I reached down for a feel of his cock and balls. It was as stiff as mine, and I gave his foreskin a couple of tugs.

But with my shirt and trousers covered with cum and the movie approaching its end I was too desperate to clean myself up and I didn’t wank him. Instead I watched as he masturbated himself.

I hadn’t wanked him during the movie. But a couple of hours later we were together in a school toilet cubicle and I wanked him, the first time I’d done it for another boy.

By #657920 at 16,Jan,22 08:53
I was 9 and he was about 40 at the time. It was my mother's boyfriend. He'd eat my ass, stroke and suck my dick every time we were alone. I enjoyed it. It continued until I was 13. I slept naked so he'd have easy access when he snuck into my room.
By #275407 at 17,Jan,22 16:44
He should be in jail

By thicknsmooth at 28,Dec,22 06:09 other posts of thicknsmooth 
Wow that’s hot 😊

By #652988 at 19,Dec,21 16:14
Not yet but sure want it

By Lukas123 at 10,Dec,21 23:09 other posts of Lukas123 
My first time whan I’m 27 have sex an first time suck dick and this ask me you want what I fuck your ass but I said no and now I want to try anal sex because I like play to much with butt plugs and dildos gays tell me real dick is mo nice and better but I little bit scared but suck dick and play with anal toys I like to much.
But I have this sex with man one time😭😭😭😭😭
Now I play with anal toys and like to much and I try to find person with similar interesting what can do 69 and try first time anal sex

By #64328 at 22,Sep,20 17:52
I learned about masturbation at 8 when a 13yo friend taught me how by jacking me off to my first dry orgasm and I was immediately hooked. First blow job when I was 12 from another boy that lived on our street. What can I say we were all just very horny. Of course we were all very secretive about it

By #624140 at 22,Sep,20 01:48
Happened to me with a stranger.He said he wanted to touch me.I got in his car and took my dick out.His hand felt good on my dick.He didnt sucked me, but spat on his palm as he jerked me.I came a lot on his hand and he we both were happy

By #608810 at 21,Sep,20 16:15
Had my asshole tongue fucked and my cock sucked first time a year ago I'm 49

By newwt10 at 17,Sep,20 20:52 other posts of newwt10 
Step cousin on a sleep over, I was 10....

By lawrenceo at 17,Jun,20 07:47 other posts of lawrenceo 
I was camping with one of my boyhood friends. He was cut and he wanted to see my uncut cock and to feel the way that a foreskin was used in wanking. I let him practice on mine and he was excited by the result.

I then wanked his cut cock and gave him a good orgasm; which was the first time I had wanked a cut cock to completion.

Altogether a good camping experience for both of us.

By #618293 at 03,Jun,20 22:11
in an adult theater,,,

By #586249 at 03,Jun,20 19:24
I was eighteen & was sucked by a guy in his early forties..

By #616943 at 09,May,20 22:05
Well, I messed with friends in childhood, but had no action once into puberty. I was 14 and he 16, and we had fooled around as children. I had secretly wished to happen, but had no idea how to make it happen. Luckily he invited me over to watch porn, which wasn't new. He had brought up the past with me acting as if I didn't remember. I was just scared and shy. He resorted to the old, I will show you mine... It worked perfectly. Soon we were taking turns touching and sucking each others cocks.

By #606526 at 04,May,20 11:49
Was 15 and with a total stranger around 19 I think. Was a late starter and never shot a load despite getting constant hard ons . He took out his dick and asked me to suck on it . Wasn’t very good so he wanked himself off till he shot his load . I asked him what was the white stuff. He was surprised I did not know . He put his hand in my pants and took out my dick getting it hard then sucked it . I was in heaven . Best feeling . Then he just grabbed it pulling the it back and forth till I got the a strange feeling when I got this urge to piss that I could not control. I told him but he just went faster till I got this incredible pleasure and the white stuff shot out on cock in gallons. Had to push his hand away after 8 seconds as got too sensitive.
By tb1 at 04,May,20 12:02 other posts of tb1 
bloody hot

By cruz69696969 at 01,May,20 23:55 other posts of cruz69696969 
First time hey. Bet you been back there

By #603065 at 29,Oct,19 02:48
I was at the club around 18 years old.I met there my friends father and his friends.We partied, he bought me drinks.Around midnight he started touching me.He asked if he could suck my dick.I was drunk and agreed so we went to the bathroom.There I unzipped my pants and let him do all the work.He sucked good and I came in 5 mins on his face and left him

By #509942 at 30,Jul,17 07:47
Just got home from the bar and video store
I was out drinking with a friend she wanted me to come back to her place but i told her i needed to get home. So i stopped at the video store and went in to a booth. I didnt have any money so i just sat there and started started su my dick in my shorts. Noticed someone watching me so i stood up and pulled my dick out i wasn't hard yet. This guy came in and put some money in
He was flipping through the channels so i sat back down and he turned to me and pulled his shorts down. He wasn't hard but was getting bigger as i opened my mouth and licked his head. He started to cum almost instantly it was so warm he then got on his knees and start

By #538726 at 22,Jul,17 11:49
I was 8 the first time I got my dick sucked my best friend caught me taking a piss he asked me if I ever had my dick sucked I told him no then he asked me if he could suck mine I said okay
By thicknsmooth at 26,Jul,17 02:44 other posts of thicknsmooth 
wow sounds hot! I had a similar experance at the same age! You can read about it in my blog! let me know what you think!

By #363802 at 31,Dec,16 16:26
I love to suck cock,but I've never had mine sucked by a guy,I'll only let women suck it.When I'm with a guy, I just want to suck, I don't like getting anything in return. That weird?
By spermkiss at 31,Dec,16 17:44 other posts of spermkiss 
No, it is not weird at all. Indeed, it is far more prevalent that your probably realize. You fit the classic description of a straight cocksucker. When you are with a man, what you want to do is suck his cock and bring him to climax. But you want to get your orgasmic release with a woman. How many men like you are there? Undoubtedly millions worldwide. In my own personal life I've known several.

And there are a huge number of cocksuckers, both gay and straight men like yourself, who do not WANT reciprocation. Sucking off a man who is totally straight and who wouldn't dream of sucking a cock himself is a Major Fantasy. If the man who was just sucked off were to switch positions and start sucking it would totally destroy that fantasy.

So get out there and give lots of blow jobs and enjoy them. I'm sure the men you are sucking enjoy them too.
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

'Just went to you page and had a quick look at your photos. Man, you've got a beautiful penis that looks like it's the perfect sucking size. Big enough to be a satisfying mouthful but not so big as to trigger a gag reflex. It's a shame you won't let men have a go at it. But the women in your life are lucky ladies indeed.
By #363802 at 31,Dec,16 18:50
Wow! Thank you! Glad you like my pics!
By spermkiss at 02,Jan,17 15:14 other posts of spermkiss 
I'm not sure if that "Wow! Thank you!" was for my follow up comments on your dick or for my original post with insight on your desire to suck cocks without reciprocation.

But I'm going to presume that it was for the latter. Yes, there are millions of men out there who self identify as straight (though you're candid enough to say bisexual), who live as straight and who for all intents and purposes ARE straight, but who like to suck guys off. So go ahead and keep on living and enjoying your (mostly) straight life and go on enjoying sucking guys off. Real men suck cocks.
By #363802 at 02,Jan,17 16:48
Thanks! Guess I'm a "Real man" because I LOVE to suck cock! Although,I only like to suck BIG cocks! And I consider BIG to be 7" and over! Guess I could be considered bisexual, or a straight cocksucker! lol!
By t-rex at 03,Jan,17 00:56 other posts of t-rex 
Mine is to small for you 😫

By #525566 at 25,Jul,17 21:35
would you go to my page and let me know what you think of my cock?[deleted image]

By jackd at 31,Dec,16 20:37 other posts of jackd 
Not weird,just dumb, lol.Just kidding.I love sucking dick and don't care if the guy sucks me.If he does cool

By cumonme1 at 24,Jul,17 16:01 other posts of cumonme1 
I was last in a sex store with video booths about 2 years ago I sucked 4 cocks that day and I had mine sucked also.

By #64328 at 22,Jul,17 17:11
I was in the 6th grade and got my first blowjob from the **** of a girl i had a crush on. I never did anything with her, but if see only knew what her **** and i use to do when we were alone.

By #516354 at 30,Apr,17 00:18
My first experience of this happened whilst in the army and posted in Germany.I used to go to an adult cinema to masturbate and cum before going to a prostitute so as to last longer with her and get my moneys worth lol.One day I was there watching a film and masturbating when a guy came and sat next to me and got his cock out and started to masturbate to.All of a sudden his other hand started to stroke my leg and I thought what the hell and let him carry on.He then moved my hand off my cock and replaced it with his and started to stroke me.After a few minutes he got up kneeled in front of me pulled my trousers and pants down and started to give me a blow job.I glanced around the room a noticed several guys were watching us and masturbating and I soon came in his mouth.He licked me clean and then sat down again.I pulled my pants and trousers back on and left.Went back several times after and had similar experiences before getting posted elsewhere.

By #522126 at 11,Jan,17 12:18
I had mine sucked by some guy who was working my Chakra points,I was fully naked and got an erection,he asked me if he could suck my cock,which I said O.K. to,just to experience something new,I came in his mouth which he duly swallowed and thanked me afterwards.It seemed all very "matter of fact" afterwards and no more was said.I suppose I enjoyed it.

By Blade at 06,Jan,17 04:25 other posts of Blade 
I think I posted the full story on here already, but basically my jerk off buddy's little **** ended up sneaking up to me on the couch while we watched a movie. he got under the blanket I had over the lower half of me, and just put his head in my crotch, quickly pulled down my sweatpants and underwear in one move and sucked my dick into his mouth.

It was sureal situation. he let me finish in his mouth, cleaned my dick off with his mouth, replaced it in my pants and got up and left. he did that all that summer. He never talked about it, and I didn't mention it in case it ruined it.

I found out he did it to my friend all the time. It got to the point where we'd watch a dirty movie and his lil **** would suck us off while we watched it.

I pushed my luck, and pushed myself onto him, moving him on his back with his head off the edge of the bed, and fucked his mouth like that. I came hard and held his head down until I was done. He was choaking a little but he was mad cause my cum must have went into his nasal cavity and he said it burned. (anyone else confirm this really burns?)

I ruined it for myself as he was mad and never blew me again. I got so horny and even asked my friend to blow me, but he woudn't. I wouldn't blow him ever either, so I couldn't blame him.

By #526370 at 31,Dec,16 09:58
I was thumbing a lift back to my student flat after missing the bus.Funny his hand came on the inside of my leg soon after I got in the car.I was talking before he asked me what I was doing out so late... I just said my girlfriend had just finished with me.... I had tears in my eyes. So the nice tingling on my upper legs when I realised he unzipped me and we were stopped. My legs stared to shake. But I didn't complain I didn't get an erection I was too frightened.He opened his zip and a very big clock flipped out.(I didn't know then I as small.) So I thought other cocks were massive. Well he put my hand on it and I was suprised it felt nice like velvet. I had stopped shaking and noticed I was hard. He suckedme off and said my clock was just perfect. I loved it being told that. And saw him regular after that
By tb1 at 03,Jan,17 05:12 other posts of tb1 
Sounds like an experience we'd all like to have

By wmw6cut at 01,Jan,17 06:04 other posts of wmw6cut 
my first time was at video booth also....loaded the machine, stripped, got hard and someone knocked....i opened the door and a dude asked if he could help me out, i said yes and let him in and he sucked me till i filled his throat with my load

By dgraff at 31,Dec,16 00:33 other posts of dgraff 
men give amazing head don't they
By #93221 at 31,Dec,16 13:36
By spermkiss at 31,Dec,16 15:23 other posts of spermkiss 
Of course they do. Male cocksuckers are still men and they have dicks. They know from the experience of having their own cocks sucked what feels good. Real men suck cocks.

By #509942 at 31,Dec,16 04:45
I couldn't help it
it felt so good after i came i left
I went back a few times i would leave the door open and got my dick sucked a few more times
Then i went
went in to a boo
th where a guy was watching a movie i put my hand in his pants and
Unzipped his pants and licked his head and sucked his dick
By spermkiss at 31,Dec,16 15:19 other posts of spermkiss 
Wow! It didn't take you long to make the trip from getting sucked by a man to sucking a man.

OK, you're ready for the next steps. Take a man all the way to climax, savor the flavor of his sperm and swallow it. Then say out loud and proud I'M A COCKSUCKER.

When you've don't these things you'll be a full fledged cocksucker and ready for a gold star and your cocksucker merit badge.

By #513052 at 31,Dec,16 00:06
I had a similar experience but my booth had a gloryhole. Someone waved me over there and I stuck my cock through and got an awesome blowjob! I sucked two cocks that night also, good times

By spermkiss at 31,Dec,16 00:05 other posts of spermkiss 
Well, you took a walk on the wild side and you liked it. Welcome to the world of man-on-man sex.

Now you say you tried to pull out for your climax but the cocksucker wouldn't let you. No, of course he wouldn't. Receiving the load of sperm is the highlight, the piece de resistance, of the entire cocksucking experience. Sperm is a cocksucker's reward for giving good oral service. Do not deny him.

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