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By zzick at 23,Aug,22 17:02
Not a western, but I loved the tv series "the fugitive"
So many great tv shows in the 60s

By zzick at 09,Aug,22 03:05
It's been changing for billions years, the planet has had, the scientists say, 4 mass extinctions.
Mother nature does what she wants.

By zzick at 31,Jul,22 02:16
I would ask my wife to let a stranger fuck her, that would keep her freaked out for a year, and she would want to fuck someone else.

By zzick at 10,Jul,22 03:12
I'd be happy just to know how women feel and think about sex and men.

By zzick at 09,Jun,22 04:24
A girlfriend called it " boris" !

By zzick at 20,Nov,21 04:27
When I was in my teens and 20s, I was "shooter"!
At least 5 feet.
Now, at 73, it pools on the top of my cock.

By zzick at 23,Aug,21 17:49
I liked Cathy's clown, written by don.
Amazingly, their mother, Marguerite I think, is still alive at 102!

By zzick at 04,Jun,21 18:29
What do you have, if you have nuts on your wall? Walnuts
And what do you have if you have nuts on your chest? Chestnuts
And what do you have if you nuts on your chin? A cock in your mouth.

By zzick at 25,May,21 13:15
Is she keenly G's sister or daughter?

By zzick at 21,Feb,21 19:32
Orange don was defeated by election
Then invited a failed insurrection

Then Melania grinned
Said I wont sleep with him

Cuz hes got a tiny limp erection !

By zzick at 17,Feb,21 03:04
So much easier to lick, being shaved.
Not to fond of a bunch of hair in my mouth!

By zzick at 13,Feb,21 15:41
I could only last about 20 seconds.

Was there any lizard people in it?

By zzick at 10,Feb,21 03:59
Loved the supremes, they were almost as big as the beatles in the mid to late 60s here in alberta!

By zzick at 07,Feb,21 03:56
A man received an invitation to a polka party.
The host said to dress accordianly.

By zzick at 02,Feb,21 16:00
The snow and cold weather is especially hard on the lizard people, what with them being cold blooded and all.

By zzick at 02,Feb,21 04:28
What kwilla said

By zzick at 30,Jan,21 02:56
It all make's sense!
Congresswoman green said the california
Fires were caused by laser beams from outer space, the only people sending them would be the lizard people!! Of course!!
Thank god we have solved this mystery.

By zzick at 21,Jan,21 03:37
I was trying to inject a bit of humor, (but obviously failed).
The bomber in Nashville was somehow talking about lizard people, and the greys are usually referenced, when people talk about being abducted.
I always get a laugh, reading about lizard people, and greys, and the incident in the northeastern usa, when bob and betty hunt(I'm not sure about the names)were abducted in the 1960s, they said it was the greys who did it.
Always good for a laugh! (For me, anyway)

By zzick at 20,Jan,21 20:30
I just had an epiphany, the reason that greys are that colour, is because they have spent months in the spaceship, therefore not in the sunlight, where they could get a nice ruddy complex

By zzick at 20,Jan,21 17:18
I just had an epiphany, the reason that greys are that colour, is because they have spent months in the spaceship, therefore not in the sunlight, where they could get a nice ruddy complexion!

By zzick at 19,Jan,21 17:37
And what is worse, trump was going to unveil his shiny new health care plan, in only 2 weeks!!

Another dream crushed.

By zzick at 17,Jan,21 18:49
Was 2 or 3, sorry for the spelling

By zzick at 17,Jan,21 18:48
For sure it is, always has.
There wadv2 or 3 mass extinctions before the big one 75 million years ago, or so, that finished off the dinosaurs.

The world and the universe does what it wants.

The question is, are we to blame,
I dont think so.

By zzick at 15,Jan,21 16:01
You misspelt Wyoming, you're welcome.

By zzick at 15,Jan,21 15:56
Say what you want about the lizard people, but I did not see one single lizard person in that seditious mob!!

So I'm saying it's about time we should give the lizard people, a little bit more respect, thankyou.

By zzick at 13,Jan,21 02:02
I am one of the lizard people, and we love liz cheney !!

By zzick at 11,Jan,21 16:55
Just remember, in the lizard people community, there are good, and I'm guessing an equal amount of bad apples, in their community.

By zzick at 10,Jan,21 16:41
I've heard that even the lizard people are starting to turn against him!
Without the lizard people, he has no one!

By zzick at 08,Jan,21 15:53
Does anybody know if the lizard people are on board with him??
I've heard that the greys are with him, whether that's good or bad, I dont know!

By zzick at 26,Sep,20 00:45
Since trump wont display his cock, we will have to assume it is tiny.

By zzick at 24,Sep,20 15:46
I have played for it lots of times.
It was well worth it.

I have nothing but respect for most of the girls, they provide a valuable service.

By zzick at 15,Dec,19 03:50
Get out of Vietnam

By zzick at 14,Dec,19 17:55
They all want to be like "absonus", with the great lead singer "max stultus"

By zzick at 13,Sep,19 04:10
Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder .

By zzick at 11,Sep,19 18:07
Would it increase the pleasure, if the woman pegging you was able to play the guitar and sing "peggy sue " while she was pegging you?

By zzick at 29,Jun,19 02:42
Joan Jett, so hot !

By zzick at 29,Jun,19 02:35
Scorpio, I think you mean lemon ?

By zzick at 01,Jun,19 14:46
You deserve a medal

By zzick at 03,Nov,18 02:43
Just one girl, it was unreal, all it took was for me to fuck her, I could not believe the amount of liquid that she would produce.

By zzick at 01,Oct,18 01:27
Although it's been years, the best is when fucking a girl that I've just metfor the very first time.
So exciting!

By zzick at 01,Oct,18 01:02
Pretty face, hot body, yum !

By zzick at 25,Sep,18 22:00
Why didn't he like black girls?

By zzick at 05,Sep,18 16:41
Wow shes hot! Maybe start the negotiations at 250/$ hour?

By zzick at 11,Jun,18 16:07
You're a bit wrong , mazinga, beauty is in the eye of the beerholder.

By zzick at 13,May,18 18:32
Understood, or "got" rap music, or hip hop, what ever it's called.

Probably my age showing !

By zzick at 17,Apr,18 17:45
I'm white, but my absolute favourites are native Canadian women or metis women.

By zzick at 15,Apr,18 16:03
I'm sure all guys think their cock is the best looking, I know I do !

By zzick at 04,Apr,18 17:40
Maybe it's sharp

By zzick at 23,Nov,17 16:57
Reading these lyrics confirms how popular music is deteriating ever faster into mediocrity at best, and rubbish at worst.
I believe it started after lennon McCartney stopped writing together.

By zzick at 24,Oct,17 22:22
Yes, very nice, I like them trimmed or shaved, but especially black or brunette. It looks like it would be fun to lick .!