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What Chicks are Actually Real on Here?

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Started by Nashville42 at 28,Nov,23 04:51  other posts of Nashville42
I believe there are a lot of real pics of women on here, but the dead giveaway is that they have no pics they actually took of themselves in my opinion.

Mostly no arms raised to hold a phone or no phone in the pic.

How many of these real women even know they are on the site?

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By wycowboy at 26,Dec,23 20:02 other posts of wycowboy 
It's not something I ever thought or even cared about

By socks4u at 26,Dec,23 03:19 other posts of socks4u 
mine are real of us both.

By phart at 28,Nov,23 05:26 other posts of phart 
I think there are maybe 5 women on here, the rest are probably pervert men posting revenge porn or their wives-girlfriends without permission.
By Cody8789 at 10,Dec,23 23:16 other posts of Cody8789 
I know of at least 25 that are real, the rest maybe fakes, but who cares, as long as there hott or even friendly, thats all that matters because does any one really think there going to meet someone from this site to have sex with, maybe .05% do.
By rocket1 at 11,Dec,23 13:48 other posts of rocket1 
I'd love to show your sexy ass how real I am Cody!!
By Cody8789 at 11,Dec,23 19:33 other posts of Cody8789 
That would be hott

By WOODY58 at 24,Dec,23 16:32 other posts of WOODY58 
Cody is right. So hot

By mr_blue at 24,Dec,23 14:00 other posts of mr_blue 
it's mostly men showing their wife or girlfriend...
Or men with multiple accounts using webcam stills and silent videos...
Still amazes me the amount of effort some guys put into a fake female account!!!! What's the point of it?

By #706902 at 15,Dec,23 13:36
I'm real

By CAT at 11,Dec,23 14:11 other posts of CAT 
The ratio of women to men is small, and, I'm sure several are fake, but, most of the women are real and/or at the very least, know what their husband/boyfriend is doing and approve.
Raised arms are just that, raised arms. Just look at my account page. Some pics were taken by me. Some were taken by my husband or a lover. Most of my pics were taken by camera and not by cell phone, but, even those taken by phone, I use the timer and I get to pose.
Anyway, concidering that many MEN are not real in THAT DEPARTMENT, who cares? If they are friendly and pleasing to the eye, that's good enough.

By Cody8789 at 10,Dec,23 23:08 other posts of Cody8789 
It’s very simple, I take my pictures with my iPad and put a 10 second delay on the snap of the picture so I have the time to pose before the picture is taken, no one has ever taken one of my pictures, I’ve taken all my photos.

By t-rex at 10,Dec,23 22:28 other posts of t-rex 
All my wife’s pictures are fake,,, wait I’m not married 🤣

By fozzieberra at 10,Dec,23 20:07 other posts of fozzieberra 
A tripod and some planning can go a long way. I'm not a woman, but that's how I shot most of my photos.

By joergh at 28,Nov,23 06:18 other posts of joergh 
true, but maybe they are much more carefull to take nice pics.
Maybe we men are different..
No not maybe.. we are different, 95% think dick-pics are good enough.
But if you are true, I have to share the opinion of @phrat@

By Nashville42 at 28,Nov,23 04:53 other posts of Nashville42 
For example….my wife actually takes her pics


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