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Fucking fat chicks

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Started by #5388 at 01,Mar,13 06:23
I have such a mad fetish for fat chicks. Have never fucked anyone who was any more than just slightly chubby but BBW porn always gets me off. The thought of the massive tits and everything just shaking while you fuck them. Anyone else share a BBW fetish?

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By DJS at 30,Dec,23 11:01 other posts of DJS 
Not sure if it's just UK, its not just me but others have said the same,larger girls(but in my opinion/ who I've met)most definitely have a better personality,spent many a night chatting/drinking with them & dancing, but not sexual attracted to them which they worked out,but excellent company,but let's say there slimmer gfs or some are proper bitch with them not being centre of attention,like why is he chatting her up and not me,even tho am more attracted to to slimmer form,
Works opposite aswell chatted many girls up but am not there type,not bodybuilder type not heavy enough,so its swings & roundabouts,but I always respect any variety of the female form
By bella! at 30,Dec,23 18:35 other posts of bella! 
Your first sentence is jam-packed with thoughts and is hella long!
By DJS at 30,Dec,23 19:44 other posts of DJS 
No thoughts bella in my experience,that all,dont like the term fat girl/ chick so was only giving my take,seeing there normal people,yes I like slimmer girls but it doesn't stop me having fun with what others call fat,
By bella! at 30,Dec,23 21:36 other posts of bella! 
Understood! Your post is quite clear with regard to the topic of "fat chicks", which you refer to as larger girls. You are drawn to and attracted to their personality, you enjoy chatting them up, dancing with them, etc but are not attracted to them physically. I'm definitely not throwing stones at you, you like what you like. I will let you in on something about me, I NEVER was attracted to blonde haired men. In my younger days, I always had a thing for dark haired men with glasses, like Colin Firth! DREAMY!

By #681164 at 30,Dec,23 18:38
They are not made for speed. They are made for comfort.

By lovetolickyou at 28,Dec,23 04:35 other posts of lovetolickyou 
I don't normally seek out large women, but there have been some that I find really sexy and I can really enjoy playing naked with them. Oral sex in particular really appeals to me. I have found occasionally, such as the last queen-size woman I made love with, that the thick padding above their pussy has limited how deeply I can penetrate them. That might not be an issue for a guy who's particularly well-endowed, but for us normal guys who weren't blessed size-wise, it's worth considering. I'm more than happy to please them orally though. And, I have to say, I've found that a lot of chubby girls are really, really pretty, and that means something to me too.

By Pusscock at 25,Oct,22 13:26 other posts of Pusscock 
Every girl/woman I've had relations with since 8th grade have been big girls.. except 2 tries. One, I would hear what sounded like bones cracking when we would fuck. The other wouldn't eat sperm - said it had too many calories. My wife's a chubby and when she threatens to diet, I get scared.
By #662360 at 27,Dec,23 22:29
Chubby women are much more comfortable to fuck. They are nice and soft under you and you don’t feel their bones jabbing into you.

By quint at 18,Oct,22 23:12 other posts of quint 
When I was 17, I was sleeping in the basement guest room at my friend’s house and got woken up by his older sister. She was very heavy …and drunk after the bar. She got naked and crawled in bed beside me. To be honest, back then I wasn’t attracted to “fat” girls, but she was a great person, I liked her and I knew she already wanted me. Regardless, I could have eaten her sweet pussy all night, making her cum. I gave my all to give her the best fuck of her life that night.. and she loved it! It is still one of the best for me!

By leopoldij at 18,Oct,22 12:16 other posts of leopoldij 
Fat lady [deleted image] [deleted image]

By #662360 at 18,Oct,22 07:41
I don’t know about BBW but I can say that when I started fucking my girl she was size zero and so slim her ribs and pelvis felt really boney under me and poked into me. When later she put on some weight and volume (and married me) she was much more comfortable to have under me. Also her tits got bigger changing from grapefruit halves to jugs and looked hotter swinging above me when she rode my rod on top. So I prefer my women plump rather than size zero.

By cumcouplessa at 18,Oct,22 03:13 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. I'm bisexual, and there's two things that realy turn me on. Firstly, a nice, hard, up-curved cock. Secondly, a big, hot, curvy overweight chick, with a big butt. Something about the larger lady's that realy gets me hard.

By #675701 at 17,Oct,22 21:13
fat chicks need love too

By wycowboy at 08,Sep,22 15:41 other posts of wycowboy 
I'm a fat man so calling anyone fat is not in my style. Bur even when I was in my prime I didn't care about a womans body shape. Everyone needs some lovin' sometimes and I was willing to provide it.

By phart at 06,Sep,22 15:07 other posts of phart 
I always felt like desperate men fucked fat women because they felt fat women were easy targets . sad
By bella! at 07,Sep,22 03:10 other posts of bella! 
Really, phart? You feel that only "desperate" men are attracted to "fat" women? That comment just reflects how shallow you are. Your above post has to be one of the most ignorant things you've posted.
By Dev01 at 07,Sep,22 03:14 other posts of Dev01 
Don't get the 'fat' bit. We all the same. I get very irritated by lables

By phart at 07,Sep,22 15:51 other posts of phart 
Well I can't help knowing what at least 2 former coworkers told me, they targeted overweight women because they thought they were "easy" to get.

By #675701 at 07,Sep,22 02:56
pussy is pussy

By knewbi at 06,Sep,22 14:56 other posts of knewbi 
Love fucking fat chicks. Had my share of thin and fat and prefer fat if I have the choice. As a matter of fact, my biggest fantasy is to have a real fat black woman with massive tits to use as my personal cum dump... Love the comfort of a fat chick!!

By Gntlmn at 06,Sep,22 01:34 other posts of Gntlmn 
Oh, YES!
--------------------------------------- added after 113 minutes

My first fuck was a 5'2" ash blonde beauty from Laconia, NH. She had gloriously wide hips, big tittie's, and a gorgeous face. I never felt my cock "bottom out" as I plowed her sweet plump body from one end of a queen size mattress to the other on the floor of my Boston apartment. We'd never fall asleep for more than twenty or thirty minutes as I gave her a dozen orgasms a night.
--------------------------------------- added after 1008 hours

Her deep pussy was "easy entry", but pleasantly tight. Hot in temperature, too -I've found older pussies just don't have that sexy "heat". God, I'd cum way up inside her every fifteen minutes!

By leopoldij at 05,Sep,22 02:34 other posts of leopoldij 
Of course

By #289712 at 13,Oct,13 10:56
My girlfriend is a little larger and its great fun getting her naked and fucking her stupid. She loves it!

By #164428 at 08,Oct,13 07:13
Check out my profile!
By #400852 at 08,Oct,13 09:42
You know I want to get on top of you,beautiful lady

By botanic at 08,Oct,13 09:06 other posts of botanic 
Yep count me in , they are the biggest turn on for me .

By #132023 at 02,Mar,13 11:20
My wifes chunky big tits hairy cunt I'd love to see her bouncin on another cock wot use think
By botanic at 08,Oct,13 09:05 other posts of botanic 
hell Big Dave , your wife is a dream .... give me a shout and I will over to help out . She has it all . Fantastic pics !!!

By vinoman at 08,Oct,13 07:07 other posts of vinoman 
Yeah man they make my dick fat and hard

By pornlover59 at 05,Mar,13 23:57 other posts of pornlover59 
the absolute sweetest cunt was on a hot bbw who was about 20yrs old at the time!!!she tastesfantastic and her cunt felt great too!!!

By bigguy at 01,Mar,13 19:22 other posts of bigguy 
I don't get into many discussions for the main reason because I don't have any photo's up. But here I can't see why my photo is needed this is more like a personel preference or opinion or fetish topic so here goes. I will be carefull how I word this hopefully to not hurt anyone's feelings. I prefer ladies with a little meat on their bones over very thin ladies but let me clarify this i'm not a big fan of overly big ladies either. Here is kind of an example of where I am. If she is 5'8" tall and weighs under 100# i'll pass and on the other end, Steffi, you're still in easily
By #164428 at 02,Mar,13 07:39
Wait....are you saying here that I'm overly big and you'd pass? I'm confused.
--------------------------------------- added after 7 hours

Oh, I think you said I'm in!
By bigguy at 04,Mar,13 04:15 other posts of bigguy 
Yes you are correct, I don't want you to be confused. You are on my want list.

By #220845 at 01,Mar,13 16:40

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