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why white ppl r crazy for uncut cocks??

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Started by #343895 at 25,Jan,13 12:11
why there is so much craze for uncut cocks among white ppls??i hav seen so many topics here from white guys to post pics of uncut dicks..evn i get so many comments and pms for my foreskin..i trully say i dont like my dick,,evn my frnds who are uncut feel they should be cut..i am also thinking circumcision..plz clear my doubt..

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New Comment

By Jagtstein at 21,Jan,24 15:37 other posts of Jagtstein 
As a masturbate, I will never allow myself to be circumcised. Because I can use my foreskin for masturbation. I just removed my frenulum itself so I can move the foreskin more freely.

By #667453 at 08,Jun,22 23:59
I prefer uncut

By #535766 at 11,Aug,18 23:15
I love my cut penis , but I enjoy seeing everything different .

By #563965 at 10,Aug,18 10:34
What the fuck is all this smelly dick with gunk talk?! I'm uncut and it has never been smelly or had gunk, if you shower regularly like a normal person then it defo shouldn't smell and if it does then your clearly doing something wrong jaja.
I love my foreskin, makes sex and waking so much more pleasurable, would never get mine cut
By kebmo at 10,Aug,18 10:59 other posts of kebmo 
I think that the only guys that could say which is more pleasurable would be guys that were circumcised as adults. You and I don't know which is more pleasurable.
By #563965 at 10,Aug,18 11:26
Yeah that's actually very true haha, but from what I know, without the foreskin your glands aren't stimulated as much. Also, I've had loads of orgasms which I would never have had if not for the extra skin
By kebmo at 10,Aug,18 11:36 other posts of kebmo 
If you're interested, go to the main discussion page there is a search feature. If you search Adult circumcision you will find the opinions of lots of such guys.

By #460523 at 30,Jul,18 03:32
I was cut as a baby and I like my cut dick

By #550094 at 29,Jul,18 10:15
To the original author of this topic:

You should change your topic title and 1st post to
"Why many ppl r crazy for uncut cocks?"

The way you worded it appears to be generalizing
all White people.
It also makes you look like you've been hanging out
on the old Craigslist Personals too much.
Just saying.

Look at the bigger picture:
many ppl of ANY race and nationality enjoy uncut cocks.
While others enjoy cut cocks, and others enjoy Both.

Oh well, this is an old thread and the original author
is probably no longer here at SYD.

What matters is you like to moan for the bone
and scream for the cream!

By Darthshame at 04,Jul,18 15:27 other posts of Darthshame 
I don't. I think it looks disgusting and unclean. Sorry.
By #539358 at 27,Jul,18 17:10
Too right. I’m sure there’s plenty of stinky cut cocks out there. A shower a day keeps the smell away.

By #550094 at 27,Jul,18 22:00
That is your own opinion.
But so far, I haven't seen any buses run over me...

As I've stated above I've been retracted since my teens
(I'm almost 53 now) and I've always maintained my cock
clean and fresh at all times, even when I'm not looking
for any sexual encounters.

I've encountered a few cut guys whom I've lectured to
the shower right away, and then I have sent them home
with just a handjob as a lesson to keep their
cocks CLEAN. Not Havin It!

Bad Hygiene doesn't care who is Cut or Uncut, if the
individual guy doesn't maintain his own cock clean
and healthy then it is He who is disgusting and unclean
and his own dirty cock is a victim of his Laziness.

By #562152 at 28,Jul,18 14:54
I have 3 guys at home, 2 uncut and one cut,,,all 3 are sexy as hell and it doesn't matter to me either way. Being unclean may be because no one showed them how to pull their foreskin back and wash. I've known many cut men that made me want to leave during sex because their cocks where discustingly dirty
--------------------------------------- added after 45 seconds

mothers should show their boys everything about theit cocks, from washing to wanking
By #550094 at 29,Jul,18 09:53
I remember in my very early childhood years,
my mom used to wash my uncut cock by pulling
the foreskin back and using her nails to dig
the gungus out... that shyit HURT, but it
had to be done.

After her first few times doing that to me
I started doing all that cleaning by myself.
By the time I was 12 it was then that I had decided
to retract my foreskin
(I didn't even know what "Retraction" or
what that process was at the time).

I agree, mothers ( and fathers! ) really should show
their boys everything about their cocks.
It will save their boys from embarrassments that
may arise later on in life.
Everything Sexual that I had learned about my cock
I learned from older boys... and I discuss that
in my blog titled as
"My First Time Ever Getting Boinked By A Guy".

As I had stated in other threads, I retracted
my foreskin for two reasons:
1. I was envious of guys who were cut, and at
the same time I admired cut cocks; so, I wanted to
experience what it's like to be "cut".
2. I was dreading the painful task of cleaning
my foreskin digging out all that... schtuff...
...and so, by retracting my foreskin and leaving it
permanently retracted my cock's hygiene became
easier to achieve without any painful discomfort.

The retraction process took me about ten years
until my exposed cock head was finally accustomed
to physical and material touch.
And I've remained retracted to this day. No cuts.
I can no longer roll my foreskin completely
over my cock head, and I don't want to;
but at least I'm intact.

I've had guys admire my cock for the way it looks
and how it feels in their hands.
They had never made any issues about my race
and heritage as an uncut Hispanic guy.
Win win for both sides.

By #553309 at 28,Jul,18 19:22
I love all cock but I want my 1st cock to be a nice uncut one. I want make out with it till he shoots he load in my mouth

By #328398 at 28,Jul,18 15:37
Male genital mutilation on kids should be banned. There is absolutely no need for most male circumcisions and I really have no idea why it's so widely accepted.
By #539358 at 28,Jul,18 16:40
Spot on. For medical reasons of personal preference as an adult fine, but as ridiculous ritual shouldn’t be allowed.

By JustWill at 28,Jul,18 15:08 other posts of JustWill 
As a life-long "white ppl" who is not at all crazy for uncut cocks, I object to the generalization in the title of this thread.

By #460385 at 20,Feb,17 19:36
Who says white people are crazy for un cut cocks? Not this white girl. Mrs CB.
By #562152 at 28,Jul,18 14:57

By foreskinlover52 at 27,Jul,18 18:17 other posts of foreskinlover52 
Why would anyone cut part of their penis off!
By #550094 at 27,Jul,18 22:06
Some guys do it by personal choice whether it is
for necessary health reasons, or to pursue the
pleasures of being uncut.

And then there are many guys who have been cut since birth
or early childhood, against their own will.
Many cultures around the world observe Circumcision.
It is what it is.

By #550094 at 27,Jul,18 21:46
I'm uncut, but have been permanently retracted
for most of my life
(I did it myself in my teens, I'm almost 53 now)...

...with that said, I absolutely LOVE cut cocks!
I've had many cut guys enjoy my retracted cock.

Once in a blue moon I like to have fun with an older
guy's UNcut cock since the head is more sensitive,
so perfect for edging him to his pleasure threshold
and keeping him suspended in that Goon state until
I make him cum and then I'd continue teasing his cock.
He would literally HAVE to smack me off to make me stop!

By #539358 at 27,Jul,18 17:09
You need some new friends then! To wish away a perfectly normal fully functional part of your cock... no thanks. It’s there for a reason

By #542509 at 04,Jul,18 17:24
Personally I don't like an uncut cock...I don't even like looking at pictures of them. I myself cut and wouldn't have it any other way.

By 3fdfd at 04,Jul,18 16:19 other posts of 3fdfd 
Probably because most white Americans are cut - especially those over 30/35. I think you tend to be interested in what you don't have. I like COCK but I really like UNCUT cock.

By lawrenceo at 04,Jul,18 06:56 other posts of lawrenceo 
When I was a boy, all my friends were cut and they liked to see and play with mine to have the experience of working a foreskin up and down....may be that is a part of it.

By #515531 at 04,Aug,16 16:45
All my lovers love my cut dick. I will trust their judgement since they let me into their pants over and over again.
By leopoldij at 06,Aug,16 14:45 other posts of leopoldij 
I know what you mean.

By #507567 at 09,Oct,16 18:31
same here

By niceonebighead at 20,Feb,17 19:31 other posts of niceonebighead 
ur as dumb as the rest less cut ur thumb offbe same dumb thing my wife woudnt fuck a cut cocksays it hurts 2 much goin in

By niceonebighead at 20,Feb,17 17:55 other posts of niceonebighead 
u can fix dumb if the skin wasnt meant 2 be thereit wouldnt be thereless cut the mf thumb off that has his son dick cut makes the same sense they tell all kind of bull shit tales an the mother less trim all the extra skin on outside of there cunt make it look better

By #317591 at 26,Jan,13 22:55
Shouldn't **** babies/infants??? Since when **** know what is best for them? If you don't do it when they're babies than don't do it at all, who needs the trauma...

I'm cut since birth, and I will do the same to my ****. Not for religious reasons, but for the looks (my **** should look like me shouldn't he..). Anon is right that the vast majority of women prefer cut. Not only does it look better, they say it's more hygienic too, less likely to catch disease and doesn't get smelly like uncut cocks...
By bigone21 at 08,Jul,13 22:35 other posts of bigone21 
daddies that want to mutulate their s o n s to make them "look like daddy"... my god, when will this barbarian practice stop?

why is it even legal to use a knife on a babyboy? a knife! slicing up a perfectly designed part of his sexuality..!?

you have to be BRAINWASHED for generations and as a society to think this "standard procedure" is a good thing to continue for the next generation.

for cutting up any other bodyparts, you would go to jail.

for MANY years!

cutting up your babyboy is telling him: i did NOT want to think about your physical integrety, i took it, because i wanted it to be MINE! i was CUT, and so WILL YOU be!!

NO foreskin for you my son, i have it taken away! I don't want you to have it because i also don't have it!

Be happy without, just like daddy!
By #4222 at 14,Jul,13 18:05
Hehhehehe that was the exuse when they cut me. But really--they didn't put even 1/1000 of the time to think about it. It was like ordering the FM radio in the car vs. AM only. It was a 5 second decision.
By bigone21 at 14,Jul,13 18:37 other posts of bigone21 
I'm very sorry to hear that blue_balls, and I know it's common practice all over the world.

It takes people to speak up, maybe change only one mind, that says: no, not my c h i l d!

You know how fast 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 goes to a thousand? 10 times! To a million? 20 times!

Only convince ONE person and one makes a change!
By #4222 at 14,Jul,13 23:55
Well I am an advocate for men making the informed choice for their own cocks. I gave my "save the 4skin speech" to two fathers, and luckily both boys born retained their 4skins. Not claiming credit, but I did get them to consider the impacts of the choice and a chance to think, and they might have automatically cut otherwise. I know circ's aren't fun as adults, but at least they can choose for themselves.
By bigone21 at 15,Jul,13 17:40 other posts of bigone21 

By #264686 at 07,Apr,15 18:56

By #219002 at 15,Jul,13 21:38
agreed, im cut only because my dad didnt have enough free will and critical thinking to think about the procedure. he wanted me to look like him. now i have to have a dryed out glans and reduced girth around the head. fuk this earth
By bigone21 at 15,Jul,13 21:58 other posts of bigone21 
@ goodvibez: You still have a great cock, be sure to enjoy it!

Convince two young fathers NOT to cut their s o n, and you are part of the solution! Thanks for doing that!

And for anyone who thinks circumcission is NOT a problem, do you people even READ testemonials like this one???
By #219002 at 16,Jul,13 17:43
Thanks mate, and yes my cock get the job done with women, just nervous about losing sensitivity later down the road. Ah well, feels a bit better to know i'm not the only one who's unhappy about it.

By niceonebighead at 08,Dec,16 02:19 other posts of niceonebighead 
hell thats lames dam excuse there is before u cut his cock if u just got have something cut off go get all ur fingers cut off one handif u cant do that then dont have someone else fuck up by cutin on themTHERE IS NO FUCKING EXCUSE 4 ITNONE EXCEPT BEIN A IDOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By #515176 at 04,Aug,16 09:42
i dont. i think it looks nasty and unclean.
By #481583 at 09,Oct,16 20:45
I agree with you

By #507567 at 09,Oct,16 18:27
I'm cut as My father is, and I'm happy for his decision on mine. I don't think I missed anything, I'm sexually active and have all the sensations on my dick, beside, to me it looks better and more hygienic to be cut. but I cannot judge it in terms of comfort-ability in compare to uncut one as I have it done since birth,,, but I should say I'm comfortable.

I have the opportunity to **** with "almost" few girls from every continent, so far they like it specially one Mexican girl that she said I like your cock because it doesn't have a KKK look

By #174339 at 14,Aug,16 00:05
I am uncut never had any complaints and the feeling I get is amazing I wouldn't have it any other way

By #147052 at 03,Aug,16 14:58
I would say most of us that had the so-called operation to lose the foreskin as a baby never had the choice on whether to keep it or lose it. Personally. I wish I had mine back.
By Rob00 at 11,Aug,16 08:50 other posts of Rob00 
Yes Rob, I wish I still had my foreskin,i luv uncut cock to

By #517092 at 11,Aug,16 00:58
BIG BLACK COCK 8.5 inc /22 CM. check mine

By #446346 at 04,Aug,16 20:32
Because they are so much fun! I love exploring inside the skin around the head with my tongue. More cock taste, more cock pheromones, more cock surface!

By inwood at 04,Aug,16 01:16 other posts of inwood 
because most of us are circumcised so it's something different for us... just a guess. I think it's fucking hot

By #517092 at 30,Jul,16 15:53

By #195151 at 16,Jul,13 15:55
Ritual mutilation among primitive peoples...just my opinion.
--------------------------------------- added after 9 minutes

Sorry I should mention that I am referring to cutting up babies dicks this world is fucked.

By #392664 at 12,Jul,13 18:18
cut cock is healtheir than uncut !
By bigone21 at 13,Jul,13 22:37 other posts of bigone21 
cut cock is more cut than uncut cock!
By #360973 at 14,Jul,13 13:15
- that's why I don't mind you, big'n - you're an alarmist on this topic, but you've got a healthy sense of humour
By bigone21 at 14,Jul,13 18:21 other posts of bigone21 
thanks you don't mind me!

and yes, on this topic I cannot stop telling how much I am against cutting up baby-boys. I will never shut up about it because I think that it should be **** to cut up c h i l d's genitals for NO, OR, religious reasons.

parents, doctors, whoever have NO right to make that decision!

but hey, today, quatorze juillet in France, we should all say: "vive la Republique"! (and vive le prйpuce)!!

By #407489 at 12,Jul,13 18:07
I think that we are born the way we are that cutting it off is not what's intended. i do find that it is determined by the fathers dick,he doesn't want his son to wonder why his looks different. Coming from a woman who have never had and uncut one.
By bigone21 at 13,Jul,13 22:47 other posts of bigone21 
and I think, Crystal2180, that you are absolutely right! it's the daddies that do it, for they dont want their b o y s to have what they lacked!
By #274357 at 13,Jul,13 23:05
I'm sorry, but that is prosperous.
By #409913 at 13,Jul,13 23:13
prosperous or preposterous? If it's prosperous then I might start up a business.
By #23212 at 14,Jul,13 06:13
Be careful with that business--the pay is poor. However the tips can be very large.

By twax at 14,Jul,13 08:33 other posts of twax 
Crystal I got a uncut cock if u ever wanna try

By jackd at 09,Jul,13 06:21 other posts of jackd 
I'm white a don't like uncut dicks.Just what I prefer.
By bigone21 at 12,Jul,13 17:54 other posts of bigone21 
I'm white and I don't like cut dicks...

By slipper at 09,Jul,13 05:45 other posts of slipper 
Another cum & gone!

By #146804 at 25,Jan,13 16:11
It's more to do with geographical location over someone's race. People just have a fetish for what isn't the norm I guess.
By spermkiss at 25,Jan,13 16:30 other posts of spermkiss 
I think you're right. Here in the USA and in Canada most men are circumcised. This is also true in Australia. Therefore an un-cut cock is unusual and fastinating. In Europe and the UK most men are un-circumcised so the oposite is true.

By bigone21 at 08,Jul,13 22:05 other posts of bigone21 
A fetish for what ISN'T the norm??? 90% of European men are UNCUT!

By Ablaze at 27,Jan,13 18:55 other posts of Ablaze 
I think the uncut cock looks better - there is more skin, it is the same as the big pussy lips - turns me on more - there is just more to love. But this is not the most important thing, there was many pictures of cut cocks I liked enough to suck and fuck with them.

By #345609 at 27,Jan,13 00:19
It depends on were your from as well. I'm from Europe and It's considered **** abuse by a lot of people it's a mind set I think. As for the hygiene issue, don't you think that has more to with personal hygiene than it has to do with the skin.

By jocstfr at 26,Jan,13 22:11 other posts of jocstfr 
white cut guy here. I would just like to see what my cock would look and feel like if i still had my foreskin Unfortunately i will never know

By JeffinKS at 26,Jan,13 19:08 other posts of JeffinKS 
White here I was cut at birth( I feel it should be the males choice as to whether you are circumcised or not. It should NOT be forced on you) and I am restoring my foreskin.... but will suck on and enjoy any cock cut or uncut....

By #102374 at 26,Jan,13 03:06
Dicks.are.dicks. cut or.uncut. white black.or.purple., why does it have to be about color. I'd suck a purple dick. Mmmmmmmmm

By pifad at 25,Jan,13 18:23 other posts of pifad 
White here. I like both cut and uncut. The mystery for me is because I was cut at birth. I just think uncut dicks are sexy. And so are cut. LOL
By spermkiss at 25,Jan,13 19:45 other posts of spermkiss 
I'm with you. I like DICKS. All dicks. Like you, I am white and I was cut at birth. I tend to prefer cut dicks but there is something really exciting about slipping the tip of my tongue inside a foreskin to taste any man juice that might be there.

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