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Bi guys - Prefer eating pussy, or sucking cock?

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Started by #423539 at 23,Aug,13 23:17
So to the bi guys (well, and straight and gay guys too I suppose - this ain't exclusive), if you have had the chance to both suck a hard dick, and lick a wet pussy, which do you prefer?
EDIT - Actually, women, please chime in on this also if you can!

As in, which was more fun, or pleasing?

IMO....I say that sucking a cock is so easy (though it does have a lot of nuances to do it right I've found in my handful of college experiences), it's the most fun...from throating it, to sucking, to licking.... but man, unless he has a great diet, that cum can taste awful (and lets face it, swallowing is the way to finish it off with the best orgasm).


Eating pussy, to do it right, is a lot of work I've found. It's very pleasing to listen and watch your partner, and get her off, but it's so easy to not really get her off. Granted, it is still a great, great way to make sex and fucking even better, and it's never been bad... but in the end, while I love eating pussy and making a woman feel great, it's hard to beat, on a pure fun-scale, sucking a cock.

Your opinion?

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By ps29211 at 10,Aug,18 14:12 other posts of ps29211 
Really hard one to answer. I love both.
I lick, kiss and suckle on pussy til I'm begged to stop. I feel very powerful and own her pleasure which is quite the intoxicating feeling.
On the other hand, when I'm placed on my knees in front of a cock, it's a very different situation altogether. I become submissive and am very aware that I am the tool by which he gets his pleasure. He owns his pleasure, he owns my mouth, he takes control and that very much pleases me. Also very intoxicating.

I really do love both equally.

By #561335 at 10,Aug,18 03:04
I like pussy but there's no comparison dick is the best I love dick down my throat

By bobbies12246 at 07,Aug,18 01:47 other posts of bobbies12246 
I love sucking cock the best

By #564125 at 07,Aug,18 00:55
Both both I want both!!!

By liketoedge at 04,Aug,18 14:00 other posts of liketoedge 
I've only sucked a few times but have eaten pussy 100s of times. Both are great. Making someone cum is a very powerful feeling. Ducking cock is a major turn on because of the taboo nature of it. It's hard to say which I like better. Very few would ever suspect I've done both but I think many other guys are the same. Maybe the secrecy of ducking a guy is a big part of the appeal. Horny s ecrets are extremely hot.

By Joe93930 at 04,Aug,18 11:11 other posts of Joe93930 
I love pussy but i prefer sucking a dick there's something about having a hard dick in my mouth and and when a guy is big enough to shove it down my throat

By Rob00 at 28,Jul,18 00:53 other posts of Rob00 
I prefer to suck off a guys warm n tasty cock any day

By nolongercurious at 27,Jul,18 22:10 other posts of nolongercurious 
How about eating cum out of a pussy. Yum

By knewbi at 27,Jul,18 20:11 other posts of knewbi 
I would have to say cock. I cum here while I am perusing Chaturbate for the women there. But after being here for a few minutes I turn to watching cocks. And when I play around it is almost always cocks I play with.

By #554549 at 27,Jul,18 15:11
Sucking cock.

By Quiet at 26,Jul,18 22:46 other posts of Quiet 
On a scale of 1 to 10 ,Eating pussy 9, cock sucking 10

By SluttySarah069 at 26,Jul,18 22:34 other posts of SluttySarah069 
Cock any day

By #551226 at 26,Jul,18 20:55
Sucking cock while fucking a pussy is even better!
By 2nice at 26,Jul,18 21:27 other posts of 2nice 
Wow, quite the multitasker.

By #544423 at 26,Jul,18 19:56
love both honestly but i think i like sucking cock a teeny bit more than eating pussy. i love to fuck pussy and luv to cum in one but nothin like a cock in my mouth and swallowing a good load.

By #561335 at 26,Jul,18 17:40
I am bisexual I like pussy but I prefer am men's big dick down my throat there is nothing better then a men's dick

By #548028 at 22,Feb,18 12:49
I enjoy both, but prefer pussy. The hornier I feel, the more my desire for cock gets, but if presented with a nice pussy next to a nice cock, I'll go for the pussy first.

By kebmo at 19,Feb,18 09:11 other posts of kebmo 

By #510951 at 17,Feb,18 18:58
I am Married and Bi, I love both sucking cock and eating pussy

By #526940 at 16,Feb,18 00:38
I would love to suck a big load of hot cum out of a cock!!!

By foreskinlover52 at 15,Feb,18 19:34 other posts of foreskinlover52 
I stoped sucking cock when I got married and ate pussy only..But one day I sucked a friends cock and swallowed his load..I became hooked on the male penis again and wanted all I could get..I am now gay and regret the years I missed..

By #549248 at 15,Feb,18 13:49
I enjoy both! I've only recently begun to suck cock, but I enjoy it a lot. As for having my cock suck, either man or woman, so long as they know what they are doing and are bent on giving pleasure!!! It's all Good!!!!

By bil47 at 15,Feb,18 12:01 other posts of bil47 
Tough choice! I've only licked three pussies in my life (my wife's the overwhelming majority of times), but I've sucked MANY cocks over the years, beginning when I was a young teen. While both acts are fun and erotic, I'll go with cocksucking.

By 61-69 at 15,Feb,18 10:30 other posts of 61-69 
I've enjoyed doing both in the past. I'd consider myself more "bi-curious" than full on bi, having only dipped my foot in the water a few times, so sucking a cock is a big deal for me and a massive turn on, as somewhere in the back of my mind it's just a little wrong. Which of course it isn't, but you know what I mean, forbidden fruit etc. Best was having two cocks in my mouth at once, never had two pussies in it!

By Samcro619 at 15,Feb,18 09:58 other posts of Samcro619 
That's a toss up. I love them both!

By lankan at 15,Feb,18 02:35 other posts of lankan 
it depends if only im attracted to both

By Ablaze at 15,Feb,18 00:01 other posts of Ablaze 
It depends by the pussy and it depends by the dick.

By joesg at 07,Apr,15 08:07 other posts of joesg 
I love to eat pussy and have a nice man's cum drip out of it
By jackd at 08,Apr,15 04:28 other posts of jackd 
I agree,it's alot of fun to make them both cum.

By #547532 at 14,Feb,18 21:20
I prefer to take a cock out of a pussy after it is nicely coated in pussy juices & finish it off with my mouth. The taste of her pussy juices from the start & his cum load at the end is the best.

By #547532 at 14,Feb,18 21:16
Having to choose between licking pussy or sucking cock. I would choose sucking cock. I love everything about it, especially the pleasure I give him as he cums in my mouth.

By #549726 at 14,Feb,18 18:57
I like pussy but I love dick more I rather suck a big dick and swallow a load cum

By #514785 at 08,Aug,16 06:37
If i could eat a pussy while a hard cock rams it than im in. Either way both are fun

By cumjohn at 01,Aug,16 20:22 other posts of cumjohn 
Definetly sucking cock. But i like to get my dick sucked by both man and woman equally.

By #363802 at 31,Jul,16 06:42
I would say that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the world better than pussy! I LOVE to suck cock! But pussy is ALWAYS my first option if I had the choice!

By wankme at 31,Jul,16 06:37 other posts of wankme 
Sucking dick is definitely more erotic than eating pussy. Nothing more erotic for a guy than the first time someone cums in his mouth.

By wankme at 31,Jul,16 06:33 other posts of wankme 
I agree with Balt. Have always enjoyed cunt licking. But when nothing but sucking on a hard dick and devouring some cum will do the trick, it's a cock you'll want!

By cumonme1 at 30,Jul,16 12:21 other posts of cumonme1 
I prefer pussy but i would never say no to a nice cock

By 2xTheOral at 24,Jul,16 04:28 other posts of 2xTheOral 
I couldn't say which I like better. I love the taste of my girls sweet pussy and I enjoy having a big hard cock in my mouth.

By foreskinlover52 at 07,Apr,15 06:22 other posts of foreskinlover52 
I would enjoy cock over pussy anytime..Nothing better than sucking a mans cock and swallowing his sperm!

By #188764 at 03,Jan,15 14:53
I enjoy giving a woman pleasure with my tongue, but sucking cock is more erotic.

By #436014 at 22,Dec,14 03:14
eating pussy, or sucking cock?


By iowaguy at 22,Dec,14 00:58 other posts of iowaguy 
Prefer fucking women, but will suck a cock before I'll lick a pussy. I have licked and sucked same session that was great.

By #316255 at 24,Aug,13 02:03
Never eaten pussy and I really think I have no desire to do so. But who knows what the future holds As for the other Yes. Was there a question?
By #376736 at 01,Sep,13 16:08
Emm, I use to think the same way, but much to my surprise (and very much an accidental event) I discovered that I am bi, and I love it. Never say never.
By #316255 at 01,Sep,13 16:39
See, that's why I said "who knows what the future holds"
By #436014 at 20,Dec,14 22:16
i mean like what if it were the hottest chick with the most gorgeous pussy . . . who would turn that opportunity down?

By Mrbigdoc at 20,Dec,14 12:19 other posts of Mrbigdoc 
Enjoy eating pussy but sometimes you just need something extra

By felix1 at 24,Aug,13 01:14 other posts of felix1 
Depends... On what you been doing longer because anything new is always more exciting. Sucking a dick has more of a advantage because men are far more easier to please and every woman's g spot is never the same on every woman!
By #423539 at 24,Aug,13 01:16
All very true! I actually sucked a dick before i had licked pussy, but yeah, the dick was easier, whereas pussy takes much more knowledge and knowhow
By #316255 at 24,Aug,13 02:07
Every man's cock is different and his preferences differ, accordingly. Open dialogue is VERY handy where sex is involved (and other things, but that's not relevant to this discussion). Same applies to pussy. Some women like just the clit being licked, sucked, rubbed (nibbled, even), and some prefer the hood to be the focal point. Some women like to have fingers or tongues used either in conjunction or separately. Talk. It helps. Once you get to know that person's preferences you can use them to make the experience better for them (and yourself because being the person supplying the pleasure is also a HUGE turnon).

P.S. Don't forget the labia and the butt (and everywhere in between).
By #446346 at 20,Dec,14 04:56
I think you have a great reply. You have
me intrigued me.

By slipper at 20,Dec,14 04:46 other posts of slipper 
Must it be one or the other? Cannot one enjoy filet mignon once in a while and lasagne another time???

By #446346 at 20,Dec,14 04:34
Survival of our species has made cock in pussy #1.

#2 Oral with guy.

By #332336 at 05,Aug,14 13:34
I really enjoy both and very good at either, but the absolute best is when they are together. I like to be under with the woman in the 69 position, while another guy fucks her from behind. Allowing me to suck her clit, lick her pussy, lick his cock, suck his balls and catch the cum that spills out. And love when his cock falls out and into my mouth. I lick them both clean. Now that's some good stuff!!!
By 2pierced at 14,Nov,14 07:54 other posts of 2pierced 
I totally agree, the epitome of great sex!!

By #6437 at 06,Aug,14 12:13
Sucking cock is the BEST!!!!!

By #201155 at 01,Sep,13 17:59
Good question. A tough one, too. It's a bit like asking whether I prefer breathing in or breathing out!

By 67malibu at 24,Aug,13 23:44 other posts of 67malibu 
I like both, but since I have gotten older I have become quite a cocksucker.

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