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Strangest place you have masturbated?

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Started by #6520 at 07,Feb,09 09:00
What about the strangest place you have masturbated? couple for me... one, late at night in the middle of the street i lived on. another while in high school (saturday school) in a cafeteria with about 50 people. just took it out underneath the table and started, although the girl next to me might have caught wind...

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By liketoedge at 18,Apr,19 10:24 other posts of liketoedge 
It a real turn on to know so many others have done it risky and semi public places. I have alway got a huge thrill out of it.

By Preetraj at 18,Apr,19 06:14 other posts of Preetraj 
At college common room, movie theater

By Pistonbroke at 14,Apr,19 09:17 other posts of Pistonbroke 
On top of a small mountain overlooking a lake while hiking in the bush. Or beside a waterfall on a hiking trail where others might have shown up.

By Earlybird at 18,Apr,18 14:53 other posts of Earlybird 
I discovered masturbation & dry orgasms just after my 5th birthday. I also discovered that I could give myself "the special feeling" as I called orgasms back then, VERY easily! A couple minutes of discretely rubbing the sweet-spot through my pants-pocket with a forefinger was all it took for me to reach orgasm. And since I was fully multi-orgasmic back in my dry orgasm days, I could do it as many times in a row as I wished!

I masturbated to orgasm in the back seat of the car on family trips. I did it at my desk in grade-school. I did it in the public swimming pool. I did it in the back seat of the school bus on class trips. My best friend & I did it together in the bushes while riding our bikes out to his grandpa's farm.

But the strangest place has to be in church. When I was really young, I usually masturbated to orgasm during every sermon!
By Pistonbroke at 14,Apr,19 09:07 other posts of Pistonbroke 
Must have been all that talk about the "second cumming" got you going!

By #584942 at 13,Apr,19 11:11
In the back seat of my mom's car when I was 13, as she was driving in the front seat. She never suspected a thing as I did it very quietly.

By #541363 at 02,Feb,19 06:00
masturbated in my car.

been sucked off by one of my gf's while driving.

By #559941 at 01,Feb,19 17:29
On your mothers pillow..

By XXXKing808XXX at 01,Feb,19 11:52 other posts of XXXKing808XXX 
The peeps shows lol

By #578268 at 31,Jan,19 18:08
In a church.

By shavedpubis at 03,Jan,19 02:45 other posts of shavedpubis 
on the gynochair

By #573046 at 25,Dec,18 07:53
I usually enjoy masturbating in safe places. But I had jerked in a shower after Gym. At work kitchen on a sofa.
By #573634 at 25,Dec,18 08:24
Yeah me too. In the gym shower

By liketoedge at 17,Sep,18 12:10 other posts of liketoedge 
For me the list goes on and on

By CharlieB at 16,Sep,18 03:24 other posts of CharlieB 
Waiting room at the dentist's office. I'd just seen an especially nice pair on a woman in a skimpy outfit and one of the magazines had Anne Hathaway on the cover. There was no one else in the room and I didn't see any cameras, so I just went for it. I was pretty fast. Staring at Anne right in the eyes, I went straight into the potted plant by my chair. Then I turned the plant so that my load was on the side facing the wall, waited to be called in, and had a pretty okay Wednesday.

By Lunkerbass at 15,Sep,18 18:18 other posts of Lunkerbass 
I work on a golf course grounds crew and the other day I found a secluded spot behind the 18th Tee and jacked off and came while sitting on my utility cart.

By wycowboy at 15,Sep,18 13:13 other posts of wycowboy 
In an office at Merrill Lynch after hours that overlooked a very busy road. I'm sure someone saw me

By #566722 at 15,Sep,18 02:15
While celebrsting a friend's birthday with a lot of people I went to friends bathroom sat on the floor and masturbated for a while

By cumaddik at 29,Mar,18 12:57 other posts of cumaddik 
Well, it might be easier to tell you where i never masturbatedlol
By liketoedge at 18,Apr,18 15:57 other posts of liketoedge 
same here

By #553253 at 28,Mar,18 07:57
On Stage at a sex club in front of over 100 people. Then they tied me up and blindfolded me, and took turns doing whatever they wanted....

By Barry at 28,Mar,18 07:16 other posts of Barry 
Jerked off in the local swimming pool into my shorts by some young ladies.
Jerked off at work by the racking shelves while people walked by.

By mahak at 01,Jan,14 07:32 other posts of mahak 
I am 36 male , well built and with strong large dick . I work as white collared executive in Mumbai . I daily travel from DADAR RAILWAY STATION (MUMBAI) to KURLA ( MUMBAI ) by local train . During peak office hours .in first class compartment also you are hard pressed with each other and sometime my dick will feel some excitement after just a rub ,unintentional . I like that but since m a executive ..u know. Some days back I took a very crowded train from Dadar . Fresh I was . It was Monday so more than usual crowd . My hand bag was not able to come with me after my full pull inside the train . So I was concentrating on my bag. Suddenly I felt usual hand of stranger just passing through my deep asleep dick.... . Now I was able to bring the back inside the train and was kept in front ..just ahead of my dick ..pressed against . Surprisingly..the hand of stranger again came ..but this time remained close to my dick and thigh....for few seconds...long enough to know that this is intentional......I was surfing with great effort net on my mobile...... But crowd was so hard pusshing..that repeatedly my dick was touching the sranger's hand....Now it started ..awakening...To my utter surprise..his hand was over it...slightly pressing...I was very I should I react..Should I kick the men or keep it normal... My dick decided keep it normal..However it was very ack ward ..if someone guess whats I can allow this.. but that men was upto something. he started pressing it ...holding it with two 4 incher started gaining size....slowly it was 7. It ws very difficult to handle the mobile in my two bag hanging on my neck/shoulder support..and this men bent to pressing my dick very bulge was now too strong.....we were not in a position to see each other face..neither we were interested...that men was enjoying more than me .thats for to me my menhood was questioning me ...but still I was enjoying also..all this in 3 mins only...I was extremely surprised to see the daring of the men..he pull the zip of my pant , before I can think or move..and he put his hand under my undergarment..and the dick was under his custody....It was shocker to me...I was not able to react to his fast actions...he started to rub ..touch of strangers hand made the dick very sensitive..I felt I will cum...I remembered my first encounter with my wife...withing 5 mins I cumed 3 times without penetrating ...its different now I make her moan for 30 mins..Now he was trying hard to take the dick out..I was nervous... station was about to come ...that bastard gutsy men took my dick it was out he gave me a glipmse ...I didnt get the meaning..but my dick immediately ejaculated full in his hands...that he never anticipated..full 8 jerks...I felt very sad truly..I was exposed..a weak men or what...all this..but now I took my dick into my control...put it back . I have to go to office..Luckily it was dark face saving..I dont know if similar thing has happened to anyone..pls share.
By #482836 at 26,Mar,18 18:44
I wish it had happened to me

By Blade at 27,Mar,18 23:30 other posts of Blade 
My gf did that to me a few times when on vacation. traveling on croweded trains where you are squeezed in. If people had backs to us, she'd pull my dick out, and jerk me off until I shot my cum onto the backs and asses of whoever was in front of us. I have huge loads and totally would cover their backsides. One time she turned me as I came and I shot on 3 different people, two men and a woman. almost all these people had on suits.

By liketoedge at 27,Mar,18 14:35 other posts of liketoedge 
plenty of odd places. But her is 3 that come mind.
In the walkin cooler while stocking the selves at 1. a liquor store i work at in my teens
2. Dressing room at a department store
3. Back seat of a school bus going to camp
I have been masturbating in semi public and odd places since i was in the 4th grade. I have always found it exciting to do it when others are close by and have no clue in masturbating. Sometimes only a few feet away

By kebmo at 27,Mar,18 03:09 other posts of kebmo 
I worked at a mattress store and opened, lied on a bed with my pants down and jerked off into paper towels (not on the mattress!). I wasn't aware of the security cameras in the building and I got fired because the boss saw me on camera and showed me in his office a video of me doing it.

On the train on the way to work often when I was the only passenger standing at the window where drivers on the parallel road could see me if they looked over.

In a department store I would stand behind the refrigerators and could see anyone coming my way while I had my cock out jerking off.

I lived on the second floor for five years and on my balcony all the time as traffic zipped by.

In front of the window of every hotel I stay at.

On every plane trip I've ever taken.

In my parent's dining room while they were in the nearby living room when I was 40.

I like the risky stuff.

By Cuckcouple at 26,Mar,18 20:03 other posts of Cuckcouple 
Well I guess I was jerking off in my truck while waiting for my wife to fuck my best friend. I was just about to cum and his girlfriend walked up and she starts laughing at me and said she couldn't believe how tiny and sad I looked. She made me get out and get naked and walked me through the street telling everyone what I was doing. She made me keep jerking off in front of ppl so I would be so embarrassed I'd never be around again. Little did she know I loved it and cam almost instantly. We're all great friends now.

By bil47 at 26,Mar,18 19:08 other posts of bil47 
The back seat of a car, with my parents in front.

By gourmandct at 25,Mar,18 20:22 other posts of gourmandct 
Mine was in an ejection seat in an Air **** two seat combat aircraft. I was in the back seat and we were just droning over open ocean on our way to a target area. I was bored so figured, why not, I have time. I didn't blow a load as it was a bit awkward strapped in the way I was.

By liketoedge at 19,Feb,18 13:28 other posts of liketoedge 
i can think of probably over 100 odd or risky places. It has always been a turn on for me.

By #549651 at 14,Feb,18 02:13
In an enclosed porch and shot all over this deep burgundy velvet sofa. Was delivering newspapers and it was at the house of a bitchy old hag that always complained and never tipped.
By liketoedge at 14,Feb,18 14:41 other posts of liketoedge 
I had a paper route also. One night while collecting i had customer invite me in so he could get his wallet. He noticed i had a boner showing in my pants and said if i pulled it out an show him he would tip me $ i did and then said if i jacked off he would give me $20.was a lot of money back then. He never mentioned it again after that night bit everytime i went to his house to collect i was hard as a rock
By #549651 at 14,Feb,18 17:40
Jeez. I should have had your route!

By Arexa at 07,Feb,14 11:58 other posts of Arexa 
I've been thinking about this for a while... As a former compulsive masturbater I've fluffed my kitten in all kinds of places. The oddest place I can think of is inside the box my refrigerator was delivered in....
By #548364 at 14,Feb,18 14:47

By #549558 at 30,Jan,18 09:01
Had to masturbate at a party in front of everyone
By liketoedge at 30,Jan,18 12:55 other posts of liketoedge 
I want to hear more about that!

By Big_Balled_Artist at 30,Jan,18 10:05 other posts of Big_Balled_Artist 
In an empty round barn in the hay loft

By #270555 at 28,Jan,18 18:08
first would have to be in same bed as my mom when i was alot younger she was sleeping, then i would say in school in the bathroom
By liketoedge at 29,Jan,18 15:22 other posts of liketoedge 
I regulaly did it school bathroom too

By XXXKing808XXX at 28,Jan,18 21:29 other posts of XXXKing808XXX 
Lots of places...last I could remember was a church bus watching porn on my phone while the driver had no clue hehe

By Lenatur at 08,Apr,14 03:42 other posts of Lenatur 
Check my Video on Parkplace near Dresden !!!

By #136427 at 07,Feb,14 16:29
Driving home from work

By cronsket at 07,Feb,14 10:48 other posts of cronsket 
university library, a study group only about 10 feet away

By heine at 07,Feb,14 03:47 other posts of heine 
in school during a lesson with a good looking teacher

By jayjay007 at 06,Feb,14 23:23 other posts of jayjay007 
i was out running on a trail by my i was running, i came along one of the hottest chicks i ever had seen. Sexy litte blond with perky tits and a tight ass. We ran together for a mile or two and flirted the whole time....I couldn't take my eyes off her tits bouncing in her sports bra and her perfect ass, barely covered in her yoga pants....when the fork split, and we parted ways, i immediately stepped off the trail and rubbed my throbbing cock til i exploded into the woods

By Blago at 06,Feb,14 21:06 other posts of Blago 
The bathroom stall in my college library

By liketoedge at 04,Feb,14 17:39 other posts of liketoedge 
many places....But yesterday was the bathroom at Starbucks

By my_cute_dick at 31,Dec,13 19:41 other posts of my_cute_dick 
I masturbated in open running water in the mountain with few people around including my friends. That was when i was in my 20's.

By #316057 at 31,Dec,13 06:57
Driving naked on a highway

By #330281 at 17,Feb,13 09:15
Restrooms in the state library, was previously msging a guy who kept sending me pics of his hard on and telling what he wanted to do to me, got to the point where where it was too much for me so I made my way to the special needs toilets?? (Ugh name has slipped my memory) and relieved myself

By welshlad at 17,Feb,13 09:14 other posts of welshlad 
at the top of a 30ft tree and also while absailing down a cliff face

By bah2414 at 06,Feb,13 01:30 other posts of bah2414 

By bah2414 at 06,Feb,13 01:28 other posts of bah2414 
I was really horny in high school once, so i went to the boys locker room while everyone was out at gym, stood in the middle of the room ass naked (love the free air), and jerked myself off till I came in another sexy guys locker.

I also went into the girls locker room once and found an unlocked locker. Took out the bra and panties and kept them. Busted to them and wiped it on another pair of underwear I found.

One time, in high school, i saw up the hottest chicks shirt and saw her thong. So I jerked off in the library to pictures if her on ravening. So many fun times in high school

By #323075 at 04,Feb,13 01:39
Strangest Place for me was my bicycle while driving. I weared sport Shorts without panties and my cock rubbed between the saddle and my
thigh and showed out of my shorts.

By slipper at 16,May,12 23:44 other posts of slipper 
In the cafeteria... watching you!!!

By #33070 at 30,Apr,12 22:58
First place I'd say was in a change room at a department store when I was a teenager then in the forest when picking berries . I went off for a walk with out the others. Then the next place was in my 79 Chrysler driving 110km down the highway. Was kinda fun each one I want to try out in the water in my boat Some day

By #252508 at 30,Apr,12 14:36
In my car whilst driving, in the woods wherei live,on a bus, in public toilets in class at school for a dare

By ord at 30,Apr,12 01:27 other posts of ord 
in the airplane restroom. the stewardess just too hot! also on my seat in that plane covered by blanket slowly massage my dick until it cum. Feels like heaven!

By frank527 at 29,Apr,12 22:24 other posts of frank527 
at my brothers baseball game behind a tree add_smile(%22%22)

By 67malibu at 29,Apr,12 21:53 other posts of 67malibu 
Once late at night on a public highway in winter ,ice on the road I could see for a mile or so . I stripped completely , sat my bare ass on the highway and jacked off I was a teenager. Have other stories too

By smokieb69 at 29,Apr,12 12:11 other posts of smokieb69 
quite a few places - trying to remember them all:
in my car
in the bush while on a hike (a few times)
at the urinal at work
in the bathroom stall at work
in a change room at a clothes shop
in the steam room at the gym
various public toilets
in the airplane bathroom

some of them are shown on my page

By 1historian at 25,Nov,10 23:29 other posts of 1historian 
in the office on to the chair of a woman I couldn't stand

By #5846 at 07,Feb,09 23:59
at a beach and in a shopping malls change room while i was trying on clothes
By thickbone at 10,Aug,10 10:22 other posts of thickbone 
LOL, there's people behind the mirror you know.

By MoeJoe at 10,Aug,10 05:26 other posts of MoeJoe 
Outdoors naked in the woods, in my car driving on the expressway, on a hotel balcony, in a department store changing room, mall parking lot while sitting in my car, in a hotel swimming pool and hottub as well as in the sauna, in an airplane toilet, shopping mall toilets, college library restrooms, between the book stacks in a library, and probably several more that I have forgotten about.....oh I should mention many times in the adult theater.

By #9985 at 09,Apr,09 22:16
whne it is late in the summer i go out and get naked and walk about and wank about 5 times in the open air, no one is about and it feels so good being naked in the open
By supablack at 11,Apr,09 12:54 other posts of supablack 
I use to go out naked and streak alot when it was late and find someone where in the open air and get myself off
By #9985 at 11,Apr,09 16:26
it feels so good to be naked in the open..
By supablack at 09,Aug,10 17:22 other posts of supablack 
a great feeling its been a while for me but I use to have some great times streaking naked, I even got some friends of mine into it cause they caught me once, and later one joined me it was great

By #9482 at 22,Mar,09 12:11
Jacked off while guarding a military ammunition depot.
By supablack at 28,Mar,09 11:40 other posts of supablack 
I would do the same thing, its nice and fun
By supablack at 11,Apr,09 12:58 other posts of supablack 
some of the many places, walmart bathroom, i have masturbated in a church bathroom, highschool lockerooms both male and female, airplane, on a bus, my patio, the patio while on vacation in flordia, several friends bathrooms(after i have taken a pair of panties), a park, swimming pool, i have a pretty big list, and lots more places to go, usually wherever the wind takes me

By #5532 at 31,Mar,09 14:36
At a comedy club. A group of eight of us were sitting in an elevated corner booth and my boyfriend at the time started to play with my pussy under the table. He had a finger inside of me and i was getting pretty worked up. I was certain that our table mates knew what was going on (they had no idea). He stopped and told me to finish it up. By that point I was so close I just had to...and then I did it again. And I thought he was being a bossy jerk because he wanted me to wear a short skirt with no panties that night. Needless to say, I have done it several times since.
By supablack at 11,Apr,09 12:53 other posts of supablack 
that sounds so hott, if i were sitting at the table, i would prob suspect, but be thinking in my head how hott that is, very sexy, thanks for sharing, hoope to hear more stories

By #10357 at 28,Mar,09 23:50
Lake,pool,school bathroom, friends shower
By #5828 at 29,Mar,09 01:26
we gotta hangout sumtime
By supablack at 11,Apr,09 12:52 other posts of supablack 
we all should

By #5450 at 28,Mar,09 20:44
I jerked off in my college buddy's hockey jock strap while he was sleeping :-)
By supablack at 01,Apr,09 21:31 other posts of supablack 

By #9820 at 29,Mar,09 21:44
I once masturbated a train driver while he was driving a train. That was fun!

By #6738 at 07,Feb,09 11:35
i don't know how many guys enjoyed rubbing their cocks on their pillows or bed sheets when they were young, but I loved it and once or twice or may b more, at summercamp, i would get in my bed and get off by rubbing myself on the sheets.
By supablack at 28,Mar,09 11:47 other posts of supablack 
thats how i first came, i was watching porn, and rubbing against the sheets and shot all over the bed

By #2179 at 13,Feb,09 14:08
In Spain on a nude beach
By supablack at 28,Mar,09 11:45 other posts of supablack 
always wanted to go to spain

By #7660 at 13,Feb,09 23:56
i was really horney, and i jacked off behind my neighbours car, then blew a load on the front off the car.... but luckly it was at my holiday house.. we left the next day anyway
By supablack at 28,Mar,09 11:45 other posts of supablack 
its fun to jack off places spur of the moment

By #5108 at 22,Feb,09 15:20
i,ve masturbated on the bus on my way to work a number of times
By supablack at 23,Feb,09 13:42 other posts of supablack 
Sam66 that would be something i would love to have sight of, you pleasuring yourself on the bus, thanks for answering, first female comment, is there any other places for you, like the mall when you had the dress on and no panties??
By #7468 at 05,Mar,09 09:43
supa; I lost a bet to my SO and as a result, he asked me to masturbate myself to orgasm at a table in a restaraunt of his choosing. It was a fancy place and the waiter kept coming over the entire time. The rule was I could not stop no matter what happened or what was going on until I came. I had to give him my panties once we were seated-he would not let me take them off in the bathroom. I was very nervous and I know that a few people around us had to know that something was going. It took me about 15 minutes before I could finally orgasm!! It did feel really good--I would definitely be up for something like that again! :)
By BushPilot at 08,Mar,09 23:00 other posts of BushPilot 
I need to go out to eat more often. Now, he owes you. Let's see him jerk off under the table and keep it unnoticeable. I commend both of you though; exquisitely erotic image of you fingering yourself in public. Next time, get a few under-the-table pictures with you're cell phone cam. Love Ya.

By supablack at 28,Mar,09 11:44 other posts of supablack 
yeah thats very hott i need to go out and eat more myself, just to see something like that, did the waiter notice anything, thats prob why he kept coming back, thanks for another womens response, its great hearing, I have always been jealous women can masturbate themselves pretty much anywhere....

By #6907 at 01,Mar,09 00:12
in a hotels window with big light from behind. some guys were watching an taking photographs. at the beach with others watching me and enjoy it.
By supablack at 28,Mar,09 11:41 other posts of supablack 
thats pretty coool, its fun when people are watchihg you

By #2785 at 27,Feb,09 17:43
When I worked at Burger King, I jerked off in the employee bathroom.
By #5411 at 27,Feb,09 20:36
and did u wash ur hands afterwards? ...... or did u manage to add ur secret ingredient in the Whopper? LOL
By supablack at 28,Mar,09 11:40 other posts of supablack 
jerking off in bathrooms are fun, i have in plenty

By #10117 at 28,Mar,09 10:31
j/o while driving down the hiway
By supablack at 28,Mar,09 11:39 other posts of supablack 
did any semi trucks that were driving by see you

By #8867 at 26,Mar,09 13:40
In the middle of a large park with a small lake nearby, in the cold of Autumn. No one was there, and I was totally naked.
By supablack at 28,Mar,09 11:38 other posts of supablack 
its fun to be out in public naked, i use to streak alot

By #10325 at 28,Mar,09 09:54
I borrowed a pair of my cousins knickers from her draw. shot my load in them and put them back. That was hott
By supablack at 28,Mar,09 11:38 other posts of supablack 
that is pretty hott, i use to have a panty fetish too

By BushPilot at 08,Mar,09 23:05 other posts of BushPilot 
In my office under the desk. It was the middle of the day and I was amazingly horny. I closed the door; no lock by the way, and unzipped. I was close to cumming when one of my female co-workers came in and sat down. I tried to look composed and she asked a few questions then left. Her impromptu drop-in visit made me even hotter and I finished with a few quick strokes after she left. It may not be a strange place to jack off but it certainly was a thrilling experience.
By supablack at 09,Mar,09 18:39 other posts of supablack 
that does sound like a thrill, were you still playing with it when she came in, did you have to use your hands to answer her question??
By BushPilot at 09,Mar,09 23:00 other posts of BushPilot 
Yes to both questions. It was a bit awkward but I am sure she didn't connect the dots. It was both frightening and thrilling at the same time.

By twoguyz at 22,Feb,09 12:42 other posts of twoguyz 
in a rowboat in the middle of a lake....when I was 12

By #1047 at 13,Feb,09 17:18
my gf's house,she was still living with her mom and i was sleeping in their basement that night,near the laundry room.i found a pair of panties in the dirty clothes,not sure if they were hers or her moms but i shot a nice load in them and then put them back

By supablack at 11,Feb,09 12:37 other posts of supablack 
In the steamroom at the gym with other people in the room, not sure if anyone else joined in...but after i came i hit the showers right after

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