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Who's the hottest girl on the site?

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Started by #186712 at 31,May,12 08:47
Hey guys and girls!

I have seen many 'Cunt'-profiles ans now i'm wondering which girl you think is the hottest one.

Explain why you think that

Start posting now!


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New Comment

By Monsterboy at 11,Jan,21 18:32 other posts of Monsterboy 
Why judge where there all hot

By 2nice at 05,Jan,21 19:26 other posts of 2nice 
I have my favorite, but I'll never tell.
By bella! at 08,Jan,21 21:38 other posts of bella! 
It's me, right? I'm your favorite.

By #632553 at 05,Jan,21 14:01
Blondbartender is smokin hot
By bella! at 05,Jan,21 14:21 other posts of bella! 
blondebartender is lovely! I'm sure she will be happy to know that you think that she's a hottie!
By Oddmanout at 05,Jan,21 15:43 other posts of Oddmanout 
I have to agree...she is gorgeous!

By #632553 at 05,Jan,21 16:14
She is more than lovely, but my tiny dick is apparently to small for her. I would love just to suck on her tits and eat her pussy.

By #632553 at 08,Jan,21 19:52
Blondebartender actually visited my page!
By bella! at 08,Jan,21 21:35 other posts of bella! 
Good to hear! There is much to be said about the "softer" approach. You did not objectify her, you merely said she was "smokin' hot", and that's all it took for her to want to know who you are.

Why not visit her page again, thank her for visiting your page and perhaps gift her something small, as a token of your interest and appreciation?

By TWOWARMTTS3 at 27,Dec,20 14:57 other posts of TWOWARMTTS3 
The s thread is from May 31, 2012. Eight years old
By bella! at 05,Jan,21 14:17 other posts of bella! 
Does the age of the thread make it less relevant?
By TWOWARMTTS3 at 05,Jan,21 18:46 other posts of TWOWARMTTS3 
Not to me, but people's looks change. The real reason I brought it up is that it's unusual for a thread to be commented on after eight years.

By licksipsuckit at 27,Dec,20 14:10 other posts of licksipsuckit 
only registered users can see external links
Candy Love, aka the most
beautiful couple on site

By Jonas01 at 12,Nov,20 09:34 other posts of Jonas01 
By bella! at 12,Nov,20 11:33 other posts of bella! 
Miriam ist schon lange weg.
By Jonas01 at 12,Nov,20 11:35 other posts of Jonas01 
By bella! at 12,Nov,20 11:39 other posts of bella! 
Das war der Name "sie", als sie hier war.

By bella! at 26,Dec,20 14:10 other posts of bella! 
Yes, Miriam-23 .
By #633051 at 27,Dec,20 13:06
agree but is she active ?
By bella! at 27,Dec,20 13:11 other posts of bella! 
Just a question, did you tap on the hyperlink? Yes, she was active yesterday when I posted as well as just moments ago, prior to my post.
By #633051 at 27,Dec,20 13:41
Yes I saw she was on. Agree she ids hot

By tecsan at 30,Nov,20 23:38 other posts of tecsan 
As I understand things here...This should be deleted...A coward posted this...If not show us a profile...Show whom you are and I will get back to you on the question...༼☯﹏☯༽

By tecsan at 30,Nov,20 23:36 other posts of tecsan 
That is a good question...I need some time on that one...See whom shittles is obsessed with...So whomever he is talking about, that should be in her favor...He does not favor women...Ask about guys here and he could answer...༼☯﹏☯༽

By Skittles at 09,Nov,20 11:05 other posts of Skittles 
NOT the Saggy Granny
By dgraff at 09,Nov,20 19:49 other posts of dgraff 
Or the walrus

By UnderCoverAngel at 17,Nov,20 16:42 other posts of UnderCoverAngel 
You are so mean Skittles!!!
By #551147 at 20,Nov,20 02:08
Nah! He's just a cunty!

By Skittles at 17,Nov,20 19:22 other posts of Skittles 

By UnderCoverAngel at 17,Nov,20 19:25 other posts of UnderCoverAngel 
I bet you don't get that from other ladies here???? From what I am told most could not even be bothered to reply to men let alone make custom pictures and tribute pictures for them,
By Skittles at 17,Nov,20 19:26 other posts of Skittles 
That is why I visited you in Australia last year
By phart at 17,Nov,20 19:46 other posts of phart 
Like I said under that picture,He is a lucky schoundrel and he better leave me enough for LUNCH buffet!!!

By #460385 at 21,Oct,15 17:37
I'm picking her. Lol
By Oddmanout at 09,Nov,20 16:02 other posts of Oddmanout 
I have to second this vote!!

By Skittles at 09,Nov,20 16:44 other posts of Skittles 

By aoneeyedmonster at 11,Nov,20 12:52 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
good choice

By UnderCoverAngel at 17,Nov,20 16:40 other posts of UnderCoverAngel 
As you should,

By phart at 11,Nov,20 20:07 other posts of phart 
By bella! at 12,Nov,20 10:51 other posts of bella! 
Really, phart? Of course your choice is attractive but beyond that, what holds your attention?

Me, I think sherryann has it in spades! sherryann is the complete package. She's lovely, she's kind, she's generous, she's passionate.
By dgraff at 12,Nov,20 11:40 other posts of dgraff 
I can agree with that she always treats me good
By Jamie at 12,Nov,20 13:58 other posts of Jamie 
Yes I agree
By bella! at 12,Nov,20 16:35 other posts of bella! 
You are a good man with a kind heart!

By phart at 12,Nov,20 14:07 other posts of phart 
Yes she is a nice lady for sure.I thought it was "HOT" in the topic. everyone's idea of "Hot" is different.I just for some reason always lean towards the tiny,short,small breast type,with sexy legs?
By bella! at 12,Nov,20 16:34 other posts of bella! 
Cool! sherryann is a beautiful lady, inside and out.

A "hot" appearance only takes a man or woman so far. I tend to consider the ENTIRE package.
By phart at 12,Nov,20 16:37 other posts of phart 
Most women never hang around me enough for me to learn the whole package.
By bella! at 12,Nov,20 16:40 other posts of bella! 
Most likely, you are not seeking out the right women. Be open, don't limit yourself to certain aesthetic values.
By sherryann at 12,Nov,20 17:20 other posts of sherryann 
Dear bella!. Wow, words fail me right now. I can't thank you enough for your kind words, thoughtful ways, and particularly what you said about ME! A mere "thank you" doesn't seem adequate. Thank you bella!. How kind!. Thanks phart, dgraff and Jamie. You all are very kind. bella!, I wish my words could convey my feelings. Thank you.
By phart at 12,Nov,20 21:49 other posts of phart 

By dgraff at 13,Nov,20 06:24 other posts of dgraff 
Your a sweetheart sherry Ann and deserve our words of praise and I worry about you living in the Windy City with all the violence going on in the world Bella is a dear friend of mine for some 7 years now and I worry about her living even 50 miles outside of Detroit another ruff and violent city what sticks out in my mind about Bella is she once called my shop phone and sang happy birthday to me on my answering machine how sweet was that I wasn’t at the shop at the time I was out with the tow truck rescuing a stranded motorist
--------------------------------------- added after 37 minutes

Bella!and sherryann
By sherryann at 13,Nov,20 10:55 other posts of sherryann 
Thank you dgraff, that is very kind. Oh, I bet that made your day, I know I would have loved it. Good for you bella! for singing, and thank you dgraff for sharing. Makes me see a glimmer of hope in this current upside down world we're in. Thanks for making my day!
Now we better let the guys get back to submitting their favorite SYC girl.
Thanks again bella!, that was beyond kind.

By #621517 at 13,Nov,20 02:48
Adela gets my vote. Those long legs and that so innocent look!

By newwt10 at 11,Nov,20 10:45 other posts of newwt10 

By #497442 at 11,Oct,15 09:11
Best looking woman on this site hands down!
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--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

By bella! at 18,Oct,15 07:53 other posts of bella! 
Her assets are definitely admirable.

I understand that in most instances, you're initially drawn to someone based on what is visual BUT do men require anything beyond that?
By dgraff at 09,Nov,20 19:56 other posts of dgraff 
I certainly do I like a sense of humor and it helps if he or she can ride a motorcycle or at least like riding on the back of one and I would hope they like biker rally’s I need a partner in the hot dog bite off

By licksipsuckit at 18,Oct,15 08:16 other posts of licksipsuckit 

By leopoldij at 18,Oct,15 12:17 other posts of leopoldij 
She has a great looking pussy!

I'm not sure about "best", because there are so many amazingly sexy women here...

By Jonas01 at 09,Nov,20 17:33 other posts of Jonas01 

By Jonas01 at 09,Nov,20 10:26 other posts of Jonas01 
Love to chat with her:

By Dong69 at 08,Jul,18 01:01 other posts of Dong69 
Yeah MeeMee is hot, but there are others too

By Ingot at 06,Jul,18 17:08 other posts of Ingot 
MeeMee is the HOTTEST woman on this site
don't believe me? look her up.

By #103448 at 10,Oct,15 12:12

By dreamer at 15,Jun,12 04:14 other posts of dreamer 
Not just one, there are many. Actually each and every woman on here (not fake), are gorgeous, sexy, hot etc. Etc. in their own unique way

By #5532 at 11,Jun,12 01:00
So many are so sexy
By #172995 at 12,Jun,12 23:53

By #164428 at 01,Jun,12 00:09
There truly are so many; I could not choose just one! A few I'd have to submit just off the top of my head: luvmyclit, Matt52's Wife, LittlecUnt, Obscura, Bella....

Why I think that? They are all the "total package": they have lovely looks, are hot and sexy, and are sweet, kind, friendly women!
By #164428 at 01,Jun,12 00:11
And as Jim Blow said, any woman who is comfortable to show herself is beautiful!
By #172995 at 12,Jun,12 23:50

By jackie at 12,Jun,12 20:32 other posts of jackie 
cum4steffi, theres 4 new pictures uploaded in your name. Hope you like it, Ma'am. I love your sexiness and you are hot like pornstar.

By jackie at 11,Jun,12 20:40 other posts of jackie 
I think cum4steffi is the hottest girl on this site. Though she is not goodlooking, I honestly say she is the most horny girl on this site. You know the truth. I have masturbated seeing her pics many times. Such a sexy women is cum4steffi in my list.

By #199530 at 31,May,12 18:03
pretty kitty definitely /member.php?w=222290
By #199530 at 31,May,12 18:04
either her or BloodofCranberries

By #199530 at 02,Jun,12 03:13
By #121361 at 10,Jun,12 04:31

By #251660 at 01,Jun,12 22:16
many of the women seem to have an attitude i don,t care how cute they are if they are just being a bitch
By #159671 at 01,Jun,12 23:30
I find most of them to be pretty nice - if you can get some chat time with them.

You have to realize that there must be ten cocks out there to every pussy, and a lot of the women get bombarded with a lot of attention.

Of course there are the ones that I've noticed seem to have never left a comment for anybody, those women I tend to ignore, as it seems likely they will never bother to respond.

By #56944 at 01,Jun,12 04:44
keenji is my answer. I have a crush on her
By #159671 at 01,Jun,12 23:23
You guys are so right, definately a hottie!

By #186712 at 01,Jun,12 03:00
By #159671 at 01,Jun,12 23:19
That first one has disappeared, the second one certianly is hot, but a little blurry The third one: You are SO right on!

By #159671 at 01,Jun,12 02:48
Cum4Steffie is definately a hottie on here, off of the top of my head I can think of a few other hotties, but I certainly haven't seen them all yet. These women at least are real and friends of mine: autumnblaze is amazing, so is dirtydebbie and exibitionist. Mikago69, SleepingBeauty too. BloodofCranberries is my newer friend. I also like Valentina (oops, she's hot but has a dick, sort of makes her extra hot.)

But really, EVERY girl willing to show it for us is special in my book. The only thing I could think of that is hotter is a woman giving me a BJ !
By #164428 at 01,Jun,12 13:14
Thank you, Sweetheart! And I'd love to give you many BJs!
By #159671 at 01,Jun,12 23:15
Anytime!! God I love BJs! And I want pictures too!

By #124665 at 01,Jun,12 05:58

By #146919 at 31,May,12 08:52
do you mean the real ones or the fake ones?
By #186712 at 31,May,12 09:09
rea ones
By #186712 at 31,May,12 09:09
By #146919 at 31,May,12 09:13
then i wont say as they are all gorgeous to me.
By #213926 at 31,May,12 10:23
I agree with you completely mr7inches any woman who is comfortable enough to show herself to the world is beautiful

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