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Cockhead colours

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Started by #317128 at 07,Dec,12 07:32
Hello everyone! I have seen many beautiful cockheads here and wonder about the colours..Some are pink, red and some are blue/grey even bluegreen..I find the dark blue or grey cockheads extremely sexy..How does one have differant colours? The same cockhead can be pink in one picture and then blue or grey in the next..How does one change the colour in their cockhead..I want to change mine to a nice dark grey or blue..Post any pictures and please some comments on this

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By galaxy123 at 05,Oct,20 06:23 other posts of galaxy123 
Mine is darker pink like in this pic.

But when it has been hard for a long time and the head has been rubbed a lot it goes darker, more purple
like this pic

By hammster at 25,Feb,20 07:57 other posts of hammster 

By wycowboy at 24,Feb,20 15:45 other posts of wycowboy 
Mine changes color depending on how aroused I am and, whether I have taken viagra or not. When I am on viagra it is a deeper reddish/purple than when I am not. I figure it is from the increased blood flow. my cock is also bigger in length and girth and also much harder.

By Wbs1978 at 24,Feb,20 10:49 other posts of Wbs1978 
Soft head and hard head same color

By boc at 07,Dec,12 07:54 other posts of boc 

Mine is purple/bluish. I don't know how to change colors, I am not a chameleon.
By lawrenceo at 24,Dec,17 07:43 other posts of lawrenceo 
Whatever its colour, it is a nice cock

By 0-00 at 09,Dec,12 09:17 other posts of 0-00 

By lawrenceo at 24,Dec,17 07:42 other posts of lawrenceo 
The last one looks just like a self-satisfied smile

By #177288 at 04,Jan,13 23:45
Mine almost Ever pink
By lawrenceo at 24,Dec,17 07:41 other posts of lawrenceo 
and a nice one too!

By lawrenceo at 24,Dec,17 07:41 other posts of lawrenceo 
Sometimes edging to tight limits can make the cockhead become more turgid and dark blue to violet

By #206678 at 22,Sep,15 15:04
By lawrenceo at 24,Dec,17 07:39 other posts of lawrenceo 
Looks as one more touch will trigger it

By heylittleman at 23,Sep,15 05:08 other posts of heylittleman 
Mine too changes colour depending on how aroused I am

By oldbugle at 23,Sep,15 03:56 other posts of oldbugle 

Colour changes according to level of arousal...deepest colouring just before climax. However there are age changes too and general differenes in b l o o d pressure etc

By #206678 at 22,Sep,15 15:03

By jayman73 at 22,Sep,15 13:58 other posts of jayman73 
Yes, it's all about b.lood flow and lightning. The flash of the camera adds to the effect.

By #292979 at 22,Sep,15 12:52

By #285354 at 08,Feb,15 08:11

Yes, color changes with **** flow.

By #159671 at 08,Feb,15 01:27
I'd **** to cause any lost boners, but I think a lot of it is a combination of the light at the time of the exposure and the camera settings. Cameras sometimes have color changes depending on the light level, and a lot of these pix appear to be with phones and not high-end cameras.

Cameras often have different settings for sunny, cloudy, interior tungsten etc... also, different kind of daylight like morning, noon, evening can also mix into the color.

In spite of all that, I think most cocks (at least that I've seen) are pinkish for white dudes and obviously darker for others. (I need to see more cocks of other races though!) I know when I have a seriously HARD boner my head turns purplish from the **** flow. Those are usually my best orgasms btw.

So while I'm sure there are color differences, I think most of the variations we see here are the result of the camera/monitor technology. OK, sorry for the science, back to your boners with big, purplish heads...
--------------------------------------- added after 44 seconds

*** #1 = h a t e
*** #2 = b l o o d

By #277673 at 08,Jan,13 14:24

By #1501 at 06,Jan,13 08:53
I think uncut cock heads tend to have more chameleon properties... they are more sensitive and chage colour depending in ambient temperature and how much they are pumped-up... that's my theory anyway!


Head showing!


Side elevation...


Lovin it!

By spermalove at 06,Jan,13 08:15 other posts of spermalove 
Mine is always pink

By #78174 at 06,Jan,13 07:41

By jocstfr at 05,Jan,13 10:46 other posts of jocstfr 
I have always had a bluish/grey coch head

By #265678 at 05,Jan,13 09:05
almost always purple

By #188813 at 03,Jan,13 15:59
Mine changes colors depending on how badly I have to cum

By Narcan at 03,Jan,13 15:16 other posts of Narcan 

Purplish I guess.

By Vita at 03,Jan,13 14:08 other posts of Vita 

By gurudick123 at 03,Jan,13 13:54 other posts of gurudick123 

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