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Started by routemaster at 02,Feb,15 22:13  other posts of routemaster
Today, 3rd February 2015, is the 56th anniversary - if such a tragic event can be described as such - of the deaths of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. Richardson, a.k.a. The Big Bopper in that horrendous plane crash in the snow in the middle of a freezing cold winter's night in Iowa in 1959. Can it really be that long ago? Sadly, yes. Buddy was only 22 (he would have been 79 later this year on 7th September) yet he left behind a rich legacy of songs that still sound as fresh and invigorating today - the man was a genius. Why the plane was allowed to take off in such dreadful weather conditions, a howling blizzard and already thick snow on the ground AND at 1 o'clock in the morning too, is inexcusable. Ritchie was even younger, just 17 and the Big Bopper 28 as was the pilot Roger Peterson who also died. Buddy is my hero, I've been listening to him for as long as I can remember and never grow tired of his songs, no matter how many times I have heard them, "Peggy Sue" is my number one favourite but I love them all. So on this sad day in the history of popular music, please spare a few moments to remember him and the others too. Thank you


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By wycowboy at 03,Feb,19 09:09 other posts of wycowboy 
3 of the best from that era of rock and roll. I love all their music.

By #316057 at 02,Feb,15 23:45
3 of the BEST
By routemaster at 03,Feb,15 12:08 other posts of routemaster 
Thanks Jamie, you seem the only one to be bothered so far. I've just watched a great clip in musty black and white on Youtube of The Big Bopper singing "Chantilly Lace" before a live audience and also that well-known clip of Buddy and the Crickets singing "Peggy Sue" on the Ed Sullivan Show. And I listened to Ritchie singing "Donna" too, no clip, just his young face smiling back at me as the record played. I was in floods. To think that all that talent was lost so tragically all those years ago and what have we got today? The likes of Justin Bieber, etc. Maybe I'm just getting old.
By bella! at 03,Feb,15 17:20 other posts of bella! 
It's not a matter of *Jamie being 'bothered' to post, although he is a nice and thoughtful guy, you, yourself wrote that these artists have been dead for 56 years. You can't actually believe that the average 20, 30, 40 OR 50 year old will be familiar with them or their music.

Yes, these men, along with Elvis, helped to shape Rock-n-Roll. But let's not forget the impact that the Beatles had on music, their music is still played frequently on many Detroit radio stations.

There is room in the music world for Justin Bieber, and the likes, I bet your mum thought that was 'noise' when you listened Buddy Holly singing Peggy Sue, Peggy Sue, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty Peggy Sue!
By routemaster at 03,Feb,15 22:59 other posts of routemaster 
Maybe not average 20 and 30 year olds but average 40 and 50 years olds almost certainly will be. And I would NEVER belittle Elvis and the Beatles neither, I LOVE them too but I wasn't speaking about them on this occasion! Actually, my mum likes Buddy Holly as did my late dad, he was more their era as I only really got to know Buddy after he had died. And "Peggy Sue" is a fantastic 50s rock 'n' roll record with Buddy exhibiting his "hiccup" vocal style plus that hypnotic beat. But he could do lovely more gentle songs with great melodies too, think of "Everyday", "True Love Ways", "Raining In My Heart" and the ironically-titled "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" and he is still played regularly on radio more than half a century after he died, hardly a week goes by without hearing him - and Elvis and the Beatles too. I don't want to sound too much like an "old fogie" but somehow I can't see Justin Bieber being played in 56 years time. Sadly, I shan't be around then to prove my point.
By bella! at 04,Feb,15 05:18 other posts of bella! 
There might be some 60 year old, young girl at heart that will dust off her CD and listen Baby, Baby, Baby...... There will be CD players in 50 or 60 years, won't there?

By pifad at 04,Feb,15 01:21 other posts of pifad 
Right on spot Bella
By routemaster at 04,Mar,15 14:39 other posts of routemaster 
I won't be able to prove it as I shall be long dead but will CD players still be around in 50/60 years time? Things move on, look how 30 or more years ago we all thought VCRs were the greatest thing since sliced bread and all those big tapes we had taking up room and who uses one now? Most have gone onto DVDs and they might be superseded in the future too as CD players might, just as my old Dansette record player with turntable for vinyl records was and of which I was once so glad to have

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 03,Feb,19 08:29 other posts of HotPussy_WetNoodle 
It's hard to imagine these 3 being forgotten but time marches on. I'm pretty sure, though, that their songs are as recognizable today as in the late 50's.
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

As far as CDs, well, thank God for YouTube and similar apps.
--------------------------------------- added after 2 hours

If you knew Peggy Sue
Then you'd know why I feel blue without Peggy
My Peggy Sue
Oh well, I love you gal, yes, I love you Peggy Sue
Peggy Sue, Peggy Sue
Oh how my heart yearns for you
Oh Peggy, my Peggy Sue
Oh well, I love you gal, yes, I love you Peggy Sue


By Louis at 03,Feb,19 08:14 other posts of Louis 
Country music Hall of Famer Waylon Jennings who was Buddy's bass player at the time and his best friend, was originally supposed to be on that plane too. But The Big Bopper, who wasn't feeling well traded places with him.Waylon rode on the musician's bus instead and the rest is history.

By #316057 at 03,Feb,15 22:23
I like the eagle radio station they always play there music and my kids hear them

By gradurgaur at 03,Feb,15 20:06 other posts of gradurgaur 
people wil allways remmeber the day the music died..
and just think about how the music scene wil have been if this amasing singers were stil among us...

may richie,buddy,big dopper rest in pease
with rock and roll in the heavens...

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