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Straight guys getting BJs from other guys more common than usually thought?

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Started by #532686 at 08,Apr,17 16:27
I'm straight, married, in my mid 40's and I get blown by guys. The more I look around, the more common this seems to be, but what's your take on the matter? I was freaked out by it at first, and even a bit ashamed, but it's super convenient, and my wife isn't into sucking me off, so I've got a couple guys that I can hit up for a BJ whenever I want. The visual isn't so great, but you get used to it, and they have no problem with me playing porn. Pretty clearly, guys who love to suck dick are totally all about providing the best experience, so whatever makes it work best for me is what they want. I think this is why shit like this goes on all the time but nobody ever talks about it. It's totally hedonistic. It's all about me and getting the kind of BJ I'm in the mood for, be it a five minute quickie, or a leisurely half hour or so of getting my brains sucked out. Guys are usually pretty practical, low drama creatures, so I've got to imagine that getting quality head on demand would get a lot of guys over the yuck factor.

I probably get 4-5 BJs a month, but the great thing is, it's all up to me. There's no real relationship to worry about (though we are friendly), no drama, and if I'm not horny, I just don't go. No one's going to call me to ask where I've been or if I want to come around today. On the other hand, if I'm going through a horny phase, I could swing by every day and it would also be no big deal. It's just so straight forward! I don't have to manscape, or bring flowers, I just have to take a seat and get blown.

Oh, and do I have to point out that someone who really loves to suck dick tends to do it really well? My one guy is gay and he's all about throat action, he likes to take it deep and massage it with this throat muscles. The other guy is bi and prefers to do some crazy shit with his tongue. Both not only swallow, but love doing it. Neither wants anything more from me and they don't even try to get undressed. No drama, no commitment, no worrying about it being anything more than it actually is, just a blowjob.

Again, this all took some getting used to, but where the fuck are you going to find a woman who'll blow you whenever you want and with no hidden agenda? Honestly, it's fucking great and I highly recommend it! But is it just me? Thanks.

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By thebeewolf at 30,Apr,20 11:58 other posts of thebeewolf 
In my opinion, the OP is absolutely correct and CountryCouple is completely wrong. If a man is only sexually attracted to women that man is straight. If a woman is only sexually attracted to men, that woman is straight. This does not preclude them from doing things with their same sex. In my opinion.

As for myself, I would never kiss a man, date a man, fall in love with a man, cohabitate with a man, marry a man, etc. It's just not there. And yet I have had guys suck my cock. I won't say more about it because the OP describes the situation perfectly.

I super get it if you want to make someone's sexual orientation about their behavior and not what they feel inside. I think you're wrong, but hey live and let live. But I will say this: stop insisting that other people agree with you. It's not on them to make you comfortable with your categories. Deal with it.

By CountryCouple54 at 17,Apr,17 07:46 other posts of CountryCouple54 
I'm not trying to spoil shit for anyone. All I'm saying is call it what it is. If your a guy fucking or sucking another guy your not straight. That was the topic. Who the fuck is talking black, white, and robots. It seems there is a phobia of some to say your bi. If you like getting sucked by other dudes. Then man up and say that. Call it what it is. But don't say your 100% straight. You don't have to convince me with your bullshit. You need to convince yourself you're not straight.
By RealTitsLover at 17,Apr,17 10:45 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I agree about the phobia of acknowledging that you're bisexual around here, everyone acts like that's gonna change who they are or something. Some seem confused by the fact that...

Romantic preference and sexual preference are two different things. Being bisexual doesn't mean you'd be happy dating either sex, it just means that you occasionally enjoy sexual activity involving either one.
By MM_DD at 17,Apr,17 18:26 other posts of MM_DD 
I do agree there's a lot of phobia about admission of bisexuality, especially among men. I could name several examples pretty easily. However, I don't think this is the case for the OP. Sexual activity frequently does coincide with orientation, but there are exceptions.

By MM_DD at 17,Apr,17 18:15 other posts of MM_DD 
Actually, you are the only one in this thread who is harping on the "100% straight" thing. The OP indicated he was straight, period. He likes getting sucked by dudes not because he's attracted to them but because they're giving him damn good head. It's also convenient and it's fulfilling a need for him that he's not getting at home. It has nothing to do with "manning up." You have a right to your opinion just as much as anyone else, but you don't have to be a supreme jerk just because someone disagrees with you.
By CountryCouple54 at 17,Apr,17 19:34 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Not trying to be a dick. I expressed my opinion. I think a man getting head from another guy should not call himself straight. That's my opinion, like you said. When a girl eats another pussy, she usually admits she is bisexual. Just wondering why the men can't do the same. Must be a "macho thing".
By MM_DD at 17,Apr,17 19:50 other posts of MM_DD 
Is the girl being eaten automatically bisexual because another woman goes down on her?
By #511804 at 17,Apr,17 21:09
I would say yes.

By #588373 at 31,May,19 00:32
Well what is a man called who fucks a fleshlight, plastic sex doll, water melon, a tube or jo into a toilet bowl or for that matter, his hands.They don't make the man who is ENGAGING in sex with all of the above anything but horny wanting to blow a load.
So if a man sticks his dick in a mouth( a man's mouth) with the objective of blowing a load down his throat, zipping up once done and live goes on, whats the difference.
It's just another orifice to cum in, one you don't have to flush , wash afterwards, take to dinner before hand or worry about saying you raped him afterwards, or ask you for anything else period.
If a str8 man abandons women for his hands, sex doll, fleshlight melon or any other hole he can shoot his load in
I would say, find him a label.
Otherwise its just another fuckin hole to unload in PERIOD.
It has nothing to do with macho, or anything but I need to nut and I dont want to jo. I opt for a hot lubed mouth with suction lips and throat, a tongue and no strings, no mess swallower.
How do I know? I aaked straight men and thats the feedback I got.They were not concerned about my feelings because they knew They were right.

By #511804 at 17,Apr,17 21:08
I think countryboy is correct, if you enjoy sucking another guy you are bisexual. You maybe the type that is more heterosexual but still enjoy sucking a guy.

For the most part you prefer the pleasures of sex with women or men if you are female.

I know male to married male was common when I joined the internet in 1993.
By CountryCouple54 at 17,Apr,17 21:24 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Yes, I think whether your giving or receiving it doesn't matter. You are engaging in a sexual act with the same sex. It's hard for me to understand the conflict here. It's like the guys who get a blowjob and try to justify to their wife that it wasn't cheating cause they didn't fuck the girl. It's still cheating. All I was saying from the beginning was, call it what it is.
By MM_DD at 17,Apr,17 21:50 other posts of MM_DD 
OK, you're switching subjects here. We're talking about sexual orientation, not cheating. Two completely different things. We're simply going to have to agree to disagree on this. You see sexual orientation as solely being determined by an act, and I say an act does not necessarily indicate an orientation in every single circumstance. You keep saying, "Call it what it is," but that's far too simplistic when you're talking about something that can be as complex as sexuality. What "it is" is a straight-identified guy who's getting sucked off while watching straight porn and being totally passive throughout. He is not reciprocating.

One more question: If a guy sticks his dick through a gloryhole and gets sucked off without knowing the gender of the person sucking his dick, what does that make him?

By MM_DD at 17,Apr,17 21:53 other posts of MM_DD 
The OP here is *not* sucking another guy; he is being sucked.
By CountryCouple54 at 17,Apr,17 22:06 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Again, whether being sucked or doing the sucking. It is a sexual act with the same sex knowingly. His OP was not getting sucked through a gloryhole. He is aware of who was sucking his cock. Whether he is watching straight porn or he is watching Sponge Bob it has no effect on the act in question.
By MM_DD at 18,Apr,17 06:32 other posts of MM_DD 
You didn't answer my question, but that's fine. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this matter. But just so you know, you are actually being a dick (and not the good kind) when you demean someone else by telling them they need to "man up" or stop being so "macho" just because they don't agree with you.
By CountryCouple54 at 18,Apr,17 08:25 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Thanks. I guess that would apply to all who express their opinion here in the forum. We all will never agree all the time. Doesn't mean we are being dicks. But thanks for your comments.
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

And to answer your question. If you are stupid enough to stick your cock through a hole in a wall and have no idea who is putting it in their mouth. Then I guess that would make you as confused as you were before you put your cock through the hole.

By cock#57 at 25,Apr,17 21:01 other posts of cock#57 
Every dick ive sucked belonged to a straight guy

By CountryCouple54 at 20,Apr,17 18:31 other posts of CountryCouple54 
@ MM_DD. You forgot Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It says....... Engaging in sexual activity with partners of more than one gender. I can get the definition for "engaging" if you need.
By MM_DD at 20,Apr,17 21:51 other posts of MM_DD 
You're clearly just being a dick now, so I'm through with you.
By CountryCouple54 at 20,Apr,17 22:03 other posts of CountryCouple54 
No, I clearly stated what you failed to share with others. There is a big difference with the "attraction" of the opposite sex and "engaging" with the opposite sex. Just saying.
By MM_DD at 20,Apr,17 22:10 other posts of MM_DD 
And I addressed that in my post, plus I used a definition that had the word "engaging" in it. I guess reading comprehension isn't one of your strong suits. What exactly is the "big difference" between "attraction" and "engaging," in your opinion?
By CountryCouple54 at 21,Apr,17 08:07 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Having thoughts or fantasies. And actually doing the act.
By MM_DD at 21,Apr,17 17:02 other posts of MM_DD 
So you think "engaging" is what determines your sexuality, not "thoughts or fantasies" based on attraction to a particular gender?
By CountryCouple54 at 21,Apr,17 21:49 other posts of CountryCouple54 
So if I say, that dude is good looking. He's got a nice body and cock. That makes me gay because I can admire another good looking man that takes care of himself? Or does it make me gay when I stick his cock in my ass or mouth?
By MM_DD at 21,Apr,17 22:31 other posts of MM_DD 
Admiring or appreciating another person's attractiveness isn't the same as being sexually attracted to that person. I can appreciate an attractive woman without being attracted to her. And I was sexually attracted to males years before I ever had sex with another guy. A sexual act doesn't necessarily make you anything; it's the desire/attraction behind it that would determine that.
By CountryCouple54 at 22,Apr,17 14:13 other posts of CountryCouple54 
If I fuck a man's ass while being married to a woman that doesn't make me bisexual? Do you hear yourself?

By CountryCouple54 at 15,Apr,17 18:36 other posts of CountryCouple54 
If a straight guy is getting his dick sucked by another dude. Then he is not straight. Why do these posts always say the same shit. If your fucking straight then your not letting another guy take your dick down his throat. So no it's not common. Just saying.
By #532686 at 15,Apr,17 18:55
So then, if a gay guy was getting BJs from a woman because it was super convenient quality head, but had absolutely no sexual attraction to her, and in fact watched gay porn while getting blown, you'd consider him to not be gay?

Also, if you've seen several other posts talking about straight guys getting blown by other guys, how can you say that it's not common? How would you know that? Seeing that it's an underground thing, I think that more or less only the people involved with doing it, or the people who know them would be in a position to say.
By CountryCouple54 at 16,Apr,17 08:47 other posts of CountryCouple54 
That's right. If a gay guy gets blown by a girl, he is not 100% gay. Gay is gay, straight is straight. You can't categorize sexuality out of convenience. If you are sexual with men and women, whether attracted to them or not. Or as you put it "out of convenience" you are bisexual. Not 100% straight nor 100% gay.
By #532686 at 16,Apr,17 15:45
Countryboy, so then by your definition, if there was a device that simulated BJs, and a guy used them, he would indeed be at least a little robosexual. And straight guys who use Fleshlights are actually not entirely straight, but at least a little horny for silicon. If you don't think this is the case, please explain the disconnect. Are you saying that someone can use an intimate device to get off without being sexually attracted to it but not be able to "use" a human in the same regard? Or are you saying that the simple act of sexual contact makes all the difference? If so, why wouldn't people who use devices be a bit robosexual?

By MM_DD at 16,Apr,17 22:21 other posts of MM_DD 
Countryboy: If you want to apply that strict, black-and-white view of sexuality to yourself, that's all well and good; but that's far too rigid a system to embrace all the nuances of every person's sexuality. Most gay guys have had sex with women at some point in their lives, and that doesn't automatically make them bisexual. There's a gay member on here who just recently talked about being at a sex party where he let several women suck his dick, but if you follow this guy at all, you know he has no genuine sexual attraction to women and is very much into men sexually. Same goes in reverse with the OP, but obviously with a caveat. Yes, there's no shortage of people out there who are full of BS and contradict themselves when it comes to their own sexuality (men tend to be really bad about that, I've noticed), but I don't think the OP falls into that category. He sounds pretty genuine. Basically he is "being serviced." If anything, these experiences have opened him up to embracing an aspect of his own sexuality he never thought possible before.
By mr_blue at 20,Apr,17 14:44 other posts of mr_blue 
Please list the medical and dictionary definition of gay,straight and bisexual,and you'll see you are kidding yourself....If you have sex with the same gender you are gay,if you have had sex with both you are bi...Simple....I couldn't care less where and who people have sex with,they are people at the end of the day,but all this grey area crap is self defeating...If you label yourself as straight but suck cock,people will call you a bisexual...You label yourself and people will challenge the labels you attach to yourself....This is definitely a guy problem....Most women would say they are bi if they have even kissed a girl.....
By RealTitsLover at 20,Apr,17 14:52 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Yeah, I'm pretty sure most guys are afraid it'll make them seem or feel less masculine.
By mr_blue at 20,Apr,17 15:37 other posts of mr_blue 
I just see it as someone who is lying to themselves..If someone is scared of revealing their sexuality to those around them, friends,family etc, maybe they need to let go of the people around them whose attitudes stink...It's really an attitude issue,if you think your friends will not talk to you because of your sexuality,you are probably better off without them in your life...

By MM_DD at 20,Apr,17 18:10 other posts of MM_DD 
Oxford Dictionary defines bisexual as "sexually attracted not exclusively to people of one particular gender; attracted to both men and women."

MedicineNet defines bisexual as "an individual who engages in both heterosexual and homosexual sexual relations." But look at their definition of homosexual: "a person sexually attracted to persons of the same sex."

Therein lies the problem. Bisexuality is defined on MedicineNet as sexual activity, not as an orientation. I'm referring to bisexuality as an orientation. The OP has engaged in bisexual activity because he's getting blowjobs from guys, but his orientation is not bisexual because he is not attracted to guys.

If a woman kissing another woman makes her bisexual, then hell, that would make about 80-90% of the women in the world bisexual, which is just absurd. And since most gay men have had sex with a woman at some point in their lives (including my husband!), then that would make all of those self-identified gay men automatically bisexual, which is equally absurd. A sex act does NOT necessarily reflect sexual orientation.

The American Psychological Association defines bisexual as "having emotional, romantic, or sexual attractions to both men and women." That sounds much more appropriate than MedicineNet's definition.

And once again, the OP is BEING sucked; he is NOT sucking cock.

Now who's kidding himself?
By mr_blue at 20,Apr,17 18:40 other posts of mr_blue 
I'm not kidding myself at all,i am just saying if you label yourself one way,people will challenge that view when you act in a contradictory way.....And those definitions prove that... That's all I'm saying...And I've asked lots of women about this,nearly all say they are bi,but have a preference for men...I honestly think the men who label themselves as straight but engage in an gay act are afraid of the response they will receive from their respective peer groups so justify it to themselves as just sex,but that's stoopid.. you are getting sexual gratification from the same sex...Why do that if you have no inclination to be in sexual relationship with a dude? And i still think this is a guy in denial issue anyway....Cuz women just admit they are bi..Men justify their same sex acts with whatever reason,cuz their is still stigma attached to being gay.... That's the real issue....
By MM_DD at 20,Apr,17 21:48 other posts of MM_DD 
Well, I just flat-out disagree with you and think you're painting everybody with far too broad a stroke. It's one thing to question or challenge somebody when their actions don't seem to match their label—I've frequently done that myself—but the dude who started this thread has explained very clearly why he's doing it, and it's not because he's attracted to the guys giving him head. But you and several others just can't seem to wrap your heads around that, so there's really nothing left to say. Yes, there's certainly a bigger stigma on guys who are in sexual relationships with other guys...no question about that. Given the number of women who make out with each other at the drop of a hat (frequently as a show for guys or because they're drunk), I find it very difficult to believe that all those women are genuinely bi, because like I said, that would encompass probably 80% of women. But whatever. You have a right to your opinion, and I do agree with you on some points but I don't believe the OP is a bisexual in denial about it.
By mr_blue at 20,Apr,17 22:30 other posts of mr_blue 
And I have stated that if you label yourself as something then act in way that contradicts that you will be challenged.... OP first words are "I'm straight",then goes on to explain his cock is getting sucked by dudes....So for a lot of people that means he is bisexual....Once or twice as experimentation when you are discovering your sexuality is one thing, but if you keep doing it you are bisexual....As for asking the women thing,I have asked around 20,so you are the one making broad assumptions....Who is sucking the OP's cock ? Dudes,why?,cuz his wife doesn't suck cock,why doesn't he find a woman to suck his cock then? Cuz he is bisexual....But has a preference for women,but his wife doesn't suck,so he gets dudes to suck him,still bisexual....You can't still keep eating meat and call yourself a vegetarian..
By MM_DD at 20,Apr,17 22:57 other posts of MM_DD 
Dude, the OP is NOT bisexual because he is NOT sexually attracted to guys. He's already clearly explained why he found dudes instead of women. Why can't you just accept that it's all about the convenience and enjoyment of the act, not about the person doing it to him? What if it was actually a woman sucking him off and he wasn't attracted to her in any way whatsoever...would that suddenly change his orientation? Of course not. And you said in your previous post "most women would say they are bi if they have even kissed a girl," so YOU are the one who started off with the broad assumption. Now you're saying it's just 20 women you've talked to...that's a far cry from "most," dude. This thread is about sexual activity and sexual orientation, not eating habits. It's fine to challenge someone on what may sound like a contradiction, but you're not even trying to understand where he's coming from.
By mr_blue at 20,Apr,17 23:23 other posts of mr_blue 
I can understand where he's coming from,he is getting his cock sucked by a dude.. it doesn't matter if he is sexually attracted to the person,I have had drunken exploits and woke up next to someone who I have had no attraction to...But I'm not doing it with a guy....And i maybe I should have said most women I spoke to ,still doesn't change my comment, I'm accurate about the 20 women I spoke to,they said kissing a woman whilst married to a man is bisexual behaviour...And the vegetarian comment is called an analogy fyi....I think you are the one who cannot accept that the guy labelled himself,and that label is being challenged,...In my simple little world bisexual means playing with both sexes...And that is what the OP is doing, playing with both... Doesn't matter the reason,he is still playing with both...
By MM_DD at 21,Apr,17 06:54 other posts of MM_DD 
Ah...now we're finally getting somewhere: Bisexual BEHAVIOR vs. bisexual ORIENTATION. The OP is definitely engaging in bisexual behavior, this is true; but his sexual orientation is still straight, not bisexual. That's the difference I'm trying to emphasize here. I'm accepting how the OP has labeled himself; you are the who is not accepting that. And...I'm also accepting that you are challenging that, but I've been trying to explain looking at it from a different perspective. And I know very well what an analogy is; I'm just saying yours isn't a good one here. Being accurate about the 20 women you know in your small circle is a far cry from "most women" throughout the entire world.
By mr_blue at 21,Apr,17 08:15 other posts of mr_blue 
We're not getting anywhere, bisexual behaviour is just the same as sexual orientation to me....And that's​ the problem...I don't care who pokes who,but if you are getting sucked or fucked by the same sex that's what makes it self deluding to call yourself straight....You are bisexual, at the very least...So the OP is bisexual,married to a woman who he fucks,but gets head from a dude...If he had no attraction to to the person sucking his cock he wouldn't be hard....My simple little brain will stick with my definitions of straight bi and gay...And if you are a vegetarian and keep eating meat is a good analogy....Cuz vegetarians do the same thing in justifying their behaviour with some over complicated stuff just for a bit of steak...
If you think sexual behaviour is no reflection on sexual orientation i think that is bonkers...
And so what about the women I asked,you are the one pushing that I seem to mean the entire female population of this planet....I think you could clearly see what I meant cuz it's the point you keep harping on about,and most women will say the OP is bi,....Just ask the women you know....See what they say... Anyway this will just go round in circles...So peace out...
By MM_DD at 21,Apr,17 13:55 other posts of MM_DD 
You go right ahead and stick with your simple brain and your simple definitions, even if they are contrary to reality. By your definition my husband would be a bisexual all because he had sex with a woman once while he was drunk, and I can assure you he is unquestionably and emphatically gay. You are only speaking for yourself, not for "most women," as you claim, because you're not even a woman in the first place. I couldn't care less what the women I know would think or say about it, because their opinion is moot. In addition, you're putting words into my mouth that I didn't say, so any further discussion is pointless. Peace out to you as well.
By mr_blue at 21,Apr,17 20:23 other posts of mr_blue 
And your husband is bi but with a preference for men..I don't know him so your point is moot too.... I'm expressing an opinion that you can't seem to accept and that many people will share with me...I said peace out,and you still come back... I've explained my simple little view on sexuality...And you are making assumptions about the women I asked,but that is moot according to you but you keep referring it....so it must be a valid point....i didn't​ put any words into your mouth,I said you knew what I meant,and you did cuz you keep talking about one point. 'The women I asked' and not the question I actually asked....So knock yourself out....I think its funny how people over complicate such a simple issues.....And my simple little definitions haven't alienated me from my gay friends,they just know what my view on sexuality is...And just an fyi they haven't fucked any women they've always known that they were gay.

Or they would say they are bisexual....With a preference for men..
By MM_DD at 21,Apr,17 20:31 other posts of MM_DD 
My husband is NOT bisexual with a preference for men. He is homosexual and totally into guys. Just because he had an experience with a woman years ago when he was still sorting out his sexuality does NOT automatically make him bisexual. You are a mental case. Your unyielding black-and-white thinking about other people's sexuality is as exhausting as it is ridiculously unrealistic. It's wonderful for you in your circle that everyone has a black-and-white way of looking at this, but in the overall world it doesn't always work that way. Now, this discussion is over. I say, peace out...unless you want to continue wasting your time and mine.
By mr_blue at 22,Apr,17 12:41 other posts of mr_blue 
My unyielding attitude makes sure,that to others there in absolutely no doubt in their mind about my view and therefore doesn't lead to conflict...My black and white thinking on this makes my life simple, it's you that cannot accept that I think black and white on this....It was never a discussion...The OP is repeatedly getting his cock sucked by a dude he is not experimenting after the second one,so he is bisexual.....
By MM_DD at 22,Apr,17 12:49 other posts of MM_DD 
And in my opinion he is not. We will simply disagree on this matter. The conversation is done. Have a good weekend.

By RealTitsLover at 21,Apr,17 07:16 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Yeah, I figured guys that are actually gay wouldn't go for that no matter how much they wanted a blowjob. Since it was posted, I've asked five gay guys, and none of them would do it. Convenience isn't enough to change that.
By MM_DD at 21,Apr,17 22:18 other posts of MM_DD 
I can believe that. I can't imagine most of my other gay friends would go for it either, although there are a few that might be questionable. But again, the issue is supply and demand. It's no s e c r e t that most gay men love to give blowjobs, and I would venture to say that most straight men love to receive blowjobs. It's understandable that given that dynamic, boundaries are bound to be crossed, regardless of sexual orientations.
By RealTitsLover at 22,Apr,17 02:38 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I don't know about other people, but I'm guessing I'm not the only one who isn't willing to settle for sex or anything sexual with someone they're not attracted to. I can go years without sex and never once find the thought of that appealing. So being affected by supply and demand isn't something that's bound to happen. It depends on the person. The fact that saying you're straight isn't always good enough for another guy to take a hint makes me think the word's losing its meaning.

I don't think it should be a surprise to any "straight" guy that another straight guy doesn't want a dude sucking their cock. I won't use the member's name, but despite politely asking guys not to PM me on my page, I just had this conversation with a member whose description says straight, interested in women...

Straight: you should visit here,i fucked many,mostly get head
Me: I don't like guys.
Straight: i'm talking about women
Straight: i'm into women lol
Straight: but after we fuck many ladys u will love me helping them milk you long dick
Me: nope, I'm not into that. I can't even stay hard with a guy in the room, I've tried for some very hot girls, didn't work. Sorry.
Straight: np
Straight: would u want my sucking your cock better than a girl can?
Me: I don't care about the sensation if I'm not turned on. And that's not possible.
Straight: u want me milkin u,i'll make u love it to much
Me: Trust me. I'll never be interested. Don't make me blacklist you.
Straight: bye bitch
Straight: cry baby
By MM_DD at 22,Apr,17 11:25 other posts of MM_DD 
No, you're definitely not the only one. I would venture that most people don't settle for sex with a person they're not attracted to. I waited 26 years to have sex and have only been sexual with men. Married to my husband now for almost 22 years and have only been sexual with him. I can't imagine doing anything sexual with a woman. The whole idea feels unnatural to me. Like you but in reverse, I don't think I could even stay hard with a woman in the room, if I were into the group thing (which I'm not). But that's you and me and our boundaries, which are pretty—dare I say—black and white. Others may dip into that gray area for various reasons. That's what I mean when I say it's unrealistic to apply such a strict code to other people's sexuality. You've got to give them some flexibility without immediately labeling them as bisexual.

That being said, yes, there are quite a lot of truly bisexual guys on here—and out there—who insist on self-identifying as gay or straight, but it's pretty clear when you talk with them that they're bi. Your "straight" member (whom I hope you blacklisted because he's clearly a jerk) kind of reminds me of a "gay" guy who messaged me a few years ago whom I quickly blocked. Here's a sampling of our conversation:

Gay: If I were straight, I could be a millionaire as a baby making machine. Not bragging, but I am seriously potent. Thank God I don't fuck women without condoms a lot!
Me: So you do actually fuck women?
Gay: Yeah. I'm gay, don't really consider myself bi, but yes, I do. I got one coming over tonight, but I'm just eating her out. It's more like a fetish for me. Hard to explain. I prefer men, but making a woman cum makes me so fucking hard and cum myself.
Me: You're bi but in denial about it. If you were gay, you wouldn't get nearly that excited having sex with women.
Gay: But I really do prefer men, especially for relationships.
Me: Many bisexuals only prefer one gender for relationships. So what do you tell the women you hook up with?
Gay: I tell them I am gay. I pick up a lot of women at gay bars. I always exceed expectations!
Me: OK, that's it. You're full of shit. We're done.
Gay: What?

By RealTitsLover at 15,Apr,17 18:59 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I wouldn't get one myself, but don't they sell things now that feel just like a blowjob? With no need for other guys in the room? I mean... I can see the appeal of the other guy if you're bi, but these guys all say they're straight.
By #532686 at 15,Apr,17 19:59
I mentioned that in a different reply. To my knowledge, there is nothing that genuinely comes close to a BJ. People have worked on it for forever because there would be billions to be made, but so far, there is nothing that even comes close. I've heard of some enormous, incredibly expensive contraption that's pretty good, but I've never actually seen it. The best I've ever seen is basically a Fleshlight with some motorized rollers inside and a vibrator. I don;'t even think it was heated. I guess it's OK, but it isn't even in the running. I mean, even with humans, with all the complexity that comprises the human mouth, there's still a HUGE skill factor involved. One BJ isn't as good as the next, and a synthetic version would not only have to be mechanically super complex, it would have to also incorporate some kind of AI component so that it could recognize and respond to various feedback cues.

As to people like me who do get DL BJs and still maintain that we're straight, I've never understood the confusion in the matter. If I was able to buy the device you mentioned, would I then be considered at least a little robosexual? Or would I just be utilizing a convenient source of pleasure?
By MM_DD at 16,Apr,17 22:35 other posts of MM_DD 
I love to use massagers to get off. The orgasm is incredible. So I guess that would make me a robo-homo!

By spermkiss at 20,Apr,17 16:18 other posts of spermkiss 
Hey, whatever gets your nut off is just fine, be it your own hand, a vibrator, or a mouth.

I've used all three (plus pussies and assholes, but not **** [gotta draw the line somewhere]), and I'll say a mouth is best. Whether I'm the sucker or the suckee there is something special about the human contact between a man and his cocksucker.

Man, you really started something with this topic as it really has legs. The site administrator even weighed in with the very first comment wondering what kind of interest it would generate. Well, it certainly has generated a lot. The comments keep on coming.
--------------------------------------- added after 2 hours

The word that got censored is a-nimals.

By spermkiss at 16,Apr,17 12:07 other posts of spermkiss 
Don't say that. Don't even think it!

Cocksuckers have been sucking off straight men for millennia, since the dawn of mankind. And it's a nice arrangement. The straight man gets the oral sex he craves and a satisfying orgasmic climax and the cocksucker gets the pleasure of bringing him to that climax and is rewarded with a nice load of sperm. Everyone is happy.

But every now and then some spoil sport like you comes along and says that any man who lets another man anywhere near his dick isn't really straight. And this temporarily spoils things by scaring off the straight men. Fortunately, they eventually come back.

By admin at 21,Apr,17 00:00 other posts of admin 
You know, there is a lot of dudes who were in prison and had their dicks sucked by men there but if you call them bisexual upfront, most of them won't agree and some of them might even try to kill you. It really comes down to how it's viewed in your environment.

Also, in some species of apes alpha-male can fuck another male just to punish him. Trying to define that alpha-male as bisexual is just absurd.

I see it really simple: if you prefer same sex - you are homosexual, if you prefer opposite sex - you are heterosexual and if you go both ways - you are just too horny.

By #526576 at 18,Apr,17 16:45
I'm not straight. I'm not gay. I'm bisexual. Took me a long time to admit it. Just a fact of life. I love pussy. I love everything about the female form. I also like having my dick sucked more than my wife wants to do it. It's super easy to ask a gay man to have sex than a woman. A lot of gay men understand you are married and just don't care. Women will eventually want a relationship. I don't want a relationship. Just sex. So I go to my neighbors house a couple times a week. Sometimes we suck each other off. Sometimes he fucks me. I leave and we are both sexually fulfilled and he isn't worried about a relationship. Just two guys helping each other out.

Any of you straight men out there or straight but curious, let a guy suck your dick. It will change your life.

By #460523 at 16,Apr,17 22:37
sounds hot to me

By #532987 at 16,Apr,17 22:03
I consider myself straight. I have a beautiful wife and our sex life is to die for. I am totally satisfied with everything she provides sexually. However I like to lick dick. I enjoy looking at a beautiful dick. I don't want to kiss a dude. I certainly don't want to fuck a dude in the ass or visaversa The very idea is repulsive. I desire to admire , to touch , to caress, to kiss and yes the sensation of feeling a beautiful naked dick slipping in and out of my warm moist mouth as I slowly bring him to orgasmic release. For me the supreme moment of ejaculation is what the act is all about. Yes I enjoy kissing , licking and nibbling on a tight shaved ball sack and even darting the tip of my tongue into the entrance of his little brown puckering rose bud to titilate his erotic senses But for me what it is all about is the moment when he exclaims or groans with pleasure as the spurts of his ball creme begin their journey up the canal in the dick shaft to explode in great gobs of hot thick creamy white dick sugar into my mouth enabling me to very slowly apply just the perfect amount of pressure to his dick head guaranteeing him maximum pleasure as the vibrations and spasms of his squirt diminish For me ir is the taste and enjoyment of the texture of this god like nectar, savoring each precious drop as it slides over my taste buds. I am addicted to dick sugar.

For the past few years my wife and I have been the alternative life style know as swinging. We will invite two or more single males over. Of course I shamelessly use her delicious female body as bate. They think they are going to fuck her. It never happens. She will join me for a few moments of playing the game of "show me your dick". As soon as the dick appears my mouth is on it in deep homage and worship. She will lay back and masturbate while my mouth works it's magic on the guest males dick.

I will also host parties I call dick fests when I invite five or six males over to watch porn have some drinks and masturbate. The reward for me that all will reach orgasmic release inside my mouth.

Then I have a clientele of ten or twelve males all married who come by on a daily basis for relief. I love dick in my mouth so much I have perfected the system of keeping the dick in my mouth under pressure between the roof of my mouth and tongue until long after the last spasms of squirt has subsided and the dick is limp and the dude exhausted from pleasure.

These are all straight married dudes who only seek orgasmic release. I am able to enhance the orgasmic sensations as well as prolong the intensity and duration of climax.

By MM_DD at 15,Apr,17 15:36 other posts of MM_DD 
I would say your situation is far more common than most would realize. And honestly, as you've described it, it's a win-win situation for all involved, or at least for the three of you. The one thing you don't mention is how you think your wife would react if she knew about this.

As an orally driven gay man married to another gay man, I can testify that giving my husband cum-inducing blowjobs is the "main event" in our sex life. It's the focal point around which everything else revolves. Regardless of what else we do, it's pretty much a given that I will suck his cock until he blows a load in my mouth and swallow every drop. I absolutely LOVE giving him blowjobs, and he thoroughly enjoys receiving them. In an ideal world, I'd be sucking him off every day—multiple times a day, in fact—but standard for us is three to four a week. That really hasn't changed much in the 22 years we've been together, except maybe dipping just a bit in the past few years. Just about every conversation we have related to our sex life includes some sort of innuendo about me sucking him off, subtle or blatant.

So yeah...blowjobs are fucking great!
By #532686 at 15,Apr,17 18:01
I'm not sure how she'd react. It would be hard to explain to her how I feel about it all. I feel bad that I'm hiding something from her, but I don't feel bad in the way that I'd feel like I was cheating if it was with a woman. For me, it's really like getting a massage or a haircut. It's a totally mechanical arrangement that gets a job done. There's no possibility of romance or it effecting my marriage in any way, so for me it doesn't even have the hint of feeling like cheating. All I feel bad about is hiding something from her.

Seeing that you're gay, have you seen this situation play out in people that you know? Like I said, my guys take care of a handful of guys who are also in my boat. They're not sucking every cock in town, but just help out a few guys when they need it. They get to give a few blowjobs a week, and the guys who get blown have better lives. It's win-win, so ever since I discovered this little underground world, I've had the suspicion that it's way more common than anyone would expect. Like I said, it's win-win, and situations where everybody gains and nobody loses generally get acted upon in life.
By MM_DD at 16,Apr,17 21:51 other posts of MM_DD 
Yeah, I can see what you mean about it not being the same as cheating with a woman, although some people would argue you to the ground that it's still cheating. And yes, it would certainly be awkward to explain to her. On the other hand, it could even be argued that this could potentially enhance your marriage. Several different ways to look at it, obviously.

To respond to your question, we have a close gay male friend who has openly talked about giving blowjobs to straight guys, but I don't think he has a regular set-up like yours, meaning a specific list of guys he regularly services. I recall him talking about this one particular straight guy who apparently he met through friends, and I think they may have hooked up a few times. This guy even openly bragged in front of those same friends about how good a cocksucker our friend was, so apparently he was pretty comfortable with other people knowing he was getting sucked off by a guy. I've never really heard any of my other gay male friends talk about regularly sucking off straight guys, although truth is we don't generally talk about our private sexual activity that much. I do know that some of them hook up with guys on Grinder and similar apps, but again, I don't know what kinds of guys they're hooking up with.

By RealTitsLover at 15,Apr,17 16:38 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I'm not discouraging anything about what you're doing, everyone should do what they enjoy. Plus this is rare, but about that question in the last paragraph - they're definitely out there, just don't plan on finding one. I consider myself really lucky to have known two girls like that in my life, both were very attractive and shy when anyone else was around (I'm pretty sure shyness is often related to kinkiness).

They wanted to give oral more than have sex most of the time, and they had a serious hunger for it. 69 was too much of a distraction for them, so they weren't interested. I still felt guilty because I don't like getting off when the other person doesn't, so usually I'd use my fingers on one at the same time, which was more than enough to get her off during that.

The other one would orgasm without either of us ever even touching her from the start. She'd get insanely worked up during it, and as soon as the cum started to hit her face or tits she'd be getting off, every time. I've never seen anything that hot in blowjob porn, ever.

By #522126 at 13,Apr,17 03:32
I am straight and do not like another guy touching or sucking my penis,however I have had a dick up my arse and enjoyed the experience and will try it again,I also like sucking cock and swallowing cum,but will not giveca hand job.The thought of kissing or cuddling anothet guy leaves me cold
By RealTitsLover at 15,Apr,17 15:56 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Just so you know, that's how lots of bisexual people are. In fact, it's rare for a bisexual guy to have romantic interest in both sexes. Every one I've known would only have any interest in kissing one or the other. Maybe there should be separate terms for each, but there isn't (any that are widely-known).

It doesn't matter which sex you have romantic interest in, a guy who's enjoyed anal sex with another guy and is ready to do it again isn't straight by any definition. Not that I've ever heard, and I've heard a variety. (Obviously it doesn't mean you're gay, since you're interested in women.) I know people have different definitions for sexual preference, but that would be a new one.

By kebmo at 10,Apr,17 00:36 other posts of kebmo 
Very often when a woman sucks a cock it's because she feels obligated to do it. Quid pro quo. When a man sucks a cock he does it because he wants to do it and likes doing it. Sometimes he's not expecting something in return unless like me, he seeks other guys that WANT to suck cock too.
When I'm with a guy sucking cocks IS the sex; it's not a prelude to something else because that has already been discussed and decided.

By oldbugle at 09,Apr,17 04:28 other posts of oldbugle 
Interesting post and topic......

I think it deepends on your views and attitudes to sex....."one mans meet is another mans poison" personally, I have never considered, or even thought about, any kind of seuxual contact with another man and it offers no erotic potential that I can envisage or imagine. Sex (for me) has to have some kind of emotional/mental interaction with a woman as it's that that provides the basic stimulation.

I can't see how being physically frustrated and needing to ejaculate (a common male problem!) is better satisfied by a mans mouth than ones own hand (or other) methods unless you are bi, or have a bi tendency, but perhaps that's jut my angle of view.
By #532686 at 09,Apr,17 16:25
I think you're missing the point, it's solely about physical stimulation, not eroticism. I don't mean to demean the guys doing the sucking, because they are decent people, but the experience is not at all about them, they basically just act as the most sophisticated masturbation device one could imagine. Lots of companies out there are trying their damnedest to try to create something that realistically reproduces the feeling of a blowjob, but none have succeeded, despite who know how much research money being thrown at it. When some company out there figures it out, and manages to produce such a device that's either affordable or has the potential to be given mass production, they will literally become overnight billionaires. Porn and sex toys are a huge industry which literally eclipses movies and music, the need to get off is a major driver in the lives of men, and just as I'm not "gay" for my (no longer used) Fleshlight, I also have zero attraction to the guys sucking me off. Believe me, if I was having such thoughts, I think that I'd deal with them, but cocks are kind of ugly to me. However, the feeling of a great blowjob cannot be beat in my opinion.

To be honest, if you can't understand how a man's mouth would be better than one's own hand, I have to imagine that you've never gotten a BJ of any quality. Blowjobs are awesome, and a man's mouth is physiologically no different than a woman's mouth. Yes, you could say that about an ass too, but I think most people would agree that there is a world of difference between a BJ and anal sex, not the least of which is a infinitely greater chance of STD exchange. And in fact, I'm not interested in anal sex with either sex, and many of the guys I know aren;t really "attracted" to sticking their dicks in a woman's shit canal, but just do it because it's tighter and feels good. Like I said, the visual of a guy going down on you isn't so great, it is a major barrier that needs to be gotten over, but in terms of pure physical feel, it's tremendous.

Clearly, especially before hookups were facilitated by the internet, gloryholes were pretty much everywhere. They even did some sociological studies on it, and it would seem that the majority of the users of them were straight guys who just needed to get off. I mean, why else would they have been a part of so many strip joints back in the day. Maybe this way lots of guys could just avoid the visual part of what they were doing, or even roll with the idea that there was some slight chance that there was a woman on the other side, but personally, I would rather man-up and deal with the yuck factor of seeing what was actually going on, and know that I wasn't being sucked off by some random, crazy, disease filled abomination, than to just stick it through and get it over with despite any unpleasant consequences down the line. Then again, I've also never been a gambler. I like to know what's going on and to have control over a situation.

So again, the physical stimulation is the point of all this, not any sexual attraction. I would put dollars to doughnuts that if the roles were reversed and women were the ones who were far more open to providing sexual release, lots of gay guys would also be getting over the yuck factor and getting sucked off by women. Guys need to get off, and are pretty practical creatures, so I think that many if not most of us are willing to make due. I just wonder how common it actually is in practice. After looking into it for awhile, I'm still unsure, but I seem to find more evidence that it is than it isn't. And from what I can tell, the pattern seems to be the same with lots of straight guys who go through with it - at first, after you cum, you're kind of grossed out and fear that you're now gay, but as time goes on and you realize that you're not suddenly craving dick and that this is just an incredible way to blow a load, you lean to relax about it and just enjoy.
By Blade at 09,Apr,17 22:55 other posts of Blade 
Ya, but no device can replace the excitement of knowing and watching someone sucking on your dick and eating your cum. The most erotic part of a blowjob is that someone is so cool as to suck on your dick and eat your cum.

By bella! at 08,Apr,17 20:48 other posts of bella! 
Question; you say that your wife isn't into sucking you off. Has she always been like that or has your sex life changed over the course of your married years?

Personally, I prefer it when my guy is in to a blow job in the morning. Normally he's already hard and it's "no muss, no fuss"...... I do enjoy his cock in my mouth but sometimes I wonder if I'm doing it the way he likes it. I'm not married and I've been in different relationships over the years. Sometimes he will say, 'try this' and wonder whether he says that because I'm doing something wrong or just because he prefers variation. Men a fricken complicated as far as I'm concerned!
By #363802 at 08,Apr,17 22:49
Personally,I LOVE to start off with a him limp and feel him grow ROCK HARD in my mouth!When I'm going down on a woman or a man, I like being told where to lick or where to suck. I LOVE being told whether or not I should go faster or slower, it turns me on following the directions of my partner and in the end, I become better at it, so the next time I do it, I'm practically a pro! That is, unless I am with someone new, then I'll need to start all over again following his/her direction, because everyone likes different things and what feels good for one may not feel good for another! That said, I'm sure you are wonderful at pleasing your man, and I hope he realizes how lucky he is to have such a wonderful woman giving him so much pleasure!

By #532686 at 08,Apr,17 23:51
Our sex life has changed, like I think everyone's has. I've always loved BJs but they were mostly just part of having sex, not usually regarded as an end unto themselves. And as we've gotten older, the sex has become less and the BJs are largely non-existent. It's not her fault, we just have the same issue as men and women through the eons - a man's libido decreases pretty gradually with age, but for women, the decline tends to be much quicker and steeper, especially as you start circling menopause. For men, drugs like Viagra exist because the drive is still there, but the body breaks down, but for women, even the drive goes, which is why the women's version of Viagra treats drive, not a physical malfunction. And after menopause, even if the drive is still there, there are other breakdowns which can make sex even unpleasant, like thinning of the vaginal walls. Basically, men and women seem to start out often mismatched, and then this is just exacerbated as you get older.

As for what your guy is telling you, if you meant that he was just adjusting your technique during the BJ, well, that's good. Variety in technique is great, but if you intend to get him off, repetition generally doesn't get the job done.

By JustWill at 09,Apr,17 16:41 other posts of JustWill 
We are no where near as complicated as women. All you have to do is ask...most guys tend to be pretty straight-forward.
The ladies, on the other hand, have a tendency to get pissed-off because you didn't already know the answer before you asked her the question.

By Blade at 08,Apr,17 23:17 other posts of Blade 
I wish you went into how you hook up with these friends of yours. I'd totally like such a friend, but have no idea how to find or start this convo.
By #532686 at 09,Apr,17 00:13
As to how it all started, it was Craigslist. I had heard for a very long time that guys give great BJs without drama, and that if you found the right one, they wouldn't want anything back, so I started looking into the situation, and this is when I figured out that it's probably WAY more common than anyone would realize. I also wondered how to make it happen, and everyone said that CL was great, but that you really have to screen the respondents because so many are crazy or liars. So I put out an ad describing my situation and EXACTLY what I was looking for. I got a ton of responses but most were crazy or apparently unable to read because they were way off the mark. I actually ended up running the ad three times before I started understanding how it all worked and I finally found a few potentials winners. Eventually, I found one gay guy who acted straight (affected people of any kind really put me off) and said he loved to suck cock and liked to have a situation where he had a handful of guys who felt comfortable looking him up when they needed to get off. He liked to be sucking someone 2-3 times a week and wondered if I would like to be part of his team. He assured complete discretion and limited risk of STDs due to his preference for not sucking random cock. I was freaked out but ended up being pushed over the edge by horniness and got it done one day. It felt great, and was a huge relief, but it was pretty fucked up too because, well, a guy just blew me. I didn't know if I could do it again, but ended up doing it again and again, and finally it just became no big deal.

It was actually pretty interesting because he'd had a few guys who'd never let a guy blow them so he knew how things would progress, and I think that made it easier for me. He said that he prefers straight and especially married guys because not only do they know to keep their mouths shut, they are apparently the most grateful and well behaved. Even things like cumming in his mouth, he said that he can tell a straight/married guy because they're apprehensive about it from a lifetime of women, many of which don't want that to happen, so the guys always warn him that they're about to cum so that they can pull out, but he has to make it clear to them that it's all OK and they can cum whenever they feel like it without warning. So again, the situation is all about the guy getting blown, and they don;t have to worry at all about really anything but having a good time.

It's just all so simple, I show up, get sucked off, blow a load in his mouth, and then we just maybe have a little laugh about it after the fact while I get my pants back on. In a weird way, it's like the banter that happens with your teammates after a game. Some compliments on a good play, maybe some ribbing about something that happened which was kind of funny, just meaningless friendly back and forth before a mutual Thanks, and I walk out the door.

Btw, the other guy who blows me I met in person at a hockey game. He seemed to play things kind of close to the vest, until you got to know him and then he opened up a lot once he knew he could trust you. He told me that he was mostly straight but kind of bi and didn't really act ashamed of it. Because he didn't seem at all like a blabbermouth, I confided in him that I got blowjobs from this one guy, and he offered his services too. Good deal.

By spermkiss at 08,Apr,17 21:15 other posts of spermkiss 
Thank you, thank you, thank you! The cocksuckers of this world thank your for this post.

By #363802 at 08,Apr,17 18:05
I LOVE to suck cock! I have no problem getting nothing in return! Sometimes I'll even go to him,if he texts me and asks me to come over. We don't even have to talk, I know what he wants and expects from me, so I do it, then leave! There's been times we've only said 2 words to each other! Hi and bye! I'm totally fine with it and I LOVE our arrangement and wouldn't change a thing!
By spermkiss at 08,Apr,17 21:12 other posts of spermkiss 
Spoken like a true cocksucker. I'm a cocksucker myself and I know exactly how you feel. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, as exciting, rewarding, satisfying and fulfilling as giving another man a good sexual experience, bringing him to climax and receiving the gift of his sperm. I've had encounters like you describe dozens of times. They are pure sex, no pretense of a meaningful relationship. They exist solely because both men want sexual satisfaction, one to have an orgasmic release and the other the pleasure of giving it to him. Truly a win/win situation.

By #532686 at 08,Apr,17 20:19
Oh, for sure there are women who love giving head and are happy giving a man pleasure without wanting anything in return, but in my experience, they are a rare find. A causal perusal of Craigslist, however, will show you the difference between men and women in this regard. Firstly, nearly all the sexual posts are from guys, but when it comes to BJs, there are quite a number of men out there willing to provide their services. Many are freaks, or clearly want something more than to just suck your dick, or are sucking every cock in town, but there are still quite a number who are apparently reasonably normal folks who just like to make a guy feel good and want a regular, DL arrangement rather than wanting to suck every cock in town. Hell, there seem to be a fair number of guys who identify as straight but just like to suck cock, they don;t like anything else about men, and wou'dn't want to date one, but they do love cocks. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

For me, this has really been a liberating experience. The guys who blow me are pretty normal acting guys, not at all "gay" acting, and just more or less love giving BJs as a hobby. I'm happy to help them out! I have two so that if I'm horny and the other isn't available, I have recourse. It's also nice that they both have different styles. It takes awhile to get used to, but now it's just no big deal, totally commonplace. I text or email that I want to get blown, I usually get a very prompt reply of acceptance, I swing over to their place, have a bit of chitchat while I put on a porn, and drop my pants, maybe grab a beer, and get one of the best pleasures a man can receive. No guilt, no worries about my performance, no thoughts about how this being one way will effect the relationship, both of us get exactly what we want out of it. I mean, who could turn down the ability to be able to cum in someone's mouth basically on demand? I feel like telling every guy I know that if they're not doing it, they're totally missing out! If I had a nickel for all the times buddies have complained about getting shut out, or not getting enough, or not getting BJs ever, I'd be a rich man. And here's an easy solution.

Personally, I kick myself for not doing it sooner. In my 20's I was pretty set with women, but eventually work and married life get in the way of getting your jollies on the regular. With this, I just have to find 5-15 minutes to get blown, and that's really not so hard to do. At first, I was like a **** in a candy store, blowjobs nearly every day. I think I was making up for a life of less than I wanted and where I had to worry about consequences, but now it's as easy as swinging by a bar for a beer. It's fucking heaven!

By #493361 at 08,Apr,17 18:12
I'd really like to find guys who like to give and wouldn't mind receiving anything in return. Of course I wouldn't openly admit that I got blown by a guy to anyone but if it was discreet and a certain type of guy I wouldn't mind it at all.

By admin at 08,Apr,17 16:51 other posts of admin 
Interesting subject. I do think there are women who enjoy doing blowjobs and probably would blow a man without strings attached but due to stereotypes of the society they don't do it because they are afraid to get a reputation of a whore. Some of them just become prostitutes. Does not make much sense to lose reputation for free.

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