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Started by #262710 at 21,May,12 20:39
I was about 9 yrs old when I experienced my first orgasm. At the time it came unexpected and I wasn't too knowledgeable about boys penises and sex. At that time most everyone was into outside sports and true genuine friendships. The closest I ever got to see a female pussy was in a porn magazine one of my friends had. I remember it was winter and I was out sledding with my friends. The slope was long and the ride pretty good. I was laying down on my sled chest down and during the ride I somehow established a hard on. As I was sledding down the slope I remember my cock vibrating, pulsating and throbbing. I'll never forget how awesome that feeling felt when my cock shot its load as I was sledding down the slope. I couldn't get enough. As I walked back up the slope I couldn't wait to get to the top, lay on my chest my cock pressed against the sled waiting, hoping to shoot another load.

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By gayguy at 25,Dec,22 06:22 other posts of gayguy 
Had dry orgasms about 10-11 years old First cum was about 12

By Lvphose at 25,Dec,22 05:28 other posts of Lvphose 
This was pretty wick!!

By wycowboy at 02,Oct,22 15:44 other posts of wycowboy 
I was about 13 or 14 I think. I had been looking at some hardcore magazines of my dads I had found stored in a box in the basement where my bedroom was. The basement was unfinished but had some rooms roughed out with lumber where you could slip through the walls. I was super hard and wandering around naked with my cock bouncing and leaking precum all over my balls and legs. The thought that my mom or dad or one of my sisters might come down the stairs and catch me had me vibrating with pleasure. About 11pm or so I decided to go to bed. As I pulled the bedsheets up the pressure and friction of them was just right and I shot cum all over my chest and face. I loved it and tried to recreate it often afterwards. I've been jacking off ever since and love every orgasm I create.
By XJacker at 02,Oct,22 18:24 other posts of XJacker 
Like you I discovered I could take myself to a cum by rubbing the sensitive soft head of my hard erect cock against my bed sheets. My bed rattled if I tugged my cock masturbating the usual way and I was scared my parents would hear me wanking. If I rubbed my cock head on the sheets my bed didn’t rattle. But it could make a hell of a mess if I wasn’t careful!
By Hemanic at 27,Oct,22 20:55 other posts of Hemanic 
Same method used here too. Bare cockhead rubbed in circular motion against sheet or pyjamas. Got very sticky!

By nekekal at 06,Nov,22 00:12 other posts of nekekal 
I also used the bed sheet against my cock head. It works particularly good with flannel sheets. I still do this.

By Hrnyboy90 at 20,Oct,22 21:21 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
I was about 8 when I first discovered masturbation. I was laying in bed one night and realized it felt really good to rub my blanket on my penis. After a min or so of doing this I got super good intense sensation. I didn't know what it was just that it felt really good. I did it just about every night after that. As I got older over the next few years I started to associate it more with sex. I couldn't ejaculate yet only dry orgasms. My first actual ejaculation came when I was around 11 or 12. I had changed my technique some by then.. Since my penis had gotten bigger I found it easier to lay on my stomach and hump my blankets or pillows.. And I could pretend I was having sex that way. I remember the first time I had a wet ejaculation I was trying my old method for awhile but couldn't get it to work for some reason. So I layed on top of my pillow and started thrusting my erection into it. It took a good while but I finally felt it coming and when it did it seemed really drawn out and somewhat more intense and different. I was shocked when I looked at my pillow and seen the huge wet spot I had left behind. After that I realized that every orgasm I had was accompanied by lots of wet stuff coming out. This lead to me only using one smaller blanket for my play time so I wouldn't get cum stains all over everything. I eventually transitioned into using tissues.. And finally just my bare hands and jerking off in the traditional style that I still do today. I still love masturbating and being sexual with myself.. Even if I'm getting sex regularly masturbating is something I'll always love.. And always trying new ways and places to do it

By thicknsmooth at 12,Oct,22 04:23 other posts of thicknsmooth 
I was 12 years old. My mother had asked me to vacuum my room when I returned from school. I was home alone as I was vacuuming my room I slid my gym shorts to the left and dropped my cock out and started putting the vacuum hose in front of it and was letting the suction slowly suck my cock into the hose. I immediately got hard and my cock was getting bounced around inside the hose very rapidly . This felt really good as I kept doing this suddenly I felt dizzy and felt fluid coming out of my cock. I had no idea what was happening so I immediately turned the vacuum off and pulled my cock out and saw this white gooey liquid oozing out of my pee hole. At first I was scared but I thought it felt so good that I continued to play with the vacuum for a couple of months. I had to stop because my cock would no longer fit in the hose end

By bil47 at 10,Oct,22 22:41 other posts of bil47 
I was 13 and mostly naive about sex. Some friends were talking about masturbation (while we compared boners in the woods), but didn't demonstrate. When I got home, I locked myself in the bathroom and stripped. I was already super erect and started stroking. I had a firm grip in my penis... too firm for my cut dick. After a couple minutes of ecstasy I was spraying droplets of semen on the tile wall. My penis got a little swollen from the rough treatment, but I was at it again the next day.

By cumaddik at 10,Oct,22 15:44 other posts of cumaddik 
I had my very first dry orgasm at 7 when older boys taugh me how to masturbate. I loved it so much that from that day, i kept masturbating all the time. But my first ejaculation with few drop of clear sperm, i was almost 15. I couldn't wait for that moment for so long!!!

By xavo669 at 03,Oct,22 08:11 other posts of xavo669 
I was around 9, just played with my dick when felt the urge to pee, first few times i was afraid to go over the edge (basically i had an orgasm ), then I got the courage and had a proper ejaculation, but it was just air .

By What-once-was at 02,Oct,22 17:03 other posts of What-once-was 
I'd had a few dry orgasms before but my first ejaculation was when I was 10.
So, two friends and I used to jerk each other off from when we where like 9 till we where 14 and this one night one of them was staying over and we where playing with each others dicks before sleeping like we often did.
So we are playing and jerking each other and I feel an orgasm coming up, so I quietly tell him to go faster and then I have the hardest orgasm I'd ever had (up to that point) and had to grab his hand to stop him lol.
I could feel the wetness down there so I tell him I need to go to the bathroom, I go and see that I've actually cum (we knew how sex worked and had watched porn so I knew it was meant to happen) after cleaning up I go back and quietly but excitedly told him he just made me cum properly.
I was the first out of the 3 of use and they where pretty jealous lol.
The friend that made me shoot managed to make himself ejaculat from jerking like two weeks later and I made the last friend cum for the first time like a month after that.
Needless to say we where pretty close and the friend I made cum is still my best friend to this day, sadly we don't play anymore but if he and his partner ever feel like a threesome you better believe I'll be there lol.

By DarkMax at 02,Oct,22 15:36 other posts of DarkMax 
I was also was about 9 or 10 years old when I had the first ejaculation during bath from a jet of water flowed on my penis. I got scared, thought that I boiled my cock.

By LGA6969 at 02,Oct,22 15:26 other posts of LGA6969 
when I was young I use to go to bed and get naked and hump my pillow at night for a long time nothing really happened but it felt good to rub my penis between the pillow and mattress. This one night I kept doing it over and over and had a good hard stiff one all of a sudden I felt this sensation throughout my body then it happened my first real orgasm. I came all over the sheets and pillow case. Needless to say it was a real sticky mess. I had to get up extra early and wash my bedding so no one knew what happened that night. I still remember it vividly.

By #672476 at 01,Oct,22 23:52
I started playing with myself when I was very young. Lots of dry orgasms but was about 9/10 when I started cumming. Used to hump a cushion at first

By Cummingforyou at 01,Oct,22 22:57 other posts of Cummingforyou 
My first ejaculation was from a total stranger in a park one evening when I just turned 16. (Late starter ) getting hard ons but no idea what to do . He took hold of my penis and started pulling my fore skin back and forth which got as hard as a rock till I felt this urge to pee . I let him know this put he just kept on going faster when I got this this powerful pleasure sensation which caused me to moan out , knees went weak I felt this liquid just spurt out ie at felt like gallons till I be came too sensitive. and he stopped

By XJacker at 01,Oct,22 21:34 other posts of XJacker 
I guess my first ejaculation came when I was age about 13 at my all boys school and another boy and I were playing with each other’s dicks through our trousers and briefs without getting our cocks out. I was erect of course. I remember a pulse of pleasure in my cock and realising my briefs were wet but didn’t realise what it was. That must have been my first ejaculation.

A few weeks or months later I was in bed playing with my erect cock and quite by accident got the tugging / stroking action just right. If felt real good. After a couple of minutes my cock got suddenly rock hard and with a burst of intense pleasure I shot my load up my chest. I would count that as my first real conscious ejaculation.

By hytiger at 26,May,12 14:58 other posts of hytiger 
I didn't start puberty til I was almost 15, although I started wanking at about 10 years old.

By heine at 24,May,12 11:19 other posts of heine 
iweas 13 and ejaculated while smocking my first cig and inhalating

By #139037 at 22,May,12 22:50
The end of my dry and endless number of orgasms in a row I remember quite well. Good were the times where i didnt need to think of tissues or cleaning up afterwards. Although, my orgasms are now much more intense and a bigger relieve and release. It was during the Atlanta summer olympics when I was feeling a bit horny and watching a bit of porn in between sports in the middle of the night. Suddenly there was a drip of cum coming out of my penis after an orgasm. I felt like a man at that time, at the age of 14
By liketoedge at 23,May,12 19:26 other posts of liketoedge 
Those dry orgasms before puberty were awesome and could do it just about anywhere without the worry of a mess. From 8 till 13 I probably had 5000 dry orgasms. After that I had to change how and where I had my fum

By #220845 at 22,May,12 09:33
First time with my cousin TIM a very good friend.

By slipper at 22,May,12 04:24 other posts of slipper 
I had been masturbating for a while (started at about 12) and it started oozing a little along the way. It did more and more of this until it started ejaculating properly, but I've no idea when that was exactly... probably a year or so.

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