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best orgasm

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Started by #280749 at 30,Jul,12 03:36
What was your first wet orgasm like. Did you cum alot? Did you spurt , flow or dribble and what was your most satisfying orgasm? In a pussy, handjob or blow job.

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By Rachel_G at 14,Nov,22 03:40 other posts of Rachel_G 
I always have multiple orgasms

By thebeewolf at 13,Nov,22 00:17 other posts of thebeewolf 
My first orgasm was probably around 1979. I was probably 12. I had just finished watching an episode of Charlie's Angels and I hopped into bed thinking about Jaclyn Smith's lipsticked lips, I was rubbing my boner and whoops! Sperm surprise!

My best orgasm? Maybe last Sunday. I have a guy who specializes in lubed penis massages. He uses a variety of techniques on me: simple light jacking, a twist-tug, frenulum rubbing...he even uses my Fleshlight QuickShot on me part of the time. And he'll repeat these techniques for a good 15 minutes. But when he really goes in for the kill it's the fren rubbing alternating with jacking. At this point I will say "stop." Because I rolled a four on a die before we started and I need to edge it four times before I cum. By the time I do, the intensity is next level. He's been giving me penis massages every week for years, so he knows my dick better than I do. High quality orgasm every time.

Although one time I was resting my boner on a wand vibrator and when I started to cum, my cock lifted off the vibe to squirt, then fell back down on it, then lifted off it to squirt, then fell back on it. The vibe was both causing and disrupting my orgasm. Amazing experience. I've tried to recreate it but I don't usually have the discipline to just let it happen like that.

Of course I've pumped load after cum load of jizz into young pussies. From the age of 18 to when I basically quit women about five or six years ago. Gallons of cum and hundreds of orgasms. Some of them were exceptional.

Sorry for the long comment. I would be remiss if I didn't mention bloiwjobs. I have had many, mostly by men if you only count the ones to completion. The great majority of them were good. Some were truly amazing. Usually it's a gay dude who really, really knows how to suck cock. Like even bring me to orgasm, keep on sucking without triggering my sensitivity somehow, and wow.

By Thicky at 12,Nov,22 17:25 other posts of Thicky 
There were a lot of nice orgasms, but one of the most memorable for me was sex on vacation with a nice and willing lady over 50 a nice couple of years ago. From word to word we ended up in a room and started enjoying each other. Licking pussy, fellatio, playing with titties. The lady was generously equipped by nature! She also appreciated my cock and its thickness. Again and again she experienced orgasm and I.... well I produced a great deal of cum. It was a special sensation! I'll never forget it, especially since I was able to cum in her pussy. A wonderful thing!
By wycowboy at 12,Nov,22 21:59 other posts of wycowboy 
Cumming in a pussy is a beautiful thing. I've been privilaged to be able to do that all of my life.

By XJacker at 11,Jul,22 00:46 other posts of XJacker 
My first ever orgasm was wet. I was 13, I was getting good hard erections and I’d discovered playing with my hard up cock felt good but I’d never masturbated. One summer evening I was sitting naked in bed with my cock up hard. I was playing with it and purely by chance I got the tugging and stroking action just right. I remember thinking this feels real good. After a few minutes the most incredible pleasure swelled up in my cock, my shaft became even more stiff in my hand and about 5ml of white creamy semen spurted up my chest. At school I’d heard boys talking about wanking but until that moment it was a dark secret to me. I knew immediately I’d wanked. Added to the sexual pleasure of my orgasm I felt a mile high at knowing I was in on the secret, and now a “wanker”. That made it my best ever orgasm.

By Cumforme at 07,Nov,21 21:45 other posts of Cumforme 
my first wet orgasm was when i was 15 (late starter) was getting erections and no idea what to do with them , seen a older guy shoot his cum at 12 but had no idea what the white stuff was , but it was a complete stranger around 19 in the park me my first wet cum , was fooling around when he took out his cock and had me touch it , then he jacked himself of till the white stuff shot out of his pee slit b, despite being 15 had no idea so he said it was a great feeling and he would show me how, he took out my penis and rubbed the foreskin back and forth giving me a new feeling , going for a few minutes when i got this strange feeling and the urge to pee , i let him know i felt i was going to pee but he kept going harder till i got this incredible rush of intense pleasure and felt my knees go weak and this white stuff shoot out of pee slit in force , about 5 to 6 spurts till it become to sensitive ,

By wycowboy at 06,Nov,21 16:09 other posts of wycowboy 
I was about 13 I think and had been having dry orgasms for a while. I slept in the basement which was semi finished. Just bare studs, nothing else. This night I was wandering around nude, excited by the possibility of my mom or dad possibly catching me doing this with my hard cock bouncing. After a couple of hours I hot tired of it and got into my bad. I pulled up my sheets and blanket and just the friction of that caused my cock to explode. I was surprised at the wet stickiness of it all and the amount of actual cum but the waves of pleasure were so good I tried to have it happen again many times. I never did get that good of a feeling again but have had much fun trying for 45 years.

By Hrnyboy90 at 30,Oct,21 16:25 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
My first wet orgasm came when I was about 11 I believe. I use to hump my pillow every night until I had an orgasm but nothing came out. The first time I did I remember the orgasm felt a little different and lasted a bit longer. Then I seen the big wet stain on my pillow and was scared I broke something in my penis my most intense orgasms usually come from being jacked off really good or while being fucked from behind
By LGA6969 at 04,Nov,21 21:16 other posts of LGA6969 
That is how I had my first real orgasm. I was about the same age. I use to get naked in bed and hump my pillow which seemed a long time. It felt good night after night. Then one night I was humping away and hard and then this feeling came over me and I blew my load all over the sheets. It was ecstasy. I had to get up extra early and wash my sticky sheets and pillow case. Lol
By Hrnyboy90 at 06,Nov,21 13:18 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
Haha yeaa it was a surprise for sure. I had been having dry orgasms for a couple years before that which I remember I could achieve pretty quick. The first wet one I remember seem to take awhile longer

By bil47 at 05,Nov,21 12:02 other posts of bil47 
First orgasm was at age 13, while playing naked games with three similar-age boys. Lots of cum, spraying in droplets.

Best orgasm? A multi-way tie of 2-hours-plus edging masturbation sessions.

By Gntlmn at 05,Nov,21 03:39 other posts of Gntlmn 
My most satisfying orgasm was from a blowjob by a woman I'd met on Ashley Madison, from Georgia, nearly 4 years ago. She liked my pec and glute muscles! Her work schedule had her passing near my town, so we set up a long weekend at my house right after a snowstorm that nearly closed the roads. I was driving from out of town myself, and was grateful to make it back safely. That was on a Thursday evening, and by midnight, her van was pulling in my driveway. This wasn't her first visit. She'd spent the night about 10 months earlier, and had given my cock oral worship all night long. That was the first time I'd actually felt suction pulling my jizz out like a vacuum cleaner -way more forceful than just a normal ejaculation! After carrying her suitcase upstairs, I poured a couple glasses of wine, and we made small talk on the den couch. She only drank a couple sips before rubbing her hand on my thigh. My blue jeans zipper seam started poking up with a tent pole strain that hurt, until she opened my zipper and unfastened the belt buckle. I had no underwear, and her eyes lit up like Christmas tree lights as she pulled my pants down past my raised buns. My fully erect cock sprang out against her chin like a whip as she looked into my eyes and said "Feed me your fountain of birth, my darling. We'll make The Lord smile for the next 3 days!"
--------------------------------------- added after 142 hours

She showed me what heaven-on-earth really is! Not an hour passed without her draining my hairy balls. It was a once in a lifetime experience! She swallowed every drop of my cum like it was honey-milk. She liked having a mirror beside us, to turn her head and watch my pec's and ab's flex as I shot off in her mouth. Never before or since, have I been so grateful to be a man!
--------------------------------------- added after 170 hours

Her favorite time to suck my cock was right after I pissed. She'd sit on the side of the bathtub and watch -forbidding me to "shake out" those final dribble drops. I'd just turn, and into her mouth my cock would go. She loved the taste of my piss before swallowing another load of semen.

By Showertogether at 04,Nov,21 22:34 other posts of Showertogether 
,have had many a nice orgasm here , looking at the Arousing Cocks ,that are shared here for all our pleasure..Mmmmm

By nekekal at 03,Nov,21 17:53 other posts of nekekal 
For me there is a distinct difference between ejaculation and orgasm. I never have an orgasm with masturbation. I cum, it feels great, but it is more of a release.

I have always played with my penis and the dry ejaculation and the wet one felt very similar. I don't know when exactly wet ejaculations started. Probably around 10 or so. I just accepted it as the new normal and kept masturbating.

I have never been much of a spurter. Laying on my back, I am lucky to make my navel. My collage roommate could hit the head of his bed. But, me, I would say it was a dribble. Quantity doesn't seem to affect feeling, or maybe it does.

For me, orgasms are whole body and brain affairs. My body shakes, my vision goes into a tunnel mode, and I think I quit breathing. It is really intense. Probably more like a womans reaction, but I am not sure. I

I seem to only have orgasms when I have my cock in someone. A nice tight hot cunt is perfect. With her fucking me, her on top, is perfect. I get the visual of my cock going into her cunt, her tits jumping around, her body working, and my cock becoming the center of the universe. We get into a rythem, slamming cock into her as she rides it, and I just lose it. What a feeling. I had a few women ask if I was ok. I was, but please stay on my cock for a while.

Awesome orgasm. Unfortunately, there have only been a few memorable ones.

By leopoldij at 30,Oct,21 14:15 other posts of leopoldij 
The most satisfying orgasm is the one that feels like only registered users can see external links

By wanttofucku at 28,Oct,21 18:13 other posts of wanttofucku 
I have always had "Control" when I have been fucking someone...Except this one time. I had this Lil Gal shacking with me back in 2002. About two days a week we spent fucking, sucking all day...I had begged her to get on top of me for a long time but she wouldn't for whatever reason. Well one day all of a sudden she climbs on top. She started a certain move on me....She went for less than a min and I blew a tremendous was the most awesome INTENSE loss of control I have ever experienced...I screamed, hollered...screamed...Hell I was totally out of control. I've never had that happen again. THE MOST surprising and satisfying orgasm I have ever had in shagging over 70 Gals and guys over 6 countries and 60+ years. The Gal would never do that again. She said I was toooo loud and all the neighborhood knew what we were doing...Hell I didn't care who knew what....the whole block lit up cigarettes' after that one. Never forgot that one.

By #519017 at 07,Sep,16 21:40
I guess it was at school aged about 13. Me and another boy had a crush on each other. In class we sat in desks. My friend would sit in the desk in front of me and he could reach back and play with my erect cock without teacher seeing. Likewise I would read forward and finger his. Lots of times I'd have a little orgasm wetting my underpants with semen but I didn't know what was happening. A few months later I discovered masturbation and started spurting semen in bulk for real.

By 0-00 at 04,May,13 19:01 other posts of 0-00 
My most mind blowing orgasm was when I fucked my girlfriend while her mom was in the room next door. Equally intense was cumming with a prostate massager.

By fatcock57 at 30,Jul,12 16:50 other posts of fatcock57 
most satisfying orgasm was a blow job from an ex girlfriend who came visit me 5 years after we split up. When we were dating she never wanted to suck my cock, never fucked; she only gave me H/J's. So I don't know why she stopped by 5 years after and sucked my cock. She even wanted my cum in her mouth, however she didn't swallow.
By CreativeOne at 04,May,13 00:02 other posts of CreativeOne 
Wow ... that's an Amazing story ! Glad to hear that she did that to you after all those years later !

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