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advice please? hiring a prostitute

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Started by #454258 at 08,Jul,15 05:40
I'm thinking about hiring a ****/prostitute for an evening. I've never done this before an just need some advice. I know a few things, like, be polite, use a condom, shower first. etc. but there are a few thing I'm afraid of,

1. getting arrested. I know its hard to tell but she could be an undercover cop for all I know.

2. getting robbed/or worse. The is probably my paranoia talking, but you never know, she could steal from me and my house, or have her boyfriends steal from me now that she knows were i live.

3. Pimps. even if i pay her in full, her employer could still harrass me.

4. STD's. I know about condoms, but you never know.

5. Lawsuit. she could easily claim a charge against me.

6. overprice. I've heard how expensive the can be.

Is this just delutioned paranoia? Or am I making a mistake?

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By nekekal at 18,Mar,24 05:43 other posts of nekekal 
It is an old thread, but will add my two cents worth anyway. I have used these services in the past. It is an easy way to get fucked. No lying to the women, no seduction required. You both know what is going to happen.

Almost all prostitutes require condoms. They don't want to catch any fatal disease or get pregnant. Most hookers will supply the condom and put it on for you.

Fuck in neutral ground. The only bad experience that I had was when I went to her place. She tried to drug me and had to get off my cock, get me dressed, and out before I passed out. Get a hotel/motel or a brothel.

There is sometimes a risk of undercover police. There is good advice about asking her to get naked first.

Talk to her about what you expect to happen and the price of each. Getting your cock sucked with a condom on is not that great and I would never pay for it. But this way you know it it is going to cost befor you get your cock out.

It can be expensive, or surprisingly cheap. Some charge by the hour, or half hour, some by the night. Fucking doesn't take long, and prostitutes are very good at what they do. But it won't be a surprise at the end.

And finally, you don't need to worry much about her enjoying herself. You are paying, it is about you enjoying being in a nice cunt.

By #276990 at 10,Jul,15 06:01
Shame USA can't catch up on the rest of the world in prostitution. Here in New Zealand and Australia it is legal and the working ladies have legal rights as do the punters. They must have health checks. They can advertise their services in news papers, on line etc. They can work from home, a brothel, motel etc. A lot of motels advertise as being working girl friendly. Making it legal has taken away the 'sleeze' of the industry to a point but some ladies are working for gangs but going to a brothel is not regarded as dangerous or against the law. The brothels must comply with the law regarding toilets, showers and building codes just like any other business offering a service to the paying public. So even if run by gangs, which I must say is quite rear, they must comply with the law. There is never any raids from police or anything like that, they may be checked up on by local council etc if not complying with the law. Most punters would avoid 'street' working girls as they are most likely foreign girls with out working visas to the country and may not be getting health checks. So America, take a look at the industry in New Zealand and Australia as see the vast improvement to working ladies safety and punters from a regulated industry instead of putting your head in the sand and pretending that the worlds oldest profession is not happening or will go away. It won't. Go to www . newzealandgirls and check out whats available in our small country.
By #143536 at 22,Jul,15 15:34
Now that's what I'M talking about!

By leopoldij at 22,Jul,15 15:53 other posts of leopoldij 
Sweden is much worse than USA in this respect.
By PoloFields at 09,Mar,24 19:43 other posts of PoloFields 
Try Nevada. Illegal in larger cities like Las Vegas and Reno, but in outlying counties, quite legal. Some even have websites.
By phart at 09,Mar,24 21:17 other posts of phart 
Sadly it would be cheaper to make a trip out to nevada once or twice a year than to be married to todays women that you have to beg em to even make a sandwich for you, much less have sex.

By epep50 at 05,Mar,24 12:32 other posts of epep50 
I'd advise you to not use a condom and just go wild. Don't pull out, fill her up with sperm and leave a tip. There are escorts and brothels that'll let you go raw with a STD test.

By #491615 at 23,Jul,15 05:03
I have to ask Why ? For the Thrill or to say you did it. I have Never understood the Excitement or Desire to pick up a Prostitute. So All I can offer is : Good Luck !!
By small_dik at 23,Jul,15 13:10 other posts of small_dik 
For many men it's a way they can have sex without having to have a relationship. It's purely a physical thing, and most pro's are very good at sex so it can be better than having sex with your regular partner.

Of course, there's some moral issues attached with it, but I think prostitutes actually perform an important service in the community. Forgetting the regular guys that use pro's, for many men who for some reason can't have a gf/wife it's a vital service. Men with disabilities, and other issues for example. There would be far more sexual assaults in the community if it weren't for prostitutes.

Men also go to public places and have anonymous sex with other men (cruising) and sometimes women (dogging). This is a far more dangerous behaviour than seeing a prostitute.

By small_dik at 23,Jul,15 01:13 other posts of small_dik 
It sounds like you're talking about hiring an e s c o r t (where she comes to you). If I were you, for your first time I'd go to a brothel. It'll be cheaper, the girls should be clean, and you'll break your prostitute cherry safely. If you're worried about diseases or cops, stay away from street hookers.

I read somewhere that in the US a way to determine if she/he is an undercover cop is ask them to take off their clothes before you pay. The Cops can't actually do that, and they'll chicken out if you stand firm in your request. I think it has to do with your entrapment laws.

Lastly, always wear a condom when having sex with a prostitute, and you should be OK.

By #436014 at 22,Jul,15 23:36
only advice i can think of is live in or near a jurisdiction where it's legal. sucks, i know.

By jackd at 10,Jul,15 05:04 other posts of jackd 
Don't.It's not worth it.In my line of work I see and know a few hookers.Some really good looking but you never know what they might have.All do have serious attitudes and usually a pissed off boyfriend.

By admin at 08,Jul,15 16:11 other posts of admin 
1. Is using prostitutes services in your location? From what I know, going to prostitute cannot be punished legally in most of countries. Anyway, you can travel to Nevada prostitution is legal there in rural areas.

2. Don't bring them to your house, rent motel room. Don't carry anything of value with you, except the payment.

3. Contrary to number 1 pimping is in most of countries. If they bully you it only adds extortion charges. They are much more at risk than you.

5. It's not that easy if you did not do any of the kind. Again, don't go to a location where she can have accomplices. Chose motel yourself.

6. Not something to be afraid of. You either agree to the price or not.

It is paranoia but anything even least probable things still may happen in this life, and you have to keep that in mind, but not imagining every possible bad outcome every minute - that will destroy your psyche eventually. If you are so afraid of taking risks - I'm not sure how you manage to go outside of your house.

Personally I do not use prostitutes but I was familiar with several of them in past. Though there is some weird and sometimes dangerous shit happening in that area I would not say that was a grimmest side of life I stumbled upon. Sometimes contacts with your neighbors are more dangerous than contact with average prostitutes.
By #454258 at 09,Jul,15 00:51
thanks. I just know that there are SO Many ways for this to go wrong. both short and long term. wish me luck
By leopoldij at 09,Jul,15 09:52 other posts of leopoldij 
Good luck. Everything will be OK. Be assertive.
By #460385 at 09,Jul,15 18:35
Come to Miami you'll be safe. Even the cops are whores.
By #454258 at 10,Jul,15 00:55
yeah I'll just walk to Miami -_-

By #143536 at 08,Jul,15 14:59
I haven't taken the plunge yet, but have been pondering on the idea as well. I just wanted to say I do not think you're being paranoid at all. These are all things you should consider and be aware of. Things do happen.

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