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Masturbation frequency.

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Started by #648867 at 10,Nov,21 11:44
How often do you masturbate. I’m 64 and still manage at least twice a day. Is this normal?

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By All469ernow at 17,Oct,22 13:18 other posts of All469ernow 
Always loved a good wank. Everyday and sometimes twice a day when younger. Probably averaging twice a week these days. Feels great to cum, here’s last nights.

By yeehawboyy at 16,Oct,22 15:16 other posts of yeehawboyy 
jerking off is an amazing thing, I mean I'm 20 and I jerk off at least twice a day if not 3-4 times.

By Ananas2xLekker at 14,Oct,22 17:02 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Didn't have the time whole week.
I hope the weekend will be better.

By JohnnyPenis at 14,Oct,22 12:47 other posts of JohnnyPenis 
I'm 50 and I've been masturbating multiple times a day since I was 12. I love it.

By cumaddik at 10,Oct,22 15:31 other posts of cumaddik 
I'm 56 and i masturbate at the very least once a day...most of the time, twice or 3 times just love to masturbate so much!

By PITBULL at 07,Oct,22 13:37 other posts of PITBULL 
I am so horny every day I masturbate up to 7 times

By #662360 at 07,Oct,22 12:19
These days now I’m older and get full sex I masturbate about 2-3 times a week. In my younger days it was usually twice every night in bed and probably 2-3 times a week in the restroom or my office at work.

By #656343 at 20,Nov,21 11:21
once in a day.


By #655567 at 20,Nov,21 08:58
Everytime I am on this site:
By #648867 at 20,Nov,21 08:59
Totally agree!

By #463848 at 19,Nov,21 16:40
Been single now for 30 years, so playing with my cock is an everyday event. Often several times a day. Frequently just through my clothing. However, when it gets to a semi I take it out and give it a good rubbing. I love the feeling of the pre-orgasmic plateau. Mostly, I stop before orgasm - so that I can go again later. If I am getting visual stimulation from the internet, then I will let my spunk flow after a period of edging.
By #648867 at 20,Nov,21 07:59
Sounds just like fun.

By earthy at 19,Nov,21 18:36 other posts of earthy 
At least once a day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.

By #656106 at 17,Nov,21 13:06
i’ve been masturbating atleast once a day since i was 13. the most i’ve wanked in one day was 7
By #648867 at 17,Nov,21 14:57
Wow. Impressive.

By wycowboy at 16,Nov,21 22:47 other posts of wycowboy 
I'm 58 and masturbate almost every day but........I only cum once a week, sometimes twice

By Moench at 16,Nov,21 20:28 other posts of Moench 
i love to do every morning and at lunch sex with my wife

By LGA6969 at 15,Nov,21 21:31 other posts of LGA6969 
At least once a day sometimes twice

By DeepThroatThis at 15,Nov,21 21:24 other posts of DeepThroatThis 
Jelking every day sure helps keeping lead in your pencil

By knewbi at 15,Nov,21 16:41 other posts of knewbi 
Every day and some days twice... late 60's here.
By #648867 at 15,Nov,21 16:51
Nice. Enjoy your sexy cock.
By knewbi at 15,Nov,21 17:11 other posts of knewbi 
Well thank you... I'd sure love to enjoy your sexy cock...

By #544883 at 10,Nov,21 15:46
Honestly when ever I get the urge. Maybe three times a day then again have gone 100+ days without wanking.
By #648867 at 10,Nov,21 16:16
I could not last 2 days, never mind 100.
By #544883 at 15,Nov,21 16:02
Was doing it to see if I could. Had more then one wet dream during.
By #648867 at 15,Nov,21 16:31
Wet dreams are fun.

By bil47 at 13,Nov,21 17:02 other posts of bil47 
Averaging two times a week now that I'm in my 70s. But it lasts a whole lot longer than in my young days when I was doing two times a day.
By doedeldi at 14,Nov,21 11:42 other posts of doedeldi 
The same as i do

By woody4647 at 13,Nov,21 17:29 other posts of woody4647 
I am 57 and I wank off every 2nd or third day. Sometimes I will go longer because a bigger load is more enjoyable!
By Ananas2xLekker at 13,Nov,21 19:21 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Good for you. Don't let the stuff petrify.

By #652979 at 10,Nov,21 16:23
trice a week. But at weekends i get my blowjobs from my gf.
By #648867 at 13,Nov,21 16:53
Lucky girlfriend sucking your big dick.

By #463848 at 13,Nov,21 16:00
Three times today, but no orgasm; just the pleasure of my touch.
By #648867 at 13,Nov,21 16:51
Glad you enjoyed.

By #628350 at 10,Nov,21 19:42
I'm 81 I masturbate at least once a day sometimes twice. I do try to leave it for a few days because a good load is much more enjoyable, but mostly I fail when I wake up in the night with a hard on.

By pifad at 10,Nov,21 19:17 other posts of pifad 
I’m 73 and masturbate everyday.

By #64328 at 10,Nov,21 18:24
I dont think that is uncommon. The people around you masturbate more than you would think

By furluvr at 10,Nov,21 16:07 other posts of furluvr 
Of course it’s normal! I’ve slowed down a lot, but if you’re up for it (pun intended), go for it!
By #648867 at 10,Nov,21 16:16
Always up for it ha ha.

By #574505 at 10,Nov,21 16:06
Being 71 I masturbate every other day.
But I like to edging more ..
By #648867 at 10,Nov,21 16:15
Edging is great too.

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