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Have you ever smelled a woman's panties without them knowing about it?

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Started by #664664 at 10,Mar,22 13:01
Have you ever smelled a woman's panties without them knowing about it?

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By BigDaddy132 at 12,Jun,24 02:50 other posts of BigDaddy132 
When I was 16 my Dad had a woman working for him. She would help around the house. Early 40s, gigantic tits. One day she was cleaning the swimming pool, and left her jeans and panties in the bathroom. I could see her so no danger of getting caught. I smelled her pussy juices. The first time I ever smelled pussy. Her scent must be what heaven smells like. Made me hard instantly and between watching her beautiful MILF tits, the scent of her honey hole and way I was jacking my 16 year old cock, it didn't take long for me to finish, cumming on the crotch of her sexy black panties.

By thicknsmooth at 01,Jun,24 03:31 other posts of thicknsmooth 
No but I used to smell my buddies underwear and once I stole a pair of a friends underwear and I used to put my face in them and jerk off to the smell

By lovetolickyou at 31,May,24 05:47 other posts of lovetolickyou 
I used to love to smell my sister's panties, and then graduated to smelling my mom's panties. Years later, when I shared with a friend that I had a panty fetish, he would bring me his sister's panties to sniff. She was one of those girls who got so wet and juicy that her panties were absolutely swampy when he gave them to me and I loved burying my face in them while I jerked off.

By brian at 24,May,24 16:21 other posts of brian 
My wife makes me wear the crotch over my nose when we go to bed, keeps me hard all night!

By SexIsLife at 22,May,24 05:29 other posts of SexIsLife 
Love to sniff my wife's panty. Love that smells. She's unaware
By *kim* at 23,May,24 06:20 other posts of *kim* 
Hope to never come across that.

By dgraff at 02,Jan,24 23:20 other posts of dgraff 
Joe Biden sniffs Girl Scout panties

By Lvphose at 31,Dec,23 21:41 other posts of Lvphose 
Not panties but my friends wife pantyhose!

By cumcouplessa at 27,Dec,23 03:32 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. I do love cock, always have, but nothing beats the smell of pussy. My entire life, if I ever got the chance to sniff a lady's panties, I would definatelly take it. Friends sisters, friends mothers, friends wives, my own girlfriends, even to this day, if wifey leaves her panties around, I will most likely have my face buried in them. Unfortunatelly, she hardly ever wears panties anymore, so I don't get too many opportunities.

By #704641 at 23,Dec,23 08:45
Yes to be honest I worked as a service plumber and worked in gouse when no one was home and sniffed womens panties jacked in them

By 4438cr at 22,Dec,23 16:07 other posts of 4438cr 
Yes sir one of my daughters girl friends would spend the night and i would find her thong pantys in the bathroom! Would smell them and then cum in the crotch and put them back! I think she figured out what i was doing because she would leave a pair laying out were i was sure to see them! I saw her smelling a pair and then lick them!

By leopoldij at 02,Dec,23 02:26 other posts of leopoldij 
I've smelled a woman's pussy without her knowing it.
By All469ernow at 16,Dec,23 22:33 other posts of All469ernow 
Any details??
By leopoldij at 16,Dec,23 23:08 other posts of leopoldij 
After a party we all feel asleep, I had to much to drink and so did the others. I had no idea how I ended up there. I woke up in the middle of the night, one of the girls' crotch was right against my face. I could literally smell her pussy. I feel asleep again. I never told her. We were young.
By hairypussywife at 16,Dec,23 23:12 other posts of hairypussywife 
That's awesome

By All469ernow at 17,Dec,23 02:31 other posts of All469ernow 
Haha, that’s gold!!

By hairypussywife at 16,Dec,23 22:57 other posts of hairypussywife 
I was hanging out at a girls house I hadn't known very long we were just friends never dated she left the room for a moment and I saw some dirty panties on the floor I picked them up and sniffed them and she walked back in and caught me

By Lvphose at 09,Dec,23 19:23 other posts of Lvphose 
My friends wife pantyhose!

By thicknsmooth at 02,Dec,23 03:21 other posts of thicknsmooth 
No but I have smelled some of the boys underwear

By All469ernow at 02,Dec,23 01:01 other posts of All469ernow 

By Lookingtosee at 19,Nov,23 19:14 other posts of Lookingtosee 
Yes different ex girlfriends I've been with over the years,some of there sister's an ex roommate's I also would often jerk off in them at times

By doedeldi at 19,Nov,23 12:05 other posts of doedeldi 

By hotcock33 at 19,Nov,23 11:44 other posts of hotcock33 
Many times...Love to smell and jerk off with worn panties. Wear them too.

By wycowboy at 20,Oct,23 15:39 other posts of wycowboy 
I worked security at a big hotel for several years. One of the benefits was catching people nude in the pool and/or the hot tub after they were closed for the night. One night I caught a man and woman in the pool and went outside to evict them. To my surprise they were naked. The man was slender and had a nice cock, about 7 inches erect, which it was. The woman was also slender and had a very nice body. They gathered up their clothes and headed back to their room. I noticed the woman had dropped something but didn't say anything. I went back about an hour later and found it. It was a nice pair of thong panties. I stuck them in my pocket and found a private place to inspect them. They were clean and for some reason I had this urge to sniff them. They had a nice musky smell which made me instantly rock hard. I wore them the rest of the night.

By #693619 at 19,Oct,23 16:34
Yes, my biological sister, sister-in-law, friends girlfriend, my own girlfriends and wife of course!

By Jamie at 18,Oct,23 22:24 other posts of Jamie 

By #662360 at 18,Oct,23 21:24
Many times. My mothers at first, then girl friends now my wife’s used panties. But I prefer to wear and masturbate over clean washed women’s panties

By SexyboytoyzMtl at 17,Oct,23 20:49 other posts of SexyboytoyzMtl 
Yes my mother parties lick and smell

By #29033 at 11,May,22 14:38
Well, duh! Who the fuck hasn't?

By #671055 at 11,May,22 05:24
When I was doing laundry, at a 4-plex I lived in. I hot neighbor, left her basket by the washer that we all shared, so I knew she was next, when I took my things out, and put them in the drier. Her panties were laying on the top, and I couldn't help myself, and had to!! Just a little of her natural scent, but I got super-hard!!
Vagina smells amazing!!

By thebeewolf at 06,May,22 23:54 other posts of thebeewolf 
Fuck yeah I have. And I did more than smell them. I rubbed them on my dick and got a big boner and I stroked off and ejaculated all over them.

By #659439 at 05,May,22 22:30

By #662360 at 12,Mar,22 07:32
Yes. My wife’s, before I put them on to admire the bulge of my hard cock in them, brush them over my straining hard shaft, then jerk my load over them!

By #613564 at 12,Mar,22 06:08
No, because she was wearing them! When I am with her, dating, it's like foreplay! Especially with one that would never shower at the place, that I won't name, like a Planet. She would come home, sweaty, and wet, in the summer, and just totally EROTIC!!
Pheromones, or whatever, just erotic, and I loved that she let me tease her, and excite her, while she was feeling "nasty"!

By knewbi at 10,Mar,22 21:52 other posts of knewbi 
Fuck yeah!! A number of times. One that stands out is my ex mother-in-law. I had fucked her before dating her daughter and when married we would visit and I always found a way to use the back bathroom. Her panties were there and I would remember how the real thing smelled and tasted from years ago. Later as my marriage was faltering I started fucking the mother-in-law and told her that I had been smelling her panties. She gave me a well used pantie and offered to replace them with freshly soiled ones whenever I wanted. Yep, she was questionable for fucking me while her daughter's marriage was falling apart but she knew it was done so jumped at the chance.

By Ananas2xLekker at 10,Mar,22 19:53 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Yes, the panties of a friend's sister. She was fucking hot. When I was visiting him, he went downstairs to pick up the phone. He was taking his time, so I was wandering round, looked into her bedroom and saw a lot of underwear everywhere. I first thought "Damn, she's messy!", but one nice pair of lace panties caught my eye. That made me hot for her again, until I smelled it. Damn that thing stank. I wondered how long she had worn it.
I was quite turned off by her. I'm still not interested in worn panties, unless they are thoroughly washed after.

By #660539 at 10,Mar,22 18:02
Yes, I have. About 30 years ago, my former neighbors went out of town for several days and asked if I would feed their cat. I went into the laundry room and went through the hamper and found a pair of her panties.(She was very petite and good looking as hell). I jacked off sniffing them right there in the laundry room. Her cunt smelled so damn good. I then went into their bedroom and found another pair just like them and put them in the hamper and took the dirty ones home. I jacked off many times sniffing her pussy.

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