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How long can most men fuck before ejaculation

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Started by hairypussywife at 27,Oct,23 21:45  other posts of hairypussywife
What is your average time

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By #708276 at 19,Jan,24 07:29
Usually around 40 minutes

By epep50 at 19,Jan,24 06:17 other posts of epep50 
Depends on a few things. How long since I last had sex or jerked off. Also how hot the sex is, how wet she is, and if shes already cum. average about 20 to 30 minutes. If she wants me to cum in her, not long at all.

By petunia51 at 18,Jan,24 13:42 other posts of petunia51 
15-20 minutes

By #706076 at 13,Dec,23 20:16
when I was younger not that long once inside there, but that suited my wife, as I got older I would last longrt and she would orgasm long and loud, and hated me for making her cum, she has always resisted orgasm aas she is not in control of herself, but when she cums, she dure does. since we're in our 80s she doesn't want sex at al even being touched so for me it's all solo. Exccept for twice a year when a much younger former colleague comes to visit and we, if given the chance, get to have long foreplay seesions, she prefers foreplay to fucking, she's quite small all round and although I'm about averag length I have quite a girth and even that is sometimes too big for her. She does cum numerous times from foreplay and if I can't hold back any longer I cum and it's over for a while but I do like to cumm in her cunt and she likes that too.

By nekekal at 02,Nov,23 01:30 other posts of nekekal 
Not long. If we are talking time from cock in to cum out, probably less than 5 minutes. I love to fuck. To have my cock in a warm cunt and thrusting is just the best feeling in the world and I want it to last forever. But the wife, and most women previously fucked, have not been interested in having a cock in them for a long period.

For most of my life, I got to fuck once a week or less and after spending time with foreplan, kissing, sucking, fondling, etc my cock was so hard that it hurt and just running precome. When I finally got it into her cunt, I was so horny that within a short time I was pumping cum into her. Much to my disgust. It was over for another week or two.

On the rare occasion that I fucked her twice in a week I lasted longer. Say 15 minutes. One time she said "you going to finish or be there all night?". I pulled my cock out of her and went into the bathroom and masturbated. She liked it short.

Currently I think that I would cum in under 5 minutes bassed on how long it takes me to masturbate.
By Alan81 at 13,Dec,23 08:52 other posts of Alan81 
An incredibly honest reply 👍 the real answer should be it depends how worked up and turned on I am by her. To all the guys taking about more than 20min of piv are you seriously enjoying yourselves, or are you really not interested or turned on enough? When you’re forced to do mental arithmetic in your head to last longer wheres the fun in that? it just becomes one long PT session, are you an accountant or her lover?
By nekekal at 13,Dec,23 17:52 other posts of nekekal 
Thank you. My problem is that I really enjoy foreplay. I adore tits. Being with a naked woman is incredibly exciting. By the time I have spent some time with my mouth and nose between her legs, with her nipples and my mouth, and heaven forbid, my cock head in her mouth, and after dreaming of the moment all week, I can usually last long enough to get my cock into her, but only for a few strokes.

I did find that after cuming I could stay hard and fuck for as long as she wanted or needed. Usually not that long. Honestly, I just loved having my cock in her.

By epep50 at 01,Dec,23 11:16 other posts of epep50 
Up to an hour or more using various substances and planning. 20 to 30 minutes for spontaneous sex, no condom. With a condom I rarely finish.

By #699810 at 26,Nov,23 02:24
I’m 73, had a prostatectomy 7 years ago, which resulted in ED. Urologist prescribed injectable trimix into my dick. (Same thing porn stars use). My dick stays hard 2 hours very easy. I always make sure my wife orgasms before we fuck. Then I fuck her till she says stop.

By Cruzxxx at 18,Nov,23 00:28 other posts of Cruzxxx 
Depends on the wife, love to cum at the same time. Good foreplay 10mins

By thebeewolf at 13,Nov,23 00:43 other posts of thebeewolf 
It's been a while since I've chased pussy, but I think I was averaging 10 minutes. Maybe even more if there were breaks for other activities that didn't involve penis penetration.

By #681164 at 06,Nov,23 15:02
20 min for me, but, I got to pace it

By Gntlmn at 06,Nov,23 03:44 other posts of Gntlmn 
Back in my college days, I could hump/remain hard for over 2 deep pussy gf would pass out from multiples. Current gf says "get off me" after 30 minutes.

By Strongmember# at 02,Nov,23 02:50 other posts of Strongmember# 
More recently I can go several days with several long sessions in which I don't ejaculate.

By Bonedawgie at 29,Oct,23 22:50 other posts of Bonedawgie 
hmmm 45minutes to 1 hour.

By #699038 at 29,Oct,23 02:04
My average is about 20 minutes then go for round 2 but depends on how turned on i am and the conection with the people im fucking

By #610414 at 28,Oct,23 18:57
From experience, most men go for 15 to 20 minutes.
By hairypussywife at 28,Oct,23 21:22 other posts of hairypussywife 
Okay cool thank you for your input

By lovetolickyou at 28,Oct,23 18:41 other posts of lovetolickyou 
As I said elsewhere, I have always lived with ejaculatory difficulties. On average, I would last over an hour....certainly beyond the interest or tolerance of most partners. I can only remember once when I was done in less than 10 minutes - After sleeping with my first wife (who always had issues with being too dry and inadequate lubrication) for almost two years, I found myself enjoying sex with a girl who was so slippery it was like fucking a barrel of oil, and I was overcome by the incredible sensation and finished too quickly, much to my disappointment, and hers. I wish I had the advantage most men have of sustaining the act for fifteen or twenty minutes, which strikes me as just about right.

By wycowboy at 28,Oct,23 15:04 other posts of wycowboy 
For me, between 10 and 30 minutes

By Cg32323 at 27,Oct,23 23:56 other posts of Cg32323 

By cruz69696969 at 27,Oct,23 21:55 other posts of cruz69696969 
Medically I have no idea, but from experience I would say 10 minutes
By hairypussywife at 27,Oct,23 22:00 other posts of hairypussywife 
That's all I'm interested in each man's average time thank you

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