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Small and Medium Sized Dicks

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Started by #85268 at 06,Jul,10 04:18
I might be weird, but I love the smaller sized dicks, so cum-on guys, post your pics and I will tell you what I think

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By lawrenceo at 20,Dec,21 09:58 other posts of lawrenceo 
Not weird at all. They are my favourites too.
By german_guy at 20,Dec,21 21:02 other posts of german_guy 
small and medium cocks need attention as well
By lawrenceo at 27,Dec,21 09:20 other posts of lawrenceo 
True and they will always get mine.
By german_guy at 28,Dec,21 08:13 other posts of german_guy 

By willylee at 22,Dec,21 17:22 other posts of willylee 
Definitely my favourite

By Upforanything122 at 16,Dec,21 23:15 other posts of Upforanything122 
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By liketoedge at 16,Dec,21 15:12 other posts of liketoedge 
I dont think that wierd. I think medium and small dicks are the best looking

By Alwaysnude at 16,Dec,21 13:31 other posts of Alwaysnude 
[deleted image] Might be medium?
--------------------------------------- added after 101 hours

--------------------------------------- added after 410 hours

By #654219 at 15,Nov,21 22:02
what am i[deleted image]

By Forevahalone at 14,Nov,21 11:44 other posts of Forevahalone 

By doedeldi at 14,Nov,21 11:41 other posts of doedeldi 

By s0m3r4nd0m at 14,Nov,21 05:05 other posts of s0m3r4nd0m 

New pics

By bil47 at 13,Nov,21 16:24 other posts of bil47 
I'm either a small-medium, or a large-small.

By Alwaysnude at 13,Nov,21 16:11 other posts of Alwaysnude 
[deleted image] You tell me

By #513854 at 27,Nov,16 22:58

By #493914 at 24,Nov,16 16:46
I definitely got small cock

By #188764 at 30,Dec,11 12:49
4.5 inches.

[deleted image]
By kebmo at 11,Nov,16 11:03 other posts of kebmo 
Oh he's a cutie pie. I'd love to know him.

By cockbot3000 at 11,Nov,16 02:13 other posts of cockbot3000 
I agree! Small is sexy!

By #255813 at 02,Nov,16 21:41
I love smaller cocks too especially if they have been tightly circumcised

By lildic69 at 01,Nov,16 18:23 other posts of lildic69 
Well I think I have a small dick

By youngjpcock at 28,Oct,16 05:12 other posts of youngjpcock 

By Blackindianlund at 26,Oct,16 07:04 other posts of Blackindianlund 

By onthelose at 26,Oct,16 02:59 other posts of onthelose 
We are the norm so rejoice. You wouldn't think so if you looked at all the huge ones in the opening gallery.

By small63 at 22,Oct,16 00:47 other posts of small63 
My smallone >>

By #431640 at 26,Mar,16 02:30
Love my little dick

By #476377 at 24,Mar,16 15:42
My little one:

[deleted image]

By #497075 at 24,Mar,16 05:21
I have a 6 inch thick cock so I am pretty happy with it

By thatsmallcock at 23,Feb,16 22:52 other posts of thatsmallcock 

By liketoedge at 23,Feb,16 18:39 other posts of liketoedge 
The nicest dick i ever saw just under 5 inches. But was absolutely perfectly shaped. Porportion is much more important than size to determine a good looking cock.

By #220804 at 22,Feb,16 13:47
I'm very small

By #482057 at 21,Feb,16 14:03
By bella! at 21,Feb,16 18:24 other posts of bella! 
Hi. I could post that picture for you, however it is my thought it would be better to EMPOWER you so thst you can do things yourself. I sent you directions on how to, try it and see whether my instructions are helpful. 

By cut5x5 at 21,Feb,16 01:51 other posts of cut5x5 

By butcher49 at 16,Feb,16 19:23 other posts of butcher49 

By #493361 at 15,Feb,16 20:17
Doesn't get much smaller than mine

[deleted image]

By 3fdfd at 15,Feb,16 14:29 other posts of 3fdfd 
mine's small

By CreativeOne at 11,Apr,13 02:31 other posts of CreativeOne 
[deleted image]
By 3fdfd at 15,Feb,16 14:28 other posts of 3fdfd 
might be small soft & it's not all that small but it gets rather large when it's not so soft

By #355138 at 03,Nov,15 04:32
[deleted image]
Here's mine.
By 3fdfd at 15,Feb,16 14:26 other posts of 3fdfd 
hairy & a very nice looking cock

By #479725 at 25,Nov,15 04:33
[deleted image]
By 3fdfd at 15,Feb,16 14:26 other posts of 3fdfd 
nice cockhead

By #497957 at 09,Nov,15 08:25

By #497957 at 09,Nov,15 08:24

By liketoedge at 06,Nov,15 19:32 other posts of liketoedge 
I dont think it weird. I have always thought the smaller sized are hot. I prefer looking at average or smaller.

By Texas979 at 04,Nov,15 18:38 other posts of Texas979 
Check mine out, let me know what you think

By winnie at 30,Oct,15 10:54 other posts of winnie 
Think i am medium or what do you think?

By small_dik at 28,Oct,15 01:22 other posts of small_dik 

By earthy at 21,Oct,15 19:17 other posts of earthy 
By 3fdfd at 26,Oct,15 14:14 other posts of 3fdfd 
large end of medium at least
By earthy at 26,Oct,15 17:05 other posts of earthy 
That works for me!

By #461818 at 21,Oct,15 21:32
[deleted image]

What do you Think small or medium
By 3fdfd at 26,Oct,15 14:09 other posts of 3fdfd 
medium but thick

By CreativeOne at 25,Oct,15 22:15 other posts of CreativeOne 
Here are a few lol

[deleted image]

By #461818 at 21,Oct,15 21:31
What do you th[deleted image]ink small or medium?

By #368616 at 21,May,13 17:25

My small/average one!

By #384963 at 21,May,13 03:56
[deleted image]

Yay or nay?

By #389053 at 18,May,13 00:25
I hope my coming there to good with you

[deleted image]

By #352308 at 12,May,13 16:57
[deleted image]

what do you think?

By #196465 at 12,May,13 04:46

By #5423 at 13,Sep,10 13:00
My little softie
[deleted image]
By twiggy at 09,May,13 04:46 other posts of twiggy 
i would love to waken it up with my mouth...looks so smooth and tasty

By #218130 at 05,Jan,12 05:46
Shrinked and limp

[deleted image]
By twiggy at 09,May,13 04:44 other posts of twiggy 
love the look of this beauty.and the balls...Mmm yummy

By #218750 at 31,Dec,12 20:57
I'm between medium to small:

[deleted image]

[deleted image]

[deleted image]
By twiggy at 09,May,13 04:42 other posts of twiggy 
perfect for wearing skimpy panties, for sucking and fucking and beautiful to watch

By #1860 at 21,Mar,13 15:20
[deleted image] This is me in what I think is "small to medium" mood, beginning to get aroused. Any good?
By twiggy at 09,May,13 04:39 other posts of twiggy 
looks damn good to me

By #360027 at 06,May,13 09:48
Small, definitely not medium

[deleted image]
By twiggy at 09,May,13 04:38 other posts of twiggy 
so cute and so beautiful

By #212274 at 05,May,13 12:11
What size am I? You tell me.
[deleted image]
[deleted image]
[deleted image]
By twiggy at 09,May,13 04:36 other posts of twiggy 
perfect for a big mouthfull

By Ynottt at 07,May,13 23:55 other posts of Ynottt 
My little one.....

By twiggy at 09,May,13 04:35 other posts of twiggy 
it looks delicious...love the low hanging balls and the smooth pubes

By #323075 at 06,May,13 10:05
Medium I think:

[deleted image]

By #265525 at 06,May,13 08:05
check out my page

By #68656 at 06,Jul,10 17:04
Here is the relevant part of me.

[deleted image]
By john12 at 10,Mar,13 12:12 other posts of john12 
Great pic john

By liketoedge at 07,Mar,13 20:52 other posts of liketoedge 
I always have thought average and smaller are the nicest looking

By #60507 at 06,Jul,10 04:46
Check ou my pics and let me know what you think about my little friend...
By #201311 at 01,Jan,12 12:15
so hot

By cupar at 30,Dec,11 13:13 other posts of cupar 
[deleted image] All of 5in

By #194437 at 30,Dec,11 06:10
[deleted image]

[deleted image]

[deleted image]

It`s a grower but not more than average

By MoeJoe at 10,Aug,10 11:13 other posts of MoeJoe 
[deleted image]

By minkip at 11,Jul,10 16:41 other posts of minkip 
Do you like my dick

By smoothpete99 at 07,Jul,10 19:53 other posts of smoothpete99 

By oldbugle at 07,Jul,10 08:28 other posts of oldbugle 
Mine is tiny when soft;

By an0nym0u5 at 07,Jul,10 05:06 other posts of an0nym0u5 
Not exactly "small" but whatever:

By #46165 at 07,Jul,10 03:36
ive got the small side covered

By #5440 at 06,Jul,10 11:24
here's my little dick

[deleted image]

By #65952 at 06,Jul,10 09:16
i'm defo in this category

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