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Naked pics on your phone?

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Started by #20664 at 25,Feb,11 01:21
How many of you have a naked picture of yourself on our cell phone? [deleted image] and have you ever shown it to a stranger?

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New Comment

By Wantsome at 27,Sep,23 03:13 other posts of Wantsome 
I have many pictures and videos and love showing them to strangers

By Renmah69 at 26,Sep,23 18:07 other posts of Renmah69 
I have heaps of pictures on my phone and show them to strangers all the time

By probowler298 at 07,Sep,23 21:22 other posts of probowler298 
No password on my phone. Plenty of naked pics easily available.

By Jamie at 03,Sep,23 16:04 other posts of Jamie 
My wife knows that I have pics of naked women and men knows that I masterbait saw my cuck Cummings. The bad thing my daughter ask me if could use my phone to look for something she gave me a funny look.

By #682523 at 03,Sep,23 14:56
Sometimes a few, sometimes a dozen. I once handed the phone to a neighbor when we didn't know each other well, I wanted to show her other pictures. She started looking through the ones with my cock, commented that I had a nice and thick one. Then she wanted me to send her one. She bragged that she was doing herself good with them and.... so began this acquaintance with footjob in the background.

By wirda at 31,Aug,23 01:36 other posts of wirda 
I have tons

Wouldn’t mind if it was by “accident”

By casado at 17,Aug,23 14:19 other posts of casado 
tenho muitas fotos pelado no meu telefone

By probowler298 at 14,Aug,23 19:21 other posts of probowler298 
I am going to take naked pics on my phone and go to Verizon to fix my phone. No password. Let them see me completely naked
And have some fun.

By gayguy at 14,Aug,23 04:13 other posts of gayguy 
I purchased a cheap phone for sex contacts & to take/store cock pictures

By Jamie at 11,Aug,23 21:42 other posts of Jamie 
Had a problem with my phone once . Went to Verizon to have check the problem petty sure she saw my dick picture she kinda had a funny look .
By tecsan at 12,Aug,23 05:34 other posts of tecsan 
Why would anyone ever go to a retailer and let them look at their phone? Hell, if mine quits working, I destroy it after I transfer some info.
By Jamie at 13,Aug,23 20:42 other posts of Jamie 
I don't care ill do it again. To show her my dick
By tecsan at 14,Aug,23 02:10 other posts of tecsan 
I figured you really wanted her to see them. Hey, if you do not mind then I really do not care.

From your initial comment, it sounds like you were looking for it not to happen again. Guess I took it wrong.

By probowler298 at 14,Aug,23 00:08 other posts of probowler298 
I am thinking about updating my phone without a password and letting Verizon see my naked pics just for fun. I should hand it to them with pic on phone. Oh no. Or maybe email it to their phone by mistake.

By nekekal at 13,Aug,23 19:29 other posts of nekekal 
No. Nothing on my phone.

By Mynakedcock at 13,Aug,23 14:07 other posts of Mynakedcock 
Yes got lots on my phone and strangers have seen some of them while scrolling through pics in public.

By joergh at 11,Aug,23 10:33 other posts of joergh 
Many. An I avoid showing them to Strangers

By tecsan at 11,Aug,23 06:07 other posts of tecsan 
Keep the phone you use publicly clean and have another that you use privately. Two numbers can keep things straight for many.

By PoloFields at 11,Aug,23 00:48 other posts of PoloFields 
I use mine a lot in public so I take them off as soon as I can.

By tixHH at 08,Aug,23 05:05 other posts of tixHH 
Sooooo many!

By #699038 at 05,Aug,23 05:52
I keep pics on my phone the lad next knows it i haave had him help me sort things on my phone he has seen several of my cock pics i didnt get to fussed bout it im sure he enjoyed

By probowler298 at 31,Mar,23 23:12 other posts of probowler298 
Many naked pics of me and I do not lock my phone,if you know where to look you can see them all. I do not care.

By _avg_ at 19,Mar,16 02:29 other posts of _avg_ 
Yes and yes -- but it's the worst when you are trying to show other pics to a family member and you either have to swipe real fast past one or hope they don't scroll too far.... O_o

By #202451 at 17,Mar,16 01:51
perhaps you all might think i;m an a-hole for asking,... but why is a thread from five years ago, with a deleted member still a running post?


just sayin' ... ... askin', actually, if you want to be technical about it
By bella! at 17,Mar,16 03:07 other posts of bella! 
Unlike the topics that request members to "Rate My Dick", "Would You Do My Girlfriend", "What Do You Think of My Spooge", etc, this topic still has relevance. No?

By #23212 at 18,Mar,16 04:12
Why don't you ask 'HentaiGuy' below, who obviously is the one who resurrected this five year old post.

By _avg_ at 19,Mar,16 02:28 other posts of _avg_ 
If I had to guess, it was probably one of the suggestions in the "similar topics" list on a different thread. It's pretty common for 'zombie threads' to pop up around this place and I can only think this is the logical reason for that...

By cumonme1 at 17,Mar,16 12:35 other posts of cumonme1 
I do from several years ago my first trip to a nude beach in New Jersey

By #460385 at 16,Mar,16 12:17
Yes and yes

By #114565 at 15,Mar,11 21:43
My husband has naked pics on his phone of me. he sets his phone down when he's with his friends. When i send him a pic they all get to see it before he picks it up. He then lets them see it. He does the same thing to me. I set the phone down when I'm out to dinner with girlfriends. he sends naked pics and my friends all look at it and pass my iphone around to get a good view. I act all ebarassed, but we both love the game
By #506367 at 16,Mar,16 10:18
U Should play that game with strangers they might need My number 541-704-5660

By smokieb69 at 23,Mar,11 14:35 other posts of smokieb69 
i have -then my phone got stolen. so some thief has a few pics of my cock

By #146804 at 19,Mar,11 01:29
My girlfriend's tits are normally my phone's background and a lot of people have "accidently" seen that.

Also have a few cock pics on my phone as I send them her while she's at work
By #3997 at 20,Mar,11 22:03
I have had pics of my wife or in the past girlfriends pics of tits or ass, etc on my phone and friends have accidently seen it

By #3997 at 20,Mar,11 22:02
Yes and Yes plenty of times

By botanic at 02,Mar,11 17:50 other posts of botanic 
Well I dont have one on YOUR cell phone .. at least I hope I dont .. do I ?

By #20664 at 28,Feb,11 01:16
Well now it is getting better. Where did you show the pic?
By #102374 at 28,Feb,11 02:19
To anyone that wants to look.

By #88663 at 26,Feb,11 02:25
Yes I do! And only to a select few!

By #102374 at 25,Feb,11 02:50
You bet your sweet ass I do and I have shown them to others. Love the comments I get and dont tell them its me. I like to show my stuff. If they act interested I'll tell them its me.

By #7976 at 25,Feb,11 01:27
No! And, No!

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