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Not attracted to men but loving sucking cock

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Started by hornyboy70 at 07,Jan,12 09:18  other posts of hornyboy70
I just want to see if there's others like me out there. I'm not attracted to men at all but I love sucking cock. I haven't sucked cock in a few years but I've sucked off three guys. One was a shemale so I really enjoyed that but with the others I just wanted to suck and be sucked and didn't want a lot of touching. Anyone else feel the same way?

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By Dev01 at 24,Dec,22 08:38 other posts of Dev01 
😅🤣😂 This has been covered many time.. Justwill can you please elaborate
By Sir-Skittles at 03,Jan,23 13:22 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
Yes, I believe JustWill conducted a very scientific study on how many cocks do you need to suck until you are certified gay!

By thebeewolf at 01,Jan,23 16:54 other posts of thebeewolf 
I'm not attracted to men in any way. But I do love the way they suck my cock. 9 out of 10 guys are great at it. 9 out of 10 women are not. Plus, the guys WANT to suck! When a woman goes down on you she's doing you a favor. When I let a guy do it I'm doing HIM a favor. Plus it makes me high with dominance to have a guy get down on his knees, submit to my cock, and devote himself to pleasuring my penis and swallowing my seed.

By lawrenceo at 03,Nov,19 14:48 other posts of lawrenceo 
I think that he means becoming emotionally attached to a man as in the situation where some men kiss each other and maybe live together.

I like wanking another man's cock but like the poster, I wouldn't go further than that.
By Krusader1987 at 31,Dec,22 16:45 other posts of Krusader1987 
I with you on that.

By #677376 at 29,Dec,22 03:41
I’ve never been so lucky as to suck a cock or have my cock sucked by a dude. I am so turned on to twink porn and dudes up to about 21. Love smooth chests! I also have a nipple fetish.

By Fullpull45 at 24,Dec,22 13:11 other posts of Fullpull45 
Definitely me

By johno at 24,Dec,22 08:24 other posts of johno 
im very turned on by cock love looking at them jerking off as im looking at them ,sucked off my friend years ago and loved it ,but im not attracked to the rest to the man him self

By #603877 at 05,Nov,19 22:59
Just like you said.I feel grossed of the man muscular body.But when I think about hard cock I feel horny.

By #592419 at 03,Nov,19 19:09
That is illogical.. A cock is not on a woman,, its a man..So perhaps you should reassess..
By #551147 at 03,Nov,19 20:54
Ya think!? 😉

By #601496 at 02,Nov,19 13:24
Hornyboy70, it seems to me that if you love sucking cock than you ARE attracted to men. You might be BI, but nonetheless you ARE.
By #551147 at 03,Nov,19 01:11
Agree 100%, but don't say that. 🤫🤫🤫 Because of past stigma with gay's or bi's you may damage his ego or worse yet his online identity. Afterall... Him and I ARE from the same era and I TOTALLY get why the denial, but those days are past. You're online for fucks sake, no one knows who you really are feel free to be whatever you want including... Bi-Sexual! That's one of the beauty's of an online presence. Be free! Stop the nonsense!
By #601496 at 03,Nov,19 02:43
As if anyone cares except you, Hornyboy. At least not here. There's only 5 guys in SYD that are truly straight. No,wait. One guy passed away.
By #551147 at 03,Nov,19 03:06
Well said!

By cruz69696969 at 02,Nov,19 13:02 other posts of cruz69696969 
I am the same way but I am trying to become attracted to me because I'd really like to have boyfriends and not just a cock to suck on. But then again it is about the cock and having one when you really want one.

By #590128 at 31,May,19 15:45
I like to suck cock but feel nothing emotional for men. And having a man suck me has been the Best.

By #588373 at 30,May,19 07:57
Hmmmm, that's a Hard One to swallow. You know what a man is without a cock; he's eunuch, so how is it possible to separate a man's cock from the man? cocksucker gets a package deal, the man, hopefully his hard cock and load. It's okay to be a cocksucker man, lotsa cocks need sucked. Now do I care if he's ugly, fat, tall, small, et cetera..nope. Nothing worse than a choosy cocksucker except one that bites or won't swallow I've heard.
When you're on your knees mouth open letting a man use your throat to unload in, do you honestly think he cares whether you're attracted to him? Nope, just bob up and down on it that's all he cares about.

By #555896 at 26,May,19 14:39
i love pussies and tits but i love sucking and wanking cocks.

By #537175 at 26,May,19 13:50
I have a couple of straight friends , who after a few beers love me to suck their cocks . They will only go as far as stroking me though , but I don't mind as both of them are hung

By #551745 at 26,May,19 11:18
I used to say that too. But I guess it’s really more like when you see a girl that you are just not attracted to in any way, but her big tits still make jerk off. I love cocks and balls and cum.

By #589343 at 26,May,19 03:20
thats exactly how I am

By Darthshame at 02,Apr,19 23:16 other posts of Darthshame 
me too. guys are gross, but dicks are amazing. i havent sucked one yet, but i want too

By #211891 at 09,Apr,16 10:56
I, too, am not attracted to guys in the traditional sense. The only attraction I have in a guy is his cock, his balls and his cum. I don't want to kiss and cuddle. I want to suck and swallow. With a gal I till like to pound my cock into a pussy and enjoy her tits. I even like kissing her. Anywhere! This brings me to my attraction to trannies. Some trannies can be stunningly beautiful and you would not know there was a cock to enjoy until you get close. I would love to be in a relationship with a glamorous tranny. I would have the cock, balls and cum I crave and have the tits, body and face to kiss. I hope this makes some sense.
By #472252 at 09,Apr,16 11:29
Best of both worlds

By SluttySarah069 at 31,Mar,19 19:19 other posts of SluttySarah069 
I'm just like you #211891 - on't like guys as such but love sucking cocks, swallowing cum and being fucked . I also love having sex with women and trannies (being one myself)

By tallon77 at 09,Jan,13 18:49 other posts of tallon77 
I love the way it feels when the head begins to pulse and swell and the hips begin to rise and you hear his breath quicken. Some will say I'm going to cum
and it starts to spurt on your tongue hot and thick. I like for him or me to pump it then and feel it spurt against my throat while his legs shake and shiver...
By spermkiss at 21,Feb,13 00:37 other posts of spermkiss 
Spoken like a true cocksucker. I got a hardon reading that. There is nothing as exciting, rewarding, satisfying and fulfilling as sucking another man to climax. Real men suck cocks.

By #452213 at 12,Sep,14 16:13
At age 75 it's difficult if not impossible to find a female for sex. so for the last 8 years I've tried to find guys like tallon77. Unfortunately they are few and far between. But cherished.
By spermkiss at 12,Sep,14 16:38 other posts of spermkiss 
And guys like you who are willing to allow a cocksucker to suck you off are cherished, too. The bottom line is that we cocksuckers like to suck cocks. We like it a LOT. Guys like you who make their cocks available are a treasure.
By #503369 at 09,Apr,16 15:15
i love cock suckers

By #584214 at 31,Mar,19 13:32
I'm 65, and have the same problem. Fortunately I have three men who fuck me regularly.

By foreskinlover52 at 11,Dec,14 12:25 other posts of foreskinlover52 
I agree!

By #583907 at 27,Mar,19 21:44
Not attracted to men either, but love sucking cock. Then the more cocks I sucked, the more I started to wonder how it would feel to be fucked. I found out a few years ago, and loved it. Only been fucked once, so always looking for the right guy to fuck me sometime.

By knewbi at 18,Feb,19 16:20 other posts of knewbi 
Not attracted to men but am addicted to sex of almost any kind so sex with a guy is just as good as sex with a woman. I just love sharing being sexual with another person.

By #522126 at 18,Feb,19 08:37
I was in a three some fucking a guys wife in the arse,he offered me his cock to suck while he watched,I enjoyed a mouthful of spunk while I emptied my load up his wife's anus! Very sexy!

By #484432 at 17,Feb,19 02:33
Me too man, I liked looking at cocks so much that i ended up eventually meeting a guy and we gave each other head to fulfill my fantasy and it was totaly worth it.
I'm not into guys but love a nice hard cock and I realised later on that I was interested in shemale porn as they were smoking hot girls with cocks!

By #562567 at 20,Jul,18 09:13
I feel the same.I feel attracted only to hard cock, not a man.So I dreaming about going to gloryhole and have mt dream come true.

By cruz69696969 at 23,Jun,18 11:28 other posts of cruz69696969 
That is me to a T. But when I was young it was all about me. Never kissed a man. But now I find cocks so incredibly attractive

By Bicockguy1 at 23,Jun,18 07:08 other posts of Bicockguy1 
I am not attracted to men but i do like sucking cock and i have a buddy who i see fairly often and we wank and suck each other off no kissing or massaging that is not happening but i do like a hard cock cumming on my face and in my mouth

By #187688 at 23,Jun,18 01:46
Not attracted to men either except as friends. I just like sucking or jacking a cock and having the same done to me. Other stuff like body massage, kissing, e.g. are a turn-off.

By #475107 at 22,Jun,18 18:25
I am not attracted to men at all. No kissing, touching, etc. However I do enjoy sucking a nice hard, shaved cut cock. I also enjoy getting blowjobs from men. Who. on here would suck my cock after seeing it?

By cmsdude at 22,Jun,18 02:00 other posts of cmsdude 
Im not attracted to men at all but i enjoy jerking and sucking cock and being sucked off by a man, it feels so hot to have a pulsating cock in your mouth
By bil47 at 22,Jun,18 11:29 other posts of bil47 
That pretty much describes me too. I love sucking and stroking a man's hard cock, but I'm not at all interested in pursuing any sort of relationship with them. "No strings attached" as they say.
By cmsdude at 22,Jun,18 13:08 other posts of cmsdude 
Yes me too. Love sucking cock but thats it

By #552510 at 22,Jun,18 02:57
I've never tried. Closest I've been to that is reaching the head of my own into my mouth.

By #471978 at 14,Sep,14 23:41
I want to suck dick if i could suck my own dick i would
By tb1 at 09,Apr,16 15:30 other posts of tb1 
me too

By #510409 at 09,Apr,16 12:22
I am the same ,i love sucking and wanking cocks but nothing else.

By #436014 at 09,Apr,16 03:52
I just love to slut out over a cock, it's almost intoxicating

By #423426 at 07,Apr,16 08:33
Yes, I'm with you on that. The only difference is that one of the two guys I've been with licked my arsehole, which I wasn't expecting but certainly wasn't going to stop! I didn't return the favour but I don't think he minded.
By spermkiss at 08,Apr,16 19:18 other posts of spermkiss 
Hey, that's cool. I'm a cocksucker and that's my all time favorite sex act. But licking ass is a close second. True intimacy with a man is to both suck his cock and lick his ass. Making you ass available for him to lick is all you have to do.
By #423426 at 08,Apr,16 23:47
Well it was in a sauna. He just laid down on one of the PVC "beds" and said, without words, that I should get on top. He started by sucking, but then slid further down and tongued my arse while he wanked me. I sucked his cock also, but licking a man's arsehole just doesn't appeal. Now my girl's rear end is another story........
By spermkiss at 09,Apr,16 02:47 other posts of spermkiss 
To add further on your comment "...which I wasn't expecting but certainly wasn't going to stop!", I take that to mean that it felt good. It was good for him, too. Trust me on that.

There's one thing I should make absolutely clear: we cocksuckers and ass lickers do these things because we enjoy doing them. No reciprocation is required or expected. By making your cock available to be sucked and your ass available to be licked you've done all that's required. It's truly a win/win situation even at that point. If you want to reciprocate with either of both, that's fine, and if you do not, that's fine too. Keep in mind that the number one rule in sex is that nobody has to do anything he does not want to do.

By Valleydude at 08,Apr,16 22:20 other posts of Valleydude 
Could not agree more

By #436014 at 08,Apr,16 18:52
I'm not attracted to guys in the traditional sense (although some of these cute porn twinks, wow . . .) but I just can't get enough cock in my mouth. I fucking love cock. I'm beyond hornybicurious to hornybi, just can't change the username I fucking love pussy too. pussy tits n ass

and cock

and of course cum

By #460523 at 07,Apr,16 02:27
just go for it

By #211891 at 06,Apr,16 19:35
I love sucking cock! I **** kissing a guy. I want all attention to be my cock, my balls and my cum just as I want to give all my attention to the cock I am sucking, the balls I fondle and the cum I swallow. Don't play with my nipples and keep away from my ass. Now as far as shemales . . . someone like Mariana Cordoba I would be all over her tits and body along with her cock and balls.

By #485312 at 11,May,15 02:02
theres every shade of grey when it comes to what we like..youre just as normal as the next bloke and we all have different wants and needs...ld love to meet a real shemale with tits, l don't like girls, but l love cock and and ld like to experience that before lm dead ...*lix*

By #286253 at 11,Dec,14 09:12
I do not find men attractive AT ALL in the slightest bit. But looking at cocks online and thinking of having one in my ass or sucking one turns me on majorly. I can't do anything with a guy cuz i'm not attracted to or comfortable with men like that. I'm obsessed with fucking women anyway, so i'll stick to them :p

By #395290 at 13,Sep,14 19:37
I feel the exact same way

By #441663 at 12,Sep,14 07:16
Would love to suck my first one . Anyone ?
By #316057 at 12,Sep,14 07:26

By spermkiss at 12,Sep,14 16:47 other posts of spermkiss 
Man, what are you waiting for? Get out there, get down on your knees and get busy.

By #358284 at 11,Jun,13 13:43
That's "ME", I don't care what a guy looks like, I just wanna Suck him Off. Sucking Off Men's Dicks has been my life since I was 6 and I don't care who knows that I am a Dicksucker/Sperm Guzzler for all Men who need NSA Blowjobs!!
By #238225 at 08,Sep,14 04:29
me too

By #400833 at 29,Nov,13 13:12
i am also only into men's

i am never into kissing, hugging, rubbing, fucking each other with another guy, but when i am fronted with a nice big jelly cock, i can't help myself but to suck it and bj is the only case i let the man bob his dick in and out of my mouth and moaning just makes me feel so horny. i love giving men pleasure by BJ only.

By #55162 at 21,Oct,13 21:59
I'm in the same boat, not into guys at all just the equipment
By Gary5 at 21,Nov,13 23:13 other posts of Gary5 
Right, me too

By #393145 at 20,Oct,13 21:11
I feel the same way. Love looking at all the cocks on the site and have sucked a couple of guys off and hope to suck more cock in the future. Maybe even take one in my ass.

By johnwish at 20,Oct,13 21:04 other posts of johnwish 
I really enjoy looking at the pictures of other mens cocks on this site.And although I haven't yet,I would definatley give a blowjob.It gets me so hard thinking about this and Im going to have to make it happen in the very near future.Not so sure about anal sex at the moment though.But who knows?

By #427539 at 02,Sep,13 19:03
Me too i dont care abouth guys but i do love cocks. I love sucking them and taking loads and i love being fucked by guys with nice hard cocks , i dont know if i am gay or bi but seems very normal to me to be taking cocks in my butt and sucking them. , i really enjoy it , i olso cumm when i get fucked , i am gay or what?
By bella! at 02,Sep,13 20:14 other posts of bella! 
So it's very normal for you to take cocks in your butt and then suck them? Do they taste a bit poopy?
By kre8tor69 at 02,Sep,13 22:36 other posts of kre8tor69 
Very stupid thing to say! I know it is fun to attempt to knock someone down but some of us are serious about learning our sexuality. Maybe you could be nicer. The old adage of if you can not say anything nice shut the f.. up!!!

By bigone21 at 28,Sep,13 18:25 other posts of bigone21 
bella! guys can also play clean and safe! i know because i do! anal sex doesn't have to be a mess, if taken the right precautions.

(if taken the right precautions, if taken the right precautions, if taken the right precautions, if taken the right precautions, if taken the right precautions, if taken the right precautions, if taken the right precautions)

watch what you eat before, have an enema (or two!), use condoms and gloves
By #299180 at 20,Oct,13 16:01
I couldn't agree more. I douche everyday sometimes twice a day as you never know when the occasion 'may arise' for anal sex. I still to this day have not had any accidents or mishaps...I am a very good clean bottom

By #291618 at 20,Oct,13 06:11
whats wrong with these guys?? getting angry from one cute not offensive but true bellaґs comment

By CuriousBob at 19,Oct,13 22:52 other posts of CuriousBob 
Yes. The only guy I've been with was jerk off and oral sex only. I am very much into women though.

By #436014 at 19,Oct,13 20:15
join the club

i'm flexible enough though that if the guy is hot i'll find him attractive as well but those types are rare and almost inaccessible (if not straight already). i have a hard time thinking of good famous examples of a guy i'd find attractive, though. have to admit i've gotta thing for young twink-types with beautiful or cute features

By bigone21 at 11,Jun,13 22:52 other posts of bigone21 
YES!! A several MILLION guys feel the same way!

And a LOT of people in this forum would be pleased if you guys would just accept that you are, in some scale from 10% to 90%, BISEXUAL!

Deal with it!
By cockslut69 at 28,Sep,13 14:12 other posts of cockslut69 
Well said if your bi just admit it stop trying to come up with excuses you aint straight

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