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Do bigger guys like looking at smaller dicks?

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Started by #42017 at 13,Nov,11 15:39
It's often said opposites attract. I've had many monster dicks saying how cute and sexy my dick is. I've also had many average guys saying how they enjoy looking at my tiny dick as it makes them feel so big. Let me know if my little dick makes you feel good

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By Zainn122 at 28,Mar,24 07:19 other posts of Zainn122 
I’ve had straight guys tease me in locker rooms and say Its super cute but they also get confident enough to be naked in front of me knowing they’re bigger as I’m always the first one to pull it out but some guys will pull it out just to show me how tiny I am..

By Alwaysnude at 27,Mar,24 05:35 other posts of Alwaysnude 
i tend to attract big dick guys

By nekekal at 26,Mar,24 22:41 other posts of nekekal 
I enjoy looking at hard cocks. Any size. My brother and I used to play with each others cock and his was tiny but I know how enjoyable it was. He enjoyed my big cock. It is not the size of the cock, it is how much you can enjoy it. I dare say that he fucked a lot more women with his tiny cock than I did with my big one.

By Luvanicecock at 26,Mar,24 14:21 other posts of Luvanicecock 
For me, it’s not about the size of the penis. It’s more about the shape. I’ve seen really huge dicks that are very attractive to me, and really huge sticks that I think are just ugly.
As well, I’ve seen smaller penises, that I think are really beautiful, and smaller penises, that I have no interest in

By #64328 at 23,Mar,14 20:08
I think guys smaller than me that are not afraid to show it off is hot. I also think the best looking dicks are average or smaller
By #631189 at 18,Jan,21 22:28
Same here, 4 to 5” is perfect

By leopoldij at 24,Mar,14 14:49 other posts of leopoldij 
Just clicked on the pic above: Member doesn't exist...
By #574505 at 18,Jan,21 20:52
Oh yes he does /member.php?w=533479 he was shrimpdick before

By nakedjim at 18,Jan,21 20:34 other posts of nakedjim 
I prefer dicks under 3". No gagging or choking, just attempting to deep throat me. Yummy

By bigone21 at 15,Aug,13 22:34 other posts of bigone21 
sure do! AND at bigger dicks AND at smaller! love looking at dicks!!
By spermkiss at 16,Aug,13 16:30 other posts of spermkiss 
Aren't dicks wonderful? Each size has its merit.

I really like seeing a bodybuilder guy with really big muscles and an ultra tiny dick. Also a skinny guy with a huge dick. Those two are really hot paired up in a sex scene. The ultra large and the ultra small are the most fascinating to look at and to play with.

But when it gets down to the nitty gritty of cocksucking, the best size is normal. Large enough to be a nice satisfying mouthful, but not so large as to trigger a gag reflex.
By bigone21 at 16,Aug,13 23:17 other posts of bigone21 
i agree that mediumsized is best for cocksucking! let it have a rest in your throat, and then, back to lips work! i can do that for hours!

and as the skinny guy with a big one, i know that draws attention! and i like it, no way i want to deny that!

small is also ok, because most of the times, there is NO HARDER dick than a small dick! and that's also great!
By spermkiss at 17,Aug,13 00:21 other posts of spermkiss 
I can tell that you really like dicks. So do I.
By bigone21 at 17,Aug,13 20:35 other posts of bigone21 
I like dicks! Very much!

What I've learned to like the most last few years, is intimacy with a guy!

When intimate with a guy you like, who has a brain and is not afraid to also show his feelings, it's HARD NOT to like his dick, his asshole (I like to rim & fuck & fist!), and to touch and play with one another! For hours!

By #64328 at 17,Aug,13 19:39
I have always felt that average and smaller are better looking

By #415581 at 16,Aug,13 16:45
I have a dick that is, according this website's article on penis size, right at the average length, 6 inches. I enjoy looking at other 6 inchers, I like the smaller ones, and the bigger ones too, I think it all depends on the individual cock to be looked at, is it hot looking, that's the question.
By bigone21 at 16,Aug,13 23:23 other posts of bigone21 
and that's right!!

By #367697 at 03,Apr,13 21:31
Have to admit seeing as I'm very small when completely flaccid I get very paranoid about my size... seeing someone who's smaller makes me feel good!
By #314207 at 15,Aug,13 15:06
I had always felt ashamed of how small mine is flaccid, until I became aware that some guys love small ones. I've had a lot of positive comments on my tiny flaccid. I've come to prefer looking at mine (and others) when they're at their smallest. Try posting some pics of yours completely flaccid and you may have a similar experience.

By #265525 at 25,Mar,13 23:05
I enjoy looking at cock, big, average or "small". The fact that you want us to take a look is a turn on.

By jackie at 14,Nov,11 02:54 other posts of jackie 
How do u fuck with a small dick.

By #190275 at 13,Nov,11 15:42
Indeed makes me real really big

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