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have you or would you masterbate in front of your spouse/ partner ?

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Started by #266546 at 02,Jun,12 00:42
I masterbated in front of my wife before , she stuck a vibrator up my ass and sucked my balls !

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By liketoedge at 01,Mar,21 15:53 other posts of liketoedge 
With my wife not so much, though we have. It just isn't a big thing for her even though we both do it. In the past I have had 2 girlfriends that enjoyed watching me do it alot. They both ask me if I would masturbate for them. I have had several malefriends growing up that enjoyed watch other and being seem masturbating. I dont think is is that uncommon to be excited watching other both guys and girls

By Jb11 at 01,Mar,21 15:41 other posts of Jb11 
My ladyfriend and I sometimes play with ourselves while watching each other.

By Lvphose at 01,Mar,21 05:21 other posts of Lvphose 
Hell yes, Id jack off in front of a strange woman if she wouldnt freak out. The is a porn series where a guy asks a chick a series of questions and he jacks off in front of her as they talk. Questions are like have you seen a man beat off, seen any strangers cock, hows mine look, would you jack a guy this way, do you want to see me cum?

By Quicksand at 27,Feb,21 13:44 other posts of Quicksand 
I like to have my wife pose doggystyle and jack off to her.

By t-rex at 27,Feb,21 09:16 other posts of t-rex 
Yes 😃

By XxXKing808XxX at 26,Feb,21 16:21 other posts of XxXKing808XxX 
Yes I have before with several men and women and we enjoyed watching each other masterbate til we eventually ended up fucking and sucking each other...anyways yeah, good stuff

By nekekal at 26,Feb,21 14:06 other posts of nekekal 
I have. My wife hates to fuck and doesn't care if I masturbate next to her. On rare occasions she has helped for a while, then has me finish the job. She hates it when I spray cum onto her next to me. But I don't try not to.

By elgato777 at 25,Feb,21 15:41 other posts of elgato777 
Yes many times with several women. My ex would give me a prostate massage while I masturbated and the orgasms were fantastic. She would use her vibe in her vagina while I sucked her clit. She would explode and squirt at least a quart!

By Lenatur at 25,Feb,21 03:37 other posts of Lenatur 

By Orwell at 17,Feb,21 21:58 other posts of Orwell 
Yes, did it today standing over her while she lay on the floor rubbing her clit

By Strongmember# at 13,Feb,21 05:46 other posts of Strongmember# 
depends on the girl. of my exes majority got jealous about it.. which I thought weird but understood and stopped in front of them. 1 in particular was super relaxed about it. I could just jerk off with laptop on one side of couch while she was on the other side watching TV

By willylee at 13,Feb,21 05:36 other posts of willylee 
Yes quite often

By #621517 at 13,Feb,21 02:56
Yes. Sometimes Im in the mood for sex and she isnt, shes quite happy for me to masturbate with her, sometimes in bed next to her, sometimes over her after a romp, usually playing with her body with my spare hand. Usually she helps me as I masturbate by tickling my balls and inner thighs to get me wild.

By bigdick33 at 12,Feb,21 22:56 other posts of bigdick33 

By obeys at 12,Feb,21 06:26 other posts of obeys 
yes often we both masturbate together or at times one does and the other watches. being submissive my best sessions are when she has a couple GF's over and i am made to masturbate for them. very exciting

By Samcro619 at 14,Jan,18 09:13 other posts of Samcro619 
My wife loves it when I stroke while she watches. She really loves it when I'm stroking and sucking another guy while she watches.

By Moench at 13,Jan,18 16:37 other posts of Moench 
of course, my wife sit at my thump in her pussy and i masterbate in front of her and she riding of my finger and play with her clit till both of as are finish

By #547177 at 04,Jan,18 15:11
YES we Masturbate for each other alot it is a great turn on and leads to much for fun!!
By t-rex at 13,Jan,18 10:41 other posts of t-rex 
I bet that is fun 👍
By #547177 at 13,Jan,18 10:56
Yes it is! it adds a little excitement!!
By t-rex at 13,Jan,18 11:05 other posts of t-rex 
I have done this with different ladies, but it usually leads to other things, so I cant say I have ever came that way, or they want to take it in their mouth, but any way is fun 😃

By Frenum at 13,Jan,18 08:10 other posts of Frenum 
I have wanked in front off most of my female friends after they've asked me too.

By licksipsuckit at 05,Jan,18 00:09 other posts of licksipsuckit 
yeah, but l would prefer him to stick his dick in me on the weekends l went to his place, as l masturbated all week till l got there.. and aussieman masturbates every night or morning, so he can come, so l get a show most days *lix*

By RealTitsLover at 04,Jan,18 15:30 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Since I don't see this response yet, I decided to post... Nope. I think I'd be alright with some stroking, if they wanted, but it wouldn't turn me on enough to get off. In fact, if she wasn't doing it at the same time, I'd rather do nothing. (I'm starting to consider recording it for a girl I haven't met in person, though.)

By Sal5408 at 01,Jan,18 00:39 other posts of Sal5408 
Yes of course and we do it mutually.

By #522126 at 31,Dec,17 21:19
Yes and she masturbates in front of me.

By #510951 at 31,Dec,17 15:40
Yes many of time and even watched her masterbate many of times

By beaker90 at 29,Dec,17 10:45 other posts of beaker90 
Yes many times, she enjoys watching.

By submissivemartyn at 25,Dec,17 04:15 other posts of submissivemartyn 
My ex Mistress wife used to make me masturbate in front of 'guests'(both male and female)invited from Alt.They would make fun of me and humiliate me. I would have to cum on our table and then lick it all up.Some times if I was lucky they would have sex to 'inspire' me.

By leopoldij at 22,Dec,17 17:05 other posts of leopoldij 
Yes and yes

By boc at 04,Jun,12 09:03 other posts of boc 
Yes, I often get asked to by my partners. Then they like to join in and help.

By #29349 at 03,Jun,12 23:32
i have

By slipper at 03,Jun,12 00:30 other posts of slipper 

By 67malibu at 02,Jun,12 10:23 other posts of 67malibu 
When I was married she caught me jacking off once

By steve8211 at 02,Jun,12 08:26 other posts of steve8211 
I have! She said it makes her horny when I stroke my cock. We have just masturbated together and not touch each other.

By heine at 02,Jun,12 04:44 other posts of heine 
i have and do

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