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Gay threesomes.

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Started by Bguy90 at 11,Aug,12 19:16  other posts of Bguy90
Ive always wanted to have a 3some with two other guys but ive never had the chance. Has anyone else had one?

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By earthy at 01,Dec,20 22:05 other posts of earthy 
I had a threesome for the first time a few weeks ago. It was amazing! And kind of a hotel room marathon, with some breaks in between. I was sore as hell afterwards but loved it!

By biguyfunn at 25,Nov,20 04:13 other posts of biguyfunn 
Not yet,wouldnt mind being in the middle of one tho

By routemaster at 25,Nov,20 03:41 other posts of routemaster 
I've had gay threesomes, foursomes and orgies

By submissivemartyn at 25,Nov,20 03:02 other posts of submissivemartyn 
Only the once.My ex wife/Mistress and I used to cam on Alt and she would invite a Master or Mistress to our house to learn more about b.d.s.m.One evening a Master turned up with his male submissive.I was ordered to strip and was bent over a table with my wrists and ankles tied to the table.Then I had to watch whilst they had sex with my wife.When they had finished I had to clean her pussy and both their cocks.Ater a short rest the Master and submissive,to my wife's amusement,fucked me in the ass and mouth.Both shot their loads in my mouth and made me swallow their cum.

By #upnorth6969 at 22,Nov,20 20:30 other posts of #upnorth6969 
Lots of gay sex but never with two guys, damnit!

By Dickventures at 12,Mar,20 19:05 other posts of Dickventures 
I've had a couple gay ones, and a couple straight ones.
By X_Y_Z at 22,Apr,20 14:11 other posts of X_Y_Z 
nice Little crowd
By Dickventures at 23,Apr,20 04:30 other posts of Dickventures 
Kinda nice being the center of attention
By X_Y_Z at 23,Apr,20 13:48 other posts of X_Y_Z 
damn right

By Lycrathong at 21,Apr,20 17:05 other posts of Lycrathong 
Done a couple of dozen, mainly with another mature top and lads as young as 18

By nolongercurious at 31,Mar,20 20:02 other posts of nolongercurious 
I've done a few MMM's My favorite is taking two loads.

By Winfred at 31,Mar,20 00:36 other posts of Winfred 
I would love to have 3some with guys i advertised and no takers

By smallgayguy at 25,Mar,20 23:36 other posts of smallgayguy 
Threesomes are amazing, it brought a whole new level to our bedroom. Me and my partner both had a friend who we had the pleasure of finding out is a is a closet gay, he came to our for the weekend on his own, confessed to us that he wants to be involved sexually. So we calmed him down and let him ease into hit, and buy the end of it he had fucked us both and he let me try to fuck him, but unfortunately he didnít want to go through with it, which is fair.

By SluttySarah069 at 12,Mar,20 10:02 other posts of SluttySarah069 
More than 3 - being a frequenter of Adult cinemas and gay saunas

By #612667 at 12,Mar,20 06:55
Ive had a few threesomes with mates awsome fun and jump at any chance to go again

By #121361 at 11,Mar,20 11:32

By cumcouplessa at 06,Nov,19 12:09 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here, this is my BIGGEST fantasy

By #597251 at 06,Nov,19 09:09
I have many times with three to five guys I cooked it down my throat and up my ass

By badpenny72 at 07,Jun,19 09:39 other posts of badpenny72 
Oh yes on numerous occasions with 3 of us 4,5 and as many as 7 but 3 to 5 is the optimum number of participants. Also you seriously want to think it out if there any partakers that are attached or in some way not there fully as their own person because nothing ruins a good time with the guys than jealousies, unrequited or unstated feelings over and above the healthy lustfup sexual kind

By Lilboi at 07,Jun,19 04:14 other posts of Lilboi 
My step bro and his boyfriend once let me suck their cocks and played with mine

By #568285 at 16,May,19 14:34
Only one time.

By kebmo at 06,Apr,19 00:10 other posts of kebmo 
This is me with Brad and Andy. Unfortunately it only happened once but it sure was fun!! We don't do anal so it was lots and lots of cock sucking fun!

By Ablaze at 16,Feb,19 18:04 other posts of Ablaze 
I had sex many times with 2 and even 6 boys at the same time. More cocks, more exciting for me. I'm totally addicted to orgies.

By #121361 at 14,Feb,19 01:46

By #572188 at 17,Nov,18 18:12
I didn't but would love to try sucking a guy, while another fucks my asshole.

By countrynaturist at 13,Nov,18 23:18 other posts of countrynaturist 
I love having threesomes. My boyfriend and I have a few guys who periodically join us in bed. Most spend the night with us. The sex is awesome ... I really love being spit roasted. It's also hot being fucked while my boyfriend watches or tapes us and the three of us watch it together.

By #571440 at 13,Nov,18 06:07
I began sucking cock 8 months ago! This man i met and got to know a little would have me come over to his place and fool around a few times a week. we started by kissing and hugging then he said was I ready for his cock! Of course i was ready, so I sucked him. one night his friend was over watching tv with us when my guy asked me if i wanted to see his friends cock? I said I guess and he came up and showed me. I liked his cock better than my guy! I asked my guy if i could suck him sometime he said yes, so I took his cock in my mouth and swallowed his cock. my guy got behind me and licked my as for the first time very nice night!

By 61-69 at 13,Nov,18 05:48 other posts of 61-69 
If there's a gay sauna anywhere near, get yourself along, threesomes galore!

By #568296 at 13,Nov,18 05:23
Two of my mates and I got naked and touched cocks together. Soon we sucked each others cocks and then rode each other

By cmsdude at 21,Oct,18 23:42 other posts of cmsdude 
Yes had one with two guys i met through here, 3 way sucking, cum everywhere

By #537175 at 19,Oct,18 17:29
never had a 3 some , although my bf and I were watched a couple of times by his older **** . since I moved into my own accommodation my bf and I have had a 4 some a few times with another gay couple we met with at sports centre . I actually find it a bit awkward , my bf is younger than I am and really hot , I get a bit jealous when one of the other guys is sucking him

By Exrated at 19,Oct,18 16:13 other posts of Exrated 
have has 3 and 4 some. Fantastic, nothing like it.
Lets put it this way , small group, there is a cock and you/I suck it or get fucked, while others watch
Nothing like sucking 2 cocks while nother fucks your man/cunt

By bil47 at 19,Oct,18 09:36 other posts of bil47 
I had some fun experiences with two other boys when I was a young teen. I've done a few MMM three-ways as an adult, in addition to multi-person gay-sex orgies.

By #544423 at 18,Oct,18 12:20
yea did one time when i was younger - it was with a friend and his BF who i met for the 1st time that night. it was hottttt

By bikev at 18,Oct,18 03:56 other posts of bikev 
Love them. One each end. It gets better when its an all male orgy and you are the only bottom,

By knewbi at 17,Oct,18 17:14 other posts of knewbi 
A few times and my first experience being a gay couple. Had two stiff cocks for my first experience. Loved it. I later had another couple I played with and enjoyed that too. Best of all my multiples was an all male orgy with myself and 8 other guys... What a time that was....

By #568296 at 16,Oct,18 22:15
My step **** and his boyfriend stripped me naked and made me suck their cocks. They took turns fucking my ass hole and used me like a little slut

By JustWill at 28,Sep,15 18:48 other posts of JustWill 
In my youth, I had quite a few threesomes with my two closest friends. I've written a number of stories about them in my blogs.

By JeffinKS at 28,Sep,15 16:26 other posts of JeffinKS 

By furluvr at 28,Sep,15 02:21 other posts of furluvr 
I've been in 3-ways, 4-ways, 5-ways, and 6-ways. Almost always a lot of fun.

By Stevehow at 27,Sep,15 20:03 other posts of Stevehow 
Loved it sucked 2 cocks at once then sucked and got fucked in the ass too

By recordslave at 02,Sep,15 23:59 other posts of recordslave 
Love it when they work out well... Check out my page for a few shots of all of us boys together.

By bi1953 at 01,Sep,15 22:06 other posts of bi1953 
Yes, many times, it's awesome!

By cockslut69 at 31,Aug,15 21:14 other posts of cockslut69 
Yes indeed

By routemaster at 31,Aug,15 19:15 other posts of routemaster 
So many over the years I've lost count. Gay groups as well, most recently a few weekends ago. But one-to-ones are GREAT too

By 67malibu at 03,May,15 12:13 other posts of 67malibu 

By #457775 at 03,May,15 12:03
I had the chance...

By mywusch at 03,May,15 11:04 other posts of mywusch 
mhhh, yes, read my story in my blog

By pornlover59 at 25,Dec,13 05:52 other posts of pornlover59 
about 6 0r 7 times!!loved the action especially getting fucked&sucking

By #159671 at 23,Dec,13 02:41
Once for me - loved it. Would love to do it again if at all possible.

By #269087 at 12,Aug,12 10:34
I dream about this.
By spermkiss at 12,Aug,12 13:16 other posts of spermkiss 
You're the same guy who put some questions/comments on the Forum posting about saunas. You're obviously interested in gay group sex so get yourself to a sauna or bath house now.
By #269087 at 12,Aug,12 17:37
I have been in sauna today. It was almost empty
By spermkiss at 12,Aug,12 21:00 other posts of spermkiss 
That's too bad. Yeah, they sometimes run hot and cold. Try going back on a Saturday night.
By #201583 at 12,Dec,13 16:47
Too bad they deleted. The bath houses and private clubs rock when it comes to group sex, exhibition, and voyeur.

By Dalecash at 10,Dec,13 03:31 other posts of Dalecash 
Been there done that
By #316057 at 10,Dec,13 03:33

By steve8211 at 10,Dec,13 01:37 other posts of steve8211 
its fun!!!

By #316057 at 09,Dec,13 09:29
Like to try it
By *kmadeau* at 09,Dec,13 09:32 other posts of *kmadeau* 
wish I help you Mate!
By #316057 at 10,Dec,13 01:23

By #215672 at 12,Aug,12 21:41
never had one but would love to

By #134591 at 12,Aug,12 04:41
had regular 3somes during high school with 2 of my neighbourhood friends. we'd spend hours jerking and sucking each other. how i miss those days!

By spermkiss at 12,Aug,12 02:01 other posts of spermkiss 
So many that I couldn't even begin to count them. Also a few MMF threesomes.

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