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jacking off outside?

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Started by #224696 at 25,Oct,12 18:22
Who likes jacking off outside or in public? Where? Did u get caught? Tell me your story?

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By cigarman at 12,Mar,21 13:22 other posts of cigarman 
I like laying out in the sun, tanning, completely naked. And when the mood strikes, slowly jerking off, until I finally cum all over my chest.
By X_Y_Z at 13,Mar,21 15:15 other posts of X_Y_Z 
same here, me too

By firestone55 at 12,Mar,21 11:46 other posts of firestone55 
often.....i have pictures xx

By Bobby95 at 11,Mar,21 10:23 other posts of Bobby95 
On my back porch once on a hot summer day.

By sosmallpenis at 10,Mar,21 15:57 other posts of sosmallpenis 
I love to play with my cock in Mountain Beach River desert anywhere outside

By #632553 at 05,Jan,21 15:11
I'm jacking off in front of an open widow.

By X_Y_Z at 13,Oct,20 14:19 other posts of X_Y_Z 
I do a lot of biking and when ever I take a break I play with my cock and do a littel edging, waiting for the next break...till I finally shoot a big load
By Blade at 26,Oct,20 23:35 other posts of Blade 
I do the same thing. I like to get going again with my dick hanging out the pant leg of my shorts. I have a couple favorite spots to stop and shoot my cum.
By X_Y_Z at 28,Oct,20 16:12 other posts of X_Y_Z 
sounds great I do the same lot of times

By XxXKing808XxX at 28,Oct,20 15:12 other posts of XxXKing808XxX 
I like sun tanning outside and having a long jerk

By liketoedge at 27,Oct,20 12:52 other posts of liketoedge 
I have always got a thrill out of secretly masturbating in odd, risky and semi public places. I've been doing this ever since I was a young boy and have never actually been caught in the act. Though I have had many close calls where someone may have suspected what I was doing or had just done. I have just always been excited that other are close by and have no clue that I'm masturbating

By Samman at 19,Oct,20 05:18 other posts of Samman 
I love playing with myself either in the living room or bathroom and sometimes even on my bed with the door open and wait for my roommates to walk in and I act like it was an accident but it's happened dozens of times now
By lawrenceo at 20,Oct,20 05:01 other posts of lawrenceo 
I wish you were in my room areas when I was your age. I tried to get hold of a few but no one seemed that way inclined.
By Samman at 20,Oct,20 07:20 other posts of Samman 
All boys are horny and most will gladly let you suck them off as long as they don't think anyone will find out and I think seducing straight boys is wayyy hotter

By lawrenceo at 20,Oct,20 04:59 other posts of lawrenceo 
Often done it but never been caught

By Bobby95 at 19,Oct,20 18:46 other posts of Bobby95 
Iíve always wanted to try jerking off outdoors naked , but sadly have never had the guts to try it.

By conversexx at 13,Oct,20 13:01 other posts of conversexx 
I regularly do it in my yard naked just wearing my converse hi tops I sit back in my chair apply some lube and just slowly wank my self off. Sometimes I cum pretty quick but most times I edge myself with plenty of lube

By wycowboy at 13,Oct,20 10:05 other posts of wycowboy 
I jack off outside very often. Sometimes just my cock is out, sometime totally nude, it just depends on where. The thrill of maybe getting caught makes it very worthwhile. I started when about 12 and am now 57 so have been doing it for 45 years now. I'm sure that I have been seen doing it at least once in all those years.

By jj822016 at 12,Oct,20 14:32 other posts of jj822016 
My first cum was out in the woods and I was a totally naked 11 year old. Now I'm 86 and still loke masturbaating outdooors, totally naked of course. I a voyeur wanders by, I'm happy to be seen.....

By Rudeboy1977 at 12,Oct,20 05:12 other posts of Rudeboy1977 
I spent a long weekend on Martha's Vineyard (MA, USA) a few years ago, and when I got to the beach on Saturday morning, I realized that the tide was high and so there was almost no beach. Apparently I was the only one who didn't check the tides, so I was alone for more than an hour on a beach that has hundreds of people at low tide. Anyway, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a little fun, so, after I stripped off, I got out my camera and took a few shots. After that, being a guy, I thought, "Hey, I could jack off right here". I stood there, looking out at the surf (a hurricane was just passing to the south of the island, and the waves were huge), stroking my dick and taking pictures. I even got a shot of myself cumming, complete with the cum flying onto the beach.

By leopoldij at 07,Oct,20 17:57 other posts of leopoldij 
It's great, especially when you do it with a partner

By earthy at 05,Oct,20 11:13 other posts of earthy 
When I eas a kid me and a friend would jerk off by the pool at my house, sometimes while skinnydipping. We did that quite a few times. Dont think anyone ever saw us though.

By tixHH at 05,Oct,20 05:41 other posts of tixHH 

By doedeldi at 04,Oct,20 07:20 other posts of doedeldi 
Wank outsite yes, but not naked.

By everett at 03,Oct,20 06:05 other posts of everett 
me get drunk and take pics naked at night never been caught yet

By romarokaz at 02,Oct,20 11:32 other posts of romarokaz 
Got way too drunk late a night and went skinny dipping with a couple friends. There was some mutual stroking in the water. After that and a naked walk on the beach, we walked back to the car, still naked. I had to piss and pissed facing the road. Started jerking off in full view of the road near a street light while my friends continued to the car to dry off and dress. 5 cars drove past while I beat off and some slowed but the last one stopped and my logical side gave my a slap and I ran away from the road into the cover of darkness before going back to the car.

Was the riskiest thing I've ever done. Took me weeks to get over the horror when i thought about dash cams and people recording lol. I dont really regret it though.

a pic from the night, thats the road the cars were driving on I'm standing in the middle of ^

By #625864 at 17,Sep,20 04:01
I am honestly still very nervous about jerking outdoors but itís usually worth it because itís so fucking hot

I usually do it in my backyard (which is extremely close to other houses and does not have a fence of any type). So it is pretty risky and itís incredibly hot to be completely naked and vulnerable like that.

The best time I jacked outdoors was when I was on a farm in a different country while on vacation. The risk of not only jacking outdoors, but of jacking somewhere that is unfamiliar to you is so hot to me.
By everett at 17,Sep,20 05:28 other posts of everett 

By liketoedge at 07,Sep,18 14:42 other posts of liketoedge 
As a young teen I would lay down in a field of tall grass and get totally naked and jack off within 100 feet of a walking trail. Being naked and jacking off while people walked by totally unaware was such an incredible rush.

By #566722 at 07,Sep,18 14:13
One time I jacked trough my trouser's pocket while standing near a river. I want to try jacking outside in some park, while watching other ladies in mini skirts and maybe get caught by some ladie while masturbating,

By tinypenissaggyballs at 07,Sep,18 14:03 other posts of tinypenissaggyballs 
theres a place by me that has a picnic spot by a river with walk in restrooms (no doors) i go in take my clothes off and step out the door waiting for a car to go buy, feels great standing out in the open naked with a hard on! some of the best orgasms I've ever had.when i was younger 14 i would ride my bike out in the hay field get naked and kack off 3 or 4 cumloads

By brian2 at 15,Mar,18 11:47 other posts of brian2 
Wank in the woods. Can't beat it.

By #532851 at 10,Mar,18 05:06
I jack off in my back yard often. I sit where people can see my upper body but can't tell I'm nude from the waist down and jacking off. I like to wave at them as they walk by on the road. I almost got caught a few times but slipped my shorts on just in time.

By bi_44 at 09,Mar,18 16:47 other posts of bi_44 
I love wanking outside! The best is doing it completely naked & I have been lucky to have been able to do it naked in the woods, in a nudist park & at regular & nudist beaches. It's so exciting to me that I came a few times without being hard.

By lawrenceo at 09,Mar,18 02:43 other posts of lawrenceo 
Love to sit in my secluded garden on a hot summers day and pull up the leg of my shorts and work up a nice thrilling feeling before fertilising the grass!

By Hrnyboy90 at 24,Oct,16 20:16 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
Masturbating outside has always been something that really intrigues me, mainly for the rush it gives it. I'll never forget my first time I must of been around 15 or 16 I was swimming in a lake at night when I got the idea to strip out of my trunks and swim around nude. The rush had me so worked up I couldn't help myself and I masturbated in the water. That was my only real experience until a few years ago when I moved to a new house in a smaller rural town. There was enough seclusion for me to play out by the back yard. I stripped completely naked and layed in the grass and masturbated under the stars it was amazing. I've also masturbated in the woods on occasion. I've never been caught I'm always very careful, but still the rush of it is almost addicting
By #551465 at 09,Mar,18 00:25
Sounds great. I remember beating off on my roof when I was around 12-13, and some dude walking a dog looks up and sees me from about 70-80 feet. Naturally, I tried to play it off like I was vigorously removing crumbs from my lap, or something. And never jacked off outside again
By everett at 09,Mar,18 02:04 other posts of everett 
I did it on the roof too same age luved it I did it at night where no one caught me

By qhaos at 30,Jun,17 02:12 other posts of qhaos 

I really love to jerk outside, i love to feel the air and the sun on my cock.

By #537175 at 28,Jun,17 10:38
did quite aa lot of outdoor jerking when I was a teen , as that was often the only place available to jerk with mates as someone was in our home (parents ) We were spotted the odd time by dog walkers but we just pulled jumper down and waited . We had a great little woods with a hidy holecopse next to the school and a group of us went there . Nowadaays with my bf we sometimes find a quiet spot on the coast , or even if we can get a quiet area in cinema , the risk facto heightens excitement

By #522394 at 24,Oct,16 15:14
very much enjoy outdoor jacking

By #269409 at 06,Nov,12 06:39
I love wanking in my garden at night very exciting
By #285354 at 14,Jun,16 15:59
Yes, I've done that!

By smokieb69 at 13,Jun,16 11:52 other posts of smokieb69 
I love jacking outdoors!

By yeahright at 01,May,16 23:17 other posts of yeahright 
When I was younger we had a two story house and one of the windows in my bedroom had a little roof overhang outside it. I used to sit out there from time at night and jerk off. We were in a corner house and if someone was really looking they would have been able to see me. That kinda added to the thrill. It got even better when I was in high school and one of the girls that I went to school with moved in right behind me. I could see into her bedroom and she caught me one night. Amazingly she didn't freak out and it kinda became our little thing. She would put on a little strip show or masturbate in her room while watching me jerk off on the roof.
By leopoldij at 02,May,16 02:51 other posts of leopoldij 
Did you fuck her?
By yeahright at 03,May,16 23:57 other posts of yeahright 
Unfortunately no. We just had our nighttime sessions a couple times a week and that went on for a couple years. Never spoke about it and were actually not even really friends. We really never did more than say hi to each other in passing and occasionally make small talk if we saw each other around the neighborhood. It was kind of our little s ecret/guilty pleasure and I don't think either of us wanted to ruin that by trying to do anything else. I know she pretended I couldn't see her but she could see me and I did the same.
By leopoldij at 04,May,16 12:07 other posts of leopoldij 
Pretty hot in any case. I guess you enjoyed that a lot...
By yeahright at 04,May,16 23:04 other posts of yeahright 
Yup. Many a load was spilled on that roof

By #510786 at 29,Apr,16 01:13
Yes, I do like to jack off outdoors, if the weather is warm enough. I live in a busy urban area and I don't want to confront anyone with nudity against their will. Fortunately there is a woodland park nearby. It is a public place, but if you are a little careful you can find a suitable location.

Perhaps paradoxically the best places are very open with a clear view around. People may vaguely see something from considerable distance, and choose to come closer or move away, as they prefer. There is a great sense of freedom in being completely naked and walking away from your clothes in such an open outdoor location.

Have I been 'caught'? I did have some unfortunate experiences, but most of the time no one comes to watch as I enjoy my jacking session. Occasionally someone does get closer to watch, apparently driven by curiosity. Watch but not interact. Such a viewer usually remains at a safe non-speaking distance. I love being watched, and I try not to disappoint as I do my little naked cum show.

By licksipsuckit at 03,May,16 07:32 other posts of licksipsuckit 

this come shot is amazing *lix*

By liketoedge at 16,Mar,13 16:41 other posts of liketoedge 
I have been jacking off outside and in other semi public places since I first began at 8. I could probably list over 100 diffrent places were I have done it and still do. Jacking off in semi public places has always been a huge turn on. I have never actually been caught doing it but have had many close calls. Sneaky masturbation is just incredibly exciting and im sure always will be for me
By marv2 at 01,May,16 15:15 other posts of marv2 
Get some pictures next time and share them with us.

By marv2 at 01,May,16 15:11 other posts of marv2 
I love jacking off outdoors. Never been caught but someday I might just get lucky.

By #390153 at 01,May,16 12:29
check out my holiday snaps on my profile I met many who liked to watch

By #511618 at 29,Apr,16 03:39
I Jack off a lot outside been watched by girls and men woman love to watch
By leopoldij at 01,May,16 11:48 other posts of leopoldij 
Show us some evidence please.

By #200265 at 29,Apr,16 07:01
Ever since I was about 11 or 12 I've loved wanking outdoors - such a turn-on.

By #472386 at 24,Apr,16 18:30
We have a nice secluded back yard so in summer I'm often masturbating out side in the sun.
Nothing beats ejaculating outside in the sun. I should film myself soon .....
By tb1 at 29,Apr,16 01:17 other posts of tb1 
Please do and share m8

By #493999 at 13,Apr,16 23:58
Hard to not jack my erection in the beautiful country weather of spring in the mountains! Living in the country allows much nude and sexual time outside!

By ForgottenNFallen at 13,Apr,16 16:57 other posts of ForgottenNFallen 
One day going to work on a Sunday, I sat at the bus stop and I got an email From a porn site and got hard, no one was around, so I decided to pull it out and get some air on it. ..I end up jerking off waiting for the bus, oh it felt great, I already decided I was cumming on the wall of the bus shed

By #350718 at 18,Jul,14 10:19
I love jacking off outdoors where guys passing by can see me.

This guy came by a few times so I sucked his cock and he came on my chest. Yum!

I put on a bit of a show...stroking my hardon for his viewing pleasure

Would anyone like to cum all over me?

By #467291 at 17,Jul,14 21:37
I like to masturbate outside whenever I get the opportunity. I often get an erection when standing at a urinal & sometimes masturbate while guys are standing in the next urinals.

By liketoedge at 31,May,14 14:30 other posts of liketoedge 
I have been jacking off in semi public places my whole life. Its always been a huge turn on to secretly jack it where others are near by. I have never been caught but couldnt count how many close calls I have had. I sure the list of odd places I have done it are in the 100's. I started in grade school jacking off in the bathroom stall while my classmates on the other side of the stall door had no idea that just feet away I was having an orgasm, I think that many guys are also doing it right under our noses and we just dont know it

By #289712 at 30,May,14 10:56
I like outdoors.On this particular day, I had been minding my holidaying associates house, been catching some rays, couple of drinks.just enjoying the sunny mid-summer afternoon. It was quite hot, so I stripped off outside, and just got about naked. Obviously horny, i masturbated in the yard, for quite some time. It was great, big orgasm. I'm sure the neighbors saw me. It's easy for them to see the yard. I wasn't hiding, I was clearly visible.Someone had to. I hope they watched me!

By CumshotEli at 30,May,14 01:13 other posts of CumshotEli 
Not really outdoors, but it's public, so bare with me.

OK, so a while back I had this fantasy where I would sneak into the ladies' restroom, drop trou, and beat off furiously with the door open in hopes that someone would catch me, but they'd be into it and it'd lead to sexy time. But seeing as it's not 100% legal and that the Internet has hundreds of videos like that, I never acted on it.

Fast forward to this one day when I was make this long drive back from a friend's B-day celebration in the next town over. I had to piss like a race horse, so I pulled off at one of those little outlet malls and popped into a TJ Maxx to drain the hose.

You guys know these places - they're practically empty all the time and you wonder how they stay in business. Well, I'm making my way back towards the sparsely populated store and I'm thinking, "Man, there's almost no one here." I bet you all know what my next thought was.

At first I was like, "No. Uh-uh. No way," because it would be just my luck that I try something like that and one of the few girls in the store would choose that time to pop in and get freaked. But just the thought of that got my pants tight. When I felt a small, sticky wet spot pool on my boxers against my head, I knew I couldn't turn back.

I stole into the ladies' room and peered cautiously into it to make sure there wasn't anyone there already. Fortunately, it was empty. I chose the large stall at the end to set up shop for a couple reasons: one, because in the event anything did happen, there'd be room enough to bang, and two, because I was planning to jack off really loudly so that when someone came in, they'd hear me, but not see me right off the bat. They'd have to come all the way inside to view me pumping my penis, and by then, they'd be less likely to back down.

So, then I went to the stall and dropped my jeans and precum-stained boxers to the floor. I took a seat on the john and spread my legs wide so that my cock stood straight up in front of me. By then, it was feverish and leaking, so I took hold of it and noisily slid my hand from the tip all the way down to my balls, coating my shaft in slick pre.

After that first pump, I was GONE. I was beating it so hard and loud I thought the entire store would hear me, but I didn't give a single shit. My cock was dripping with precum and I was afraid I'd blow my load before anyone showed up when I heard the door open.

At first, I stopped out of habit. The door was open, and there was no way I could get up to close it without exposing my cock. I was already there, living my fantasy, so I took a deep breath and kept fapping.

When I resumed, I heard a short intake of breath from her. Obviously, she was having a hard time deciding if she was hearing what she thought she was hearing. That almost put me over the edge, my cock quivered and released a torrent of pre. I moaned so softly, but she heard.

She called out, "Hey, who's in here?"

I didn't answer. She needed to be more curious, to WANT to catch me stroking off, to WANT to see my slippery cock all hard and throbbing. I could hear her heels on the tile floor getting closer and closer.

Then, her face finally came into view and she stood there, frozen, watching me watch her as I jacked off right there in the women's room.

There was a brief moment when I thought she was going to scream, call an employee, call the cops, do SOMETHING, but instead I got really fucking lucky and she just watched. She took a few steps into the stall and stood there watching me beat off with this horrified expression on her face. It was driving me crazy so I asked her if she wanted to join.

Long story short, she hiked up her skirt and we went to town. She let me cum on her ass, then she came in her panties. After that, we peed together and went on our way - she wasn't dtf. Hottest orgasm of my life.

By #378916 at 29,May,14 10:12
Jerking off outside is one of my favorite things!!

By #350718 at 19,Aug,13 23:45
Ever since I was 13 I have had a fascination with being watched by or watching random strangers blowing their load. My parents used to drop myself and my mates off at the beach for the day but little did they know that there was a secluded nudist beach around the rocks from where we were dropped off. Like typical hormone-driven teenage boys we would head around the rocks to see if there were any naked females to take a peek at.

On one occasion I went there alone and as usual I headed around the rocks for a look. I wandered around for a while checking out the boobs on display and at that age it didn't take me long to get a little excited. I decided to head to the far end of the beach where there were rocks stretching out into the sea and huge boulders and alcoves for a bit of privacy. When I got there I stripped off naked for the first time at any beach to see what it was like. I loved the feeling of the sun on my bare bum and I found that walking around naked in an outdoor setting was a huge turn on. Needless to say it didn't take long for me to get a serious erection.

With my clothes stashed away in my bag I strolled further around the rocks, feeling really horny with the breeze blowing over my naked body and with my cock standing to attention. As I rounded a huge boulder I spotted a guy lying completely naked in a secluded spot tucked away and out of sight from the main beach. He was on his back with his legs slightly raised and spread and he had a massive erection which he was stroking slowly with one hand. I was fascinated as I'd never seen another guy pleasure themselves, let alone in a 'public place'. He hadn't noticed me so I sat down low and just watched him as he pulled, squeezed and rubbed himself. My heart was beating hard in my chest and my cock started to tingle.

It was at this point that by bag slipped off my shoulder and dropped to the ground with a thud and began to slide down the rock towards the edge. Instinctively I leapt out of my hiding spot to grab it before it fell into the sea. As I did so I looked over nervously at the guy and sure enough the noise had alerted him to the fact that I was there. Rather than jumping up or covering himself he just turned his head and stared at me. There I was stark naked with a red face and a raging erection, wishing the ground would swallow me whole and save me from this embarrassment.

'Hello young man' he said. 'How long have you been hiding over there watching me?' I was in complete shock and couldn't say anything. I just stood there hoping my cock would return to normal as soon as possible. 'It's OK' he said with a big smile on his face, 'by the looks of it you were enjoying the show!' I could see that he was staring straight at my cock which was still absolutely rock hard despite my fear and embarrassment. Then he said 'You don't have to so shy my boy, come over here and take a good look if you want to. I'm not angry with you and I don't bite.'

Realising that I was completely 'busted' I figured the best way to handle this would be to do as I was told. The guy didn't seem bothered by my presence at all and in fact he seemed quite friendly and almost pleased to see me. He introduced himself and I did the same and we shook hands. It was the same hand he'd been using to rub his large penis with and I noticed that it was slippery. Without thinking I rubbed my hand against my thigh and it looked kind of wet and shiny. I must have looked horrified because he laughed and said 'Don't worry about that it's just lube. I don't have a foreskin like you so that makes it slippery and easier to rub'. I blushed again, feeling stupid for reacting the way I did. 'Take a seat' he said as he lay back down and stretched out as he had been before.

I took my towel out of my bag, lay it down and sat down cross-legged at his feet. My cock had not behaved at all and was still in full flight. I tried to concentrate on making it go down but the more I thought about it the more it throbbed. 'Were you enjoying watching me' he asked, 'do you mind if I carry on where I left off?'
What could I say? I was not really in a position to argue and to be honest I was completely fascinated by the whole situation. 'Carry on if you want' I said.

He smiled, spread his legs out a little wider and started stroking himself again. He had the biggest cock I had seen at that point in my life and from where I was sitting I could see his balls rise and fall with each stroke. He squirted more shiny stuff onto his pole from a little bottle and it made little squelching sounds each time he slid his hand up it. I was really surprised at how comfortable this guy was playing with himself with me only inches away from him. He just looked straight at me, first looking me in the eye and then letting his eyes roam my body until they came to rest on my stiff cock. He seemed to like looking at it and he started to move his hand a little faster and tighten his grip on his thick meat.

'It looks to me like your cock would enjoy the same treatment' he said. 'Don't worry about me I won't be offended if you want to touch yourself too'. To be honest I was dying to squeeze my cock because it was so hard it was almost painful but I had never touched myself in that way in front of anyone else.
I think he could tell that I had mixed emotions and he put me at ease saying 'Just go for it, you can't waste a beautiful erection like that. I've seen lots of guys jacking off and it's totally normal....just 2 guys enjoying being naked in the sun.'

I couldn't resist any longer so I grabbed my cock and started stroking it slowly. It felt so good to finally ease some of the throbbing and I didn't feel half as shy as I had before. 'There you go' he said, 'I bet that feels a whole lot better now' and the look on his face changed a little.....he started to look excited and he was now jacking himself pretty hard and fast. he stood up and stood in front of me. He very slowly moved forward, closer and closer to me but I was transfixed by the sight of him pumping that large cock and hardly noticed. By the time I even realised he was moving he was standing right in front of me with his cock only about 6 inches from my face and it was absolutely rock hard.

'Have you ever touched a cock other than your own?' he asked me. I was still stunned to have this amazing big slab of beef so close to me and I didn't say a word. I just stared at it as he slid his hand up and down it really fast. 'I don't mind if you take over and do this for me' he said. 'It feels twice as good when someone else does it and you look like you want to see what it feels like'. I said nothing again but my hand moved without me even thinking about it and I found myself reaching out and just wrapping my hand around it. As I did so he moved his hand away, thrust it forward towards me and gave a long groan.

I suddenly realised I had a handful of a stranger's penis and a rush of adrenaline passed through my body. It was smooth and slippery and I pumped my fist up and down at a steady rate, all the while doing the same to myself with my other hand. I felt a rush of horror, guilt, excitement and total thrill all at the same time. 'Squeeze it tighter and jack it hard and fast' he panted and I instantly did as I was told. I was in a dreamworld as I watched my own hand gripping his thick shaft and stroking it up and down. He started to breathe heavily and he was thrusting his hips backward and forward in time with my hand. 'Fist that cock' he groaned, 'pump it hard you sexy little slut'. he was groaning, thrusting and saying all sorts of dirty things to me but instead of being disgusted I was getting hornier and hornier.

'Do you want me to blow' he asked through gritted teeth. 'Do you want to see me squirt, do you want my man juice? I'm going to cum all over you in a minute!'
I was young and naive and although I'd had orgasms while wanking before I still wasn't producing proper cum. I had squeezed out a few drops of slimy precum but I had no idea about ejaculation and so I had no idea what he was on about. I was caught up in the raw horniness of the situation and there was no stopping me at that point.
'Are you ready for me baby boy?' he muttered. 'Are you ready to drain daddy's big fuckstick?'

'I'm ready' I said as I stroked that magnificent tube of manhood as fast as I could. He started to groan loudly and his hips bucked almost uncontrollably. 'Here it comes!' he cried and suddenly this thick, milky cream started shooting from the little eye at the tip of his penis. 'Oh yeah take it all you slut!' he cried as the first two squirts hit me on the forehead and the chin. I was so surprised I almost let go but he had grabbed my hand and was helping me thrust it over his squirting cock. More and more of the stuff came shooting out with real ****. I felt the warm liquid hit my bare chest as he shot all over me. He must have shot about 9 good blasts of his seed onto my body before it slowed down and became more of a dribble. I had jizz running down my face, trickling over my chest and down onto my stomach and even a blob of it over the hand I still had wrapped round my cock. He pulled my hand away suddenly as if it were painful to be touched and at the same time he stepped forward and slapped me across the face half a dozen times with his stiff cock. I was so turned on by what I'd seen, as well as by how wild it had driven him that I just sat there and enjoyed it. With each smack I could feel his jizz splatter all over me and I had the most mind blowing orgasm I'd ever experienced. As he calmed down he rubbed his cock over my chest to clean off the last gobs of his sticky man-juice. Then he thanked me, grabbed his towel and just walked off. I was hooked!

Ever since that day I have always headed to nudist beaches alone. I still check out the naked women...nothing more beautiful that the naked female form...but I make sure that I give myself every chance to be covered in a nice hot load (or two) of cum. Sometimes I lie in a quiet spot and allow a guy to 'catch me wanking' just like that 1st guy had. If they respond by watching or touching themselves then I know I'll be wearing a load before long. Sometimes I photograph myself naked outdoors (which I post online for guys to jack off over) and I occasionally have guys offering to take the pics for me but it always ends with me helping them empty their balls all over my naked body.

What can I say....I'm a cumslut!
By hunnngry at 20,Aug,13 06:24 other posts of hunnngry 
Love your story i stayed hard the whole time
By #350718 at 20,Aug,13 17:54
Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it! I also enjoyed looking at your cock pics...VERY nice!

By #285354 at 23,Aug,13 22:03
Love this story. I'm rock hard from reading it!
By #350718 at 26,Aug,13 20:57
Thank you!

By #348486 at 07,Jan,14 15:35
Great story man. I'd love to spend the day at a nude beach with you
By #350718 at 22,Feb,14 23:00
Thanks manÖI wish you could!

By #448372 at 29,Jan,14 05:26
On the odd occasion I have been to a nudist beach I do so for a couple of reasons: just to hang out and in the hope that the beach has also attracted a beautiful woman or two, perfectly proportioned but with the hope I don't become aroused. We're agreed in that point. I haven't as yet - there haven't been too many naked women at all - but it would be a normal reaction. I am also yet to see any man walking around with an erection. Perhaps it's the lack of women on the beach. But what I don't want to see is any man hiding in the dunes wanking. Nudist beaches should be more sophisticated than that.
By spermkiss at 09,Feb,14 12:51 other posts of spermkiss 
Getting an erection at a nude beach is one of the real joys of being a man and going there. And it's totally OK. Erections are normal and natural and all men get them (or wish they did). They are not something to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. So what should you do if your get one? Don't do anything. Just keep on doing whatever you'd be doing if you didn't have an erection. The worst thing to do is to try to hide it.

Should you flaunt it? Well, that depends on the nude beach and the vibe you are picking up there. At many nude beaches sex on the beach is de rigueur (I've done it hundreds of times). If that's the case, go ahead and jack off or have partnered sex (if you can find a willing partner) right there on the beach. Just don't go hiding in the dunes to pleasure yourself. As you said "Nudist beaches should be more sophisticated than that."

By #428387 at 23,Feb,14 18:09
WOW just read that story here experienceproject dot com/stories/Have-Sucked-Cock-And-I-Loved-It/3110567 is it you.
By #350718 at 04,Mar,14 23:40
Yeah that's me!

By bobbies12246 at 05,Mar,14 22:24 other posts of bobbies12246 
Your story made me hard so I had to jerk off
By #350718 at 17,Mar,14 06:49
Perfect! I like the thought of you doing that while reading my entry

By #137050 at 23,Feb,14 16:31
Quite often when I am outside on the tractor I get the desire to

By #372981 at 23,Feb,14 16:19
many times have i shot my load outside! i live in a very rural place so ive tugged it in woods, farms, bushes.. just to strip naked in the wilderness is amazing!! i reeeally need to go to a nudist beach!

By #254788 at 22,Feb,14 05:39
Earlier today I went for a wonder through a park an came up to a toilet block an I thought the wall looked comfy out side of it an leaned against it pulled my dick out started to jerk it into about 10 minutes I looked up to relise a lady in her 40s an another about in her late 20s was standing about 60 meters from me watching an I tell ya that gets ya going had to give them a show an I'm sure I didn't disappoint it's a very common park for walkers

By #289712 at 31,Jan,14 06:34
Only done it a couple of times, never caught. One time I snuck off and hid in the foreshore bush land at the beach, that was cool, I like the feeling of blowing outside

By #340774 at 29,Jan,14 06:50
When I was a teenager, my buddy and I would go out in the river on a row boat and suck & jerk each other off. I still think about it!

By stickyknickers at 06,Jan,14 07:30 other posts of stickyknickers 
This was next to a public footpath in Wales

By #265525 at 23,Oct,13 00:48
StrOking outsidE is very exciting

By cumaddik at 22,Oct,13 19:55 other posts of cumaddik 
I love jacking off outdoor and specially if i know that other men can watch me

By PeterPeter at 15,Mar,13 17:30 other posts of PeterPeter 
i like to jerk in the woods
By Frenum at 09,Aug,13 08:02 other posts of Frenum 
Me too bud and no cum to clean up
By CreativeOne at 10,Aug,13 05:21 other posts of CreativeOne 
Me three

By horniperv at 14,Aug,13 06:47 other posts of horniperv 
Well if you cum in your own mouth there is never anything to clean up.
By PeterPeter at 23,Aug,13 19:45 other posts of PeterPeter 

By 67malibu at 20,Aug,13 11:09 other posts of 67malibu 
I've jacked offooutside since I was 12 or 13,many stories

By #350718 at 19,Aug,13 23:54
Wanking at the beach is ALWAYS more fun when someone's watching!

Wanking at the beach is ALWAYS more fun when someone's watching!

By #350718 at 19,Aug,13 23:53
Jacking off for a passer-byJacking off for a passer-by

By #350718 at 19,Aug,13 23:51
A random guy wanking while I stand in front of him naked and hard

It was hot just standing there stark naked while he jerked himself hard & fast

By #350718 at 19,Aug,13 23:49
A pic of me jacking off at the beach in front of another guy This guy came by a few times so I sucked his cock and he came on my chest. Yum!

By #359325 at 09,Mar,13 23:37
I was in Hawaii 2 times and both times jerked off once in the men's room by the pool and the second time i did it by the jacuzzi. This was around 10:00 pm in a 82 degree night with the breezes blowing. I've also done it in an elevator in public. Also do it now on my backporch.
By #410609 at 17,Aug,13 03:18, I think you may be on security cam in a lot of elevators nowadays so be careful there.

By mn751 at 10,Mar,13 11:56 other posts of mn751 
I love jacking off ourdoors. Can't wait for the summer...
In the forest
By #410609 at 17,Aug,13 03:13
Winter is fun too. Frigid temps heighten the climax when your nuts are all tight from the cold! At least it seems so to me.

By #410609 at 17,Aug,13 01:46
All the time!
--------------------------------------- added after 10 minutes

And again!

By #417547 at 13,Aug,13 18:46
Love being nude when I am out in the woods splitting wood and when kayaking rivers

By Frenum at 09,Aug,13 08:12 other posts of Frenum 
Its great to walk in the forrest hand in pocket rubbing your cockhead until you are so hard and unzip pull out your cock and stroke until theres cum all over the vegetation and no clean up

By smartex at 11,Mar,13 20:40 other posts of smartex 
Jacking off outdoors is total fun to me and I enjoy it whenever possible. To my knowledge I have not actually been caught so far, but had a photographer with me a couple of times,,,

By smokieb69 at 10,Mar,13 12:33 other posts of smokieb69 
i do:
jerking out in the wild

By stickyknickers at 10,Mar,13 10:25 other posts of stickyknickers 
I love doing it whenever and wherever I can

By Narcan at 10,Mar,13 05:38 other posts of Narcan 

Never been caught - thank goodness

By #243456 at 09,Mar,13 01:41
i do it all the time in the summer its the heat one time i was in the woods and walking around naked late at night and got caught by some guys walking there dogs they asked me wut was i doing and i told them and they said they do it to so we all jerked off together and went on our way it was pretty cool.

By #200265 at 01,Dec,12 23:59
Love it. Like to do it where there is a risk of being caught ( but not toooo big a risk )Love the feeling of freedom being nude and wanking outdoors.Have had a few close calls ... that makes it even more exciting for me.

By mikeyxx at 09,Nov,12 15:58 other posts of mikeyxx 
Was in bush yesterday morning .Stopped to have a pee but was so horny I stroked it a few times and exploded on a big pinetree .Exciting in public

By #102374 at 06,Nov,12 22:34
Luv to J/O on the porch. Blast my load in the flowers and hope the neighbors see.

By #285354 at 06,Nov,12 19:28
I love to jerk it outdoors. I've done it in all kinds of weather winter, summer, in rain and during a blizzard. I love listen to the sounds of nature.

By #289712 at 05,Nov,12 23:50
i used to go out into the yard if it was nice and have a good wank, i liked it and i'm sure my neighbours would have seen me at some point.. i hope so haha

By Ablaze at 05,Nov,12 20:14 other posts of Ablaze 
I like to do it in a snow forest

By hockeycock at 05,Nov,12 14:02 other posts of hockeycock 
I jerk off outside all the time. I go outside at night and walk up the road, naked, when a car comes I jump in the woods, but always tempted to just keep walking. I've gone skinny dipping in my neighbors pool at night and almost got caught by their daughter who walk about 20 feet from me, luckily didn't notice my shoes outside the pool. I live in the country and like being naked outside as much as I can, I even drive my motorcycle naked sometimes, that gives me the biggest hard on. I could easily be seen and the wind feels amazing.

By nekekal at 31,Oct,12 02:28 other posts of nekekal 
I have done it quite a bit.

Probably the most interesting time was deep in the woods while hunting deer. The snow was about knee deep, I was climbing up hill at about 8000 feet in elevation. I stopped to take a piss and while I had my cock in my hand, it felt so good that I jacked off. I was in an open area and don't know if I was seen or not.

It felt good though. I did not see any deer.
By skinb at 01,Nov,12 10:01 other posts of skinb 
I've had that happen elk hunting. Taking a piss in the sun, the warmth on my cock feels so good I just can't help but to rub one out
By nekekal at 05,Nov,12 12:02 other posts of nekekal 
I find it strange thinking about it. But at the time it seemed the natural thing to do.

By bikev at 31,Oct,12 09:03 other posts of bikev 
Its very quite were I live so I walk round nude all the time. I like to bring men friends back and make love in the garden or in the pool. Never wear a costume in the pool, don't even have one. Its great when there are several of us in the pool at the same time.

By Oregon at 29,Oct,12 18:35 other posts of Oregon 
Done it many times. Like to drive to the woods park the car and walk a little way into the woods. Remove all my clothes and walk about with a massive hard on hoping someone is watching me. I then jack off but real slow and cum all over the ground. Really nice feeling wanking in the fresh air.

By 67malibu at 26,Oct,12 12:02 other posts of 67malibu 
When I was younger I would often jack off outside especially during the spring and summer.

By fatcock57 at 26,Oct,12 11:59 other posts of fatcock57 
Getting naked and jacking off outdoors since I was 15. Favorite spot: at night on a golf course. Climb over fence, get completely naked and walk to small pond on the golf course, then go for swim and J/O. Also have sex with wife outdoors sometimes

By BushPilot at 25,Oct,12 19:33 other posts of BushPilot 
I can't say jerking off outside is something I've ever done or even thought about much, but having sex with a beautiful woman under the stars or the summer sun is always a great turn-on.
By dreamer at 26,Oct,12 05:59 other posts of dreamer 

By #306690 at 26,Oct,12 01:49
I masturbate outdoors often. In my garden, on country walks, in the car etc. Sometimes I get completely naked - even down to my bare feet and then jack off. I love the feeling that someone might be watching.
By stickyknickers at 26,Oct,12 03:27 other posts of stickyknickers 
I'd love to watch you!

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