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How old were you when you started jacking off?

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Started by #326815 at 01,Dec,12 14:11
I remember playing with myself when I was around 7 years old. Began dry wanking in bed around age of 10 and ejaculating when I was about 11 or 12. Been doing it ever since!

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By liketoedge at 04,Sep,18 15:14 other posts of liketoedge 
First dry orgasm was at 8. First cumshot was at 13 and a half

By #561720 at 20,Jul,18 08:41
Touching and rubbing my frenulum was how I discovered masturbation. I was taking a shower when I was about 12 years old. When I was drying the towel rubbed against my frenulum and tip of my penis. It felt so good I kept going until I was hard and a tingling wave shot from my cock through my whole body. I found the underside glands and frenulum were sensitive to touch and would rub that area with my index finger regularly and experience a dry orgasm. Starting to cum around 13 years old.

By #562567 at 20,Jul,18 06:53
My first orgasm and cumshot was around age 12 when I was in bath.

By Boylover at 15,Apr,18 01:51 other posts of Boylover 
I was 11, spending my summer vacation at a riding stable. There was an 18yo assistant riding teacher there on whom I immediately took a crush.

One day I was helping him with some gear, shortly before lunch, nobody around, as he "accidentally" hit my crotch. Asked me if it hurt, and wanted to see if I was OK down there. So I lowered my breeches and my undies, and let him check it out. Of course, I immediately got a 4 inch boner as he felt my dick and balls. Then I asked if I could see his cock to. He let me take it out, so I undid his breeches, lowered his briefs, and met his uncut, about 7 inch cock, with dark brown pubes, which also got rock hard in a second.

He took me to the hay stack, we laid down on a horse blanket, ant there he taught me how to jack off, rubbing my foreskin up and down my dickhead (unfortunately, I was uncut as a boy). After a couple of minutes, I felt that strange new feeling in my belly, started shivering, and had the first orgasm in my life. It was overwhelming!

Then I started rubbing his forekin over his precum wet dickhead, till he also cummed. He shot a couple of squirts of thick white cum over his belly, and I also had it running over my hand, which I didnīt mind at all. That was also the first time in my life that I saw and felt real cum.

We had some more cum sessions during that vacation, one in his room, where we could get naked, and we hugged and kissed, before we jacked off.
By kebmo at 15,Apr,18 04:19 other posts of kebmo 
No cock sucking?
By Boylover at 16,Apr,18 10:51 other posts of Boylover 
He asked me to, but I was too shy to take his cockhead in my mouth.

By #529150 at 15,Apr,18 12:04
I was 12 it was at Scout camp an 18yo taught me! Loved it so much

By liketoedge at 29,Mar,18 10:36 other posts of liketoedge 
i was 8 and still masturbate daily. I average 7 to 10 times a week

By Earlybird at 29,Mar,18 01:29 other posts of Earlybird 
I discovered masturbation & super-intense dry orgasms by accident, just after my 5th birthday. What a birthday present!!

By #532415 at 17,Mar,18 03:13
I was 11 and i used to jack off a lot. Wherever, whenever. I'm 55 now and i still jack off a lot. And I'm married....

By #549651 at 11,Mar,18 21:04
I think that I was around 11 and I was confused and amazed by the white stuff flying out of my dick.

By #545800 at 11,Mar,18 13:08
I'd use to play with my cousin and one day she seen my cock I was about 11 she 3 years older I was erected and she started to pull on it till it was fully erected she started to wank me harder until I cum

By bil47 at 11,Mar,18 08:44 other posts of bil47 
Not until I was 13, and it was "wet" from the get-go. A similar-age boy in the neighborhood had described it, and I tried it out as soon as I got home.

By #548125 at 11,Mar,18 03:44
I was 13, it was so exciting and something new for me... cum a little drops and feel the most beautiful experience that I never ever had!!
Just remember turn me on in a second

By #550700 at 10,Mar,18 22:24
I was 12 the first time I came..me and my cuzzins started masturbating together.. 1guy..he was 14and 2 girl cuzzins 11 and 15..we had a blast that summer!!

By liketoedge at 09,Mar,18 10:29 other posts of liketoedge 
around 3rd grade when a more experienced 7th gtade friend taught me all about it...been hooked ever since. I was a fast learner

By everett at 09,Mar,18 03:00 other posts of everett 
yea same just playing like to feeling didn't start till I was in 4th grade that's when it was fun orgasm

By lawrenceo at 09,Mar,18 02:45 other posts of lawrenceo 
Quite a few very early incidents with girls and boys from about 8 but totally explorative and leading nowhere until I was 11. Then I was given my first dry orgasm.

By loveitnude at 09,Mar,18 00:17 other posts of loveitnude 
I remember first being interested when I played 'doctor' with my cousin. She instigated the whole thing but it really got me thinking. It was fun and lead to me playing with myself. She was two years older and I was 6. Sounds crazy, right? But I didn't actually start ejaculating until around 11. Started in the shower and progressed from there. The rest is history

By #551287 at 06,Mar,18 14:36
I got fucked in my mouth buy my older cousin at a **** over at about 8 or 9 I guess and was already jacking my cock so very young.

By #550579 at 06,Mar,18 13:25
I was 13 when I first jerk off

By #551129 at 04,Mar,18 22:28
I was 11. Found some porno movies in my parents room and it got me hard. Before I knew it, I was orgasming and it scared me lol. Obviously it didn't scare me that much now I can't stop!

By kebmo at 04,Mar,18 15:42 other posts of kebmo 
17. I lost my virginity when I was 17 and it was with her while having sex that I came for the first time in my life. I moved away and discovered that I could do it myself. I used Vaseline before showering but now I do it without lube.

By Ramil1 at 04,Mar,18 10:04 other posts of Ramil1 
I was really late then. 14-15. Obviously never stopped

By lawrenceo at 04,Mar,18 09:06 other posts of lawrenceo 
I was a slow starter but when I did begin at 12, I never stopped

By #471389 at 09,Apr,16 05:50
I was about 8 when I started playing with myself and discovering the joys of masturbation. My neighbor friend showed me and it was a lot of fun! I was 10 when I had my first orgasm from masturbation, and that changed my world, lol! I started doing it more and more, and then one day (about 11) I had my first ejaculation. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I even tasted it out of curiosity, and I decided I quite liked it.
By #211891 at 10,Apr,16 08:24
I started playing with myself, fondling, about the same age but no masturbation. Around age eleven I was rubbing my cock against bedding and having the most intense pleasure I ever knew at that time. Probably wasn't till I turned twelve that grabbed my cock firmly and began stroking and spewing cum. Rarely does a day go by without pounding my meat. In my teens I would have MANY jerk sessions with neighborhood kids. We never touched each other so didn't think of it as being gay. Had my first pussy in my later teens. Didn't suck my first cock till I turned twenty-two.
By #471389 at 10,Apr,16 23:34
When I started masturbating it wasn't quite like I do now. I started humping my pillow, or my stuffed bear. My neighbor friend showed me how he masturbated (after catching his older ****) and we began to have a lot of fun together learning to masturbate in a more "proper" (lol) fashion. We didn't even know what gay meant then, and to me it wouldn't have mattered. I didn't feel attracted to him, we were just having fun together. I didn't end up playing with a pussy until I was nearly 22, lol...but once again, that was just something she and I did because we were enjoying playing together. Sometimes, friends with benefits can be a great thing.
By #211891 at 11,Apr,16 07:55
Yeah, when I was jerking with my friends, age 12, I didn't know what gay meant. We never touched each other, we just loved jerking our cocks. Don't know what would have happened had I reached out for one of those cocks back then. Might have been OK, might have ruined our friendship. Can't stop thinking of one cock in particular. Would love to today!

By leopoldij at 07,Apr,16 12:24 other posts of leopoldij 
Masturbation is a sin. Like all good people, I've never done this.
By #471389 at 09,Apr,16 11:07
By leopoldij at 09,Apr,16 12:40 other posts of leopoldij 
You seem to be doubting me. But don't judge from yourself, sinner! Repent and be saved or else you'll burn in Hades.
By #471389 at 10,Apr,16 06:19
I think I'd rather burn than give up masturbating!
By leopoldij at 10,Apr,16 07:14 other posts of leopoldij 
Sometimes I feel that people like you are lost causes and the reason that the society is collapsing.
By spermkiss at 10,Apr,16 12:24 other posts of spermkiss 
I'm reminded of a wonderful Oscar Wilde quote: "I don't want to go to heaven. None of my friends will be there."
By leopoldij at 10,Apr,16 12:43 other posts of leopoldij 
Like most of his quotes. He was a wonderful and wonderfully witty person.

By rudy51 at 10,Apr,16 12:25 other posts of rudy51 
Started playing with it around 12 was late puberty so didn't get my 1st load till 14 or so

By spermkiss at 01,Dec,12 16:14 other posts of spermkiss 
Jacking off is normal, healthy and wholesome. All boys and most men, even those in happy partnered relationships, do it. I don't know when I started, I was too young to remember.
By baba54 at 09,Apr,16 02:28 other posts of baba54 
I masterbate at the age of 10 years

By JeffinKS at 08,Apr,16 14:24 other posts of JeffinKS 
I guess started at 9, and think my first proper cum was around 12...

By Darcey656 at 08,Apr,16 12:07 other posts of Darcey656 
12 to 13

By Blade at 06,Apr,16 22:51 other posts of Blade 
I want to say 6th grade. How old is that?

By #460523 at 06,Apr,16 21:53
10 or 11

By #509765 at 06,Apr,16 15:55
Started playing with my cock at about 10 yo but did not start shooting cum until I was 12 yo.

By #436014 at 26,Oct,13 16:31
a very normal age, 13, was getting hard more often than before, the usual playin' with the goodies until that 'scary' feeling down there, made me stop halfway through my first orgasm, then a minute or so later i tried again to see how much i could fight through it and see what happened, curiosity i guess. jacked off 5 times that first day, no fluid. then started getting fluid a couple months later, small amounts at first and then full loads after about a year. never fooled around w/others in my teen years, was too shy and also feared the 'gay' stigma that was still around then. fuckin' homophobia...

By #437945 at 26,Oct,13 13:31
Masturbating is eXtremely healthy.Don't remember how old I was but I thought I was producing glue.I think I was about 5 and asked an older friend about 6 to eXplain it to me.I was correct I was producing glue according to him .I stopped because I was afraid I would never Pee again.Finally I discovered I preferred this to Peeing and here I am still producing glue at every chance...
By #436014 at 26,Oct,13 16:26
sticky as it may be, it's not really glue you know

By #371734 at 26,Oct,13 12:32
I think we all started masturbating since very **** hood even though we dont know the activity we are doing comes under masturbate like :

1. Rubbing dick on pole....
2. Slidding & rubbing dick at stairs....

As i remember i started doing this at age abt 6 yrs....
What u guys says?

By oldbugle at 23,Oct,13 04:01 other posts of oldbugle 
From an early age I was taught to pull my foreskin back in the bath and wash the folds and glans......I also was used to having erections sometimes. However, when I was about 9 I discovered that I could not pull back my hood when erect...it only went half way and cut into the glans painfully. I really wanted to see what my glans looked like when 'big' so I used to pull the hood back until it was straining and the end of theglans was red. The feeling was very painful but strangely exciting, although I did not know why.......

.........One memorable night the obvious happened and the excitement suddenly 'exploded' into the most thrilling and wonderful sensation, and I was hooked for life! It would be a couple more years until I could 'shoot' by which time I knew what things were about.

By 3fdfd at 22,Oct,13 20:24 other posts of 3fdfd 
I shot my first load when I was 13 - in my **** - a "wet dream" - I guess I was late because I had never jacked off or even played with my cock much before that. I was 14 when I first began to jack off & shoot. Still doin' it

By cumaddik at 22,Oct,13 19:52 other posts of cumaddik 
I was 8...dry orgasms...and i loved it so much, that i jacked off at least once a day since that day

By uncutone69 at 06,Sep,13 02:35 other posts of uncutone69 
I started around 9, taught my cousin how to do it and we both did that and much more over the course of 8 years.

By #124819 at 05,Sep,13 13:00
I would turn over in my bed at 10 and would dry fuck my sheets till came then realized ot felt better in my little hand! Started actually cumming at 11.5 and have been doing it ever since! Love my dick...

By Guy at 05,Sep,13 05:36 other posts of Guy 
I were 10 to 12 when i had my first cum

By bliggy at 05,Sep,13 04:58 other posts of bliggy 
i started jerking off when i was 9, i was sick and having a shower and realised it felt good to play with my cock so i started stroking it, couldnt cum back then but it felt really good

By #57199 at 05,Sep,13 04:52
I started jerking off at 10 or 11 and had my first cum at 12

By oddduck at 07,Dec,12 10:41 other posts of oddduck 
I can remember rubbing my cock on pillows and such as early as 4 mind you I just knew it felt good.

By skinb at 04,Dec,12 01:16 other posts of skinb 
I started at about 11, first ejaculated at about 13. Early on I found out if I stand at a counter, put the top edge just above my cock, and lean forward supporting my self by my arms it felt really good and id have what I later learned was an orgasm(figured that out when I did it one day and blew a load in my briefs) try it or let me know if that's got you off too
By skinb at 04,Dec,12 01:17 other posts of skinb 
And when I started I used the jc penny catalogs lingerie section as encouragement!
By liketoedge at 06,Dec,12 15:32 other posts of liketoedge 
As a boy I was a JC Penny catalog jacker too. Back then everyone of my friends had a catalog in thier bathrooms too

By #157003 at 02,Dec,12 23:17
I was about 12 it felt amazing when I first tried it, I guess it was to much for me I got really sleepy so I just fell asleep with my cum all over me

By CreativeOne at 02,Dec,12 09:57 other posts of CreativeOne 
I remember it like it was yesterday ! I was 12 at the time I shot my first load and wow ... it felt oh so good ! However ... in answer to your question about how old I was when I started jacking off , well ... I was about 8 and I always enjoyed getting a wood as all guys do and playing with it was the best thing ever and when I was 12 and shot my first load ... that was just an added Bonus ! So from that day forth ... I really enjoy bringing myself to orgasm !!!

By liketoedge at 02,Dec,12 06:16 other posts of liketoedge 
I was 8 when I learned how great jackin off was. Thanks to an older friend that I am forever indebted

By nekekal at 01,Dec,12 23:39 other posts of nekekal 
I don't really know. before the 6th grade. Probably around ten or so.

By 67malibu at 01,Dec,12 22:05 other posts of 67malibu 
Masturbated long before I could ejaculate don't remember what age, very young. I remember when I was finally old enough to stay home when the rest of the family when shopping, I would make sure they were gone and then strip and masturbate in front of a mirror..

By #285354 at 01,Dec,12 19:16
I believe that I was 11 years old. I was quite surprised when I shot my load.

By iluvcox at 01,Dec,12 17:05 other posts of iluvcox 
Oh the old tickle I used to get climbing the rope in gym class. It was funny when the other boys would climb half way then stop and hang there. You knew what they were up to.

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