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Me and my feelings for my prostitude cousin

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Started by Greek18cm at 29,Apr,18 18:39  other posts of Greek18cm
So, this is going to be a long thread even if i am going to make it as short as i can. I wil try to be brief but...well
I meet this girl about three or four years ago in her 18th birthday. We are 2nd cousins but had not benn in touch since she was just 6 years old and i was working at her fathers bar-cafe at her village before her parents split up.
We met,and i knew rumours that she is a slut so i was thinking,ok maybe if i go out with her i will get lucky with her friends. So, as her charachter was/is she did not hesitate to take me in her day to day life. You know i was working have money and a car so... It seems perfect to her.
As the time goes she had this aproach to me that day by day make me have feelings for her. You know she was acting like she own me, make small jealous scenes if i was interesting in other girls. She demand that i will be there for her and when we were ouy she literaly flirting with me,with her dance and other regular stuff you know.
So once she had me one her grisp, and starting to show her self to the public and make her conections (conections who could make by her own -as she already have some - but i made it easier) she starting to give me this signs that :ok we had fun but you are not going to havr it:... But she continue to demand my presence as she needed. She was using our relationship as a shield so we dont have sex. I was never ask her but she knew. And what it drives me crazy is that she was fucking with every one but me. Fatter than me. Uglier than me. Dirty guys. Old guys. I was feeling the rejection all over me...
So i was backing her at every thing she wants. And my feelings and lust was growing bigger. And every day for a year we spend all the time together and it was then that i was starting seeing things. Also hearing...
People talking me, friends talking me, relatives talking to me. All saying she is a prostitude. I was not listening really, illusioning my self even if i was things in my eyes. Well i did not she someone fuck her and paying her but i saw her dumping me when we are ouy and come back after half an hour or living with a car and come back later.
I saw her exes (plurar ex is it?) one by one, if she was just 18 she already has 2-3 guys at age between 45-55 and all three of them had small or big cafe or clubs at the city. I did not give a fuck i had nice time with her and i was proud to have such a beautiful girl to my side so i pretended to my self that all this is rumours or missforune cuincidences.
In this first year many things happened but it would take ages to give you the details. Maybe in a book... The point is she was spoiled by me, never say her no, and she new i could not be able to be mad at her.
So after a year there was this friend of her to the Metropolis City of our region. She moved from a 80.000 people city to a 3.000.000 . And then i am starting to really tribulate. All things i passed the last year start to get gigantic in the next three months. At the begining she was calling me every day... Talking me about how things is there... Planning to meet me when she come bach the end of the week...
After a while the phones top to be regular. She start to come back and dont even tell me... So what happened, she was working at first at a strip club and then to a greek type o night entertainment (i dont know how to say in englissh-is a place for the very reach people you will understand).
So in one of her calls told me that she is making company to reach people, she is drinking for free and when i said that she is going with them she denied. Later she said me in the middle of the night photoes from a hotel, in an othe cith (athens 5.000.000 people) with sampaighne and fruits and when i questioned that she said :i am with a friend:....
That was to much for me. The rumors in the villlage was killing me. So one day she came back and not telling me so i go and find her. And she goes mad making a scene and dont even want to talk to me. So i am calming her down and take her to er home. She calms me also and tell me to relax and we will talk. And five minutes later she blocked me for some days. I was so in to her that this was all my life...
Some days later she called me and say some knonsens. We talked for an hour. She get mad then calm then emotionally charged, i was terified. And she knew that i was fearing to loose her for ever. So we conclude that she has work and that she does not want to be nothing with me not even cousins.
So we broke our bond and i was monitoring her activities to the big city because...you know lots of people i know. I learn that she was a prostitude. I also knew a guy from my village was going there to she her and i was so jealous. And this guy plays a part in the hole story. So almost a year pass after she left for the big city so, i am informed from my people that she came bach to stay. And i know that something wrong happened.
I was this time at a very bad shape. Having sex with girls and cant cum (that still continius), so i am going to this psychologist who insist to find her and talk to her. So i am at this bar and thinking of her and randomly she apears thera with her best friend. And she comes to me like nothing happened to suprise me and i was like the happiest person on earth.
I grapped her and she was screaming by joy and then, well i dont know what happened first but, i grabbed her uss for first time and also asking her while hug her :why why my babe why:... She just act like that hole year was no bi deal. So we seperate and spend the night with our friends and later this week we get together and talk.
We talk for hours. She was defferent. I was able to see clearly that something hppended. I knew about her prostitution and some rumours about drugs but... She was defferent or at least that was what i wanted to see. So we start hugging out once again. This time i was admit taht except my emotions i a;so have sexual emotions for her
She was insisting that all war rumorous and she was just a little wild. I knew it was a lie. So a new cycle began. We went out. We spent tons of hours. Again we had some troubles. I was working hard and some times she was going out instead of me with this guy i told you arlier. And i was jealous. She said they are friend but i had this instict you know... Also in our bad momments he made me by blackmailing that she is not going to talk to me again, she make me to erase any messages we had in any media...
Well i will pass the details and describe you our last month at August 2017. She was telling me she want to sell her eggs for money. So people told me she is joking me and something else is going on. So i once again do what she wants. I was taking her to the clinic every time she asked. I was again doing what she demands. And then it happens.
I no longer own a car after this and my family insist to leave at another country for job since i get unemployed at September. So i do one last move. Making her some presents and prepare to go. And she was find once again the way to hurt me . She turn the gifts into a case that she can get mad at me. No important how now its details but imagine that you give many presents to someone and this someone get mad at you just because she wants to...
So after that something happened and i stayed at the country did not leave. So i am going to find a job and find the exact place the universe had this time. I went to someplace wich is semi legal i can say. And the other places around us was totaly ****. Actually next to my job there was a place with prostitudes.
And so in taht work day by day or night by night i learned from the people there even more. THey insure me that yes she is a prostitude and even more. That she is going to the peolple and talk bad about me that she is using me and just go out with me in order to do what she wants and for the money.
So after some days she send me a message. As i was expecting, i was going to the rescue every time something was not going as she planned. And there are everybody acting like :do not answer her. So i answer just that i am ok and did not give anything else. And even she was making the move to find me, she stil 7 months later did not oficialy read my anser. (i ansered one word so she could read it anyway and i bet she was furius)...
So time passed and i hear she wants to come to my place to play but is not coming because i am there. And one night she apperas in the door with this guy i am so jaelous. And they freeze as they saw me but i was like i dont even turn to look at you. So she just scream :hi to all" but there was no response the turn out and left since they said came to see the boss...
So this guy is the eternal crush of my cousins best friend. This best friend is really really fat and this guy as i learned is fucking her get money from her and then spends it whith my cousin. What i dont know is if this best friend knows about it and is ok or if they trick her. Also i dont know if my cousin tricking this guy or they do it together...
So i am so jealous about him because she choosing him to have fun and even fuck... And then it cames the cherry to the fucking cake.
The guy who owns the place with the prostitudes who is in touch with me this time, meet my cousin, i dont know how but the last4-5 months they are together. Thats why she did not come back to me yet. He has money. a nice car that she can loan, and he also gave her a job in a night club of the town. Everything she wants.
So, i am now without a car and almost broke because all my money went to her... I am starting a new job in two days but i feel so... First i an on foot and she can do her life with everyone else. It will take me a month so i can have some good money (and she has her birthday in 2 weeks) and even 4-5 untill i buy a new car. That means the hole summer i will be contained will she... I really want her back. I want her to give me some resect... I want to tell you so many things about that but... Thats my story i want your opinion. Maybe you guys can help me.
I know and expect that the most of you will tell me not to get back at her at any case but i really really dont fell able to do this...

She is not really a bad person. She is good,when she wants. I do not know what to do.

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New Comment

By leopoldij at 30,Jul,18 23:38 other posts of leopoldij 
Can we see a pic of her?
By Greek18cm at 31,Jul,18 15:50 other posts of Greek18cm 
i want to saw but i will not. i am to scared. if she find out she is going to be really really mad at me. you dont reaaly loose something. she is not really good or hot. she is not tall. she is thin. not to thin but...well.... there are way more better bodies than hers. she does not have a more tahn average butt. small tits. you really dont need to see
By leopoldij at 31,Jul,18 20:03 other posts of leopoldij 
But how am I gonna fuck her if I don't see? I want to pay her and fuck her. I can afford that. I'll let you watch or I'll take pics and show you. I bet if I give her 100 euro she'll fuck and suck my dick.
By Greek18cm at 31,Jul,18 22:13 other posts of Greek18cm 
Wwho knowss ? Maybe yes maybe no
By leopoldij at 01,Aug,18 02:51 other posts of leopoldij 
Ok. I'll double that.
By Greek18cm at 01,Aug,18 07:54 other posts of Greek18cm 
Dude as i figure out... She can deny even 700 euros if she does not want to do it with someone for any reason... And she can open her legs for less or more than 100 if she likes to. If she is willing to go with someone, she is going to get as much as she can. if she can see that can take more and more she will do it. if she think that she can not take more she will setle for even 50 (if she needs them at this time).

By the way. Where are you and you claim so confident that you are going to do it? I suggest, if anyone cares, all of you chip in and buy me a night without her to know who am i. Because when she knows...not even 700 is enough...

And if you do this, lets film the thing (i can fuck for hours without cum)... Lets film it and you can take all the money. I just want to nail her.
By leopoldij at 01,Aug,18 13:59 other posts of leopoldij 
You give me a way to get in touch with her and I'll arrange the rest.
By talk4s at 01,Aug,18 14:08 other posts of talk4s 
JEEZ FUCKING LOUEEEZZZ! This WHOLE post seems so stupid! So contrived... I hope that you, leopoldij, are just being funny and sarcastic Because anything else just lends itself to just how low humans can go...Are YOU actually Greek18cm?
By leopoldij at 01,Aug,18 14:20 other posts of leopoldij 
I'm actually hoping to get to own the prostitude and earn some money. I've never owned a prostitude before and she seems to be the perfect one, a postitude with attitute. I'll let men tribude her without exceptions, I won't exclute anyone. And I'll full her too. That'll be absoludely wonderful. Fucking without boundaries.
By talk4s at 01,Aug,18 14:30 other posts of talk4s 
lol... There really should be no boundries! But, alas...God himself has put them there so us humans cannot just fuck in peace. Deceases of the deadly type as well as just the multitude of annoying ones. The ones that cause you to go to the doctor and admit as well as show him your sins. Lets ALL of us own a 'prostitude'...cousin hopefully. Just to make us ENTIRELY eligible for entry to HELL!
By leopoldij at 01,Aug,18 14:38 other posts of leopoldij 
Do you realize that Greek18cm only wants to fuck her once? That's all he needs. He's perfectly aware that she doesn't love him. He also believes that the earth is flat.
No pun intended.
By talk4s at 01,Aug,18 14:58 other posts of talk4s 
ONCE is ALL it takes for an entry ticket to HELL! And I have my own picture of an eclipse for flat earthers...Absolute proof we live on a sphere But, these obvious things are not proof for Trumpites n jis overall dumchens And I don't actually believe Greek18cm and his 7.08661417323" cock actually is a true person Just like his imaginary bigger than average one eyed monster don't exist neether.
It's Penthouse Letters 101 in modern times...
By Greek18cm at 01,Aug,18 16:10 other posts of Greek18cm 
i did not undertand anything... first... is 7 inches = 18cm? ...what is the big eye monster means? and what about p.h.101??? what is trumpites? Eclipse is not proving sphere shape. Hell>? what hell? i am feeding this slut evrytime she is hungry, i love and care her. i am going to be prince in heaven.
By JustWill at 01,Aug,18 21:26 other posts of JustWill 
Dude, you are obsessed with fucking your own cousin to the point that it is interfering with your life. You CARE for her only because you want to BONE her. I'm pretty sure that kind of self-centered "caring" does not get you into the "prince" section of Heaven.
By Greek18cm at 02,Aug,18 11:04 other posts of Greek18cm 
You are wrong when you think i only care yo fuck her. That iw not true. I caare reaally for her. Its just her actions doenot left much room to emotions

By Greek18cm at 01,Aug,18 16:11 other posts of Greek18cm 
mayne more than once... but atleast once (did i write atleast ok?)

By Greek18cm at 01,Aug,18 16:12 other posts of Greek18cm 
how about i show you pics of another cousin,one from germany that she teach me how to mastrbate...
By leopoldij at 01,Aug,18 17:15 other posts of leopoldij 
By phart at 02,Aug,18 12:05 other posts of phart 
The simple fact is this guy is just a fictional novel author that is out of work living in his aunts attic in the winter,basement in the summer. The folks that pick story's for Jerry Springer rejected this script so he is pushing it on us. Not much of a way this is real.
By Greek18cm at 02,Aug,18 13:08 other posts of Greek18cm 
Is this a ssofisticated aand manipulatinh way to convince me to share more detaails or even foto to convince you ??? Man the sstory is real. Maybe you are what you described. Really ssory if that s true. The only problemm in my life in order of concern is 1.economicaal like 98% of the greeks. 2.my cousin who fucks enyone but me and 3.i caant cum when havung sex... the topic if you believe the tory s true it does not concern me. I dont care so much that i even consider why i spent 3 minutew writting this reply

By Greek18cm at 02,Aug,18 13:11 other posts of Greek18cm 
Is this aunt in thies sstory of yours you say the mother of my prostitute cousin? It would be interesting (since my couwin lives with her mother)
By phart at 02,Aug,18 16:43 other posts of phart 
Well if your story is true,then perhaps I was out of line with my comment.But for goodness sake you have to realize that most,if not 99 % of us, aren't to hyper about fucking our cousins ok? And the fact you can't seem to understand that she is using you and you need to walk away, makes us wonder,why oh why is this guy hanging on.
And also,the fact you can't cum, you could have issues with your "plumbing".I did, so I know what it feels like and it is annoying.Talk to the doctor and get some ideas. But for goodness sake,let go of your prostitute cousin that won't even let you fuck her for money ok?
By Greek18cm at 02,Aug,18 17:02 other posts of Greek18cm 
First of all, i dont think you was over the line, i dd not offended. About cumming, i also dont think i have a problem. Ok maybe sex with any kind of woman does not make me cum even after hours but, is masterbate i can cum. Ok sometimes it takes me an hour or two,or maybe i dont even cum but also sometimes if i masterbate, occationally i can cum in 15 or 20min so i dont think i have problem.

No about the 99 per cent. I dont put it wright so let me ne clear. I am also aware of the fact that fucking your cousins is not acepted as normal behavior. Trust me i am not some kind of crazy pervert. I just thinking... Ok she is second cousin, ok she is a whore and a slut and a pristitute,ok she started it so...maybenot a very bad thing to do it... I say maybe. Trust me,if i was a perv all those years i would have done a move to her even without her permision. The think i did not i think proves that i have second thoughts due to our family relationship.

The only thing i can not explain is the "shee is using you" part. Well it is not like i can not see it. Once i was seeing it. Now i know. The thing is i canot walk away. I care for her, i want her to be okay and she take advantage on this. Sometimes i am taking in a fun way, just to calm the things down. I refuse to admit that i am doing all this just to stick my cock in her. No. I want to fuck her yes, but no,that is not the reason i am staying...

Ah and perhaps... I want to say it with great relactance (if i say it wright), dont assume that 99 per cent of people dont want to fuck some cousin of them. I think that is a nice romantic illution you have. But i think it would be nice if you were wright...

By Mazinga at 29,Jul,18 06:26 other posts of Mazinga 
I saw the thread title and I was curious to see
what this is about.

(reading this thread, or Trying to read it)

O...M...F...G, my eyes HURT!

The struggle is SO fuckin REEEEEAL!
By bella! at 29,Jul,18 10:34 other posts of bella! 
So trying to read this only made your eyes hurt?? What about your head?
By Mazinga at 01,Aug,18 00:11 other posts of Mazinga 
Which head? NO Not THAT one!

By JustWill at 31,Jul,18 18:31 other posts of JustWill 
Here's an idea to spruce up this depressing thread:
Let's talk about me and my feelings about your prostitude cousin for a change...
By bella! at 31,Jul,18 18:34 other posts of bella! 
Well, what are your feelings about his prostitude cousin?
By JustWill at 31,Jul,18 18:51 other posts of JustWill 
Thanks for asking!
At the moment, I am feeling pretty ambivalent.
I got all excited a while back when I was led to believe that she could turn into a bunny, but it turned out that it was a lie. A werebunny would be awesome...even one who is a prostitude. Unfortunately, without bunny lycanthropy in her favor, she's just a plain old prostitude, so...not as thrilling as I would hope.
By Greek18cm at 31,Jul,18 19:06 other posts of Greek18cm 
Dude the only bunny sshe could be iss a playboy bunny. Ha funny thing. Playboy is the naame of the bar her ex - pimp had.
By JustWill at 31,Jul,18 19:32 other posts of JustWill 
Obviously her pimp wasn't very concerned about copyright infringement...
Can he turn into a bunny?
By Greek18cm at 31,Jul,18 22:14 other posts of Greek18cm 
Yeah a very fat ugly bunny

By Greek18cm at 22,May,18 16:17 other posts of Greek18cm 
She came back, after her break up with her pimp. So for now sshe behavess nice....
By phart at 25,May,18 11:37 other posts of phart 
I am starting to believe she is the smarter 1 of the 2 of you because she knows how to "push your buttons". 1 or both of you seem to be fucked up as a football bat .
By Greek18cm at 25,May,18 12:29 other posts of Greek18cm 
I dont know what that means... yes we are both unstable. She in general (she startss to admiting it) aand i with her. No in general sshe is not ssmarter. But i am naive eith her and yes sshe knows my buttons.
By phart at 01,Jun,18 19:08 other posts of phart 
It means I feel like you 2 are not stable and really might ought to seek help from a paid professional.
By Greek18cm at 10,Jun,18 09:15 other posts of Greek18cm 
I tried. Sshe is thinking about it

By leopoldij at 17,Jun,18 04:53 other posts of leopoldij 
Wise advice to him!

He wants to fuck some girl who, in his words (edited so that they make sense in English)

*is a hooker*

*is heartless*

*has a pimp*

*makes him feel bad*

*is his cousin*

*has never fucked her before*


and refuses to fuck other girls because when fucking them doesn't make him emotionally attracted to them.

All these point to one thing.

The one you just said.

The guy needs serious professional help.

He's totally unstable.
By Greek18cm at 17,Jun,18 13:43 other posts of Greek18cm 
I do not refuse to fuck other girls. I just cant cum or fell emotionsn
By leopoldij at 17,Jun,18 19:36 other posts of leopoldij 
If you can't cum you need help.

Emotions? What the fuck?
By Greek18cm at 19,Jun,18 03:43 other posts of Greek18cm 
By leopoldij at 19,Jun,18 04:02 other posts of leopoldij 
So if you can't cum by fucking, and can only cum by masturbating, the solution is simple:

Just MASTURBATE ALONE. Problem solved.
By Greek18cm at 19,Jun,18 11:40 other posts of Greek18cm 
I dont want to be that. I want to fuck with girls even if i can not cum. And more important i want to fuck with her. Just once
By leopoldij at 19,Jun,18 13:03 other posts of leopoldij 
There's No Point in Fucking if You Can't Cum.
--------------------------------------- added after 25 seconds

Let me repeat that:

There's No Point in Fucking if You Can't Cum.
There's No Point in Fucking if You Can't Cum.
There's No Point in Fucking if You Can't Cum.
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes


There's No point in fucking her even once.
First of all, she's not interested.
Second, if you fuck her once you'll FOR SURE want you fuck her again and you'll be pestering everyone how you can't fuck her a second time .
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

1) Forget about the whore.
2) Don't try to fuck since you can't cum.
3) Buy some masturbation devices and enjoy solo sex.
By Greek18cm at 20,Jun,18 14:47 other posts of Greek18cm 
No, there are things that i enjoy in sex besides cumming. I dont share the same ideas with you in that concept. Sex can be fun even without cumming. About her. Yeah maybe not interested when she is ok but she get interested in me when things go wrong so it comfuses me. Even though i know it is for her economic interest, i still... Well i told you many times. I know i should get rid of her but i cant. When she come to me i melt down and forgive her. The idea of losing her for ever from my life scares me more than the pain she is used to give me every know and then. and yes she is a whore i know but she is also my litlle cousin. cant leave her alone. her mother father and **** don give a fuck for her. i cant do the same... And why everyone keep telling me that once we have sex i would be worst. i tottally believe that if i fuck her once i will calm down. its the rejection that drives me crazy. she said yes almost to anyone but me. i want that to change just for once and then i will be ok. i will be suportive as know, i am not going to left her. but also i will not be pressuring her like i am doing now because she is playing me and rejecting me. once she says yes i will calm. i know that.

By 2nice at 19,Jun,18 11:56 other posts of 2nice 
Why do you keep talking to this bonehead?
By leopoldij at 19,Jun,18 13:02 other posts of leopoldij 
I sometimes wonder about it myself.... lol
It's probably because of scientific curiosity. I am just interested in seeing how low a man can fall or how stupid a man can be.
By Greek18cm at 20,Jun,18 14:51 other posts of Greek18cm 
Well that is sad. once i wass criticising like you know, other men and how full thaey look like for some girls. never expected myself to get in this kind of situation. i know it looks stupid. but i cant do otherwise. every single time she come to me, i know i have to go in one direction and then she smiles talks hug me or cry and i...go to the other direction... it is not logical.its emotional. my emotions overcome my logic in this situation for that girl. in no other girl or women or a friend or anything i am like that. only for her...
By leopoldij at 20,Jun,18 20:40 other posts of leopoldij 
Can You give me her phone number? I'll pay her 100 euro, or more if needed, and go fuck her myself. I'll film the whole thing, I'll even cum on her face, and then I'll show you.

I'm serious. I'm curious to go fuck her. Such a slut is probably worth one or more fucks just for the heck of it.

In fact, I'm prepared to offer her more money while fucking her, to see if she will allow me to do her ass and even fist fuck her cunt. I bet she'll do it for the right price.
By Greek18cm at 21,Jun,18 11:45 other posts of Greek18cm 
I tried more than 100 but ehe said no to me . Its not just the money. she want guys with bar or beachbar or cafe. She want the owners. I would pay for proofs that whe is a hooker. Maybe i could walk in during thie thng to ssaw her that i know
By phart at 22,Jun,18 09:23 other posts of phart 
If she has been fucking everything and everybody in the neighborhood except you it may be a good thing as you might catch something from her Ajax and sandpaper won't take off!

once I found this blog here,I come back and read it sometimes,to remind myself that there are people out there alot more fucked up than I am!
By Greek18cm at 22,Jun,18 16:27 other posts of Greek18cm 
She is healthy. And i use condom. Plus ehe does not have sex with me.

By Greek18cm at 27,Jul,18 19:16 other posts of Greek18cm 
So. In the last month her mother go on some kind of...holidays lets say. And she returned home. From that point that she went back home the constant evry day calls and meetings coffees and drinking drinks stoped and we end up in just texting and calling each other in the phone. She pretented that she did not freeze the relationship and i pretent to believe her.

She did those like jokes "if you have 100 euro come for a coffee and loan me,if not dont come" ...or... "give 600 loan i will give you back 300"... By the way all this time i saw her in a bar making company to people for a drink. she did not hide it, she was not able to, but still she pretend it was for fun... But i was like... ok i knew but untill now i never saw something with my own eyes... no i saw her in the middle of three old guys... they were like coyotes around her... i know she can handle this situations but still... i cant deal with this image when i am at home and know what she is doing...

And now tonight. Ihad to see her 2-3 days and we come acroos the town accidentally and starting tell me where she is going to with who and i...i had to go back home and... i do not feel ok when she is out with someone else and i am at home... it s so...

i just wait my oportunity. work and economics are not in fine place now for me... so i go along with everything... but i can not handle it. its really difficult...

By Greek18cm at 28,Jul,18 10:20 other posts of Greek18cm 
Thiss thing about my buttons, how you realize it with so little information? ...am i so stupid and blind ? Or jusat driven by emotions
By phart at 28,Jul,18 21:42 other posts of phart 
I am not college educated in the field of study that is relevant to your problem. If all this is the truth and not some random off the wall fantasy of a idiot on his laptop at Taco Bell, Just leave her the hell alone and get on with your life.
Jack off in the corner and go to work and get on with life. She is using you like toilet paper.She is Jurking you around as if she is a goat tied to a spare truck tire.
By Greek18cm at 28,Jul,18 22:51 other posts of Greek18cm 
I leave her several times. Ehe dumped a couple more. But one way or an otherwe come again to aeach other. I can not refuse her when she call me. Plus i have a hope she can change... and in the end for the moment i do not have job so i am spending time inside while whe is out. Thats tricky for me. I can not ****. At least when i have a job and i am not with her for a night, i can go out and do staff

By leopoldij at 30,Jul,18 05:49 other posts of leopoldij 
You're wasting your time. He won't let the thing go even if she shits on him.
By phart at 31,Jul,18 00:15 other posts of phart 
Um,maby that is what she is hinting at wanting to do? I think that is called Scatting or something like that? Yuks. but hey ,maby he would at least get a glimpse of what he has been after before the splatter!
By leopoldij at 31,Jul,18 02:41 other posts of leopoldij 

By JustWill at 27,Jul,18 20:12 other posts of JustWill 
This entire thread makes me wish that I had a prostitude cousin.
It sounds so dreamy!
By Greek18cm at 28,Jul,18 10:17 other posts of Greek18cm 
Is this ironic ? Becauee if not, and you are serius ib have to tell you ity is not "dreamy"
By JustWill at 28,Jul,18 10:40 other posts of JustWill 
Yes. It is extremely ironic.

By leopoldij at 28,Jul,18 15:27 other posts of leopoldij 
If I had a prostitude cousin I'd fuck her and wouldn't pay her. After all, she's family. But I have no prostitude cousin.
By JustWill at 28,Jul,18 15:41 other posts of JustWill 
Now everyone here knows what to get you for Christmas...
By Greek18cm at 28,Jul,18 20:58 other posts of Greek18cm 
Yess ! Could you?

By Greek18cm at 28,Jul,18 20:59 other posts of Greek18cm 
But sshe doess not let me.
By leopoldij at 29,Jul,18 09:55 other posts of leopoldij 
Then fuck someone else.
By Greek18cm at 29,Jul,18 10:50 other posts of Greek18cm 
Come on. Ass i ssaid. I do fuck other girls. The thing is i want her just once. Plus its not only sex i want from her. I care for her. Have emotions ti give and sjare. I want het to chaange from a manipulating bitch that take advadage of me to a caring women. I want her to stop uwsing me and start care and respet
By leopoldij at 29,Jul,18 11:01 other posts of leopoldij 
This will NEVER happen.
By Greek18cm at 29,Jul,18 13:56 other posts of Greek18cm 
People change. She already changed enough from the past
By JustWill at 29,Jul,18 15:54 other posts of JustWill 
What did she change into?
I hope it was a bunny! Please say it was a bunny!
Bunnies are awesome.
By leopoldij at 30,Jul,18 02:27 other posts of leopoldij 
She's also repented for being a prostitude and went to a priesd to bray.

By Godzillas at 28,Jul,18 15:23 other posts of Godzillas 
if you have to spend money for love, let it go.
By Greek18cm at 28,Jul,18 21:02 other posts of Greek18cm 
She does not love. Only i... not even her parents... ehe only can see money.. one day maybe she change
By Godzillas at 29,Jul,18 00:08 other posts of Godzillas 

By leopoldij at 01,May,18 04:47 other posts of leopoldij 
"I wil try to be brief but..."

But you're a loser and not well in the head so you're either making it up and enjoying masturbating while writing it and reading our replies (which makes your story even more real in your hallucinating head) OR, if the story is real, you enjoy being the victim and cling on to someone who's not worth even being used as your toilet bowl.

In any case, you've no clue what's in your head just as you've no clue what being brief means.

We've exchanged hundreds of private messages but you don't want to listen. It's your choice.
By Greek18cm at 01,May,18 07:57 other posts of Greek18cm 
trust me i tried to be as brief as i could.

the thing is when i have a job (so the money to go out and find other girls, i am almost ok). Not thinking of her very much.

But when i cant do that and she is out with her reach guys i am sad yes.

Actuall she is making cycles around me man, not me. She has me as the center that she can safely come back when things go wrong.

I am just...
By leopoldij at 04,May,18 11:39 other posts of leopoldij 
Yes, you're just stupid for being her toy. She is evil. She could be pretty, etc, but she could be evil too.
By Greek18cm at 15,Jun,18 07:50 other posts of Greek18cm 
Ok sshe is evil i know it for ssure now. Ehe did her awful treat to me again yeeteray. But i want to fuck her. I eant to fucj her one time!!
By leopoldij at 15,Jun,18 10:32 other posts of leopoldij 
You'll never manage to fuck her. Unless you somehow expose your dick to her and make her watch while you masturbate. You live in Greece so probably you can do that and there's no fear you'll get into trouble. Or you can try to finger her cunt when she's not suspecting it. But to fuck her, just forget it.
By Greek18cm at 15,Jun,18 15:49 other posts of Greek18cm 
Why not. Anyone ie fuckingher... no i can not **** her its both ilegal and anethical. I do not have to ehow mydickk. Ithinki have to show her eome big amount ofmoney
By leopoldij at 15,Jun,18 19:11 other posts of leopoldij 
Unethical? Let me laugh. You can't be too ethical with people who have no sense of ethics. Just go grab her by the pussy
By Greek18cm at 16,Jun,18 21:24 other posts of Greek18cm 
No you can not say that. Even thowe people have limits. I cant risk a one year ban of no talking for that... although i obce grab her aes and ehe did not complain... maybe i ehould though thie more... n

By 2nice at 15,Jun,18 11:10 other posts of 2nice 
Iím still trying to figure out what a prostitude is.
By phart at 15,Jun,18 11:55 other posts of phart 
a prostitute with a bad attitude?
By Greek18cm at 15,Jun,18 15:52 other posts of Greek18cm 
Yeah ok my english iw not perfect and my phone is broken... haha so funny... smart thought although

By Skittles at 15,Jun,18 15:11 other posts of Skittles 
"So, this is going to be a long thread even if i am going to make it as short as i can. I wil try to be brief but...well"

That's where I stopped reading this tale of a Muppet

By Dong69 at 05,May,18 09:47 other posts of Dong69 
Well she is not Evil, most definitely Bi polar!! By your description, as for advice on trying to date your second Cousin well " JUST STOP" get the message
By Greek18cm at 05,May,18 17:01 other posts of Greek18cm 
Well she should not have sstarted it, pull me back in or try to eeduce me and yeah maybe it all will be ok by now. But she did sso...

By leopoldij at 23,May,18 15:31 other posts of leopoldij 
We're just wasting our words. I've been trekking him, for 2 years now, to completely ignore her. But he won't listen. He keeps coming back again and again to the same point. Maybe he derives pleasure by being treated like shit from a slut
By Greek18cm at 23,May,18 16:25 other posts of Greek18cm 
Do not think sso. Sshe iss just sso nice wheb she needss me. And i care sobmuch that i caan not say no. She is finding me every day aand well... i have a plan. I an going to an island for work ,maybe some disstance will give me some air becauee ass i aam here and she find me i can not eay no. I just care for her man. Ehe does not desserve it but i do. I know the logic thoughts i repeat them every day to my eelf and feel wtrong aand that i will say enough but then sshe calls aand talks and ssmiles and i just can not
By leopoldij at 23,May,18 16:51 other posts of leopoldij 
You know what you should tell her, don't you? "Go fuck yourself you filthy whore, stick any dirty old fat man's cock in your cunt, do anything you can to make money, go get a disease, live the life you chose to live, but don't be fucking calling me again because you' re a piece of shit, a worthless slyt without emotions, I dont fucking care about you or anyone like you, I'd rather touch a scorpion than talk to you ever again, so fuck off, shove your dirty money in your ass, that's probably as huge as the main thessaloniki square from the cocks that enter it daily, and don't ever speak to me again, because, for me, you and the kind of monsters like you do not exist."

Is that clear enough?
By Greek18cm at 25,May,18 09:25 other posts of Greek18cm 
Dude it iss clear aand even ssofter from what i thought to tell her... its thie moment that she sstands infront of me thaat i caant. Aand ssomehow i aam teryfied by theidea not to ssee her aagain. That i will be unable to reach her.... maaybe one day... well in 12 hourds i aamleaving. Hopefully i will enjoy my ssummer thete and maybe forget her. If i do come over her then maaybe i could be brave enough to tell her what you ssaid... aditionaaly i jusst be informed that sshe eas again with her pimp two nighyss ago. Fuck. Im going.

By Greek18cm at 01,Jun,18 15:05 other posts of Greek18cm 
And itss not only that i want her aand cant ssay no. Itds thiss other thing too. I want her to needd and assk for me. And i want her to know that i am ok have money job and car and choosee not to go with her. I dont like to think that i can not do things. I waant her to aek for me aaand i to reject her... but she playsd this game to well... not reading messagee emediatly, unless she need or being in good mood. She is sso....profesional!
By leopoldij at 01,Jun,18 18:10 other posts of leopoldij 
A professional hooker.
By Greek18cm at 02,Jun,18 07:29 other posts of Greek18cm 
Generally i do not think ehe is a pro. She does not qualifyy fot that. But i understand your meaning. Its justso anoying every time ehe reject me first before i can reject her or fuck her... i juwt want once to do my thing!
By leopoldij at 02,Jun,18 20:25 other posts of leopoldij 
When did you fuck her last?
By Greek18cm at 08,Jun,18 06:00 other posts of Greek18cm 
I did not
By leopoldij at 08,Jun,18 06:10 other posts of leopoldij 
What do you mean? Have you never fucked her?
By Greek18cm at 10,Jun,18 09:14 other posts of Greek18cm 
It iss complicated for me to explain but tecnically and with one word anewer "no". ...whe is good to me now. Her mother told her to leave the houee and once more i was there again. For her. Eex is out of the table!
By leopoldij at 10,Jun,18 09:19 other posts of leopoldij 
So the whole Thessaloniki or her village has fucked her except you.
And You're going after her. ..
Are there no other cunts around there?
Or what's your problem?
By phart at 10,Jun,18 09:27 other posts of phart 
Jeez,you are fucked up as a jar of kraut. You just need to ask her to marry you and get it over with. Just go to the nearest pawnshop and get a cheap ring, or take the plastic ring off a water bottle cap,and get down on your knee and ask her to marry you TODAY! CHASE NO MORE. Take a stand and KNEEL AND say, "Will you marry me?".
You 2 were made for each other.

By Greek18cm at 15,Jun,18 07:47 other posts of Greek18cm 
Many cunts bit i do not care. Some times i fuck random girls but i do not feel anything emotionally or physically. I want to fuck her that ehe refusses. I can not accept that eo many they fuckef her and i dont. ...but there are eime recent news. The last five days we were fine but yeeterday she made me mad and i mafe her mad eo...i dont know... she is sso heartless

By 2nice at 10,Jun,18 09:31 other posts of 2nice 
You guys ACTUALLY read this whole thing???
By #556372 at 13,Jun,18 10:58
By phart at 13,Jun,18 11:54 other posts of phart 
you don't have to read much of it to figure out that in reality it is probably all written by a deranged 350 pound teenager living in his rich great uncle's basement .
Real life can be fucked up,but this is just to screwed up to be real.
By #556372 at 13,Jun,18 12:07

By Shaz2014 at 30,Apr,18 23:06 other posts of Shaz2014 
Are you a little slow in the head? If she wasn't putting out or no playing whatsoever then she's clearly using you. Probably should have listened when family and friends told you she was a whore. Also if she was Fucking others and not you why buy her presents haha ?
By leopoldij at 01,May,18 04:39 other posts of leopoldij 
This has been going on for years. The guy has been telling me his story for long time. I've been telling him to forget the whore. He doesn't want to listen. He's now back at point zero. Either he's making it all up just for the thrills or, if the story is real, he's the biggest loser I've ever come across to. Either way, he is very slow in the head, not just a little.
By Greek18cm at 01,May,18 07:59 other posts of Greek18cm 
Maybe i am slow. Do not know. What i fell? i fell i luck some sertain people skills that she has a lot. Loser. Maybe but just for her, not for any other...

Thing is. Every time i do a small step to cut her out she find a way to come back.
By leopoldij at 03,May,18 18:01 other posts of leopoldij 
OK, tell her to fuck off. Forget her, because she is evil.
By Greek18cm at 04,May,18 11:00 other posts of Greek18cm 
Sdhe is not totaly evil. There is good in her. I know. Just...i have to find the sstrength and i can not... maybe i willn

By leopoldij at 01,May,18 04:58 other posts of leopoldij 
Evidence that your head is empty is that, in your little mind, the earth is flat /forum/thread.php?id=25895#274

The earth is flat with a prostitude [sic] cousin at the center, and you running around trying to get to her, but it's impossible because she's at the very center of the flat earth, surrounded by men fucking her cunt, ass and mouth every single day. And You're watching miserably but misery defines your life and you're just masturbating feeling sorry for yourself. Careful not to fall off the edge of the earth!
By Shaz2014 at 01,May,18 22:01 other posts of Shaz2014 
Fuck I don't think I've laughed so hard at comments on this site before
By leopoldij at 01,May,18 23:02 other posts of leopoldij 
Cool mate! The guy who wrote this thread is a flat earther who cares about his prostitude cousin whose cunt has been fucked by everyone excerpt him. Are you looking to fuck her too? You can't, forget it. You're at the other side of the earth .
You cant get to her cunt without falling off the edge of the flat earth
By Greek18cm at 02,May,18 09:30 other posts of Greek18cm 
Leopold firsst do not call me a flatearhther. You are so anxious to put a flag or a title to me. And if i m flatearther (i am not i juwt likke the idea to research) wht the hell iss your problem. You try very hard on thiss and i can not explain why. Some things you aproach it with logic aand others with temper aand passion. Are you sso anoyed that i want to discusss the fucking possibility of the sshape of earth. Why it makes you sso angry and agressssive and even more, what in god name is the conection between the one ssubject and the other. I can undersstand that ot being listenediss annoying. Yes you as 345 other people told me to cut her of. I did nit ignore yoy. I jusst did not have the strength to ssay no when sshe caame back. You sshould not be angry. ...i have to say all this typos iss becaauee my phone is broken for months (eee i fixed herss and not mine) idiot!
By leopoldij at 02,May,18 12:11 other posts of leopoldij 
OK, you should not be called a flatearther. You are just someone who believes that the earth is flat. It's worse than believing in, say, Krishna or Vishnu, however, because the latter is imaginary. The human mind is incredible. Some humans believe they've seen extraterrestrials. Others believe they can communicate with the dead. Others believe they have outer body experiences. I've never imagined that there would be so much delusion in this world, it's only thanks to the Internet that I find out. This is really really sad, but it explains why the world has so many problems. I'm apologize for calling you flatearther and not a believer in flat earth.

--------------------------------------- added after 18 seconds

(Although I do not see the difference. Semantically, it is the same.)
By Greek18cm at 02,May,18 16:07 other posts of Greek18cm 
The difference iss your atitude first. And second i dont believe it. Just conssidering it possible. No matter whay i beleve the point iss you are not ssuposed to have rhe right to be aggressive againet me just becausse i believe ssomething.
By leopoldij at 02,May,18 17:14 other posts of leopoldij 
I'm Not aggressive. If someone believes, for example, that his astrological sign determines his future then I will just say he's an idiot. But I'll never be aggressive towards him. I'm sorry if I appear to be aggressive. I'm only saying that beliefs of this kind are not just stupid but utterly comical.
By Greek18cm at 03,May,18 09:21 other posts of Greek18cm 
You have no wwright to intitle aanyone aand yess you apear aggresive (if you check the wordss you used befoer) - there is not a ssingle comment without an insult. If i want to believe that the moon is filed with icecreamm you have no wrigt to attack or be inssulting. Exchange your believes in a civilazied way. It felt likke you are targeting me. Not only you refer to me ass aa flatearther but also you bring up an unrelative thread to thiss wwich i obviously did not create to talk about earth.... and by the way yess i could lough t with your comments if i wass not busssy by felling other rhings. You know even if you described an unreaal picture, words can hurt to. Imagining ssomething that it fact happens( i can not fuck her while others can) is messssing with othr human feelings
By leopoldij at 03,May,18 13:36 other posts of leopoldij 
I'm sorry but if you want to believe that the moon is full of icecream, do so, but I'll call you an idiot. Not only you, but anyone who believes this. It has absolutely nothing to do with you but only with your belief.
--------------------------------------- added after 6 minutes

The other thread is not unrelated. If someone believes ridiculous things then this influences his whole thinking process. That's why, for instance, one shouldn't trust a religionist. Bullshit beliefs transform one's brain significantly. I know many people who believe in that crap called astrology. Well, they can't function properly in other domains either. Beliefs are parasites, think of them as dangerous microbes, that affect the normal behavior of one's brain.
By Greek18cm at 03,May,18 14:36 other posts of Greek18cm 
The other thread is unrelated , i ssaw this ansswer coming. Trust me when i ssay. Except my coudsin noone else has influense on me. The flaterth thing is not aa belief of mine just a ssubject i aam excited to ressearch ehatever the answer is. In fact i do not care. All i care is abouyt her
By leopoldij at 04,May,18 07:46 other posts of leopoldij 
OK, then listen to this: there's nothing to be researched regarding the earth's shape. It's known and the matter is closed.

Suppose someone came up with the idea that the head of a man is a CUBE. Would you get excited and research this?

It's the same.

As for her, forget her. Move on. The only way ahead is to find another woman. Today, not tomorrow.
By Greek18cm at 04,May,18 10:56 other posts of Greek18cm 
I have been with some girls. Sexually i can not cum even after hourw and i give up. Mentaally i just do not care for them and that ie noticeable. I tried. Maybe womeone i would be hapy but not yet. I am not intetessted to anyone... i really tried.

By phart at 01,May,18 08:58 other posts of phart 
Well,I am not the brightest bulb in the long hallway of life and sometimes I buzz and blink and flicker but I don't quickly call others dim or dumb or slow.

But since others have went ahead and said it,i would tend to agree. Apparently,you enjoy this process in some weird way and she is enjoying it to. If you enjoy misery, then keep up the process.

If it were me,I would flat out ask her on 1 of these evenings when everything is going "nice" if you can fuck her for 50 bucks. IF she says yes, then give her 50 bucks and see if it was worth all the sadness and pain.If it aint,then maby you will have a easier time getting over her.
By leopoldij at 01,May,18 11:27 other posts of leopoldij 
You don't understand that the guy has been pestering me for years asking my advice. I've water hours of my time giving him friendly and sound advice. He's now back to Where he was when we started.


He needs professional help, not a friendly advice. So I'm not gonna talk to him (anyway I don't understand half they things he tells us).

Let him run after a hooker.

By Greek18cm at 01,May,18 12:23 other posts of Greek18cm 
The thing iss "what if eshe get mad on me becauase she denieing to mme thatshe is a hookerm. Plus in a straanger maaybe sahe would ssaaid yes but to me... aand do not forget niw she is with a reach pimmp. Ni waay to faall for 50 What you suggest is being suggessted to me by sone friend. And that friend believe that if she get mad aafter some time she will reconsider. What ever the thing is not jusat to fuck her. I waant her to respect what i have done for her.

By phart at 30,Apr,18 20:52 other posts of phart 
I read most of this and basically,you are being used like toilet tissue. Find someone else.
By leopoldij at 01,May,18 04:52 other posts of leopoldij 
He's being used as a USED toilet tissue you mean.

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