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Started by Skittles at 25,Nov,19 12:07  other posts of Skittles
Post your worst and by worst, I mean your best cunts!

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By dgraff at 25,Nov,20 09:45 other posts of dgraff 
Three doctors at a convention talking about their greatest medical achievements the Russian doctor said we transplanted a kidney in a man and had him out looking for work the next day. The Japanese doctor said oh that nothing we transplanted a heart in a man and had him out looking for work the next day the American doctor said thatís nothing we put an ass hole in the White House and we expect every one to be out looking for work the next day
--------------------------------------- added after 32 seconds

Joe Biden sucks
By phart at 25,Nov,20 16:53 other posts of phart 
This is supposed to be a thread for JOKES, Not a flowchart of our countrys future!
By dgraff at 25,Nov,20 17:34 other posts of dgraff 

By bigg at 25,Nov,20 09:29 other posts of bigg 
Strange, if you start to sing in an airplane nobody joins in, but if you start to scream everyone joins in
By bella! at 25,Nov,20 17:15 other posts of bella! 
And how would you know?

Oh, bigg, you are so silly!

By phart at 25,Nov,20 16:57 other posts of phart 
Uh, am I missing something here? Like not just the morning bus but the whole damn fleet?
This is a website with peckers and puss's and assholes,and the naked people they are attached to.
How can something be inappropriate?
I mean,really a Cliff notes version of The Eighth Edition of Rocket Propulsion Elements would be inapporpriate wouldn't it?

By #551147 at 21,Nov,20 02:00

By bigg at 31,Oct,20 18:47 other posts of bigg 
Boy: I hate my sisterīs guts

Mom: Shut up and eat your food

By Averagedad at 31,Oct,20 00:31 other posts of Averagedad 
And for Halloween.......
Why don't witches wear panties?
So they don't slip off their broomsticks

By Averagedad at 31,Oct,20 00:29 other posts of Averagedad 
Why are there no Indians in Star Trek?
Even in the future they won't work

By Averagedad at 31,Oct,20 00:28 other posts of Averagedad 
Why don't Rabbis charge for circumcisions?
Because they get to keep the tips

By kebmo at 30,Oct,20 00:15 other posts of kebmo 
When is it okay to beat up a dwarf? When he's standing next to your girlfriend and telling her that her hair smells nice.
By #551147 at 30,Oct,20 00:31
ROFL Cute!

By #551147 at 29,Oct,20 23:55
I recently went on a 2 week cruise and I noticed there were NO black folks aboard. Puzzled by this, when I got back home, I asked my neighbor friend, who IS black, why he thought that was? He looked at me and said... "Pffft! You don't think we are gonna fall for that again, do you?" 😳

By mr_blue at 05,Dec,19 10:38 other posts of mr_blue 
I'll just say the obvious..

"Your mum"
By Skittles at 05,Dec,19 11:08 other posts of Skittles 
By mr_blue at 05,Dec,19 11:33 other posts of mr_blue 
I asked a Chinese girl for her number. She said, "Sex! Sex! Sex! Free sex tonight!" I said, "Wow!" Then her friend said, "She means 666-3629."
By Skittles at 07,Dec,19 09:27 other posts of Skittles 

By Dev01 at 07,Dec,19 02:08 other posts of Dev01 
If I had a head like yours I would shave my dogs ass and make it walk backwards
By Skittles at 07,Dec,19 09:26 other posts of Skittles 

By Dev01 at 07,Dec,19 02:09 other posts of Dev01 
Spend nine months getting out and the rest of our lives trying to get back in

By Dev01 at 07,Dec,19 02:07 other posts of Dev01 
A good fuck and a green apple would kill most cunts here

By mr_blue at 05,Dec,19 15:03 other posts of mr_blue 
Is a dwarf an abortion that made it ?

By Skittles at 05,Dec,19 10:25 other posts of Skittles 
A black man, a white guy, and Bjuka are standing on the roof of a 40 story building arguing about who has the biggest cock. Only one way to find out says the white guy- Let's pull out our cocks and hang the over the side of the roof. Whoever hangs the lowest wins!

Bjuka- I am not over the railing

White guy- I got down to the 15th floor!

They look over at the black guy and he is jumping up and down. White guy says, what the fuck are you doing mate?

Black- guy, I am dodging traffic!!!

By Skittles at 05,Dec,19 10:22 other posts of Skittles 
Bjuka walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder and a salami under his arm, and the bartender says..

By Skittles at 04,Dec,19 14:39 other posts of Skittles 
a Puerto Rican, Black, and an Indian are in a car. Who is driving?

The police!
By #551147 at 04,Dec,19 15:25

By liccalottapussy2 at 01,Dec,19 21:13 other posts of liccalottapussy2 
One queer sperm said to the other queer sperm, " who the hell can find a egg in all this shit? "
By Dev01 at 01,Dec,19 22:52 other posts of Dev01 
oh my

By #551147 at 04,Dec,19 15:25

By dgraff at 04,Dec,19 07:14 other posts of dgraff 
A white guy an American Indian and a puerto rican sit down at the bar the Indian said once we were many now we are few the Puerto Rican says once we were few now we are many the white guy said thatís because we havenít played cowboys and Puerto Ricanís yet
By Skittles at 04,Dec,19 14:38 other posts of Skittles 

By dgraff at 04,Dec,19 06:10 other posts of dgraff 
Three tough guys enter a bar the first one says to the bar tender give me a shot of your nastiest whiskey and he puts his finger out on the bar and says cut it off the second one says give me a glass of your nastiest whiskey and he puts his hand on the bar and says cut it off the third one says give me a bottle of your nastiest whiskey and he puts his dick up on the bar the bar tender says Iím not cutting that thing off he replied you donít have to cut it off just lick it a few times and it cums off on its own

By dgraff at 03,Dec,19 12:58 other posts of dgraff 
Why canít you get a blow job in Puerto Rico because all the cock suckers are over here
By #551147 at 03,Dec,19 13:14
LOL Makes sense! 😉
By dgraff at 04,Dec,19 05:57 other posts of dgraff 
Hahaha and I sleep with one every night

By Dev01 at 01,Dec,19 22:54 other posts of Dev01 
I'm too fuckin retarded, don't give a fuck about my dick that's why I am dating Lorena Bobbitt
By #551147 at 03,Dec,19 13:14

By dgraff at 03,Dec,19 12:55 other posts of dgraff 
Why donít blacks and Puerto Ricanís inner breed because their children would be to lazy to steal
By #551147 at 03,Dec,19 13:13

By #551147 at 03,Dec,19 04:51
Do you know why black folks won't go on Cruise ships?

Cause they ain't gonna fall for that again...
By Skittles at 03,Dec,19 08:10 other posts of Skittles 

By Skittles at 26,Nov,19 12:01 other posts of Skittles 
A young man is invited to Thanksgiving dinner at his girlfriend's parent's house so that they can meet him.

They've been together a while but haven't had sex yet.

His girlfriend tells him that after he meets her parents they can "get intimate". So in preparation, he decides to get some condoms at the local drugstore.

As this will be his first time, he doesn't know anything about condoms and so he asks the pharmacist what he should buy.

The pharmacist explains all about the differences between the brands and after a long chat the boy decides on a large box of "ribbed for her pleasure".

The time comes for the Thanksgiving dinner and the young couple are seated at the dinner table with the girl's parents.

The girl is surprised to see the boy has his head bowed down apparently deep in prayer.
She whispers to him, "I didn't know you were so religious!"

He whispers back, "I didn't know your father was a pharmacist."
By #551147 at 26,Nov,19 16:04

By #605162 at 01,Dec,19 12:25
An old joke but still makes me laugh

By penis-misterluke3 at 30,Nov,19 13:33 other posts of penis-misterluke3 
I don't know but I've been told
eskimo pussy is mighty cold
(from full metal jacket)

By Skittles at 26,Nov,19 10:42 other posts of Skittles 
In TwoWarms city, what do divorces and tornadoes have in common?

Either way, someone is going to lose a trailer.

By Skittles at 26,Nov,19 10:28 other posts of Skittles 
How do you know if a Chinese person robs your house?
Your homework is done, your computer is upgraded, but two hours later, the fucker is still trying to back out of your driveway.

If it is Ken... you are getting a D on that homework, your computer is now filled with porn spam, and your cat is pregnant...

By Skittles at 26,Nov,19 10:26 other posts of Skittles 
Whatís the difference between a Indian man and his girlfriend?
His girlfriend has a higher sperm count.


By Skittles at 26,Nov,19 10:24 other posts of Skittles 
What do you call a homosexual in a wheelchair?


By Skittles at 25,Nov,19 12:07 other posts of Skittles 
After sixty years, a Rabbi decides to retire. Taking the box of foreskins he has collected over the years of doing circumcisions, he goes to a leather goods manufacturer and says to the man, "Can you do anything with these?"

The man says, "No problem, come back in two weeks."

After two weeks the rabbi returns to the shop, and is presented with a wallet. In total dismay, he says to the craftsman, "After sixty years, the best you can do is a wallet?"

The man replies, "Don't worry, just rub it a few times and it will grow into a suitcase."

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