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Started by Blowngo at 11,Feb,18 12:47  other posts of Blowngo
What do u fantasize about that u probably will never do to get u rock hard for a good wanking session.

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By Uncutdickguy43 at 23,Feb,18 00:28 other posts of Uncutdickguy43 
Being tied down getting a blowjob where i cum and she sucks me dry

By bwhip1011 at 11,Feb,18 23:44 other posts of bwhip1011 
Someone to do the yard work. JK

I think it would be like one of those scenes from Sketchy Sex or Fraternity-X where I get pounded bareback over and over by a bunch of young frat guys. Oye! Dreams can come true.
By olderbro at 21,Feb,18 13:08 other posts of olderbro 
As a landscaper, i can relate to the yard work fantasy! He works in shorts and flip-flops and sweats like a piggy
By bwhip1011 at 22,Feb,18 19:59 other posts of bwhip1011 
Well then. I say I'm coming over to your house!
By olderbro at 22,Feb,18 22:32 other posts of olderbro 
HAHA anytime!

By montana at 22,Feb,18 13:32 other posts of montana 
I have a fantasy where I would go to a large and busy gay bar and let myself be picked up by a big stud, one who would take charge of me! I would let him lead me up onto a stage where he would strip me naked and then proceed to fuck me long, hard and deep in front of everyone there, and after cumming deep in my ass, he would then offer my ass to all there, so that anybody and everybody who wanted to fuck me could! I would then be fucked by dozens of hard cocks and all could fuck me hard until they were able to shoot their loads either in me or on me......and It would be so very fucking hot if it was videoed so everybody in the world and I could watch it over and over again.....!!!!!

By WhiteBriefs at 22,Feb,18 08:50 other posts of WhiteBriefs 
Sucking and jerkking off with chunky hairy men both wearing classic white briefs. None of that trendy underwear, just pure old fashion Hanes, Jockey, Stafford or FOTL whites, and full cut obviously. My perfect one would be to play with each other on a bed in our briefs until we've both cum in them, then swap, and leave the house wearing each others cum soaked briefs all afternoon.

By XXXKing808XXX at 22,Feb,18 02:51 other posts of XXXKing808XXX 
Hmmmmm idk

By bil47 at 20,Feb,18 10:24 other posts of bil47 
A 3-way with a slender teen woman and a bisexual twink guy.
By rudy51 at 21,Feb,18 12:47 other posts of rudy51 
That's a good one

By andrew999999999 at 21,Feb,18 12:08 other posts of andrew999999999 
Fucking an Asian woman, and fucking a woman in stockings got me rock hard. I've fucked 11 Asian women, and 3 women in stockings (2 of which were Asian), so they're no longer fantasies for me. My new fantasy is me and at least 3 black men fucking me.

By spermkiss at 20,Feb,18 11:04 other posts of spermkiss 
Suck off a dozen or more men in front of an audience of hundreds.

By oldbugle at 20,Feb,18 10:14 other posts of oldbugle 
I'll play.....

Sometimes I enjoy fantasising about my little blond neighbour...about bending her over her patio table, pulling down her bikini bottoms and giving her pussy a good fingering while her dozy husband sits and watches, then unbuttoning my fly and rubbing my big plum like glans between her labia until she breathes haeavily.....then sliding deep to make her scream........looking into his face while I do so

By Saulb at 20,Feb,18 07:10 other posts of Saulb 
Watch my wife get fucked by a big ,thick dick

By Saulb at 20,Feb,18 07:09 other posts of Saulb 
Watch my wife get fucked by a big dick

By MrNormal at 20,Feb,18 03:46 other posts of MrNormal 
Seeing my wife in a porno...

By submissivemartyn at 11,Feb,18 21:54 other posts of submissivemartyn 
Go to a bar and pick up a beautiful girl.Go back to her place,have a good snog and grope her tits.Then go to grope her pussy and find out she has a cock and not a pussy.Have her push my head down on her cock and give her a bj and then fuck me.

By boc at 11,Feb,18 20:03 other posts of boc 
Having a woman hold my face in her pussy while I'm licking her by pushing firmly and passionately on the back of my head.

By AAA-Dick at 11,Feb,18 17:32 other posts of AAA-Dick 
My ex, riding me and hanging her firm 36s in my face.

By Rubberdo at 11,Feb,18 15:14 other posts of Rubberdo 
A cock up my ass with my cock up an ass

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