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Your BEST orgasm EVER!!!

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Started by #215570 at 23,Mar,12 23:04
Describe your best orgasm ever for us to enjoy - and revive it...

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By gourmandma at 01,Jan,24 14:37 other posts of gourmandma 
My best orgasm was in San Antonio, Texas on Lackland AFB. I had a bit of an affair going on with one of the female staff in another department at the medical center where I worked on base. There was a little park on base near to the then Kelly AFB runway. We went there after working out at the gym one day. we got into some heavy necking and petting and she said she wanted to do something nice for me. She pushed me back and pulled my cock out of my shorts and started giving me what turned out to be the most awesome blowjob of my life. I came so hard I was on the right on the edge of passing out. I can still picture and feel that event to this day 30 years later. So to sweet Kimmy, thank you for that amazing event and the other times we were able to have fun together.

By Lvphose at 16,Oct,23 05:58 other posts of Lvphose 
A gf and I fucked a long time then after pulling out of her I fell to my back jerking myself off while she masturbated her self. I shot 5-6 hot loads that landed on her nylons, her belly etc. just when I thought I was out I kept jerking and another blast would come ! This isn’t the time but similar but this is me watching her on vid! Imagine us feet to feet and coming

By Lvphose at 16,Oct,23 05:56 other posts of Lvphose 
A gf and I fucked a long time then after pulling out of her I fell to my back jerking myself off while she masturbated her self. I shot 5-6 hot loads that landed on her nylons, her belly etc. just when I thought I was out I kept jerking and another blast would come !

By tb1 at 27,Sep,23 23:14 other posts of tb1 
Best ever…….the previous

By wirda at 27,Sep,23 16:34 other posts of wirda 
Ive been writing a blog about it but basically my first time cheating on my husband with my best friend and my ex bf

My husband caught me getting dp’d in our bedroom and he continued watching us

It was the best day of my life during those times

By #665411 at 17,Sep,23 13:57
I’ve mentioned this on several other friends, but I enjoy sharing it. I knew I was gay even at like 7. Done random playing with a few boys. Dick to dick, butt to butt, put each one there dicks in our mouths. We just knew was fun and naughty, had no clue what we’re doing.
My first orgasm was actually a wet one. I was 12 at scout camp and was sharing a tent with an assistant scout master. He sucked me I thought I was going to pre but was embarrassed to tell him I had to pee at the moment like that, didn’t want him to stop because it felt so good. So I just tried to hold it and eventually I couldn’t play new from the feel. It was something different.

By Cummingforyou at 24,Jun,23 16:03 other posts of Cummingforyou 
Without a question my first orgasm 15 which was done by a complete stranger. I have seen cocks cumming shooting the stuff out but no idea how so this random stranger in the park put his hand inside my pants and fondled my penis and balls . Pulled my pants and underwear down fully and wrapped chi’s hand around my rock hard cock giving me sensations I have never know before. Pulled my fore skin back and forth for a few minutes when I felt I had to pee . Let him know but just pulled faster till I got this most pleasurable feeling that made my knees go weak when this white stuff shot out of my pee hole
By #665411 at 17,Sep,23 13:37
That’s very hot !

By BigDaddy132 at 16,Sep,23 23:00 other posts of BigDaddy132 
I was 24 or so. My girlfriend was sucking and jacking my cock so good. We were in the car. I felt it building and told her i was about to cum. She moved her head, swirling her tongue around my cock head and kept jacking. I squirted so hard the first gob of cum squirted over my shoulder into the back seat.

By hugehole at 09,Aug,23 13:41 other posts of hugehole 
My best orgasm is when my wife fists me, when it feels like I am cuming I am not then when I do cum it lasts and lasts, the cum drips out slowly but wow its a load, drip on a small plate and eat when done, pee tastes great afterward too.

By oraljoeforyou at 01,Aug,23 22:37 other posts of oraljoeforyou 
My girlfriend and I were having sex in Colorado. I ate her pussy and then fucked her until I came in her pussy. She went to take a shower and while I was just laying there, MT hard on wouldn't go away. So I jerked off. Damn, when I came I mean I came! I just shot a huge load and it probably just about felt like the best orgasm ever!

By Cody8789 at 26,Jul,23 07:20 other posts of Cody8789 
Ok, I got this one “my best orgasm ever”. This is the truth, I was working in my yard and got poison ivy all over my hands and didn’t realize it, then I went to use the bathroom and not knowing at the time, got poison I’ve on my penis. After a couple of days, I got very itchy to the point I couldn’t stop itching, you know how good it feels to scratch an itch not being able to stop scratching, well, I figured since I never got any blisters down there from the poison Ivy, I started masterbating and found my orgasm was intensified many times over that when I came, it was the most screaming greatest feeling I’ve ever had, I never shot so many times. So guys, knowing how good it felt, don’t go looking for poison ivy to put on your penis, it was alittle uncomfortable for a week having to itch myself not being able to stop because it felt so good.
By german_guy at 29,Jul,23 15:43 other posts of german_guy 
I know what u are talking about. I had a similar experience
By Cody8789 at 29,Jul,23 21:52 other posts of Cody8789 
I knew someone else out there had the same experience.

By nekekal at 01,Jul,23 20:28 other posts of nekekal 
I only have orgasms when my cock is inside of a nice warm cunt or mouth. Otherwise it is ejaculation, which for me is a pleasurable release but not a mind blowing body shaking orgasm. My orgasm seems to resemble what women have and like a womans orgasm, mine are not that common or easy to have.

My best orgasm happened several years into my fucking life. Initially, I was not getting to fuck or get sucked often enough that anything lasted long enough to achieve an orgasm. I would cum too quickly. But about my third girlfriend liked to fuck and was ready most of the time that I was so my stamina became better.

One day, neither of us was working, we just decided to stay home and fuck. She sucked my cock and I came pretty quickly but then we stayed in bed and enjoyed each others body. I sucked her tits, fingered her clit, sucked her clit and fingered her tits. She sucked my cock my balls, and fingered my ass.

Then we rolled her onto her back, got a big pillow under her ass, spread her legs and held them so her feet were by her ears so she could reach down and get my cock at her cunt opening. Getting my big cock into her was a bit of a struggle as she was pretty tight, even with a lot of foreplay and liquids running out of both of us. But we got my cock head in and slowly worked the length of it into her cunt. Long slow strokes followed. God it felt good, dragging my cock head along her tight cunt walls, then forcing it back down into her until my balls were against her ass.

This was the first time that I didn't feel like I was going to cum at any second so I could enjoy the magnificent feel of my cock sliding in and out of a tight cunt. It was marvelous. Ofcourse, soon the intense feeling of fucking started overtaking me. My strokes sped up, and then got shorter. I became unaware of her. I just knew about my cock. And eventually, I knew it was going to cum. I tried to drive it deeper and faster until it felt like my whole body was liquifing and being sent out through my cock.

Eventually, I kind of came too and found I was still balls deep in her and she was asking if I was alright. I pulled my cock out of her and kissed this wonderful creature who had allowed me this experience.

It has only happened a few more times in my life.

By LGA6969 at 30,Jun,23 21:04 other posts of LGA6969 
I would have to say when I first started discovering my prostate. I was fingering it and massaging it for quite many times and one day I had my first hands free orgasm. It was something I experienced multiple orgasms and my cum just kept flowing. Once I mastered the technique I have experienced many a hands free orgasms. Now I use a prostate stimulator all the time.

By LittleBlueberry at 24,Jun,23 20:47 other posts of LittleBlueberry 
Was playing rough S&M with a woman who was enjoying stepping on my manhood with her combat boots. She started pressing down and twisting her foot. I started to panic as I felt my balls twist and get smushed back into me. I thought “oh shit this is the end…” and then I came… a little bit of blood came out . I haven’t been able to ejaculate anything but clear fluid since

By PITBULL at 24,Jun,23 16:56 other posts of PITBULL 
Best orgasm ever when my boyfriend fuck me with his 9 inches and made me cum hand free.

By #681085 at 22,Jun,23 14:15
The very first. (excluding wet dreams) My first awake orgasm occurred when I was climbing the rope in gym class. Having a hypo cock, (curving downward) it was worked by the friction of the rope between my little legs. I was thirteen and as I approached the top of the rope, high above the class of onlooking kids, I felt it start to throb and soon felt the wetness filling my shorts. It felt wonderful, as a large drip escaped and fell to the wooden floor below, making a distinct 'splat.' Everyone was looking up at me, and then to the wet spot on the gym floor. They must have thought I drooled or something. But it was my cum, and I achieved my first true orgasm with twenty or more sets of little eyes upon me. (read more in my blogs)
But then again, this one was pretty good with all of you sexy sexy people watching me...
[deleted image]

By #677384 at 18,Jun,23 23:19
well, I used to broadcast a free live public cam on Chaturbate. I had been edging and teasing my cock for hours, and 80+ viewers and I couldnt hold it in anymore...I aimed for my mouth and shot cum all over my face and chest..even got some in my mouth too. My legs were twitching and I stayed on for a few because they wanted to see my cock throb and go soft. It was alot of work though hehe.
By leopoldij at 19,Jun,23 14:18 other posts of leopoldij 
That's why they call it money shot.
Because, with so many viewers, you make some money when you cum.

I do the same. But I never have many viewers.
Usually, 1-1 online or in person.
I manage to get great orgasms when one of my female friends
agrees to watch me masturbate.
By #677384 at 19,Jun,23 18:33
Ohh I know...I never accepted tips, but it became almost like a job...trying to stay hard and type u know. Now I prefer to just cam with a's much more personal and I love to watch someone else cum with me too...DM me if you wanna skype sometime bro
By leopoldij at 19,Jun,23 20:19 other posts of leopoldij 

By leopoldij at 19,Jun,23 20:20 other posts of leopoldij 
Isn't it funny how men would have sex for free (or even pay) but how women would rather be paid?
If sex is offered to a man
then 99.99% of the time he'll do it for free.
If sex is offered to a woman
then it's often an offence.

By #662360 at 17,Jun,23 22:20
Probably my first ever orgasm the first time I masturbated. I was 13. I was laying naked on my bed playing with my hard up cock. Somehow I got the tugging action just right. I’d never experienced such an intense explosion of pleasure in my cock when I spurted my load. I’d heard boys talking about masturbation and felt left out because I hadn’t. So as well as the exquisite sexual pleasure I felt immensely exhilarated. I’ve masturbated thousands of times since, I’ve had hundreds of hand jobs from boys and girls, I’ve fucked my wife thousands of times but I still remember that first orgasm.

By Gntlmn at 17,Jun,23 21:41 other posts of Gntlmn 
I've mentioned this in another thread, but this title caught my eye. One orgasm stands out...a blowjob from a Georgia woman I met via the Ashley Madison site. Her abusive hub was dying of cancer, and my lady-partner of 40 years was in late-stage Parkinson's disease, & had lost interest in sex. We exchanged messages for years. Many of the pic's on my page were included. Her old man finally died, and my old lady had to go into assisted living. Her(I'll call her Theresa) job brought her through my town in spring of '17. She spent a night at my house, giving constant oral worship to my cock -it was the first time I'd ever felt jizz sucked from my hairy balls like a vacuum sump-pump, but that's NOT the orgasm this is about! THAT one happened when she returned to my house for a long weekend in winter of '18.
--------------------------------------- added after 4 hours

We'd both driven(from opposite directions) on ice-covered roads to rondevous at my house. On Friday evening, her SUV pulled in my snowy driveway. After carrying her suitcase up the stairs of my raised basement to the first floor, I poured a couple glasses of wine, and we sat thigh-to-thigh on the den couch, catching up with small talk. It didn't take long for her to start feeling me up...the tent pole at my crotch was pretty obvious(lol). She undone my belt buckle and zipper, pulled my blue jeans hardened manhood whipping out like a coiled spring, smacking her square on the nose(I wore no underwear). Her eyes lit up like tree lights on Christmas morning, saying "Feed me your sacred seed of life's renewal(she was a devout evangelical Christian)my lover!" Well, for the next three days, not an hour would pass without her swallowing a load -which makes this subject/orgasm all the more remarkable. On Sunday morning, she stood at the bottom of the staircase as I descended from the second-floor landing(my manhood's fierce erection swinging upward/side-to-side, like a metronome arm). When I stopped on the lowest step, she took my flaring bulb in her hot wet mouth and grabbed my buns. I immediately knew she'd been saving a different tongue technique for this moment! She held my cock and led me to the living room couch -intuition told me something VERY special was about to happen.
--------------------------------------- added after 238 hours

As we settled in on the living room couch(she fully-clothed/me buck-naked), she put her phone on 'speaker' with some fire & brimstone church service, and with a maniacal gleam in her eyes, said "I know my place as a believing woman -to honor and give pleasure to my man! Let me coax the precious seed of life's renewal from your soul's nest". The beauty of getting blown is there's no 'performance anxiety'. All I had to do was enjoy the experience -my mind free to wander from fantasy to fantasy.
--------------------------------------- added after 264 hours her head bobbed and churned in my lap, with a tongue technique of tip-swirling around my coronal ridge, and sweeping its underside top to bottom over my slit-eye. I kept playing the religion card to her evangelical beliefs, saying "Praise Jehovah's name, my darling, you really know how to 'speak in tongues'!" She wasn't a 'deep-throater' but her mind-blowing tongue skills immediately sent me into a trance! It was like having a 'breakthrough dream' with fantasies and memories hot-flashing across my brain! I relived eating out my big-legged girlfriend the week before out on the front porch, as she sat in a rocking chair, and imagined this Theresa gal's husband on his hospital deathbed, watching us from the foyer-I was laughing at him, saying "I'm glad you sucked down all that cigarette smoke(lol), because your wife sure likes sucking semen outta' my hairy balls!" I was jolted from my reverie by tingling deep in my abdominal muscles -it felt like a pair of TENS electrodes firing off beneath my bush. It was the prelude to this subject orgasm, which seemed to last at least a couple minutes. Never, before or since, have I spurted so much cum! She swallowed as much as she could, while keeping the tongue technique going. I kept hollering "Praise the Lord, Glory to God, Thank you Jesus!" for another fifteen minutes, as she held my softening cock between her hot lips, then licking spilt cum from my bush and ball hair.
--------------------------------------- added after 905 hours

To capitalize on her evangelical fervor, I found a website that played radio rebroadcasts of Carl McIntire's firebrand "Bible Presbyterian" sermons. Playing them through my little Bluetooth speaker would bring(with that same maniacal eyes-gleaming facial expression)her running.
--------------------------------------- added after 2224 hours

I enjoyed making a hide and seek game, firing up my Blu tooth speaker in different parts of the house, like the attic or a corner in the basement. She sucked me off in every room, hallway, bathroom, and closet, as McIntire's firebrand sermons blared. Before long, she began begging to lick my ass...of course, I happily consented!

By #289712 at 10,Nov,12 17:13
After consideration, the time I'm rating may not have been the most poweful or lengthy, but quite memorable.. My ex girlfriend and I are both always horny, and we used to have lengthy, very enthusiastic sex constantly. This day we were about only 20 mins in, I was on top with her left leg on my shoulder, driving with a strong rythym when she had her first orgasm. But it was a real long toecurler (it was funny laughing later about her yelling so loudly), and it just set me off. It felt so good, i picked up the pace, and cum pretty damn hard, unleashing a massive load. But just as it almost finished, and still fucking her good, it came back and i had a second, almost immediate orgasm, just as strong as the first.. my only double shot.. wish i knew how to make those happen more often,,

By #7976 at 08,Nov,12 22:10
Once upon a time, I had a threesome. Throughout the night the three of us had mind-blowing sex over-and-over in nearly every possible combination. It wasn't so much "a" best orgasm. Rather, that they kept me cumming all night long.

By #67735 at 07,Nov,12 16:21
Jerking off while on Molly. Always have double orgasms and it lasts for an hour

By slipper at 25,Mar,12 07:02 other posts of slipper 
Simply my wife's extended hand/blow-job combo. She'll draw it out for an hour to an hour-&-a-half--or longer (depending on how much I can stand at the time)--and when I cum it sort of just reverberates throughout my entire body for ages!!! Then, it sort of just slowly eeeeeases away. Gawd, I can almost feel it as I describe it!!!

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