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mixed races

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Started by #272281 at 26,Aug,13 18:41
Why do so many white girls fantasize about fucking a black guy or even white guys let their wives fuck a black guy but not so many black women want to fuck a white guy or their spouse want them to fuck a black guy. I know black guys have bigger dicks but I hear so many women say size don't matter so what draws them fuck them.

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By Ablaze at 22,Jul,23 05:58 other posts of Ablaze 
I fucked with a black guy and loved the experience very much, I was totally in love the way I was kissed, touched and sucked and now I wish to meet another black guy for relationship. I love also other cocks as arabian, latino and Indian, but the most attractive for me are the Black cocks as taste , colour, cum load and size.
By dgraff at 22,Jul,23 11:18 other posts of dgraff 
I can’t stand to see a white woman with a black man
Mainly because black men treat white woman like shit they knock and beat them around and the India men are even worse they treat all women like shit
I once knocked a black man the fuck out because he was beating his white woman up out on his front porch and his 5 year old son was crying and begging his father to stop hitting her
And you know the thanks i got after i knocked him out she started slapping at me fucking abused women when will they learn

By zizelyian at 06,Jun,22 03:50 other posts of zizelyian 
i suck a black man once

By #671055 at 04,Jun,22 05:37
So just believing the lies and Social Hype?
Think for yourself, and stop caring about this media Bullshit!

By #667453 at 01,Jun,22 16:30
I love non-white men, I'm white. ♥️

By #515531 at 01,Aug,16 00:28
I am white and have had two black girls back to back. One of them is bi and has three ****. She has never seen a black guy as thick as am. She was a little afraid of it. My newest girl (not my fwb who I share this site with) is light skinned and it is like putting a cork back into a bottle when I wedge it into her pussy. What both of them like about me: my sense of humor, I am a gentleman and have a real fat dick. I will gladly send pics of my previous one to anyone who asks.
By bella! at 01,Aug,16 01:04 other posts of bella! 
Your previous what, dick? What's different about your newer one?
By #551147 at 11,Nov,19 01:40
🙄 ROFLMAO 😄😆🤣😂

By deepchocolate2071 at 10,Nov,19 22:52 other posts of deepchocolate2071 
It's all down to personal preference .
you like what you like and that's it.
By bella! at 10,Nov,19 23:06 other posts of bella! 
Absolutely! The 21st century has brought forth new attitudes about sexuality, race and cultural background and we still have a long way to go.

By bil47 at 22,May,19 22:33 other posts of bil47 
Black men are stereotyped as being hyper-sexual and having huge cocks. It tickles a "kinky-forbidden-sex" angle for white women - and gay/bi white men - to fantasize about. I think the hyper-sexual stereotype is dubious. Libido and sexual skill are probably about the same for all races. But larger size (on average) of men with sub-Saharan African heritage is supported by medical statistics.

By #487013 at 01,Aug,16 04:06
I'm mixed, white/hispanic. I prefer white men, don't know why, just what I am attracted to.
By #586324 at 22,May,19 22:07
I'm also mixed white/hispanic. My wife is Hispanic, She has told me that she's attracted white men, she say's she thought she was getting a white man with me, and like's to joke that she got ripped off.

By knewbi at 05,Apr,19 16:26 other posts of knewbi 
My wife loves fucking just about anyone with a hard dick. But she has enjoyed a number a black guys more than the whites. Sometimes she sets it up and sometimes I do. We had one time a friend set up a gang bang for his wife but she took sick and had to cancel. When he called and asked if my wife would like to take her place she was all for it. She is also the better looking of the two women and the guys were expecting the other woman. They were quite pleased to have some new white pussy to work over as well as a very attractive woman to boot..

By #583473 at 23,Mar,19 06:58
Im white and always preffer black cock
Just love black cocks

By hypoboy at 24,Feb,18 02:41 other posts of hypoboy 
Love the magic with a hung fit black man hehe...

By blondebartender at 02,Aug,16 21:09 other posts of blondebartender 
My little experiences - Some black guys might be bigger and or better lovers. But it comes with many issues.

By #201583 at 31,Jul,16 22:20
I believe penis size on average is proportionate to one's height. Short, average,and tall guys all can have short or long cocks. But, most of the Louisville Sluggers I have seen on White men and Back men, have been on 6'2" to 6'8" guys. A short guy with a 6" cock looks huge. Proportion, proportion, proportion. A guy that's 5' with a 5" cock looks like he has a telephone pole.

By #517092 at 30,Jul,16 19:16
BIG BLACK COCK 8.5 INCHES / 22 CM what u think? I'm mixed too!
By mr_blue at 30,Jul,16 19:20 other posts of mr_blue 
So you don't have a big black cock have a big mixed race cock....
By *kmadeau* at 31,Jul,16 21:22 other posts of *kmadeau* 
sure he is made by someone Big White Dick!

By #159671 at 16,Feb,15 03:25
The real myth is that guys and girls don't care about size. Sure, some don't. But the evidence is all around us. The big dicks get the most popular porn jobs, attention and even on this site the majority of the popular dick pix are those of the very long and/or thick. I see it every day I look! Think Ron Jeremy or John Holmes was popular because of cuteness? Ha!

A quick read of any Craig's list personal ads show just how many men (women ad writers are rare - but still there) specifically ask for big dicks only. Many even specify actual measurements!

I've been on this site for years, and I believe (and many others have told me that I have some really decent pictures - photographically speaking and hotness votes. Many write some good comments. But I have NEVER seen my pix on the most viewed/most popular page. Why? Because my dick is only normal size.

To prove it, I did make one altered picture where I edited my cock to look really ridiculously long. Guess what: It continues to be the most viewed of any of my pix on my page almost all the time - and is always in the top 4 of views. I even openly admit it was edited although SYD site keeps deleting comments.

So that is my evidence for "size doesn't matter" being a myth. More can be produced. Anybody have some verifiable evidence to counter this claim? I'd love to be proven wrong so I can feel better about my average size!
By #485312 at 25,Aug,15 06:50
basic animal instinct, some birds like coloured feathers or big nests, you never saw a tiny silver back running the show..the biggest, strongest and fittest should be the ones to survive, l think it all comes back to the fact we are still animal and that basic drive to survive still lives deep in our loins from a breeding stand point..*lix*

By admin at 16,Feb,15 01:04 other posts of admin 
Black guys don't have bigger dicks it's a myth.

If you go to a country where white people are minority you will find a lot of black women wanting to fuck a white guy. They are considered exotic and attractive there. Especially if they have light colored hair and eyes. If you have grey hair and eyes everyone there will be telling you that you are blond and have blue eyes. If you are really blond and your eyes are really blue you are going to be a major hit there.

Go to Dominican Republic, for example, and you'll see. You have to speak Spanish there to meet girls, though...
By 0-00 at 18,Aug,15 21:58 other posts of 0-00 
Spot on. Here in South Africa black women like to fuck white guys. The younger black girls like to fuck white men much older than themselves...

By GaryMPLS72 at 16,Aug,15 11:34 other posts of GaryMPLS72 
I think it is so hot when I see a black dude sucking white cock. Watching a white dude fuck a black dude is a huge turn-on. I fulfilled my fantasy 3 years ago, when I sucked the cum out of 6 young white twinks, 3 of the boys came twice.

By #188764 at 17,Feb,15 12:54
There's still an element of taboo, at least in the U.S., about black/white sex. That alone is sexually arousing.

Also, it isn't a myth that African guys, on the average, have bigger cocks than European guys (while Asian guys are smallest). Do a search of something like "penis size racial" to get the results of various studies.

By #431354 at 16,Feb,15 17:18
Maybe its a contrast in color?
By #143536 at 17,Feb,15 01:58
I've heard this one before. Used to fuck a white girl and she would always want to just sit and stare at the difference in our skin tones.
By #431354 at 17,Feb,15 11:54
yes many things can be erotic
By #143536 at 17,Feb,15 12:45
So true

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