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Started by #431354 at 19,Dec,13 22:14

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New Comment

By Cody8789 at 09,Aug,23 16:55 other posts of Cody8789 
Greengoddess left again, I just went out and bought an engagement ring, I guess I’ll have to take the five carat ring back

By #485312 at 15,Feb,21 20:38
nope, Im not going anywhere, moan a bit more you dead shits, because it wont help you losers one bit ... you have to create bullshit, because your own lives are so fucking boring and empty ... Im glad I can help you all feel like bigger losers... you're welcome *Lix*
By Sir-Skittles at 16,Oct,21 12:29 other posts of Sir-Skittles 

I know you still come to read posts. I was instrumental at dropping the nuke on yer scummy profile!
By CAT at 28,Oct,21 13:47 other posts of CAT 

By JustWill at 04,Nov,21 02:32 other posts of JustWill 
I actually forgot that the "dumpster" was here.
Also, I am surprised that the dumpster was large enough to fit the walrus' fat ass (and misplaced ego)
By Dev01 at 06,Nov,21 14:33 other posts of Dev01 
By #574505 at 09,Nov,21 04:26
By Sir-Skittles at 22,Nov,21 20:30 other posts of Sir-Skittles 

It fits the Saggy Granny... and her fat ass is big enough to double as a movie theater screen!

JohnS could use his projectionist skills to host a site movie... I mean if the cunt was still above ground.
By #680315 at 07,Oct,22 18:26
Jamie is missing went poof
By Sir-Skittles at 30,Dec,22 16:55 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
that nigga back again

By Sir-Skittles at 27,Dec,22 13:28 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
PinkPuss is gone...

By #680315 at 13,Oct,22 22:14
What happened to pweeweeslave
By Dev01 at 18,Oct,22 01:31 other posts of Dev01 
Thank God he gone. Add delete add delete. The only one I blacklisted, only cause he was a pest
By #680315 at 18,Oct,22 01:34
He changed his name.. /member.php?w=325111
By Dev01 at 18,Oct,22 01:41 other posts of Dev01 
Had him blacklisted too, Because of the same

By #680315 at 03,Oct,22 22:19
All my real friends
By bella! at 04,Oct,22 00:21 other posts of bella! 
Although it seems apparent that I never really knew him, I miss Jamie.
By #680315 at 04,Oct,22 00:27
Lol I don't. it still me I said the truth why I left
--------------------------------------- added after 44 hours

To bad you didn't believe me

By CAT at 07,Apr,22 16:46 other posts of CAT 
I miss Lix (485311) and Aussie

By CAT at 19,Jan,22 18:35 other posts of CAT 
Damn…… looks like Bella! is gone……………..bonkers

By HotFuckerBoy at 16,Jan,22 14:32 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
It looks like member 648030 PinkAndPretty has left.

By IwasIam at 12,Jan,22 01:06 other posts of IwasIam 
Damn, looks like AlwaysBlue is gone...

By #574505 at 12,May,19 22:10
Mandy is missing any one knows why
--------------------------------------- added after 104 minutes

By bella! at 13,May,19 00:31 other posts of bella! 
Well, these are admin's notes;

Current member: hotpussy detected as possible previously banned members:
High probability
mandy658 (#573272):
Abusive or annoying or make inappropriate comments (like speaking about **** / kids / murder or some other weird stuff)

So do you see the similarities that admin cites? Abusive, annoying, inappropriate comments and some other weird stuff. Is it even possible that someone formerly know as TWOWARMTTS2 could have a friend/sister-in-law/tennant that has tendencies/mannerisms that are identical to her own? Plain and simple, I call BULLSHIT!
By #574505 at 13,May,19 00:36
O that's what happened. Lol

By CAT at 28,Oct,21 13:47 other posts of CAT 

By CAT at 08,Aug,20 19:56 other posts of CAT 
[deleted image]

get with the program

By CAT at 19,Sep,20 12:29 other posts of CAT 
[deleted image]

By Sir-Skittles at 16,Oct,21 12:33 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
Has anyone seen YoungLuck? Looks like his luck ran out!

A Tik-Tok mongoloid.. AKA RealTitsLover. A 315 cock boy!

By #578610 at 13,Jun,19 20:58
Angel of Death is gone. Good riddance. One down nine to go
By JustWill at 06,Mar,20 20:43 other posts of JustWill 
Looks like you were one of the "nine".
You won't be missed...
By Dev01 at 14,Oct,21 23:06 other posts of Dev01 
By Sir-Skittles at 16,Oct,21 12:24 other posts of Sir-Skittles 

By #574505 at 27,Jul,21 20:44
Jamie says good bye
By Dev01 at 28,Jul,21 00:47 other posts of Dev01 
Hot and spicey wingdings then. You paid entry now you have to watch the whole show. 👍👍👍
By Sir-Skittles at 28,Jul,21 18:58 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
It will be toppings you will never forget cunty! Stay... Site would suck ass hair without you mate!

By #485312 at 16,Jul,21 04:17

By #275407 at 21,Jan,21 05:17
Scorps, you will be missed, you better come back or I'll hunt you down

By #485312 at 30,Jan,20 08:23
NoBalls seems to have left the building, lve seen a few members missing lately *Lix*
By #574505 at 30,Jan,20 17:04
Yea I noticed his verified name was gone on my profile
By CAT at 25,Feb,20 16:24 other posts of CAT 
I don't miss her

[deleted image]

By #578610 at 05,Jun,19 13:58
[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 21 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 12 hours

This is great entertainment. The One Eyed Bitch Witch and her little cunts are running around like mice. All kinds of theories. Candy is Charlie. Charlie is BonBon. The Pope is French. Hotpussy is getting ready to attack Normandy. The Witch is breast feeding the Professor. CC54 is getting an hourly finger fuck. WetNoodle couldn't possibly be Little Red Riding Hood.
What a bunch of stupid, asswipe fucks. As if anyone cares. Losers in life. Losers here. Losers everywhere.

By #578610 at 12,May,19 16:11
[deleted image]

I miss Bella. She was the One Eyed Bitch, Witch. She had a, oh, I don't know, yes, that's it, an acerbic personality. She won't be missed.

By #460385 at 12,Mar,19 01:30
Member HotBikerChick has left after a long time membership. Enjoy your life, glad you found happiness.
By bella! at 13,Mar,19 06:03 other posts of bella! 
I want to post this is the original thread however do you recall her member number?
By #460385 at 13,Mar,19 10:28
No I don't.

By #578610 at 04,Mar,19 04:01
What happened to Godzillas?

By mr_blue at 28,Jul,15 11:59 other posts of mr_blue 
Deviant.... love you bro.
By Ravioli_Max at 07,Aug,15 10:58 other posts of Ravioli_Max 
Deviant is gone?? Wow...

By #569341 at 12,Oct,18 04:05
That's fucked! Come on back, Dev mate!
By Dev01 at 12,Oct,18 04:07 other posts of Dev01 
I'm here
By #569341 at 12,Oct,18 04:38
Hey, bruz (:

By Ravioli_Max at 12,Dec,18 05:30 other posts of Ravioli_Max 
And we're so glad about that!

By DeepThroatThis at 23,Jun,18 20:26 other posts of DeepThroatThis 
AndreaAsian has been kicked off the island.....WHY?
--------------------------------------- added after 5 hours

By wooohoooo77 at 01,Jun,18 08:56 other posts of wooohoooo77 
Hello again. ..I was wondering if anybody remembers ( born-to-please ) ..I haven't heard from her in months. .does anybody know how to contact her or her whereabouts?? Very important. ..thanx bunches for your time. .hope you all have a gr8 day

By wooohoooo77 at 20,Mar,18 16:17 other posts of wooohoooo77 
Hello to everybody here I was wondering if anybody knows. .knew..( born-to-please ) i haven't seen nor heard from her in quite awhile...if anybody knows her whereabouts or how i can contact her...can you please let me know..thanx bunches n hope you ALL have a wonderful day. ..Ttyl8r

By bella! at 05,Dec,16 14:10 other posts of bella! 
⬇⬇⬇⬇ Why blacklist you and miss all the over the top and ignorant things that you say?
By JustWill at 06,Dec,16 20:06 other posts of JustWill 
Out of principle, I blacklist anyone who blacklists me first. If they are going to put a ding in my "member's rating", I'm going to share
Besides, after this particular blacklisting, I haven't experienced the desire to bleach my eyeballs after visiting the forum.
By bella! at 06,Dec,16 20:32 other posts of bella! 
Yeah, bleaching eyeballs is definitely a hygiene step that one must consider when browsing the forum and seeing all those damn stanky pictures of that super skank!

By #487013 at 08,Dec,16 04:25
By bella! at 09,Dec,16 02:13 other posts of bella! 
Lest we forget who this is about.....

By #543863 at 27,Dec,17 18:11
Who? Shlix?? She is a dog catcher.

By DeepThroatThis at 20,Jan,17 02:27 other posts of DeepThroatThis 
Looks like Miss Li aka Kimmie has left again....darn I miss that seduction smile and gorgeous cunt
--------------------------------------- added after 11843 hours

she's back

By #485312 at 04,Dec,16 19:42
well lm not missing all the recently blacklisted, anyone else that wants to make it to my blacklist, feel free to put your name here and l'll gladly block you or feel free to blacklist me...if you don't like me, than don't look at me...its too easy...*LIX*

By #485312 at 27,Aug,16 03:45
why is this in dumpster???? sucks that you cant have an alternative to the trollop trolls threads...*Lix*
By #23212 at 27,Aug,16 06:39
But Lix, there IS an alternative in the regular Forum:

By bella! at 27,Aug,16 19:35 other posts of bella! 
sinanff, do you really think she is that daft? I'm going to give her credit, she knows where the original thread can be found, she just can't see it because she blacklisted me after calling me a "fucking cunt" for the second time. Quite the lady, I must say! Also, by making her post here, she was able to call me a "trollop troll". Gosh, I wonder if it matters to her whether it matters to her if she comes across like an angry and an unstable crazy woman!

Way to go, suckit! Don't forget to take your medication, old girl!
By #23212 at 28,Aug,16 02:37
Whoops. Sorry, I totally misread this one.
By JustWill at 28,Aug,16 13:54 other posts of JustWill 
She was just posting a random shot at bella. Can't help herself. It's pathological.

By #485312 at 30,Aug,16 12:04
no there isn't... *lix*

By bella! at 01,Sep,16 01:36 other posts of bella! 
sinanff, maybe she isn't as smart as I thought she was.

By *kmadeau* at 27,Aug,16 02:05 other posts of *kmadeau* 
Nomane is gone again! so sad...

By #485312 at 31,Jul,16 10:26
l miss black diamond, what a top bloke *lix*
By bella! at 31,Jul,16 16:12 other posts of bella! 
Be sure you read the real reason why the guy you feel was a "top bloke" was banned from the site. It's interesting that anyone could find someone who is a liar, a "top bloke".


By *kmadeau* at 01,Aug,16 17:39 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By #316057 at 29,Jul,16 02:45
How Can You Miss Monted When He Is Here ....Black_Diamonds
By bella! at 29,Jul,16 03:15 other posts of bella! 
Really, Black_Diamonds is the former MONTED? lol

Gee, I recently bought Black_Diamonds as a sub and in about 48 hours, the "party-pooper" set himself free. Surely if Black_Diamonds was MONTED, he would play along and be my whore. Gosh, I can't imagine that he would mind that I was his pimptress and was taking 20% of his point earning, would he?

By bella! at 29,Jul,16 12:44 other posts of bella! 
Jamie, what was said to the former MONTED, in chat, that would cause you, me and at least one other member to be blacklisted?
By #316057 at 30,Jul,16 02:52
Black_Diamonds Said He Would Ban All His Haters.. So I Told Him Just Like Monted Did So He Ban Me...Lol. How Low Can He Get..
By bella! at 30,Jul,16 04:54 other posts of bella! 
To admin, did you allow MONTED to return under a different nickname? Were you aware that he's returned and using the name of Black_Diamonds? It's peculiar that he could bad mouth you and the site and return to his old shenanigans in chat only to blacklist people that he perceives to be "haters". If MONTED was allowed to return, the other members that you banned should be allowed to return. Oh, heck, they probably are already back and conspiring!
By mr_blue at 31,Jul,16 10:38 other posts of mr_blue 
And what have the banned members got in common ?
Oh yeah,they all had problems with you and your attitude...

You push people to breaking point,just for the sake of it...then you backtrack as if you didn't do anything to them...
By bella! at 31,Jul,16 11:05 other posts of bella! 
Is that your theory on why big9inch21 was blacklisted by Black_Diamonds?
By mr_blue at 31,Jul,16 11:12 other posts of mr_blue 
I'm talking about banned members,not blacklisted...

Monted,JohnS, pushed two of them for sure,cuz I saw all the do what you do...lie as usual,or is it bending the truth ?

And don't forget the part you played in baiting monted to attack admin.....and the way you baited deviant too....
We all know play dumb....people take screenshots or have you forgotten that ?
By bella! at 31,Jul,16 11:21 other posts of bella! 
If you don't have a clue, do you just make things up? I think you've lost your last marble.
By mr_blue at 31,Jul,16 11:45 other posts of mr_blue 
I don't need to make it up bella,how's justplainharry ?
You really forget how many people you've shit on here,don't you...

Gossip,gossip,'re a gossip whore who spouts shit on others to feel's been shown repeatedly...

So do your thing,it makes me're a hypocrite of the highest standard.
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

Oh,and how come you not complaining that this thread is getting shitted up ? ,oh yeah,it's not your thread.
--------------------------------------- added after 12 minutes

You remind me of Trump " I didn't say/do what your saying" but then when your actions/comments are analysed it proves the opposite...

By admin at 31,Jul,16 16:43 other posts of admin 
I'm officially warning you that next time if Monted appears and you try something like this post on me instead of just reporting in private, I will let Monted stay and won't protect you from his attacks on you.

By bella! at 30,Jul,16 23:40 other posts of bella! 
Looks like MONTED, umm, er, Black_Diamonds is gone.

By *kmadeau* at 31,Jul,16 12:30 other posts of *kmadeau* 
thx for your short stay here, B_D! take care
--------------------------------------- added after 7 hours

"Не уезжай ты, мой голубчик!
Печальна жизнь мне без тебя.
Дай на прощанье обещанье,
Что не забудешь ты меня."

Осталась здесь, осталась здесь
пизда лохматая как бездна большая...

By #485312 at 03,Jul,16 21:29
reblogmycock has gone, makes me sad to see him leave again, such a hot contributor and gorgeous man...hope he's back real soon *lix*

By #510613 at 18,May,16 00:01
If anyone is missing CandyMelons you can find her under her real user name Bluewut@Tumblr. Pay her a visit and give the real person the credit she deserves. I miss her and never new her.
By #358797 at 18,May,16 02:04
I have had personal contact with Ms. Bluewut and she has made it very clear that she was not GreenPeach, or CandyMelons... Both of which have used her photos here.

By bella! at 20,May,16 03:02 other posts of bella! 
Looks like you have an opportunity to get to know Bluewut.

By #358797 at 20,May,16 03:41
I highly doubt it's actually her. I've had contact with Bluewut in the past, and I've sent her a message to inquire about the profile.
By #510613 at 20,May,16 07:33
She had to do it to get CandyMelons deleted. I doubt she will be there long.
By #358797 at 20,May,16 08:12
She joined when the GreenPeach profile made a return to chase it off as well. Unfortunately she was deleted by the abuse panel the same day...
If it is her, hopefully she won't be deleted this time.

By leopoldij at 18,May,16 02:32 other posts of leopoldij 
Some people miss one or more of their members. Once leg, one arm or one testicle. I'm happy I don't miss any member.
By MM_DD at 18,May,16 03:10 other posts of MM_DD 
I'm happy my member is still in the same place I last saw it.

By #485312 at 18,May,16 21:03
l hope you'd miss your dick if it fell off *lix*
By leopoldij at 18,May,16 23:30 other posts of leopoldij 
Yes, indeed. All I said is I'm not missing any.

By #485312 at 18,May,16 21:28
my most missed member is back, got me hot and horny seeing that hot cock and magnificent set of balls *lix*

By #460385 at 13,Oct,15 14:52
Damn, JohnS is gone. I didn't see that coming.
By #495558 at 14,Oct,15 00:21
I wish
By #316057 at 14,Oct,15 02:12
By #68656 at 14,Feb,16 16:31
I have not been anywhere and certainly never left this group.
The chattering group of individuals with nothing else better to do will never get rid of me.
By *kmadeau* at 14,Feb,16 16:59 other posts of *kmadeau* 
Happy Valentine's Day, John! ...and good you don't care!
By #485312 at 05,Apr,16 23:09
Bit premature, but now he's gone and l must thank him for the anonymous trash talk on mine and aussiemans page after his departure, real childish stuff john, and didnt do you any favours in my book. Bit of a real low act when you have to stalk someone that has done nothing to you. Have a happy life somewhere else *lix *
By *kmadeau* at 06,Apr,16 01:42 other posts of *kmadeau* 
seems you want me to deliver your posting to John? Done

By bella! at 06,Apr,16 02:55 other posts of bella! 
Puh-lease! What's to deliver? He's been here and has posted anonymous messages on various member's walls. Don't fool yourself, he's here every single day and he hasn't missed seeing anything.

Hey, kmad, why haven't you or any of his good buddies acknowledged that he's gone? Hasn't he told you what to say?
By JustWill at 06,Apr,16 03:04 other posts of JustWill 
Maybe John and Monted have taken a house by the sea together!
They can raise their hybrid dachshund/thingamadude babies there without any mean ppl to come between their love.
--------------------------------------- added after 206 hours

This "anonymous" message was posted on another member's page:

"Especially that queer who made the most ridiculous comments about me, Monted and my dachshunds."

I wonder what asshat would post such a thing. Who do you think he was talking about? Do you think he carries a grudge? How sad and pathetic is it that, even after getting tossed out on his "esoteric" fanny, he still spends his days haunting a site he can never actively participate on?
By bella! at 06,Apr,16 03:23 other posts of bella! 
Oh, no you didn't!

By bella! at 14,Apr,16 17:44 other posts of bella! 
Yeah, that speaks loudly about who the man really is.

By #485312 at 05,Apr,16 23:03
I h@te that dreaded moment when l see l have a bunch of extra points, it means one thing, the beautiful lollipop is gone again, l love seeing his gorgeous body and cock while he's here, and miss it when he's gone. Hope its not a long wait to see his gorgeous body gracing tbe pages again. *lix *

By *kmadeau* at 31,Oct,15 22:58 other posts of *kmadeau* 
I miss (like many others too) # 431354! He didn't use to Photoshop his Royal Dick! Never!
--------------------------------------- added after 2538 hours

Happy Valentine Day, #431354!

By #485312 at 08,Nov,15 03:53
Does 431354 have a name? *lix *
By #472683 at 08,Nov,15 07:28
Monted, the former king.
By bella! at 08,Nov,15 11:03 other posts of bella! 
And don't forget to mention a couple of his recent nicknames, Braveheart and Midnight_Special.

By #44497 at 08,Nov,15 12:55
Yeah, Monted ! The one and only king of this site ! And not just a redneck dipshit douchebag like the actual one which I used to call Donald Trump, the American Pekingnese !

By *kmadeau* at 14,Feb,16 17:03 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By #485312 at 07,Feb,16 21:08
lowhangers has departed again, l love when he comes back and miss him while he's gone, such a gorgeous man and shares hot body shots...hope to see you back again some day *Lix*

By #485312 at 12,Jan,16 03:20
4all2see, again l will miss his hotness and sexy shots...*lix*

By #485312 at 14,Dec,15 22:27
daviddick, l love it when he shares himself..hope he's back soon *lix*

By #485312 at 30,Nov,15 02:45
backwardswilly, sad to see you go, come back and visit sometime *lix *

By #485312 at 21,Nov,15 02:55
Someone mentioned ultraviolet, l didnt know her personally but she must of been well liked from all accounts *lix *
--------------------------------------- added after 53 hours

I find this "bootleg" thread a far better one, than that "ORIGINAL" one lol. *lix*
By #450957 at 22,Nov,15 14:10
I'm so bummed out about ultra-violet! I just met her very recently and she's a sweet girl.
By razzle4 at 22,Nov,15 18:07 other posts of razzle4 
I'm not too happy either. Met her years ago and we've been good friends. Did she quit or was she pushed?
By milesbferry at 22,Nov,15 21:30 other posts of milesbferry 
I don't think she would have left without saying goodbye to you, razz. There's more in the other Members You Miss thread.
--------------------------------------- added after 119 minutes

So I'd say she was pushed
By bella! at 22,Nov,15 22:49 other posts of bella! 
Yes, razzle4, there's more in the "ORIGINAL" MEMBERS YOU MISS thread.
By milesbferry at 22,Nov,15 23:41 other posts of milesbferry 
I expected bella's nose to come poking in at some point
By razzle4 at 23,Nov,15 01:04 other posts of razzle4 
Well admin deleted her anyway. As a fake. Still a shame if a fake is good fun. Whatever.

By bella! at 23,Nov,15 01:40 other posts of bella! 
Poking my nose in? Dude, her departure was mentioned/questioned 3 days ago in the original thread. The member mentioning her departure in this bootleg thread doesn't relate well to women and admittedly said she didn't know Ultra-Violet. No reason to be rude!

By #485312 at 28,Nov,15 07:43
Her thread she means, just h@tes it when its not hers being bumped. And no l dont relate to rude bitches, not women in general.

By bella! at 23,Nov,15 23:15 other posts of bella! 
No doubt!

By #485312 at 21,Nov,15 06:39
Gorgeous Aussiedeviant has left again, his wonderful full body outdoor shots are a breathe of fresh air in a room full of cocks. Hope hes back real soon. *lix *

By #485312 at 20,Nov,15 01:31
All the altered egos have departed. Im sure they'll be back as new and improved versions of themselves later. *lix*
By mr_blue at 20,Nov,15 19:32 other posts of mr_blue 
In the words of Public Enemy..."Don't believe the hype"
By #485312 at 20,Nov,15 21:12
Yeah theres always more to take their place. *lix *

By #485312 at 20,Nov,15 14:03
Happy1 left, l liked happy, *lix *

By big9inch21 at 06,Nov,15 01:31 other posts of big9inch21 
What happened to The Wife + Hubby?? They will truly be missed.
By bella! at 06,Nov,15 01:47 other posts of bella! 
These were legit members so I hope you won't mind if I place this in the "original" thread.

By #485312 at 06,Nov,15 07:26
Great people shame they had to leave when theyre so well liked *lix *

By #485312 at 31,Oct,15 22:00
Suckulent has departed, his very sexy bits l will miss greatly *lix *

By #480735 at 27,Oct,15 01:34
I can't remember if I ever commented on this thread, since I was last on here early in the year. I miss FairyDust, PirateQueen, Sweetascandy(there are some x's and o's in there), and a few others that I cannot for the life of me remember the names at the moment. As I chat with members today, the old memories of days past come rushing in. There were, and are, some really great people here. It is what brings me back. Love you all. You know who you are, and know me.
By #316057 at 27,Oct,15 03:02
yep I know

By #498446 at 22,Oct,15 11:38
Where has sexpimmel went? He will be missed
By #316057 at 26,Oct,15 22:54
Now you are missing.where you go so soon

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