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Licking Assholes, man or woman.

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Started by #559941 at 24,Aug,18 03:01
I'm straight and I love going down on women. I read a forum where eating pussy smells like rotten fish and nice fish. But that is where I'm confused. Men, especially gays love licking assholes but wont eat pussy.. I find that to be inconsistent. Assholes smell like assholes and I'd rather eat fish than asshole.. Can anyone enlighten me on this idea? So if you are gay and only like men, isn't an asshole an asshole?

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By SexIsLife at 29,Sep,23 02:42 other posts of SexIsLife 
I love to lick and suck my wife's asshole most of the times. Doesn't matter whether her hole is cleaned or not. I've licked her asshole so many times when she's back home from outside. The smells before refreshing her hole seems more erotic to me!

By routemaster at 21,Aug,23 06:55 other posts of routemaster 

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I love licking my hot horny John's awesome hole, this is me doing so in a Glasgow hotel room in September 2022

By #275407 at 24,Aug,18 04:18
I only lick my own asshole, I know it's clean and I can reach it with my tongue
By Gntlmn at 25,Oct,22 22:32 other posts of Gntlmn 
By Cody8789 at 21,Aug,23 06:01 other posts of Cody8789 
Wow, did I say that four years ago

By hugehole at 19,Aug,23 22:09 other posts of hugehole 
Use some plastic wrap then you can even suck the whole thing into your mouth

By wycowboy at 24,Feb,20 20:41 other posts of wycowboy 
I love having my asshole licked, it is a very intense feeling and I can have an awesome orgasm from it so, turn about is fair play. If my woman licks my ass I am definately going to lick hers. I enjoy doing it so that isn't a problem.

By cumcouplessa at 24,Feb,20 19:35 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here, I firmly believe its all about hygeine. I love licking wifeys pussy, and enjoy licking her butthole too. Both holes always smell and taste awesome when we do this. She clearly knows whats coming, and prepares herself for the occasion. The same should apply to a guy. If you know theres a chance someone is going to be eating your butt, make sure its clean. I wash my cock long before wifey or anyone else goes down to suck it.

By #522791 at 24,Feb,20 16:48
I love eating a girls ass

By onthelose at 24,Feb,20 04:33 other posts of onthelose 
I don't care if they are fresh out of the shower, but you go right ahead and enjoy yourself. The only reason this happens now is because so many porn videos include it in the plot. It wasn't that long ago when we never saw or heard of this behavior. But like I said enjoy yourself.

By #608810 at 23,Feb,20 15:14
Asshole taste like nothing if it's clean and it's a real turn on tongue fucking some chicks asshole.

By #423426 at 11,Feb,19 18:40
[deleted image] I love it. Got to be straight from the shower of course. Here's me with my tongue in my lady's arsehole.

By #579062 at 11,Feb,19 14:29
Yeah? Let's see a pic of That!!

By abagurio at 11,Feb,19 14:21 other posts of abagurio 
After a good wash, any asshole smells as good as the soap you used.
This applies to women's asses too.

By #577478 at 11,Feb,19 12:20
I love licking older men's assholes and I am able to make them cum just by rimming them. Anal orgasms are much more intense for men than regular orgasms. For me it's a great pleasure to make seniors happy.

By #563965 at 24,Aug,18 19:41
But most vaginas don't smell and if they do they are probably not very well looked after and I assume gay men won't go near an unclean asshole although yeah it has always seemed weird to me, licking where the shit comes out

By up-for-it at 24,Aug,18 17:59 other posts of up-for-it 
Pussy and assholes are two different things.Just like a pussy an asshole doesn't smell or taste the same!

A lot of gay men will not lick an asshole

You are straight will you kiss a man, after all a mouth is a mouth, right?

Get my point? :x
By #559941 at 24,Aug,18 18:08

By Sir-Skittles at 24,Aug,18 03:12 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
By #559941 at 24,Aug,18 12:25

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