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Cock rings

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Started by #11218 at 17,Apr,09 00:07
How many guys use cock rings and why?

I've been thinking about getting one but was wondering what guys use them for? what do other guys think of a guy using a cock ring and what do the women think of a guy using one?

I don't really need one to keep my cock hard (he does that all by himself) but I do find that my balls sometimes pull right up so that they are either side of the base of my cock which can be painfull if i'm being wanked or riden at the time as it's like being punched in the balls.

Opinions, comments etc welcome :)

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By Lvphose at 30,Nov,23 05:22 other posts of Lvphose 
I like to use nylons around my cock, cock & balls, etc, they feel great!

By casado at 20,Nov,23 19:30 other posts of casado 

By yellowman at 17,Nov,23 11:35 other posts of yellowman 
I certainly don't think that wearing a cock ring is mutilation. I've been wearing them for many years.
By german_guy at 19,Nov,23 18:42 other posts of german_guy 
very nice to look at..

By yellowman at 17,Nov,23 11:31 other posts of yellowman 
I certainly don't think that wearing a cock ring is mutilation. I've been wearing them for many years.

a much younger me wearing one.

By tecsan at 17,Nov,23 07:54 other posts of tecsan 
Not good. Mutilation is never good.

By wycowboy at 13,Nov,23 16:50 other posts of wycowboy 
I just ordered 2 from etsy. They should be here in about a week. I'll post pics when they arrive.

By corby at 12,Nov,23 17:37 other posts of corby 

By Defiant91 at 09,Nov,23 01:03 other posts of Defiant91 

By Mynakedcock at 08,Nov,23 09:16 other posts of Mynakedcock 

I love wearing a cock ring this is one of my favourites.

By High_and_Horny at 01,Nov,23 05:24 other posts of High_and_Horny 

By quint at 31,Oct,23 11:27 other posts of quint 

.. I just love the way they feel

By wycowboy at 30,Oct,23 15:38 other posts of wycowboy 
I use one to help my cock stay harder

By SV1952 at 29,Oct,23 12:01 other posts of SV1952 

By SmCo at 28,Oct,23 15:42 other posts of SmCo 

By leopoldij at 21,Apr,23 12:44 other posts of leopoldij 
I use them a lot. Look at my page

By Lvphose at 03,Sep,22 05:30 other posts of Lvphose 
I also do chastity!

By #672016 at 18,Aug,22 00:14
I wear a cock ring all the time, sometimes several to help my foreskin recovery.

By #671846 at 09,Aug,22 12:19
I like the cock and ball ring with the attached prostate massager. Feels so fucking good. I've actually worn it out while shopping. So hot.
By #677045 at 12,Aug,22 22:53
I'd love to give one of those a try. Any tips?

By neednopants at 09,Aug,22 16:50 other posts of neednopants 

By APBay at 09,Aug,22 14:43 other posts of APBay 
i like cock rings, i do have a lot and use them for diffidence reasons .
i love the look, used some as jewelry, i used some to give my cock and balls a lift to give people something to look at when i and out, i used some when i am having intercourses it keep the blood in and make it fat and veiny.

By #463848 at 23,Jan,20 09:07
At the risk of repeating myself, I don't like them nor do I see a reason for using them. I also prefer not to see them on partners. That goes along with my dislike of metal and tattoos. That is just me and probably indicates my age.
By jackd at 26,Jan,20 22:48 other posts of jackd 
Couldn't agree more.

By #672016 at 09,Aug,22 11:50
Well, I'm even older than you and get great pleasure from my rings and even some metal as I go on restoring my foreskin!

I wear my rings as well as foreskin sleeves, stretchy, most of the time.

By LGA6969 at 26,May,22 21:01 other posts of LGA6969 

I like my leather snap one fits good

By #672016 at 26,May,22 16:50
I use about 14 rings to help my foreskin recovery. Starting with a cock and ball divider ring, with two larger ones behind it doing a full circle under my belly. Ahead of the divider ring, about 10 rings decreasing in diameter until just behind the glans. My foreskin is now like a collar under the glans. A great combination. I only use orange neoprene rings; they have a good grip and are softer than the black variety.
Normally, 12 hr/day but sometimes 24. If you use too-small rings near the glans you may have painful peeing or none! Take care.
I started tight cut but now have 50% coverage of the glans.

By DeepThroatThis at 13,Apr,20 18:20 other posts of DeepThroatThis 
Start with silicone and move up to metal for extra stiffness. They give you the hardest erection because there is no give. This is a 2" metal ring you can buy at the hardware store for under $2.00

By mtingi at 11,Apr,20 21:41 other posts of mtingi 
Sorry guys but I don’t like the look of a cock ring, like the penis the way it is

By #121361 at 18,Mar,20 06:59
[deleted image]

By #612635 at 11,Mar,20 04:55
I use notebook rings. Good sized one to wrap around coco and balls and small ones for a tight fit on each of my balls! Less expensive but just as much fun!

By #572551 at 22,Feb,20 01:29
Friend showed me his ring. Tried it on. Very comfortable so I got my own makes for a great feeling Recommend getting one that fits properly
Wife loves it

By #605155 at 21,Dec,19 06:22
I recommend this cock ring / prostate stimulator plug combo. I have one and it is great!

[deleted image]
By #583549 at 21,Dec,19 11:37
This looks like fun! How big is the plug?
By #605155 at 27,Dec,19 04:48
It is about 3" long and the ring is about 1.75". There is a vibrating one available now too
By spermkiss at 08,Feb,20 17:08 other posts of spermkiss 
Man, if you don't wear this under your clothes when you go out in public, then you should. To socially interact with others while you have a ring around your cock and balls and a plug up your ass would be your own little secret.

By #610559 at 04,Feb,20 17:16
I do nearly all the time. Mostly a Donut-CR

[deleted image]

By #583549 at 02,Feb,20 19:54
I set a new record for me with 13 metel cock and ball rings on at the same time! Photos on my page!

By new2day at 23,Oct,19 23:43 other posts of new2day 
Never tried one myself, I have these visions of having to make an emergency visit to hospital to be cut out of one!
By #583549 at 23,Oct,19 23:54
You need to try rubber o-rings first to get the size right and then buy the same size in the metel rings.Once you are soft they come right off!

By sooperhoop at 29,Jan,20 11:05 other posts of sooperhoop 
That's my worst Fear too. Still it looks great.

By #609332 at 20,Jan,20 17:32

By #583549 at 04,Jan,20 14:22
I love too wear my cock and ball rings 24/7.Does anyone else here enjoy wearing their rings most of the time?
By soharditspurple at 09,Jan,20 07:13 other posts of soharditspurple 
Been using them for years. I rarely jerk off or fuck the wife without them. They feel great and keeping the balls pushed out really lets them slam her ass hole in missionary and clit good during doggy. I also think it makes for a wonderful display of penis and testicles
By german_guy at 10,Jan,20 12:48 other posts of german_guy 
same here, I do agree on you

By leopoldij at 12,Jan,20 01:39 other posts of leopoldij 
I agree 200%.

By Yando at 06,Jan,20 23:10 other posts of Yando 

By Yando at 06,Jan,20 23:10 other posts of Yando 

By #527723 at 06,Jan,20 17:58
I have recently (in the last year or so) been enjoying wearing a cock ring when wanking or when fucking my gf. I find it helps keep you nice and hard a little longer

By #121361 at 06,Jan,20 06:18
Other Cockring [deleted image]
By german_guy at 06,Jan,20 17:45 other posts of german_guy 
to me this is a PA

By overeight at 06,Jan,20 02:26 other posts of overeight 
I actually wear one on occasion,I have pics on my page. But the reason I wear it is so it holds my balls up and forward so I dont sit on them and it also pushes my cock forward leaving a nice prominent bulge. I wear this one but want to get a Velcro cloth one in a few colors so that way I can just throw it in the washer.

By Robtop at 29,Dec,19 12:41 other posts of Robtop 

By #570598 at 29,Dec,19 08:31
I'm pierced to regain the look and the feel of the weight.try it.

By Robtop at 28,Dec,19 10:55 other posts of Robtop 

By eonblue at 27,Dec,19 05:05 other posts of eonblue 

I love cock rings, both on me and others. Just started with metallic ones super fun!

By #121361 at 20,Dec,19 08:03
[deleted image] Me
By #583549 at 21,Dec,19 00:28
Cool cock ring!

By #582258 at 23,Oct,19 14:15
[deleted image]
By #583549 at 23,Oct,19 23:33
Great rings!

By Dickventures at 22,Oct,19 08:13 other posts of Dickventures 
By #583549 at 23,Oct,19 00:15
Nice cock ring!
By Dickventures at 23,Oct,19 05:57 other posts of Dickventures 
Doesn’t quite fit on my cock unless I’m already hard. Though it might be a little too tight like this

By #522791 at 23,Oct,19 03:35
Durex pleasure ring...1 of the best ive come across

By Yando at 22,Oct,19 06:59 other posts of Yando 

By Allalexallday at 05,May,19 14:30 other posts of Allalexallday 
By #583549 at 20,Oct,19 11:37
Cool cock ring! I love this style!

By german_guy at 20,Oct,19 17:11 other posts of german_guy 
Looks great.. I've got the same and love it
By #583549 at 20,Oct,19 17:28
I have the wide flat ones but I really like the look of the wide rings with the rounded top!I need too buy these!

By #583549 at 20,Oct,19 11:35
I wear my wide metel cock and ball rings amost all the time.I really enjoy feeling the weight and heft of them while walking and wanking with them on! I plan on buying more different styles of rings too wear.

By #584883 at 20,Oct,19 07:27
[deleted image] I love my cock ring!

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