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who banned? 22,Feb,10 02:21
Here is my cock! 03,Feb,09 23:55


By bjuk at 10,Jan,23 23:27
You make no sense.

By bjuk at 23,Oct,22 22:13

By bjuk at 02,Jun,22 20:48
So what?

By bjuk at 02,Jun,22 12:52

By bjuk at 18,May,22 22:13

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By bjuk at 10,Jan,21 23:57

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By bjuk at 15,Dec,20 22:32
I always thought that

By bjuk at 15,Dec,20 22:30

By bjuk at 15,Dec,20 22:20
He talks utter shite.

By bjuk at 15,Dec,19 09:44
Liberal Democrat’s for the win.

By bjuk at 14,Dec,19 22:28
I don't vote Labour.

By bjuk at 30,Nov,19 08:33
Forskin is just like that

By bjuk at 26,Nov,19 23:08
Nah I ain't circumcised

By bjuk at 25,Nov,19 22:15
I get hard instantly if I touch myself.

By bjuk at 26,Oct,19 21:35

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By bjuk at 01,Mar,18 18:35
Hard to choose

By bjuk at 03,Jan,18 23:52

By bjuk at 02,Jan,18 20:14

By bjuk at 24,Dec,17 14:51
I don't think he does.

By bjuk at 10,Dec,17 01:20
I see Valentino and Whistles are back causing their usual shit.

By bjuk at 27,Jun,17 22:08
Not enough

By bjuk at 20,Jun,17 22:47
Always good to be shaved.

By bjuk at 08,Jun,17 20:33
He was being an abusive twat and it would appear admin has deleted his account. Rightly so.

By bjuk at 07,Jun,17 22:23
Getting rid of fakes and people like Valentino
--------------------------------------- added after 45 hours

I posted because of idiots like Valentino abusing people more than anything.

By bjuk at 04,Jun,17 22:46
Surely it is time for ValentinoBoss and Johnnyboy22 to fuck off?

By bjuk at 31,May,17 22:00
ValentinoBoss is a dickhead and a weirdo

By bjuk at 16,Mar,17 00:45
Shaved is always best.

By bjuk at 12,Feb,17 03:26
Or sit down instead in a cubicle

By bjuk at 14,Jan,17 13:20

By bjuk at 14,Jan,17 13:19
It's all a crap myth

By bjuk at 14,Jan,17 13:17
I prefer them shaved

By bjuk at 10,Jan,17 01:27
It happens I guess its just the lies that piss me off but that is the way this site is.

By bjuk at 09,Jan,17 23:54
Sick of random people sending me IM's just to talk utter shit and spreading lies.

By bjuk at 25,Jul,10 18:42
Anyone would be better.

It may put an end to retarded idiots of this site accusing me of things I havnt done and burning my points.

By bjuk at 17,Jul,10 18:47
Well it would be good if:

All hail to
KING of the site!

Was removed off everyones profile!

By bjuk at 27,Jun,10 10:16
I can never seem to find the right one still

By bjuk at 27,Jun,10 09:53
Yeah its not easy getting the right condom

By bjuk at 26,Mar,10 01:54
oh no!

By bjuk at 05,May,09 21:49
I am

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By bjuk at 16,Feb,09 19:01

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