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Started by #444014 at 17,Feb,15 19:41
As a lot of people will have noticed,there are guys who like to get creative with the pictures they post.

Manipulating the size of their stuff.

When they are questioned about it,they get defensive..

Post the pictures you think are 'manipulated/photoshopped'

Let the members decide if what you post is really you.

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New Comment

By tecsan at 23,Nov,20 23:30 other posts of tecsan 
By HotFuckerBoy at 24,Nov,20 17:26 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
What Sucks***༼☯﹏☯༽ ?
By #551147 at 24,Nov,20 17:53
What's with the ***'s? LMAO
By HotFuckerBoy at 24,Nov,20 19:08 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
I'm awaiting the answer myself ༼☯﹏☯༽

By tecsan at 26,Nov,20 01:44 other posts of tecsan 
That is not me and I promise you...He is trying to portray something like me...There are two things the ass did wrong...Ask me in private if you doubt me...༼☯﹏☯༽
By HotFuckerBoy at 26,Nov,20 08:00 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
Oh, for fucks sake... all I did was simply copy pasted this thingy you're so fond of ༼☯﹏☯༽ Here's more ༼☯﹏☯༽ ༼☯﹏☯༽ ༼☯﹏☯༽ ༼☯﹏☯༽ ༼☯﹏☯༽
By #551147 at 26,Nov,20 20:46
I like YOUR 1st response better...

Ole softie, you!
By Dev01 at 26,Nov,20 20:50 other posts of Dev01 

By tecsan at 26,Nov,20 23:38 other posts of tecsan 
And here is more fuck off and suck a dick...Meaning you know who to go suck that dick...༼☯﹏☯༽
By Dev01 at 27,Nov,20 00:28 other posts of Dev01 
I want a meal ass tickler, not a fuckin snack ༼☯﹏☯༽
Is that an extra bellybutton or a brain prolapse ༼☯﹏☯༽
By tecsan at 27,Nov,20 00:33 other posts of tecsan 
Really that is all you got...No threats like the last time bitch...༼☯﹏☯༽
By Dev01 at 27,Nov,20 00:36 other posts of Dev01 
Ladidadida, fuckin mutt.One stolen pic legend. Your life don't matter at all dick cheese motherfucker ༼☯﹏☯༽
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

Don't know why you have Troll status, can't even spell it yet afford to live under a fuckin bridge you semantic blockage. Eat a gun cunt.
By tecsan at 27,Nov,20 01:23 other posts of tecsan 
Does the word cornhole mean anything to you ... Now get lost...No threats here like you...Go on your way...

By HotFuckerBoy at 27,Nov,20 15:22 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
Dev01 I would say tecsan is just another 40+ year old virgin living in his mother's basement, but somehow I don't think so. While still a pathetic virgin, I believe this sad keyboard warrior is much, much older. In this case, age clearly does not denote wisdom.

By HotFuckerBoy at 27,Nov,20 14:25 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
@ tecsan I seriously doubt anyone can understand your nonsensical babbling, but I'll give it a shot.  So, what you're tying to tell us is that you know where to go to suck cocks? Okay, not much use for me, but you have fun with that big guy.

Or perhaps you're trying to tell me how much you want to suck my cock? I guess I can't blame you after seeing how much time you spent studying my pictures of my penis on my page. Normally I prefer to be serviced by women, but, in your sad lonely case, I'll make an exception. Aren't I a nice guy?

I must warn you though, I'm a deep seeder so don't be surprised when I push it all the way in your mouth to have my ejaculation. Lucky you, my cum tastes sweet and you'll love the tasty, creamy treat.

Almost forgot this... ༼☯﹏☯༽ and here's a custom one just for you kiss my ass
By tecsan at 28,Nov,20 01:53 other posts of tecsan 
Damn you are a twink to...Please get lost...I do not care to be around or associate with twinks like you...Gays are ok as friends...But you can take your gay twink ideas and put them in your gay ass...Keep copying me...I know I am your idol now little twink...༼☯﹏☯༽
By HotFuckerBoy at 28,Nov,20 16:28 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
Here we go with more of tecsan's nonsensical babbling... (insert eyeroll) Good god, Man, is English really your first language?  If so, perhaps you dropped out of school too early, like elementary? Anyhow, I guess it's up to me to try to decifer this garbage you posted.

So, you're into something called "twinks"? To be honest, I had to look up the term because I was not familiar. Once I did, I saw why it wasn't known to me. Apparently it's a prevalent term within the gay community,  something you obviously know much about.

Your lack of coherent communication skills gives an average person a headache, perhaps itís time you run along now little man. Pop open your laptop, or whatever you use, and pound your pud (that means to jack off) to young guys in the nude you enjoy so much, I won't judge you. To each thier own, they say.  I now see why you enjoy looking at my penis so much, you idolize it.
By tecsan at 30,Nov,20 22:21 other posts of tecsan 
Hate it...But, ruffled your twink feathers did I not...Someone admits it in they're page what is the problem???I do not mind twinks...More females for me...Wow, what is to understand there...Figure out which side of the fence you are on...I do have two gay friends and think they would laugh at this crap...They know I am not, but why does that matter...Can we still just be platonic friends???Go figure your stupid reasoning...༼☯﹏☯༽

By TWOWARMTTS3 at 01,Dec,20 09:48 other posts of TWOWARMTTS3 
A vacuum cleaner

By curvy8 at 28,Nov,20 08:28 other posts of curvy8 
I had some fun with Photoshop. Imagining my 8" becoming a 12" cervix slayer
By HotFuckerBoy at 29,Nov,20 12:15 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
I like that you're having fun and admitting its photoshoped. Itís the goofballs that try to make us believe they really have some sort of 13" monster cock and then deny obvious photo altering that's hilarious to me. Keep having fun, that's what it's about

By TWOWARMTTS3 at 29,Nov,20 09:35 other posts of TWOWARMTTS3 

--------------------------------------- added after 48 hours

BIDEN 2024

By licksipsuckit at 24,Nov,20 14:21 other posts of licksipsuckit 

horsebull pics are all photoshopped, yet people still cant see it.. he's be the worlds most wanted pornstar, but I don't see him on any 'extremely huge horse hung cock men' porn *lix*
By HotFuckerBoy at 24,Nov,20 17:24 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
In some of these his cock is bigger around than his arm I swear, the time some people put into trying to make themselves more endowed. Major insecurities...
By licksipsuckit at 25,Nov,20 19:02 other posts of licksipsuckit 
yeah, he should have shopped some muscles on those puny little arms, he'd need them to hold that 25 kg slug up, his wrist is half the size of his cock, and it would break trying to hold it up *lix*
By Dev01 at 25,Nov,20 19:10 other posts of Dev01 
Looks like off some playstation game. Throne of dicks. I bet some think they are legit
By licksipsuckit at 25,Nov,20 22:54 other posts of licksipsuckit 
that would be one hell of a great throne... and going by the comments, many do !! *Lix*
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

only registered users can see external links
By Dev01 at 25,Nov,20 23:28 other posts of Dev01 

By HotFuckerBoy at 25,Nov,20 21:42 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
You're right about that. One would jacking that "big thing" off would build some muscles too
By Dev01 at 25,Nov,20 22:31 other posts of Dev01 
Lix was right about arms too
By HotFuckerBoy at 26,Nov,20 08:07 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 

By TWOWARMTTS3 at 29,Nov,20 09:20 other posts of TWOWARMTTS3 
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes


By #551147 at 26,Nov,20 20:53
Unno, some have speculated that the picture below is "photoshopped". I just! I just don't know...

What do YOU think?
By Dev01 at 26,Nov,20 20:56 other posts of Dev01 
No... that's legit

By *kmadeau* at 26,Nov,20 21:32 other posts of *kmadeau* 
I think it is! If not, then China gonna fuck us all the way deep!
By #551147 at 27,Nov,20 03:46
I think YOU'RE on to something...

By Hambone at 26,Nov,20 21:37 other posts of Hambone 
No the China guy is to old.
By Dev01 at 26,Nov,20 21:40 other posts of Dev01 

By Jamie at 27,Nov,20 17:43 other posts of Jamie 
Is that our new president with a China president

By HotFuckerBoy at 23,Nov,20 18:21 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
Maybe its time to revive thus thread, been seeing a lot of "artistic creativity" these few days

I noticed that part of the floor seems to be making the jump to light speed in this one. Some sort of a space/time continuum issue going on

By Jamie at 23,Nov,20 18:34 other posts of Jamie 
The paint job on the wall looks fuck up
By HotFuckerBoy at 23,Nov,20 18:47 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
Yeah, it's kinda wonky
By #551147 at 23,Nov,20 18:48
That's caused from the fumes emanating off that bullshit...

By bella! at 23,Nov,20 19:53 other posts of bella! 
What do you think is going on in this picture?

By #551147 at 23,Nov,20 20:32
I would caption that as "when your cocks being sucked into a black hole".

I just looked through the rest of his gallery, EVERY pic involving his wiener is manipulated. Must be insecure or something.

Couldn't resist, I sent him a nice, bad gift.
By HotFuckerBoy at 23,Nov,20 20:53 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
Looks like when they distort movies or shows to emulate what a character sees on an acid trip
By #551147 at 23,Nov,20 20:55
Lol that too!

By bigg at 24,Nov,20 15:20 other posts of bigg 
maybe the camera slipped
By HotFuckerBoy at 24,Nov,20 17:25 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
"Something" happened here
By #551147 at 24,Nov,20 17:55
Yeah, the poor thang is in denial of his manhood. One the comments on his page, he says - "those aren't photoshopped". 😄😆😂🤣

By licksipsuckit at 19,Nov,18 21:03 other posts of licksipsuckit 

aussieman getting creative *lix*
By leopoldij at 24,Nov,18 21:03 other posts of leopoldij 
Lix, be careful!
I warn you!
This is NOT photoshopped!
This guy is the devil.
Beware of him!
By licksipsuckit at 24,Nov,18 21:56 other posts of licksipsuckit 
mmmm yeah he's devilish delicious and so damn irresistible .. *lix*
By leopoldij at 25,Nov,18 02:11 other posts of leopoldij 
He'll burn your pussy.
By licksipsuckit at 27,Nov,18 22:16 other posts of licksipsuckit 
he sure has, lm scared for life, with a permanent smile plastered on my face lol, *Lix*
By leopoldij at 28,Nov,18 03:10 other posts of leopoldij 
You're both perverts.
By licksipsuckit at 28,Nov,18 03:46 other posts of licksipsuckit 
yeah, we cant help it

By #562152 at 02,Dec,18 09:51
WOW, baby,,I thought your "horns" were in your head,,,

By bigg at 24,Nov,20 15:22 other posts of bigg 
must have fireproof hair on his bollix

By leopoldij at 06,May,20 15:51 other posts of leopoldij 
Does collage count as photoshop?
I glued together 10 pics,
of 10 different girls,
directly from original pics
that I took myself.

By HotFuckerBoy at 04,May,20 19:41 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 

Something is a little off here. The face and pussy look rather flat and pasted on

By DarkMax at 01,Dec,18 17:32 other posts of DarkMax 
I photoshoped this for fun

the doubled length
By *kmadeau* at 01,Dec,18 23:54 other posts of *kmadeau* 
that's Okay, when just for fun
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

would you like to comment this member


By #559941 at 14,Nov,18 18:09
By #562152 at 17,Nov,18 13:49
and raise you
By licksipsuckit at 19,Nov,18 21:02 other posts of licksipsuckit 
and a suck for good luck
By #551147 at 19,Nov,18 22:49
I'll see your and raise you a

By #562152 at 01,Dec,18 11:38
I call,,,

By #562152 at 26,Nov,18 10:57

By leopoldij at 24,Nov,18 18:49 other posts of leopoldij 
Is this photoshopped you think?
By licksipsuckit at 24,Nov,18 20:52 other posts of licksipsuckit 
no way, you only fuck real girls Leo *lix*
By leopoldij at 24,Nov,18 21:00 other posts of leopoldij 
You're right. Some have tried to find my pics on the internet. Ha ha. Try as hard as you like and you won't find them.
They're original.
--------------------------------------- added after 81 seconds

BTW, I don't fuck models or pornstars. I fuck real ordinary down to earth women. I like them a lot. I h.a.t.e. pornstar types actually.

By DarkMax at 18,Nov,18 02:50 other posts of DarkMax 

By 2nice at 01,Aug,18 08:44 other posts of 2nice 
Really? I mean this picture is obviously shopped, but who would want a dick that big? You wouldnít be able to have sex with anyone.

By JustWill at 01,Aug,18 09:20 other posts of JustWill 
He just has to find someone with a proportionately shopped hole...
By #460385 at 01,Aug,18 11:34
Yeah, like a Walrus.

By aoneeyedmonster at 01,Aug,18 11:52 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
Anybody KIK him yet

By #550094 at 01,Aug,18 12:13
At least, a Thigh job with that would feel nice.

Without penetration- who Wouldn't want that big cock
rubbing between his or her thighs, from behind,
from front, cowgirl position, doggy, face-down with that
big thing rubbing between the cheeks, oily tit-fuck,
even spooned by it!

At most, he'd get a handjob (two hands) with that.
Strap him down, I'll lube my hands and edge
dafuq outta him for several hours!

By #545929 at 01,Aug,18 12:20
Maybe it is just a really, really, small coffee cup.

By #562152 at 17,Nov,18 13:52
he reminds me of Razzle

By bella! at 07,Sep,18 12:49 other posts of bella! 
Perhaps the members that voted and/or commented on this picture could convince me that this picture is not Photoshop'd. The young man's bio says he 10.5 inches yet in this picture he claims to be 11.5 inches. Wow! It must have been a good day for pictures!

By #562152 at 17,Nov,18 13:51
We have to give him the benefit of the doubt,, just because it looks like a Genoa Salami with ridges does not mean it's photo shopped

By leopoldij at 14,Nov,18 17:58 other posts of leopoldij 
Real or not?
By licksipsuckit at 14,Nov,18 21:57 other posts of licksipsuckit 
lm going out on a limb and saying its real, just the angle of the pic, if it is shopped, its a very good job *lix*

By _avg_ at 17,Nov,18 00:45 other posts of _avg_ 
Dude has several other photos from this and other angles that all appear consistent, and my practiced eyes don't see any obvious signs of manipulation.

So let me turn the tables a bit and ask, what gives you reason to think this might be 'shopped?
By leopoldij at 17,Nov,18 00:51 other posts of leopoldij 
I'm just wondering...
By #562152 at 17,Nov,18 13:48
me too,,,i'd love to do study,,

By #550094 at 01,Aug,18 12:18
I'm still waiting to see smurfs jump out from
hiding beneath that head...

( surprise! ) BOO!

By leopoldij at 26,Feb,18 19:24 other posts of leopoldij 
How about this one?
Its owner claims it is real.
--------------------------------------- added after 80 seconds

By #552392 at 23,Jul,18 12:30
Hard to tell

By lahbr at 23,Jul,18 06:47 other posts of lahbr 
By leopoldij at 23,Jul,18 06:47 other posts of leopoldij 
Which of the two cocks is photoshopped? Yours or his?
By lahbr at 23,Jul,18 07:00 other posts of lahbr 
It was a pic of me. He is Photoshop
By leopoldij at 23,Jul,18 07:01 other posts of leopoldij 
I know. I was joking

By lahbr at 23,Jul,18 07:01 other posts of lahbr 
Do u like it?
By leopoldij at 23,Jul,18 07:02 other posts of leopoldij 
Yes. But it's unfair to you. Don't make comparisons. Just USE whatever you have.

By leopoldij at 21,Jul,18 07:19 other posts of leopoldij 
Photoshopped or not?
By 2nice at 21,Jul,18 10:54 other posts of 2nice 
Looks genuine to me.
By leopoldij at 21,Jul,18 10:57 other posts of leopoldij 
But so thin??? Never seen anything like that
By sinanff47 at 21,Jul,18 22:24 other posts of sinanff47 
'ADS'. 'Anorexic Dick Syndrome'.

And now he's gone, maybe to a SPH site?
By leopoldij at 22,Jul,18 01:41 other posts of leopoldij 
SPH = ???
By sinanff47 at 22,Jul,18 02:05 other posts of sinanff47 
Small Penis Humiliation.
By leopoldij at 22,Jul,18 02:26 other posts of leopoldij 
Oh I see. Thanks.

By licksipsuckit at 22,Jul,18 06:08 other posts of licksipsuckit 
l reckon that could be real, lve never seen one so out of proportion but it looks legit *lix*
By leopoldij at 22,Jul,18 11:26 other posts of leopoldij 
The image was stolen, the account was deleted.
The original image WAS weird.
I've never seen such a thin cock before.

By licksipsuckit at 22,Jul,18 04:09 other posts of licksipsuckit 

this one claims its all his, but my shopping senses are tingling *lix*

By Skittles at 11,Apr,18 14:28 other posts of Skittles 
Where is Razzle?

By leopoldij at 16,May,17 15:10 other posts of leopoldij 
The biggest cockhead/shaft ratio I've ever seen. He surely must be in the Guinness Book of Records:

The same member has a pic of the smallest cockhead/shaft ratio I've ever seen:

What do you think?
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

As for the pussies on that page, they also seem to be on the large size:

It's a page of extremes.
--------------------------------------- added after 26 hours

Any comments?
By licksipsuckit at 18,May,17 01:48 other posts of licksipsuckit 
first one is definitely shopped, and the second looks a tad big for 6 and half inches around.. as for the pussy, l think that's real *lix*
By leopoldij at 18,May,17 14:55 other posts of leopoldij 
I agree with you. I just thought that the pussy is enormous. It's from the same page however. So i thought that the particular member likes things big and, in case they are not that big he enlarges them artificially.

By t-rex at 27,May,17 22:49 other posts of t-rex 
I love that big cockhead, that is hilarious 😁

By DJS at 16,Jul,17 04:53 other posts of DJS 
that cockhead could be a new design for a umbrella,
By leopoldij at 16,Jul,17 08:36 other posts of leopoldij 
Ha ha ha
By DJS at 15,Aug,17 04:32 other posts of DJS 
just waiting for the patent mate
By leopoldij at 15,Aug,17 10:43 other posts of leopoldij 
Unless you make money from it, it's not worth waiting!

By #550094 at 11,Apr,18 10:04
DAYUM! That dude's cock head is so big he could
steer cars with it!

By leopoldij at 11,Apr,18 08:51 other posts of leopoldij 
Photoshopped or not?

--------------------------------------- added after 5 hours

Is it?

By leopoldij at 25,Feb,18 07:42 other posts of leopoldij 
Photoshopped or not?
--------------------------------------- added after 15 hours

maybe not...
By #551226 at 26,Feb,18 15:05
Holy shit I just found my car keys.
By leopoldij at 26,Feb,18 18:28 other posts of leopoldij 
Did you have to shove your arm all the way in to find them?
By mr_blue at 26,Feb,18 18:31 other posts of mr_blue 
Looks like she had a cunt punt leo
By leopoldij at 26,Feb,18 18:37 other posts of leopoldij 
Do You suspect it's Photoshopped?
By mr_blue at 26,Feb,18 18:40 other posts of mr_blue 
Yeah,you can see the blurring when you zoom in.. and it looks like a screenshot.
By leopoldij at 26,Feb,18 18:42 other posts of leopoldij 
It's professionally done though.

By #536760 at 19,Oct,17 02:15
Did anyone else notice? somethings looks fake.
By sinanff47 at 19,Oct,17 22:51 other posts of sinanff47 
Of course! Nobody really has a paint roller under their chair.
By #536760 at 20,Oct,17 00:18
If you mean my goaty ? I'm very sensitive about my stylish look.)
By sinanff47 at 20,Oct,17 00:50 other posts of sinanff47 
No, I actually mean the real paint roller that 'souta' has under that chair in this pic.
By #536760 at 20,Oct,17 04:04
Oops didn't see it. Like I said very sensitive about paint roller comments. Or maybe I didn't say that. Wish I had though. I'm shore you understand.

By #536760 at 20,Oct,17 00:21

By licksipsuckit at 06,Sep,17 20:11 other posts of licksipsuckit 

loving this double dick *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 26,Aug,17 21:17 other posts of licksipsuckit 
only registered users can see external links
hahahaha, gotta love the haters, so l'll add it here just to add some more speculation for them, now guess which part is photoshopped?? lve added the original just to help you *lix*
By leopoldij at 27,Aug,17 00:21 other posts of leopoldij 
I heard you spend hours daily applying makeup and mascara and creams and stuff on your ass to hide your skin imperfections. But then that's what all OZ women do I was told. You're all so vain. All you care about is dick. Shame on you all!
By licksipsuckit at 27,Aug,17 09:12 other posts of licksipsuckit 
fuck yeah, l got nothing better to do than make my arse look like some ones face.. you can see the eye liner on my arse hole, makes its heaps better to fuck too, like a target for cock.. better get me one of them filters too, to make it look like a movie star arse.. with sparkles and orbs *lix*
By leopoldij at 27,Aug,17 12:25 other posts of leopoldij 

By #536760 at 26,Aug,17 22:40
That Platycodon grandiflorus in the back is not native to australia.
By sinanff47 at 27,Aug,17 01:55 other posts of sinanff47 
?? I don't see any blue flowers. ??

By licksipsuckit at 01,Mar,17 21:23 other posts of licksipsuckit 
only registered users can see external links
my attempt at photo shopping me a twin and in church, two deadly sins *lix*
By #43094 at 09,May,17 11:24
very nice and exiting picture among all picture

By 0-00 at 09,May,17 14:24 other posts of 0-00 
Interesting pic that... I have done a few similar ones of my own that I have never posted. I sometimes fantasise about having a twin of my fuck buddy - she is bisexual and two of her would be awesome!
By licksipsuckit at 10,May,17 00:02 other posts of licksipsuckit 
l tried to add aussieman in it but l got it all wrong so this was the best l could do *lix*

By Roger_Ramjet at 17,Jun,17 04:03 other posts of Roger_Ramjet 
Two of you? I'd be in heaven
By licksipsuckit at 22,Aug,17 01:21 other posts of licksipsuckit 
they broke the mould when they made me lol, *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 21,Aug,17 00:30 other posts of licksipsuckit 

might have exaggerated a little l think *lix*
By leopoldij at 21,Aug,17 11:52 other posts of leopoldij 
No!!! What makes you think so????
By licksipsuckit at 21,Aug,17 20:57 other posts of licksipsuckit 
because none of these big cocked blokes will do it live on cam... if l had a cock that size, l would be flashing it all over the place, if every man and woman wanted to fuck me, ld have a line up around the block, the line would be visible from space.. they should let me be their manager of their big cock... it would get tired from being hard all day and fucked so much *lix*
By leopoldij at 22,Aug,17 00:43 other posts of leopoldij 

By #535670 at 17,Aug,17 21:02
How about this guy? >>>>> /member.php?w=539242

By #536760 at 18,Aug,17 03:53
By HotFuckerBoy at 18,Aug,17 06:14 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
Ummmm.... okay.... don't they usually photoshop the other way? As in enhancing their size to bigger?
By leopoldij at 18,Aug,17 08:33 other posts of leopoldij 
Not if you wished your dick was a clit.

By #517356 at 18,Aug,17 03:20

how about this ' photo '
By #536760 at 18,Aug,17 03:57
Lol someone please put trumps head on this..

By leopoldij at 18,Aug,17 04:16 other posts of leopoldij 
You preemptied me. I was about to post this...

By licksipsuckit at 13,Aug,17 01:24 other posts of licksipsuckit 

l love a good pinocchio shot *lix*
By SammyBW at 13,Aug,17 04:01 other posts of SammyBW 
Haha great one

By bella! at 23,Jul,17 22:36 other posts of bella! 
Is it my imagination or is this member's equipment too good to be true?

By footluvrsgirl at 23,Jul,17 22:43 other posts of footluvrsgirl 
I had the same thought.......

By _avg_ at 23,Jul,17 22:52 other posts of _avg_ 
It's not photoshopped, but I'd wager they *are* stolen images: he is a verified member at LPSG with 849 photos and 8 vids of himself:

only registered users can see external links

He's even had his pics stolen by those online pill companies advertising on porn sites: only registered users can see external links

And, for the record he is a bit shy of "only" 9 inches: only registered users can see external links
By bella! at 23,Jul,17 23:39 other posts of bella! 
Thank you for your input.

Only thing is, the three links you provided did not show "us" the pictures you intended us to see. Perhaps we need to be LPSG members? Anyone else run into the same problem of not seeing any of the pages of pictures or is it just ME?
By Arexa at 23,Jul,17 23:52 other posts of Arexa 
I'm a member there. I'll attach a screenshot.

By bella! at 24,Jul,17 00:12 other posts of bella! 
Dang! That's quite an impressive penis.
By #363802 at 25,Jul,17 08:05
OMG Your not kidding! That is one beautiful cock! He's got a great pair of balls to go with it too! Imagine being the lucky person who gets to make that cum?

By aoneeyedmonster at 25,Jul,17 09:13 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
what's the name of the site?
By Arexa at 25,Jul,17 12:36 other posts of Arexa
I've been on there a couple years. Since I'm s member and was logged in, the above links worked fine for me.
By #363802 at 25,Jul,17 12:53
I just joined Lpsg, WOW!
By Arexa at 25,Jul,17 21:52 other posts of Arexa 
I have a different username on there. I wanna see if I can change it to match here. I should check on that now.
You might like fetlife, too. I'm on there as well.
By #363802 at 25,Jul,17 23:58
I have a different username on there as well, I would like to change it to match this one. If you figure out how to, please let me know! I'll check out fetlife, thanks!
By Arexa at 26,Jul,17 01:29 other posts of Arexa 
Apparently you can't change your username on Lpsg yet. They're working on making that an available feature. Bummer!
By #363802 at 26,Jul,17 08:04

By #363802 at 26,Jul,17 08:47
I just joined fetlife as well! I am TSgurlSindy on fetlife too!

By aoneeyedmonster at 25,Jul,17 09:12 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
I had the same problem and with the last two links there is nothing there!
By _avg_ at 25,Jul,17 21:05 other posts of _avg_ 
You have to be a member to view other member's profile's, apparently.

By bella! at 25,Jul,17 22:53 other posts of bella! 
Nice call, _avg_, and thanks for following up with the real sdp that can be found on LPSG.

Member #538708, sdp92, was a fraud. Although the man parts reflected in the pictures posted were not Photoshop'd and were very legit, the pictures uploaded on SYD were used without the express permission of the rightful owner.

By SammyBW at 24,Jul,17 12:25 other posts of SammyBW 
What about him?


Too good to be true?
--------------------------------------- added after 24 hours

Aaaand he's gone
By bella! at 24,Jul,17 12:52 other posts of bella! 
Who is that member trying to fool? Now that's frickin' funny! Thar little pea sized head on top of that pumped up body! Paint him green and call him Lou Ferrigno aka the Incredible Hulk.
By HotFuckerBoy at 24,Jul,17 14:47 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
Haha look at the second pic of his upper body. When he widened it in photoshop he even widened the wall and closet door behind him.... bwahaha
By SammyBW at 25,Jul,17 00:59 other posts of SammyBW 
Aaaah you're right. I didn't even see it but thanks for pointing it out

By #519017 at 24,Jul,17 16:26
This is mine for real. No photoshopping!

By 2nice at 24,Jul,17 18:57 other posts of 2nice 

By 2nice at 24,Jul,17 18:57 other posts of 2nice 
Gee, thanks for your off topic insignificant rude intrusion.

By *kmadeau* at 24,Jul,17 14:20 other posts of *kmadeau* 
Warning to all Photoshoppers here:
Guys, the only way for you how to have a really big dick is...when you have one deep inside your butt!!!

By DarkMax at 09,Dec,16 11:54 other posts of DarkMax 
By leopoldij at 11,Dec,16 08:42 other posts of leopoldij 
By DarkMax at 24,Jul,17 11:41 other posts of DarkMax 
The original

By licksipsuckit at 27,May,17 08:51 other posts of licksipsuckit 

this is a good one *lix*
By leopoldij at 27,May,17 21:51 other posts of leopoldij 
This is a disease: triphallia. There's also diphallia.
By licksipsuckit at 28,May,17 16:18 other posts of licksipsuckit 
l didn't think it had a name, but that's good, l wonder if its contagious??

yep, it does look like its catching *lix*
By leopoldij at 28,May,17 17:04 other posts of leopoldij 
I've had a few beers tonight. I'm seeing things double.

By DarkMax at 24,Jul,17 11:38 other posts of DarkMax 
A good work in the Photoshop

By DarkMax at 24,Jul,17 11:36 other posts of DarkMax 
photoshopped & real one

By leopoldij at 16,Jul,17 02:28 other posts of leopoldij 
What do you think of this one?

--------------------------------------- added after 6 hours

Fake then?

By *kmadeau* at 07,May,17 13:57 other posts of *kmadeau* 
Photoshopped or Not?

--------------------------------------- added after 5 hours

one more here

By leopoldij at 07,May,17 20:29 other posts of leopoldij 
The first one is real.
The second one is not photoshopped.
By *kmadeau* at 07,May,17 21:57 other posts of *kmadeau* 
Dear Leo, the first one is combination of 3 dick's pieces, try to find how, but you need to use (+) zoom
By leopoldij at 07,May,17 23:46 other posts of leopoldij 
Oh really? I'd say there's no way for these images to be photoshopped. They look a soooo real.
By *kmadeau* at 08,May,17 08:19 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By yeahright at 07,May,17 21:21 other posts of yeahright 
Just saw the second one on the main page. Definitely shopped.
By licksipsuckit at 08,May,17 07:19 other posts of licksipsuckit 
absolutely shopped, both of them, if l had a cock that big, ld have that many pics of it, they dedicate a whole site to it *lix*
By #268494 at 08,May,17 07:36
very very very RIGHT!

By #535403 at 17,Jun,17 05:20
By leopoldij at 17,Jun,17 12:16 other posts of leopoldij 
I don't know about the pic above, but this one is both real and hot! You got an amazing pair of boobs and lovely suckable nipples baby.

By licksipsuckit at 15,Jun,17 00:52 other posts of licksipsuckit 

double the dick, and two
different dicks lol, *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 08,Jun,17 16:46 other posts of licksipsuckit 

nice to have fun with your shopping *lix*

By leopoldij at 10,May,17 09:43 other posts of leopoldij 
How about this one?

--------------------------------------- added after 28 seconds

What do you think of the size of her balls? Huge or normal?
By *kmadeau* at 10,May,17 09:52 other posts of *kmadeau* 
By leopoldij at 11,May,17 09:31 other posts of leopoldij 
Pumped AND magnified locally.

By *kmadeau* at 09,May,17 22:16 other posts of *kmadeau* 
wow, we have a new Star now

guess Photoshopped or Not?
By leopoldij at 09,May,17 22:21 other posts of leopoldij 
I don't think so. Many members think it's real, so it must be real:

By diddy12 at 08,May,17 22:50

Hands down has got to be the BIGGEST COCK on here. Perfection at its best.

By kater123 at 08,May,17 23:44

sensational a true eye-cacher

By *00S at 09,May,17 05:27


By engr_tuhin at 09,May,17 06:14

Wow ! what a cock !!!1!!!

By lyfunny at 09,May,17 08:06


By HOOSIER10 at 09,May,17 13:16


By tinydickfag at 09,May,17 16:27

WOW. I'll need at least two hands to stroke it.

By qqqq1234 at 09,May,17 16:46

the only way this pic could be better is if you weren't wearing a shirt

By malecall4 at 09,May,17 18:56

incredible length

By transparentlies at 09,May,17 19:09

that's not fake at all...

By pinkcock at 09,May,17 20:38

wwwooowww man it is real this big cock i want testedd to fuck my hole i want inside all ur dick

By hornycocky94 at 09,May,17 20:55

thats huge!

By rittycock at 09,May,17 21:48

greatest cock ever...more pls!

By CumSooner at 09,May,17 21:59

hottest pic I have ever seen on here
By licksipsuckit at 10,May,17 00:02 other posts of licksipsuckit 
not a fake, but a fake account and web shots, everyone shows on different sites and none are the same bloke... but its a good try to get past the radars, and lm sure will be gone in no time flat *lix*

By leopoldij at 08,May,17 17:00 other posts of leopoldij 
By *kmadeau* at 08,May,17 20:25 other posts of *kmadeau* 
real, and even though they look like bull's ones...
By leopoldij at 09,May,17 06:37 other posts of leopoldij 
I'm sorry to disappoint you....
By *kmadeau* at 09,May,17 10:29 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By *kmadeau* at 30,Apr,17 21:14 other posts of *kmadeau* 
Photoshopped or Not?

By yeahright at 30,Apr,17 21:25 other posts of yeahright 
I'd have to say shopped

By licksipsuckit at 30,Apr,17 21:27 other posts of licksipsuckit 

if that isn't, this one surely is, its a totally different colour to rest of him *lix*

By biggerdick at 30,Apr,17 21:29 other posts of biggerdick 
Ya but I'd love to play with a cock like that! Imagine...
By *kmadeau* at 01,May,17 13:39 other posts of *kmadeau* 
just in your Dreams only...

By t-rex at 30,Apr,17 23:34 other posts of t-rex 
Not !!! Lol
By licksipsuckit at 08,May,17 07:27 other posts of licksipsuckit 

same pic as the first one, different bloke using it *lix*

By leopoldij at 23,Mar,17 19:23 other posts of leopoldij 
Someone told me this pic I posted is fake. What do you think?
By licksipsuckit at 24,Mar,17 21:30 other posts of licksipsuckit 
not at all, looks pretty real.. *lix*
By leopoldij at 25,Mar,17 00:58 other posts of leopoldij 
It is real. Thanks. I challenged him to prove it's stolen. He couldn't. Ha ha.

By **FlyingCum** at 15,Mar,17 08:08 other posts of **FlyingCum** 
This one is definitely real right? It totally matches with the ruler one next to it that stays in consecutive inches one side but repeats centremeters on the other side. The ruler must be wrong for sure!

By leopoldij at 15,Mar,17 08:28 other posts of leopoldij 
But he's an alien!

By leopoldij at 15,Mar,17 08:29 other posts of leopoldij 
Even if it was real, would you ever fuck such a cock? I mean, wouldn't you be scared that he'd destroy your pussy? Honestly now....
By **FlyingCum** at 15,Mar,17 09:10 other posts of **FlyingCum** 
No. I would not fuck a cock this big if it was real.
By leopoldij at 15,Mar,17 19:20 other posts of leopoldij 

By leopoldij at 15,Mar,17 19:34 other posts of leopoldij 
There are men with even longer dicks however. Honestly. Look.
only registered users can see external links
By **FlyingCum** at 15,Mar,17 21:46 other posts of **FlyingCum** 
That video does not prove anything to me. He won't take his bandages off. The scans show a penis with an extra long foreskin that he modified himself.
By leopoldij at 16,Mar,17 01:25 other posts of leopoldij 
Maybe. I read about this some time ago in a reputable newspaper..... Either way, it looks disturbing.....

By leopoldij at 16,Mar,17 01:25 other posts of leopoldij 
Maybe. I read about this some time ago in a reputable newspaper..... Either way, it looks disturbing.....
I prefer my small but active dick
By **FlyingCum** at 16,Mar,17 07:52 other posts of **FlyingCum** 
Even reputable newspapers get it wrong sometimes... that's been proven on here already.
By leopoldij at 16,Mar,17 08:13 other posts of leopoldij 

By #501020 at 15,Mar,17 17:20
dafuq? frkn alien

By alien24 at 16,Mar,17 08:57 other posts of alien24 
Examine the pic well and you will see that there is no rigging.
By **FlyingCum** at 16,Mar,17 17:39 other posts of **FlyingCum** 
I have examined pic well. Too well. You can't take a pic like that and remove your hand. Your hand is where you've joined your two pics.

I having nothing against people using photoshopped pics here, I have some on my own page. However I'm not telling everyone it's real and not modified.
By alien24 at 17,Mar,17 03:59 other posts of alien24 
Lol you dont lack imagination ! Lol looks better ! You will see that there is no fitting, no stretching, no cutting, no editing or trick ! I have only one cock like that and you can like or not it will not change anything !
By _avg_ at 23,Mar,17 23:34 other posts of _avg_ 
You know, you probably shouldn't invite scrutiny when you're full of shit. FlyingCum may have imagination, but I have Photoshop, and years of experience using it, and a little free time on my hands. That's probably more relevant, here.

You see, not only have I made and seen a few 'shops in my day, I have also seen a dick or two. Funny thing, dicks; they have some distinctive, tell-tale features, things like...veins. Speaking of which:

At the end of the day, you are absolutely right: posting a Photoshopped penis pic will not change anything and you will be left with your sadly real manhood, and people can like the fantasy of your impossible-cock, or not (there's no accounting for taste...)

But don't fucking insult our intelligence.

By #531747 at 24,Mar,17 05:09

By nudedude125 at 01,Mar,17 02:32 other posts of nudedude125 
I know this is photoshopped. I thought you mlght liketo see it.
By licksipsuckit at 17,Mar,17 08:07 other posts of licksipsuckit 
Very nice *lix*

By Ocean_Scale at 06,Feb,17 14:47 other posts of Ocean_Scale 

Is this photoshopped?
By leopoldij at 06,Feb,17 18:42 other posts of leopoldij 

It looks huge on his video too...

By _avg_ at 16,Mar,17 01:38 other posts of _avg_ 
This is a fake profile; the pics are from 'Bigger Than Your Boy Friend' (BTYBF) on tumblr and elsewhere. only registered users can see external links

By leopoldij at 26,Feb,17 21:58 other posts of leopoldij 
How about this one?
By Arexa at 01,Mar,17 10:13 other posts of Arexa 
Dude wears cock rings and strategically angles his camera... I'd say it's more of a deception than a photoshop issue.
--------------------------------------- added after 32 seconds

Plus, if it was photoshopping, you'd think he'd remove those braces....
By leopoldij at 01,Mar,17 18:17 other posts of leopoldij 
Ha ha. The latter is a more convincing argument. You're very stir astute ( not just a pretty face)

By leopoldij at 01,Mar,17 18:18 other posts of leopoldij 
(Correction: not just a pretty pussy--I haven't seen your face)
By Arexa at 01,Mar,17 19:51 other posts of Arexa 
My face is nothing special, you're not missing out on much.
By leopoldij at 01,Mar,17 22:40 other posts of leopoldij 
Don't underestimate yourself.

By licksipsuckit at 05,Feb,17 21:43 other posts of licksipsuckit 

nothing suspect here *lix*
By leopoldij at 05,Feb,17 23:53 other posts of leopoldij 
Why would anyone suspect this? It's a perfectly normal penis. I asked an expert and he assured me that a diet full of high quality straw will result into a penis like this. I'm not sure, however, if posting penises of horses is legit here. Be careful.

By leopoldij at 27,Dec,16 19:56 other posts of leopoldij 
What do you think of this? Some people in the chat room claim he's for real. Any comments?

--------------------------------------- added after 6 hours

By sinanff47 at 29,Dec,16 22:15 other posts of sinanff47 
With his cock ring and the pumping he does, I think it's real.
By *kmadeau* at 01,Feb,17 13:08 other posts of *kmadeau* 
sure it's real

By #523323 at 20,Jan,17 14:01
Googled "Photoshop" came back as "Did you mean Razzle?"

By *kmadeau* at 01,Feb,17 13:07 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By licksipsuckit at 23,Jan,17 03:32 other posts of licksipsuckit 

wow, this ones a beauty *lix*
--------------------------------------- added after 210 hours


By leopoldij at 14,Jan,17 12:40 other posts of leopoldij 

By leopoldij at 29,Dec,16 20:17 other posts of leopoldij 
How about this?

By Arexa at 26,Dec,16 03:36 other posts of Arexa 
By mr_blue at 26,Dec,16 05:36 other posts of mr_blue 

By bella! at 26,Dec,16 09:29 other posts of bella! 
You mean to tell me that that picture was Photoshop'd? Gee, I had no idea!
By Arexa at 26,Dec,16 12:50 other posts of Arexa 
I guess he didn't like my gift. Took all those silly pictures down. Haha.
By leopoldij at 27,Dec,16 04:51 other posts of leopoldij 
You're so cruel!

By slipper at 13,Feb,16 00:43 other posts of slipper 
I "dock" with others and join in with others via Photoshop but only share those modded pix with those involved... great fun and it turns me on doing so... a lot!!!
By bella! at 13,Feb,16 00:56 other posts of bella! 
I think that Photoshop has its place. It would be fun to stroll down the street with your favorite person, clothed or inclothed OR place yourself in the middle of some exotic place HOWEVER if you use Photoshop to lengthen your parts or enhance bits, then in my opinion, it's a problem.
By kebmo at 04,Nov,16 15:24 other posts of kebmo 
If you use it to deceive people it's wrong. If not, it's fun. I do have one on my site where MoJoe photo shopped himself in with a friend and I but I do state that it is photo shopped. I don't know how to use it but I'd be happy if someone wanted to make me a ridiculously long cock. I would post it stating that it is PS'd. Takers?

By #511804 at 26,Dec,16 13:15
I do not understanding why some men do this, if they are gay or bi what do they tell the person them meet, it shrank?

By leopoldij at 08,Dec,16 16:50 other posts of leopoldij 
How about this?

--------------------------------------- added after 63 hours

By licksipsuckit at 23,Nov,16 02:56 other posts of licksipsuckit 

lve always loved this shot *lix*

By leopoldij at 05,Nov,15 22:33 other posts of leopoldij 
is this photoshopped or real?
By bella! at 05,Nov,15 22:52 other posts of bella! 
Who gives a rat's ass, didn't you post and discuss this picture in the Dafuq thread?
By leopoldij at 06,Nov,15 04:02 other posts of leopoldij 
Did I? I can't remember. This thread is about photoshopping, so it's obvious why I posted it here.

By leopoldij at 06,Nov,15 06:43 other posts of leopoldij 
Here's another one. A big dick this time. Do you think it's photoshopped or not?

By licksipsuckit at 21,Nov,16 01:16 other posts of licksipsuckit 
l reckon that's real leo, and its had a real good life *lix*

By *kmadeau* at 21,Nov,16 13:12 other posts of *kmadeau* 
Real Leo, the Australian beauty!

By leopoldij at 10,Nov,16 21:15 other posts of leopoldij 
How about this one?

--------------------------------------- added after 5 hours

--------------------------------------- added after 731 hours

By *kmadeau* at 19,Nov,16 10:07 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By leopoldij at 19,Nov,16 17:54 other posts of leopoldij 
Why doesn't the pic appear? Have you any idea?
By *kmadeau* at 19,Nov,16 18:26 other posts of *kmadeau* 
I haven't, this star to happen couple weeks ago on different places
By leopoldij at 20,Nov,16 10:21 other posts of leopoldij 
So you noticed it too?

By licksipsuckit at 19,Nov,16 23:55 other posts of licksipsuckit 

By leopoldij at 20,Nov,16 10:22 other posts of leopoldij 
Thanks. So is that a real cock?
By licksipsuckit at 20,Nov,16 19:31 other posts of licksipsuckit 
its a pro porn shot, so it could well be, *lix*

By *kmadeau* at 20,Nov,16 23:06 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By licksipsuckit at 20,Nov,16 22:52 other posts of licksipsuckit 

l love this *lix*
--------------------------------------- added after 110 seconds

some more of foreskins work *lix*

By phart at 19,Nov,16 13:00 other posts of phart 
Hells bells, i have to get tweezers and a magnifying glass out to take a piss and not wet my socks.
But i see no need to blow up the picture and mislead somebody.What if they wanted to meet up or something and you flip out a 2 inch wanger when you posted a 9? DUH, chances are you won't get no puss or whatever out of them.

By leopoldij at 19,Nov,16 03:09 other posts of leopoldij 
Photoshopped or not?

By leopoldij at 08,Nov,16 18:51 other posts of leopoldij 
Photoshopped or not?

--------------------------------------- added after 84 seconds


(I have no idea why I can't link this pic. )
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

--------------------------------------- added after 781 hours

By licksipsuckit at 08,Nov,16 19:37 other posts of licksipsuckit 

By leopoldij at 09,Nov,16 22:51 other posts of leopoldij 
He removed it!

By leopoldij at 13,Feb,16 18:07 other posts of leopoldij 
Photoshopped or not?
By *kmadeau* at 13,Feb,16 20:34 other posts of *kmadeau* 
Photoshopped for sure! and not only...
He is the world's champion in Photoshopping and extremely manipulations of pics too!

By *kmadeau* at 21,Jul,16 13:17 other posts of *kmadeau* 
all his pics are relatively good made Photoshopps, especialy the last one on the 1st place of Main Page

By *kmadeau* at 04,Nov,16 13:07 other posts of *kmadeau* 
He is back on MP to show again his nice Phshppd works!

By #442051 at 09,Nov,16 08:48
Not if you're a horse.

By licksipsuckit at 30,Apr,15 03:11 other posts of licksipsuckit 
there should be a photoshop category, saves all the arguments *lix*
By kebmo at 04,Nov,16 15:42 other posts of kebmo 
That's a great lix. As long as no one is being deceived, it's fun. If someone thinks that I believe they have a 14" cock, they're pretty stupid.
--------------------------------------- added after 3351 hours

Too bad we didn't get that photo shop category.
By licksipsuckit at 04,Nov,16 20:03 other posts of licksipsuckit 
yeah lve hit dudes up and said ld travel half way across the country to fuck a cock that big, they disappear real quick, even had a dude tell me he had a 11 inch cock and he'd bring his two sons with him, shame the photo search made is sons teenagers before they hit kindergarten, and his cock shots came from Sweden, hope he didn't mind me standing him up lol, *lix*

By #444014 at 17,Feb,15 19:43

Photoshopped or not ?
--------------------------------------- added after 308 hours

By Arexa at 17,Feb,15 20:03 other posts of Arexa 
Hell yes that shit is photoshopped. Lol. Zoom that thing once, look at his fingertips on the top hand... And look in the shadow between his pointer finger and thumb on the hand he grips with... Hell, the alignment of his fingers on the gripping hand isn't even right.
By *kmadeau* at 18,Feb,15 07:38 other posts of *kmadeau* 
what a pity it's PhShp my dear...

By leopoldij at 18,Feb,15 10:01 other posts of leopoldij 
Would that size cock be appealing to you or anyone else? I mean, yeah, I can understand that tiny cocks may not be desirable, but this one, even if it was real, would it be any good? Also, how would you know it stays hard just as easily?
By Arexa at 19,Feb,15 17:49 other posts of Arexa 
Not appealing to me at all, no. I wouldn't want it.
14 inches would be a record length... And if it existed, I highly doubt it'd get very hard...
By leopoldij at 19,Feb,15 17:55 other posts of leopoldij 
He He that's an advantage of smaller size cocks like mine. They stay hard. I can cum and then get hard again very soon.

By sinanff47 at 20,Feb,15 01:44 other posts of sinanff47 
"Not appealing"?? But it would be great prep for a colonoscopy perhaps?
By Arexa at 20,Feb,15 02:24 other posts of Arexa 
Lmao. If it were real, maybe.

By aoneeyedmonster at 19,Feb,15 14:22 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
good eye
By Arexa at 19,Feb,15 17:53 other posts of Arexa 
Did you see the ridge of his cock head between his fingers, too?

By #159671 at 18,Feb,15 04:23
Fuck yes that is fake. The first cock appears to curve a bit to the left and down. After the conveniently placed hand, penis #2 seems to be a bit to the right and headed out again, while seeming to gain a bit of girth. Total bullshit. Besides, with both hands busy there, how did he take the picture? I might believe it if I see him waving it around in a hi-res video.

By earthy at 19,Feb,15 16:53 other posts of earthy 
Definitely photoshopped LOL. I don't know why people bother with that. What's the point?

By DJS at 20,Feb,15 05:13 other posts of DJS 
Well all my pics are photo-shopped(but i did the reverse unlike the rest)Having a huge-mongers cock i thought it would be more appealing to all that i reduce it considerable.
By #442051 at 02,Feb,16 07:40
By kebmo at 04,Nov,16 15:27 other posts of kebmo 
The bl.ood required to make it hard would make you faint because your body would be lacking bl.ood. b l o o d is one of "those" words here.

By liketoedge at 04,Nov,16 14:28 other posts of liketoedge 
I actually think average and smaller are the best looking

By #496814 at 11,Aug,16 11:02

Photoshopped, clearly!
By leopoldij at 11,Aug,16 16:09 other posts of leopoldij 
By *kmadeau* at 11,Aug,16 17:02 other posts of *kmadeau* 
great Leo
By leopoldij at 11,Aug,16 17:14 other posts of leopoldij 
only registered users can see external links

By #496814 at 11,Aug,16 18:54
I like photoshopping pics
By leopoldij at 11,Aug,16 19:04 other posts of leopoldij 

By leopoldij at 07,Apr,16 22:23 other posts of leopoldij 
Look at these two pics and the comments below them. I think they're photoshopped . But it seems people didn't think so.

By *kmadeau* at 07,Apr,16 22:48 other posts of *kmadeau* 
good work Leo, the both pics are photoshopped!... and ppl here usually wanna see somethings extraordinary!
By leopoldij at 07,Apr,16 23:01 other posts of leopoldij 
In the true and lie page he says he likes bbc. That's probably big black cock. Maybe the black guy,s pic is stolen from the Internet.
By *kmadeau* at 07,Apr,16 23:16 other posts of *kmadeau* 
maybe, for a black dick I'm sure 100 % about PhSchpp...

By mr_blue at 07,Apr,16 23:37 other posts of mr_blue 
By leopoldij at 08,Apr,16 03:26 other posts of leopoldij 
Which of what I wrote is funny? That be photoshopped the pics, that he got positive comments, or that he likes bbc? Or all of the above?
By licksipsuckit at 11,Apr,16 06:08 other posts of licksipsuckit 
l like the second one, she seems to have a third hole, not quite in her arse and not in her pussy, but right in the middle *lix*
By *kmadeau* at 11,Apr,16 08:00 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By #501020 at 11,Aug,16 16:32
Good eye

By leopoldij at 02,Mar,16 03:06 other posts of leopoldij 
How about this one?
By *kmadeau* at 02,Mar,16 21:09 other posts of *kmadeau* 
totally... Photoshopped

By *kmadeau* at 11,Aug,16 10:26 other posts of *kmadeau* 
he has even more big Photoshopped pic on MP today! EMJOY!

By gazlittlewilly at 03,Mar,16 01:42 other posts of gazlittlewilly 
I'd have to get VERY creative

By #497776 at 16,Feb,16 11:32
I do light editing such as color or saturation. But not to make myself look bigger or anything haha!
This is the most photo editing I've done thats obviously fake

By leopoldij at 16,Feb,16 13:37 other posts of leopoldij 
This looks hot!
By *kmadeau* at 16,Feb,16 21:28 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By #285354 at 09,Feb,16 16:46

I'm happy with my real length, but I thought that I would add to the fun in this thread.
By bella! at 09,Feb,16 17:21 other posts of bella! 
Heck, you could just maintain you've been jelqing for months!
By #285354 at 16,Feb,16 05:58
Always love your humor Bella

By *kmadeau* at 09,Feb,16 18:54 other posts of *kmadeau* 
great work! and greetings!!! you are very honest man!

here is the original

By leopoldij at 01,Feb,16 21:20 other posts of leopoldij 
Is this fake or not?

--------------------------------------- added after 189 hours

I still can't decide

By *kmadeau* at 29,Nov,15 19:45 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By licksipsuckit at 02,Dec,15 00:51 other posts of licksipsuckit 
that's better than a porn stars, should of been a world record lol, only registered users can see external links
By *kmadeau* at 02,Dec,15 16:40 other posts of *kmadeau* 
this pic isn't a Photoshoped one, just a sad story:

only registered users can see external links
By licksipsuckit at 05,Dec,15 17:29 other posts of licksipsuckit 
Yes a very sad story, hilights the plight to all dudes to get checked out if anything isnt right. Diabetes is a serious condition and can be the cause of many problems *lix*

By *kmadeau* at 27,Nov,15 20:51 other posts of *kmadeau* 
One of permanent Photoshopper here, this time again with his former name Maverick

(for my comment on MP he banned me, just because doesn't like to hear the true) lol

By leopoldij at 19,Nov,15 19:15 other posts of leopoldij 
Photoshopped or not?

--------------------------------------- added after 167 hours

By licksipsuckit at 27,Nov,15 05:33 other posts of licksipsuckit 
Yes l dont believe anyone would use that patterned strip around the ceiling *lix *
By leopoldij at 27,Nov,15 06:35 other posts of leopoldij 
Ha ha ha!
Actually, no, the pic is not photoshopped or changed in any way at all. Alex is a very jolly girl living with her roommate in a terrible apartment (you noticed that!) but that never detered me from fucking her.

By #316057 at 20,Nov,15 05:11
what about this one?
By *kmadeau* at 26,Nov,15 20:34 other posts of *kmadeau* 
100% Photoshopped, maybe even more

By *kmadeau* at 04,Nov,15 13:23 other posts of *kmadeau* 
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!

He has almost 10 pics on Main Page!

By #495558 at 04,Nov,15 13:28
By *kmadeau* at 04,Nov,15 13:32 other posts of *kmadeau* 
I just wonder how easily people believe such a stuff!
By big9inch21 at 04,Nov,15 14:23 other posts of big9inch21 

By #460385 at 04,Nov,15 14:46
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

Since when did an AirWick can become 14 inches long and a TV controller 14 inches long. He must have a big TV.
By *kmadeau* at 04,Nov,15 15:42 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By cockslut69 at 05,Nov,15 21:35 other posts of cockslut69 
Not wanting to correct you but he actually says he is 11 inches

By bella! at 05,Nov,15 00:15 other posts of bella! 
Since I have been blacklisted by kmadeau, I will respond here......

Does it surprise you, kmadeau, that the member had 13 pictures on the Popular page? As long as the numb nuts here continue to view Photoshop'd pictures, comment on Photoshop'd pictures AND vote on Photoshop'd pictures, they will dominate the Popular page. Right?
By JeffinKS at 05,Nov,15 00:56 other posts of JeffinKS 
By bella! at 05,Nov,15 18:31 other posts of bella! 
Hey, Lonewolf_ICT, can you tell kmadeau this?

No need to wonder how or why people believe "such a stuff"! You might parallel this stupidity as being equally as stupid as the members have when comes to JohnS. Why those NUMB NUT members linger on anything he says OR believes that he has their best interest at heart is beyond me!
By JeffinKS at 06,Nov,15 07:25 other posts of JeffinKS 
well my Boyfriend in the military was an honest 11". He was 7-8" soft and just a tad over 11" erect.... I know 'cuse I handled it and yes measured it.... it was just amazing. it is rare yes... but they are out there...
By bella! at 06,Nov,15 07:55 other posts of bella! 
I'm sure there are some men that are, let's just say, hung like a horse.

I fricken think I would faint, nervous giggle or pee myself if someone dropped trou and had an 11" to 13" boner, like Jonah Falcon. Geez, I can't even begin to imagine what a dick of that length could look like, the cock head, the girth, the size of the balls ( 👅 ).........

But do you think that kanziar is legit or Photoshop'd? My opinion, it's a pathetic attempt to dupe the numb nuts on SYD/SYC.
By JeffinKS at 06,Nov,15 08:34 other posts of JeffinKS 
heh the first time I saw it... I think my words were OMG!!!...LOL yes he was hung... but it was not super thick, my cock was/is thicker than his long cock. was it "hanging to his knee"? yes.... when he wore boxers it hung out the leg opening..... FYI.... he HATED the size of his cock as that seemed to be all everyone was interested in...

By #400852 at 05,Nov,15 09:24
there is a lot of people out there that do believe this crap,I think they are short a few brain cells
By bella! at 05,Nov,15 11:05 other posts of bella! 
As I said, NUMB NUTS!

Who, in this fricken world, has a dick that dangles down to their knees? NOBODY! Who, in this fricken world, has a dick that appears to be as big around as a can of green beans? NOBODY! Nobody or nothing that walks on two legs would have a dick that big! And that's why it's laughable that members view, comment and vote these crap pictures and push them onto the Popular page. People can be so gullible!
By #400852 at 05,Nov,15 16:33
who is NUMB NUTS
By bella! at 05,Nov,15 18:29 other posts of bella! 
The numb nuts are all the folks that viewed the Photoshop'd pictures of, commented on the Photoshop'd pictures of and voted on the Photoshop'd pictures of kanizar101.

By t-rex at 04,Nov,15 16:30 other posts of t-rex 
You mean it's not real ???? I'm so disappointed
By *kmadeau* at 04,Nov,15 21:56 other posts of *kmadeau* 
good you mind it sarcastically ...

By #460385 at 06,Nov,15 07:30

--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

I wonder when he shoves it down her throat if she can reach down and pull it out of her ass.

By Andthisisme at 05,Nov,15 11:07 other posts of Andthisisme 
Photoshopping can create some interesting/funny images or indeed some affectionate tributes. These are indeed what they are - fun. As for photoshopping to increase penis length, no one believes what they see as the comments here show. How sad that even in the 2010s it seems that penis size is still seen as being an indicator of .... of what exactly?
By bella! at 05,Nov,15 18:41 other posts of bella! 
Your naked stroll with jess33 was a lovely tribute to a beautiful member!
By Andthisisme at 06,Nov,15 03:18 other posts of Andthisisme 
Thank you, she certainly is. By my standards that has been quite a successful and popular image. I suppose that the key issue addressed in this thread is intent. Is the poster intending to deceive the viewer ? I was speaking up for those with no such intent.

By Vita at 24,Mar,15 20:46 other posts of Vita 

By Fritz at 27,Mar,15 06:19 other posts of Fritz 
Yes this is manipulated but on purpose and as a fun pic, this has nothing zo do with real fake pics, this is a joke and I like it
By Vita at 30,May,15 07:35 other posts of Vita 
thank you my friend !!
By #445126 at 30,May,15 08:12
I LOVE this pic, I think it's hilarious!
By Vita at 01,Jun,15 15:51 other posts of Vita 
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By #458225 at 30,May,15 12:42
By Vita at 07,Jun,15 10:25 other posts of Vita 

By #424204 at 30,May,15 11:52
I would love to see mine photoshopped

By #443033 at 30,May,15 03:54
I had one on my profile here that I had photoshopped longer. I also made it perfectly clear when I posted it that I photoshopped it. I wanted to make sure I wasn't getting stupid comments from people going "hur dur that's fo-to-shopd!" I did it to see what it would look like and if I could do a decent dick-shop.


Also I do use photoshop on a good amount of my pictures to make them look more presentable. Filters, color/contrast adjustments. That kind of thing. I don't see that as a bad thing. What do you guys think?

By #448187 at 14,Mar,15 04:51
Anyone Wanna photoshop me???
By leopoldij at 19,Mar,15 17:33 other posts of leopoldij 
Adult Photo from leopoldij

By #444014 at 04,Mar,15 01:55

By Arexa at 13,Mar,15 05:58 other posts of Arexa 
That's just bad... Lmao.
By *kmadeau* at 14,Mar,15 03:50 other posts of *kmadeau* 
love you both Alex and A(l)exa

By leopoldij at 19,Mar,15 17:29 other posts of leopoldij 
What a big cock!!! Wow!

By Arexa at 13,Mar,15 05:56 other posts of Arexa 

By sinanff47 at 14,Mar,15 02:52 other posts of sinanff47 
Hmmm, interesting use of a 'trick mirror'. Apple's 'Photobooth' App. might give some even better 'manipulations'.

By leopoldij at 18,Feb,15 10:02 other posts of leopoldij 
I h_a_t_e photoshopped pics, unless it's clearly indicated so. If the intention is to trick/lie, then no. But if it's fun, it's fine.

--------------------------------------- added after 62 seconds

Why was the word h_a_t_e sensored? I had to go back and insert hyphens. WHat the heck?

--------------------------------------- added after 115 seconds

Sometimes I post tribute pics which I photoshop only to enhance the color or crop. Nothing else. I hope this is OK.

jorjetta made my cock rock hard

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

How about this one. Was it photoshopped or not?

Happy New Year!
By #484429 at 02,Mar,15 16:09
Agree. The only "photoshop" I do is to enhance the lighting or color of the original (I tend to take pics when an "A" in Photography isn't at the top of my mind... )
By leopoldij at 03,Mar,15 08:36 other posts of leopoldij 
That's right. I find it exceedingly hard to take pics when I'm enjoying fucking or masturbating. It spoils the experience.

By #475104 at 18,Feb,15 12:29

By *kmadeau* at 18,Feb,15 12:41 other posts of *kmadeau* 
sure it is...hehe

By licksipsuckit at 02,Mar,15 22:01 other posts of licksipsuckit 
whats wrong with shrinking your hand *lix*

By #316057 at 18,Feb,15 22:31

By #484312 at 18,Feb,15 07:58
Alexblue, he is NOT the only one mate! Many many here are photoshopped
By *kmadeau* at 18,Feb,15 08:21 other posts of *kmadeau* 
not only one, for a sorry! .. and many of our "honored" members on M.P. too!!!

By *kmadeau* at 18,Feb,15 08:12 other posts of *kmadeau* 
Oh Alex, it's seeing from Airplane in a Blue Sky...

By JeffinKS at 18,Feb,15 07:44 other posts of JeffinKS 
yea it's fake....Photoshop has a steep learning curve... and some just can't seem to master it...

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