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Why is the number of SYD members dropping?

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Started by #621517 at 04,Dec,20 17:57
The number of SYD members has dropped substantially over the last couple of weeks. Why? Is there a conspiracy?

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By tecsan at 21,Dec,20 03:30 other posts of tecsan 
Because of rats like little fred and shits...Two trolls think this site belongs to them...༼☯﹏☯༽
By #551147 at 21,Dec,20 09:32
Well... Since you mentioned it...

I've heard that... Taste the 🌈 Skittles & Freddy are one and the same and that they are really Mr.Admin.

With that logic, then it can only be concluded that, it IS his/their site.

What says you? 🤔

By admin at 07,Dec,20 17:14 other posts of admin 
Guys, I'm tired of answering this question. It was always like this, 80% of new members abandon their accounts in couple of weeks and they get deleted automatically after several months. Also, even old members leave from time to time. No one can stay on a penis site all his life. People change, get other passions and hobbies, swap priorities.

This site at its best moments did not have more than 3500 active members. At this time google again decided to drop the site even further in their search results so less new people register, therefore there are less new accounts appearing than old ones being deleted automatically, hence the drop in the total number.
By #551147 at 08,Dec,20 00:40
You don't say...

By PoloFields at 08,Dec,20 14:11 other posts of PoloFields 
True. How many times have we seen it, someone posting a lot of photos, then taking them private or deleting the net day? Or are found to be posting fakes, lying about being ****, etc?
By bella! at 21,Dec,20 03:58 other posts of bella! 

How does your post support what has to say?

By Showertogether at 04,Dec,20 21:13 other posts of Showertogether 
Too Much Political
Posting Here
By bella! at 04,Dec,20 22:16 other posts of bella! 

There is a good deal of political posts made in the forum but I do believe that they are mainly contained to certain threads. With all due respect, not everyone is focused on sex/penises/vaginas/eating cum/cream pies, etc, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

The majority of the threads are focused on things, other than politics, you just have to decide which thread you want to frequent and/or post in.
By oldbugle at 05,Dec,20 04:53 other posts of oldbugle 
bella,..that may be true but this is a specific site about genitalia etc., and, with respect, there are plenty of political comment and social comment sites on the web whereas, this site is more or less unique.......I've been here 11 years and during that time there has been a noticeable drop in the level of content by posters...I have to say, a drop in both intellect and seriousness.....

.....But, it has to be said, society in general is more superficial than it was 11 years ago too. Certainly, less politics and less trivia would do this site no harm in my view.
By #551147 at 05,Dec,20 06:08
And yet!

That opinion hasn't kept YOU from participating in such conversations, periodically, has it!? 🤔

Despite how YOU feel on this matter, YOU drop by, add your on some of those conversations, then! When you don't like the response(s) you recieve, NOW you wanna voice your opinion AGAIN, and suggest that those conversations are inappropriate for this place. Why is that?

One might think you of all people would understand/embrace freedom of speech. In good lib form you just believe everyone should what? Be like you? Do as you wish and shut the fuck up right? Everyone that comes to a sex type of site should just behave like dogs in heat, right?

Doesn't work like that, and if you believe it should, start your own fucking site where you can act like a sex depraved DOG 24/7 - 365 and limit IT, to what YOU want!

By bella! at 05,Dec,20 06:09 other posts of bella! 
oldbugle, I thank you for your sincere and thoughtful response. I, too, have been here for many years, coming up on 9 years a bella!, however I was here previously under other screen names.

I noticed that in your time here, you have initiated over 20 forum threads to encourage conversations on various subject matters. Sadly, there were probably only 4 topics that sparked enough attention and were able to gather posts that spilled over to page two. The majority of topics that you had hoped would spark conversation had no posts or only 2, 3 or 4.

I agree with you, this site is unique and the people here, are real and real, everyday topics, like politics can be and are topics that they like to discuss. As for me, I try not to discuss politics and/or religion because I recognize thaf people have their own views that can and do differ from mine. I don't condemn or shame anyone whose opinions differ from mine, but that does not hold true for other members or in reality family and/or friends. For that reason, I steer clear of topics centered around politics or religion.

Your thought that the site would not suffer with less politics and trivia is most likely spot on, but I really do think that someone who believes that politics is the cause for the drop in membership, would not be correct in their assessment.
By Skittles at 05,Dec,20 09:35 other posts of Skittles 
Old cunt... prob sent his soup back at the deli for being too cold.. Always complaining

By PoloFields at 08,Dec,20 14:00 other posts of PoloFields 
There are so many other places to post about politics. Here is the place to hang out, meet people and have fun. So if you don't want to participate in political talk here, don't.
By bella! at 08,Dec,20 14:11 other posts of bella! 
I agree with you and that is why I primarily choose not to engage in topics concerning politics or religion. My observation is that the topics become to heated and because there is a certain amount of anonymity on the internet, people are less tolerant and rather rude if your political ideas do not align with their own.

Therefore, I do not agree with Showertogether that political posts or the number of political posts have caused a drop in membership.

By dgraff at 05,Dec,20 18:19 other posts of dgraff 
Letís not forget the members we deleted for things we could have just told them about and solved the problem but we have to many members just vote to delete and then yet we have a lot of bounty hunterís searching every ones page for anything to report members like steven81 @notynot@ @leopolji
--------------------------------------- added after 63 seconds

And many more
By Jamie at 05,Dec,20 18:29 other posts of Jamie 
Lol you forgot my name
By dgraff at 05,Dec,20 19:55 other posts of dgraff 
No Jamie I donít consider you a bounty hunter the ones you report need to be reported and you donít do it every day
By cody8789 at 05,Dec,20 22:15 other posts of cody8789 
Yes, Latin lover got my friend Jamie deleted
By Jamie at 05,Dec,20 22:38 other posts of Jamie 

By Skittles at 07,Dec,20 09:20 other posts of Skittles 

Jamie got grassed!!!???
By cody8789 at 07,Dec,20 12:16 other posts of cody8789 

By bella! at 06,Dec,20 15:40 other posts of bella! 
Actually, I don't recall noticing that Steven81 is site "bounty hunter". If you would have said cloudbreak, I would have given you a loud, "oh, hell yeah!". What is it with cloudbreak? Is it possible that cloudbreak is related to JohnS? Are they possibly cousins?
By dgraff at 06,Dec,20 16:22 other posts of dgraff 
Steven81 was reporting one every day for a while till I started calling him a snitch now he backed off and how can we be sure John s is not cloud break
By Dev01 at 06,Dec,20 16:56 other posts of Dev01 
Definitely no internet connection where he is.
By dgraff at 06,Dec,20 17:46 other posts of dgraff 
Hahaha 6 feet under
By Jamie at 06,Dec,20 19:12 other posts of Jamie 
Lol I got Jamie deleted
By dgraff at 06,Dec,20 19:14 other posts of dgraff 
Poor Jamie
By Jamie at 06,Dec,20 20:47 other posts of Jamie 
By #551147 at 06,Dec,20 21:15
Nice trade in my opinion! LatinLoverMan! is faaaar sexier than, Jamie...

By Skittles at 07,Dec,20 09:23 other posts of Skittles 
Dgraff Johns is definitely taking a dirt nap! We had member verification there was no pulse. This was also confirmed by the site medical officer.

We also had unconfirmed reports there was dog vs dog in his shack. Both dogs were seen entering the shack... only one came back out! Very hungry!!

By #622304 at 05,Dec,20 18:20
They are probably purging known fake accounts and those that havenít been active for a long time
By bella! at 05,Dec,20 20:11 other posts of bella! 
"They", who is "they"? My GUESS is that there is probably more than one admin although I seem to have the good fortune of interacting, with the same person.

I believe admin posted something about purging duplicate profiles/accounts years ago and at that time, implemented an auto purge of inactive profiles. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm not sure if his purge is done weekly, monthly, annually, etc. As far as "known fake accounts", I BELIEVE that he relies heavily upon the referral system to weed out members that are posting pictures which are stolen and/or copyright infringements AND profiles that may be deemed as posting inappropriate content.

Here's something posted by admin that might make things clear.


By TWOWARMTTS3 at 04,Dec,20 19:26 other posts of TWOWARMTTS3 
Maybe, members are tired of snyde remarks by trollish people.
By dgraff at 05,Dec,20 18:08 other posts of dgraff 
Hahaha 😂 you should talk pot kettle

By aoneeyedmonster at 05,Dec,20 16:36 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
There is a social virus on the lose and it lives down under....just sayin.

By licksipsuckit at 04,Dec,20 21:38 other posts of licksipsuckit 
how have you come to the conclusion that membership has dropped??? when I first came here, when I signed on, there would be between 100 and 150 people online at any given time. and to this date, those numbers have stayed the same. on a bad day, that might drop a little under a hundred and on good day, theres up to 200.. Ive never seen a drop in numbers of active members ever.. *Lix*
By mobiusdick at 05,Dec,20 13:10 other posts of mobiusdick 
Just look at the total number of members on the main page. It's down about a thousand members from what it used to be. Leastways this site will never be able to compete with the likes of Facebook, let's face it.
By HotFuckerBoy at 05,Dec,20 13:56 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
Can you show your penis on Facebook? No. So there will be a unique need for this site. Read replies below, it explains Admin's purging of inactive members, that's why you see overall membership numbers down by 1000s Lix is also right, in my 3.5 years being here there's always been an average of 100 to 150 online, go by that.

By Skittles at 04,Dec,20 18:08 other posts of Skittles 
Too many saw pics of the Saggy Granny... and deleted??
By #551147 at 05,Dec,20 06:10
Ha! She's not the only one...

Musta have missed the dude that fillet'd his dick open down the urine shaft.

By bella! at 04,Dec,20 18:37 other posts of bella! 
Membership dropped substantially? You are aware that admin has implemented a purge program, right? I BELIEVE that if a profile remains inactive for 1 year, it is purged. I'm not sure how his program works, if it is done by daily, weekly, monthly, etc., but inactive profiles are purged.
By #621517 at 05,Dec,20 02:31
If itís a result of a purge of non posters and heretics thatís a job well done. Thanks!

By SrCums at 04,Dec,20 19:40 other posts of SrCums 
The site is an illusion of fakes

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