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Guys... who wishes they were born a girl?

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Started by #557415 at 30,May,18 03:32
Idk if its weird but i donetimes think itd ve cool to have been born a girl. Id be so sluty hahaha

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By phart at 03,Oct,22 13:21 other posts of phart 
Happy to be able to stand up and pee.

The original poster of the question says they would be so slutty.
I doubt it, they would use the puss as a tool to get want they wanted out of men same as the rest of them

By LGA6969 at 03,Oct,22 13:00 other posts of LGA6969 
no I like my dick thank you

By #574505 at 01,Oct,22 17:52
No thanks I'm happy thw way I am.have a cock to fuck with , have mouth to suck, have a asshole to get fuck.
By SluttySarah069 at 02,Oct,22 21:22 other posts of SluttySarah069 
Smae here - I love having a cock and balls and an arse that can be (and is0 fucked. I'd love bigger tits though.

By JustANormalGuy at 01,Oct,22 18:20 other posts of JustANormalGuy 
Read somewhere and no idea if true, male orgasm 5 seconds, female orgasm 23 seconds average .........

Is this true/possible?
By What-once-was at 01,Oct,22 19:02 other posts of What-once-was 
Mine usually go on for like 5 to 15 seconds and the two female friends I've talked about it with say theirs are between 30 seconds and a minute on a really good one so I'd say there is something to that for sure.

By Ananas2xLekker at 02,Oct,22 00:44 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Not only that, but women can have several of those in a row, in a short time.
The shortest period I have ever achieved was 10 minutes or so to the next one, but more often it's pretty clear that was it for today. I've heard of guys being multi-orgasmic like women, but I don't know if they are just lucky or that it's a skill that men can learn.
By What-once-was at 02,Oct,22 17:15 other posts of What-once-was 
You can learn it, but it's more prostate orgasms rather than dick orgasms.
Not saying you need to be into anal (although a toy really helps), you can learn to massage it with you pelvic muscles and that can lead to orgasms.
They aren't like the shooting ejaculations that a dick orgasm is (at least not after the first one or two) but they are more drippy and body orientated rather than just around your dick.

By Dev01 at 02,Oct,22 01:57 other posts of Dev01 
No.... I don't want to be angry for 3 weeks of every month

By PA-Freddy at 01,Oct,22 13:46 other posts of PA-Freddy 
I wish was born a girl because I could have the baby of the man I love.
By Ananas2xLekker at 02,Oct,22 00:30 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
That's brave! Having a baby is very low on my list of women's experiences,
that I would like to experience. It makes me happy I was born a man.
By PA-Freddy at 02,Oct,22 00:36 other posts of PA-Freddy 
I only have the desire of my boyfriend of 5 yrs to have his baby. I love him very much. He is no longer around but the memory still there.
By Ananas2xLekker at 02,Oct,22 00:47 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Ow wow, that's a special motivation. I'm sorry for your loss.
By PA-Freddy at 02,Oct,22 00:49 other posts of PA-Freddy 
but the memories are a blessing for me

By Moench at 01,Oct,22 21:24 other posts of Moench 
not for ever but one or two days to see how its feel to be a women. playing with my pussy my big titis and have sex with a big dick

By leopoldij at 01,Oct,22 16:56 other posts of leopoldij 
The only reason for me to have been born a girl would be so that I could be so slutty. I'd be able to fuck anytime, rather than have to go through endless
negotiations and pretend I'm interested
in things other than fucking

By What-once-was at 01,Oct,22 15:48 other posts of What-once-was 
The way I see it, this body is just what I'm driving right now rather than being an integral part of the "me" so I'm fine and either really but if I was given a 100% choice on what I was/had I would go with a female body with both sets of fully working junk and if I had to be one or the other then I think women look more aesthetically appealing and sure having a period each month would really suck but I think having a pussy would be worth it, they seem like more fun to have than a dick if I'm honest.

By curvy8 at 01,Oct,22 11:44 other posts of curvy8 
I am jealous of my gf because she can cum at least three times but for me it is only once.

By SLUT! at 01,Oct,22 11:41 other posts of SLUT! 
No, if it isn't forbidden then it's no longer the sweetest.

By routemaster at 01,Oct,22 03:06 other posts of routemaster 
Never! I love being a man and a gay man too.

By XJacker at 06,Sep,22 07:38 other posts of XJacker 
I certainly don’t wish I was born a girl. But sometimes when I’m masturbating I fantasise from the girl’s position.
For example I imagine slowly undressing for him, posing nude in the kinky poses he likes while he runs his hand over my naked body, his hand ruffling my cunt bush and teasing my slit, then him having me in some exciting position. Sometimes I put on my wife’s panties to make that fantasy feel more real.
Do other guys have masturbation fantasies from the woman’s angle?

By Dev01 at 06,Sep,22 00:04 other posts of Dev01 
Fuck being cranky for 3 weeks of the month

By Richie at 05,Sep,22 18:55 other posts of Richie 
It would be easier for me if I was born a girl. I don't want to be a girl. But sometimes I feel like a little girl inside. I don't want to be a grown woman, just a young, cute pretty little ballerina girl with blonde braids who wears pretty little pink dresses and curtsies when asked. Yeah I'm screwed up in the head.

By wombatboy at 05,Sep,22 04:06 other posts of wombatboy 
Love being a guy but... as an exhibitionist girls have it all there are so many ways a girl can display herself from simply no underwear to full nude. Also a naked girl is never seen as threatening but a naked man is always assumed to be a pervert or ****

By CAT at 20,Aug,22 13:25 other posts of CAT 
So does this one
PA-FREDDY is a blind asshole. He complaines about the looks of women members. This poor excuse of a member has been blacklisted 91 times not counting all the members that left the site because of him. And you want to see what he looks like? Get your laugh here:


By PA-Freddy at 20,Aug,22 00:09 other posts of PA-Freddy 
If I was born a woman I would have at least one child.

By #676980 at 14,Aug,22 19:37
I do because I am a sissy little cross dressing slut whore I love dick love getting used and abused by men

By cody8789 at 02,Jul,18 23:24 other posts of cody8789 
I wish I was born both with a vagina and a working penis so I could enjoy both sexes
By #659439 at 20,Jun,22 01:18
Was a time when I was young I wanted to be

By Dev01 at 20,Jun,22 01:23 other posts of Dev01 
Codes, that would mean you could go fuck yourself
By #574505 at 20,Jun,22 01:50
By cody8789 at 20,Jun,22 05:32 other posts of cody8789 
Now that's funny when someone would tell me to go fuck myself, I can say, "ok"
By Dev01 at 20,Jun,22 06:40 other posts of Dev01 

By knewbi at 13,Jun,22 17:11 other posts of knewbi 
No, not really. But had I been I am very sure that I would have been once hell of a slut!!

By nekekal at 10,Jun,22 05:07 other posts of nekekal 
I would have been a whore. Getting paid to get fucked. How great would that be? But I would probably be a ugly woman as I am not a fantastic guy.

By #667453 at 09,Jun,22 00:13
I love being a male

By #560692 at 01,Jul,18 09:06
Obviously I wish I was born a biological female

By #460385 at 11,Jun,18 18:50
I donetimes think itd ve a cool girl too.

By cardinal at 30,May,18 20:28 other posts of cardinal 
Being a woman you could practically almost choose to be both sexes at once while masturbating just projecting of the image would be more feminin alot of women probably like men more that way less hairy and more kids ass
By leopoldij at 01,Jun,18 03:18 other posts of leopoldij 
 I'd rather say that being a woman you could almost  choose to be both practically sexes at while masturbating just once projecting of the image would be more alot of women feminin probably like more men  that way less hairy ass and more kids.
By #23212 at 01,Jun,18 03:37
(Although it's not 'politically correct to make fun of 'brain challenged' types.)
By leopoldij at 01,Jun,18 03:57 other posts of leopoldij 
Excuse me sir, but
1) I made no fun of anyone, I just tried to understand by applying the rules of mathematical logic;
2) English is not my maternal tongue, I therefore apologize in advance for failing to abide to its grammatical and syntactical rules as precisely as your fellow American;
3) Political correctness is a disease and I therefore completely avoid it.

By leopoldij at 01,Jun,18 04:26 other posts of leopoldij 
Proof of my claim number 3 follows:

What do you call a blonde who dyes her hair brown?
Artificial Intelligence.

What is black and screams?
Stevie Wonder answering the iron.

Politicians and diapers have one thing in common: they should both be changed regularly... and for the same reason.

Yo mama is so ugly when the devil saw her, he started praying.

Here's what they said when Pope Frank was chosen. We have a new Pope. The Vatican has chosen the first ever Argentinean Pope. So once again, a bunch of old white guys got a Hispanic to do a job they didn't want to do.
By #550094 at 02,Jun,18 03:43
and #3_3 is soOo true!

And, I friggin LOVE the Yo Mama jokes!
You should start a forum topic just for That!
By leopoldij at 03,Jun,18 00:23 other posts of leopoldij 
Glad I amused you man.

However, going back to the original topic, let me remind you that cardinal spoke thus:

"Being a woman you could practically almost choose to be both sexes at once while masturbating just projecting of the image would be more feminin alot of women probably like men more that way less hairy and more kids ass "

I'm my attempt to understand (apologies, for English is not my native tongue) I rephrased, using the simpler English that I know, thus:

" I'd rather say that being a woman you could almost  choose to be both practically sexes at while masturbating just once projecting of the image would be more alot of women feminin probably like more men  that way less hairy ass and more kids. "

Do you think I understood correctly what cardinal said?
By #550094 at 03,Jun,18 03:22
I'm trying to read that over and over again,
but it seems to me that the cardinal might have
some sort of "broken English", because the way he
expressed his statement has me confused.
He's Argentinean, therefore I wonder how it originally
came across, from Him, in Spanish...
...perhaps it would make more sense to me in Spanish.

If his statement was translated through Google Translator,
we all know that Google is not so amazing at rebuilding
the translation into the proper grammar structure.

The Spanish language varies in dialect among many
Spanish-speaking countries.
Therefore my Puerto Rican Spanish slightly differs in
meanings and contexts from the Spanish that is spoken
in Argentina.
By #23212 at 08,Jun,18 04:52
I'm curious how you know that this SYD member, 'cardinal' is from Argentina.

Also, I do speak some Espaсol, and I have found Google Translate to do a rather good job. It is much better when trying to translate something that is NOT 'retrasado'.
By leopoldij at 08,Jun,18 12:30 other posts of leopoldij 
So what if he's from Argentina. The word order in a Spanish sentence is SVO: jo hago lo que quiero. Same order in English. I do what I like. And in French. Je fais c'est que je veux. And in German. And in Swedish. And in Portuguese.
--------------------------------------- added after 16 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 27 seconds

But not in Japanese.
By #550094 at 10,Jun,18 06:05
You misspelled the Spanish word for "I" as 'jo'.
In Spanish, it's yo.

In the Spanish language, most of the time the J is
pronounced as an "H" (like "huh").
Example: Jorge, in English is George... in this
Spanish name, the 'g' is also pronounced as an "H".

Sometimes the J is pronounced as a "G" if the
Spanish male person has an English first name,
like "Jerry", "Johnny" or "Jimmy"; and the female
person's name is "Jenny"...

..."Jasmine" is a rare case, because the J can be
pronounced as a "G"; or as a "Y" uttered with an
almost-inaudible "g" before it (gYasmine) depending
on the vocal accent of the Spanish person who is
pronouncing the name Jasmine.

Just a lil Spanish lesson here.


Now, back to that Cardinal guy... all this time
I was under the impression that he was an actual
Cardinal, like a prieest!
Now I've come to learn that he's a SYD member! LOL

Y'all had me going there for a good while, Thanks!
By leopoldij at 10,Jun,18 12:50 other posts of leopoldij 
Ah yes, I know. Of COURSE I made a mistake bit, to my defence, I as writing in Swedish a few moments earlier. I am = jag дr , in Swedish and the g is silent making the jag be pronounced more or less as yo. Mea culpa, of course. Thanks for spotting it.

By #550094 at 10,Jun,18 05:48
Wait a second..... he is a SYD MEMBER???

But I---- HOLY SHYYYIIIIT, here I was thinking we were
talking about an actual Cardinal, a CARDINAL, as in,

And I thought his statement was from a news media article,
or an interview!!!

WOW! Me thinks me has been jerking off TOO much!
By leopoldij at 10,Jun,18 12:51 other posts of leopoldij 
He MAY be a priest. When was the last time you heard a priest talk? They make absolutely no sense.
By #550094 at 11,Jun,18 14:06
And, they make absolutely no noise either,
when they

Otherwise the Vatican would be in a wide-spread panic!

By 2nice at 30,May,18 14:58 other posts of 2nice 
No way. I have no desire to have 876 pairs of shoes, or carry a purse with 30 pounds of shit in it. I enjoy the fact that I can walk into a store and know exactly what I want. I can buy a single pair of jeans and not an entire fucking outfit. My shoes do not mangle my feet. I go to bed and then wake up later looking the same way. I can take a shower, get ready, and it doesn’t look like my bathroom exploded. And the most amazing thing about being a man...I can pee virtually almost anywhere.
By JustWill at 30,May,18 16:47 other posts of JustWill 
Girls can pee virtually almost anywhere, too. It's just a bit messier when they do it because they can't aim...
By 2nice at 30,May,18 20:06 other posts of 2nice 

By bella! at 30,May,18 22:04 other posts of bella! 
Okay, tell the truth, bucko, you might like being a man because you don't have a need for 876 pairs of shoes, that you don't carry a purse with 30 pounds of shit, that you are so disciplined that you can walk into a store and buy one pair of Jean's and not an entire outfit, that you own utilitarian type shoes, constructed for comfort and that you are able to get in and out of the bathroom without it looking like someone tossed a hand grenade in there BUT let me ask you this......

I bet you enjoy seeing your lady when she is looking tight and all pulled together, from head to TOE. I bet you have been glad when your lady has carried her 30 pound purse because you had her slip something of yours in the darn thing. I bet you enjoy seeing her in a new outfit and are proud when you walk into a place and you're thinking to yourself; "eat your heart out guys, she's with me". And finally, when she walks out of your bathroom, smelling good, looking even better, you can say to yourself, "I'm hers and she's mine"!
By #555337 at 31,May,18 06:25
I know that I did with my ex wife. I felt proud to be with her. We are both bi so sex was always an adventure. Especially since she had so many outfits and shoe styles. There were plenty for her to dress me up in. It an she was special and cherished her and everything we did together or with an invite.

By 2nice at 31,May,18 20:10 other posts of 2nice 
Did you just call me, bucko? I think Richie used to say that on Happy Days.
By bella! at 01,Jun,18 04:04 other posts of bella! 
Hecky, yeah, I called you bucko! You gotta problem with that?
By 2nice at 08,Jun,18 13:57 other posts of 2nice 
Oh...sit on it, Bella!

By #493361 at 06,Jun,18 22:39
Sometimes I think it would have just been easier for me

By #552392 at 06,Jun,18 00:57
Sometimes I wish I was, but I think I prefer watching my little cock bounce around as I get fucked

By #550094 at 02,Jun,18 03:54
Sometimes I wish I had been born as a Female.
I once read somewhere that the vagina is designed more
for Pleasure than for just giving birth...
...whereas a guy can enjoy an orgasm once, a woman
can enjoy MULTIPLE orgasms over and over again.
A cock shaft is not as sensitive as the cock head,
but a vagina has so many sensitive zones.
Chalk up another score for the Ladies. (applause!)

Back to reality: I'm happy I was born as a Male.
I'm a proud masculine man who loves, and lusts for,
masculine men in my age group.
I'm happy I have a cock even though it has its
abilities and limitations.
In plain short English, I was born As Is:
a Bitch trapped inside an Asshole... is short... therefore I will enjoy and
make pleasurable use of what I am and what I have,
because I only have this one life and this one chance
to live this pleasure to its fullest.

We're ALL sexual beings complimentary to one's
own self; and also complimentary to one another.
And whether we individually choose to compliment
our own selves, or one another, Just Do It
and EnJOy it while we still have it good.
Because once it's gone, so are We.

By yeahright at 01,Jun,18 22:01 other posts of yeahright 
Don't know about being born female but I think it would be interesting if you could switch back and forth.

By jeeno at 01,Jun,18 10:41 other posts of jeeno 
i wish i was..and would be lesbian for sure

By Darthshame at 30,May,18 04:16 other posts of Darthshame 
And have to deal with a period every month, no thank you. Respect ladies.
By bella! at 30,May,18 12:59 other posts of bella! 
Ha! I see you're a thoughtful and sensitive man. And don't forget chЎ a rule, we push a mass weighing up to 10 pounds, or more, with a head as big as a grapefruit and that is longer than your foot and this is all done through our hoo haa!
By Darthshame at 31,May,18 06:52 other posts of Darthshame 
Thoughtful, yes. Sensitive, not so much. You make another great point that God just didn't design me for. Even having boobies isn't enough to tip the scale for me.

By cardinal at 30,May,18 20:29 other posts of cardinal 
*kiss ass

By #552510 at 30,May,18 19:13
I'd like to do it for a week, then back to my original state. That could be fun.

By JustWill at 30,May,18 16:46 other posts of JustWill 
For the record, I don't think gender has anything to do with being "sluty".

By #539358 at 30,May,18 11:15
Nope, love being male and have no desire to change it at all!

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