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Started by Uncut_Dick at 28,Nov,12 11:55  other posts of Uncut_Dick
I need to suck on a cock so bad! Only sucked one cock in my life but... craze doing it again! Send me a pic of your cock and I will let you know if I would suck the cum out of it!

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New Comment

By ScottsCock at 22,Sep,18 14:27 other posts of ScottsCock 

Here's one for you!
By Vita at 16,Feb,21 09:24 other posts of Vita 
only for me ??
By ScottsCock at 16,Feb,21 14:55 other posts of ScottsCock 
... of course
By Vita at 24,Feb,21 16:20 other posts of Vita 
a dream becomes true !!!

By kebmo at 13,Mar,24 00:38 other posts of kebmo 
My pleasure!!!!!

By #711098 at 04,Mar,24 18:03
Would anyone suck my cock? I’m self conscious about it - I wish it was bigger.

[deleted image]
By tb1 at 12,Mar,24 18:25 other posts of tb1 
Your cock is fine just as it is

By Jamie at 12,Mar,24 19:11 other posts of Jamie 
I agree with tb1

By #412225 at 31,Jan,17 02:13
I also want to suck a cock
By Sfax#17 at 24,Feb,24 21:08 other posts of Sfax#17 
So do I. That makes two of us. But, I don't like the cocks I see on this page. They're gross.

By #652988 at 22,Dec,21 15:12
I'm wanting to suck a man's dick so bad and don't know how to find him in a small town
By Sfax#17 at 11,Feb,24 05:38 other posts of Sfax#17 
I want to suck cock too.

By #652988 at 19,Dec,21 15:49
I want to suck any cock for my first time
By Sfax#17 at 11,Feb,24 05:37 other posts of Sfax#17 
So do I. I want to suck a man's cock and have him come in my mouth.

By tb1 at 10,Jan,23 04:30 other posts of tb1 
This is nogagreflex

--------------------------------------- added after 8821 hours

Check out this deepthroat

--------------------------------------- added after 8837 hours

By #708276 at 15,Jan,24 17:17
Come suck mine please

By tb1 at 14,Jan,24 10:38 other posts of tb1 
This tasty beauty belongs to franc0

--------------------------------------- added after 31 hours

[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 679 hours

--------------------------------------- added after 1399 hours

By Smalljhbcock at 14,Jan,24 07:48 other posts of Smalljhbcock 

By hornymat at 14,Jan,24 07:21 other posts of hornymat 

By #708276 at 11,Jan,24 23:04
[deleted image]
Would you suck mine?

By beauregard19 at 10,Jan,23 12:55 other posts of beauregard19 

By Vita at 30,Sep,16 01:51 other posts of Vita 
you want ...

... my toy ?!
By #316057 at 30,Sep,16 05:35
By Vita at 20,Nov,16 12:49 other posts of Vita 
nice offer ... yes !!!

By 3fdfd at 30,Sep,16 13:35 other posts of 3fdfd 
yup !
By Vita at 19,Jun,17 09:04 other posts of Vita 
thank you !

By #87693 at 06,Mar,20 14:09
Echt geiles Teil!!!!
By Vita at 23,Aug,20 17:27 other posts of Vita 
► D-A-N-K-E--D-A-N-K-E ◄
By orchid88 at 24,Aug,20 10:27 other posts of orchid88 
So schцn!!
By Vita at 30,Dec,20 18:45 other posts of Vita 

By PetiteCygne at 09,Feb,21 14:29 other posts of PetiteCygne 
By Vita at 14,Feb,21 05:39 other posts of Vita 
here the same in black/white !!

... you like too ?
By PetiteCygne at 15,Oct,22 05:36 other posts of PetiteCygne 
oui trиs sexy!
By Vita at 07,Jan,23 07:25 other posts of Vita 
gentil de ta part merci !!!

By knewbi at 26,Oct,22 16:38 other posts of knewbi 
Head on over to That is where 95% of the cocks that I have played with were found. Last week I received a contact from a guy that was a crossdresser. Two hours later he was stuffing his cock down my throat and I the same to him...

By boc at 26,Oct,22 01:23 other posts of boc 

By thicknsmooth at 16,Oct,22 03:07 other posts of thicknsmooth 
Would you suck on mine?

By PITBULL at 16,Oct,22 00:46 other posts of PITBULL 
I would like to suck 2 members of this site; cody8789 and curvy8. They both have nice cocks

By #676593 at 15,Oct,22 19:53
--------------------------------------- added after 82 seconds

Would you suck mine

By MikeSpect at 24,Dec,21 18:46 other posts of MikeSpect 
Merry Christmas Cocksuckers!

By quint at 22,Dec,21 17:29 other posts of quint 

..would you suck mine?
By #559242 at 24,Dec,21 13:40
I'd suck the cum straight out of that sexy cock

By #652979 at 24,Dec,21 16:56
I would deep throat that one!

By Sir-Skittles at 23,Dec,21 16:12 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
tecsan will suck you!
By tecsan at 24,Dec,21 09:52 other posts of tecsan 
Actually this is an invitation for shittles to suck you...The bitch tries to make me out as a faggot like himself...Look how that is going...Getting him dick right...

By b4idie at 07,Jan,21 13:36 other posts of b4idie 
you are very welcome to suck this, but only if I can return the favour
By german_guy at 07,Jan,21 19:14 other posts of german_guy 
any time

By Vita at 01,Apr,21 16:36 other posts of Vita 
sexy toy !!

By #652979 at 22,Dec,21 16:20

By #652988 at 12,Dec,21 04:31
I have beem craving to suck a man's dick for months now and it's getting wrost now I'm wanting to have a dick on my ass to but I can't handle a big dick the first te have being fuck for my rome a

By balapolisson at 27,Feb,21 18:45 other posts of balapolisson 
that cock needs to be sucked

By LGA6969 at 26,Feb,21 13:45 other posts of LGA6969 

By #620263 at 25,Feb,21 21:45
Will you suck my gorgeous thick cock

By #620263 at 25,Feb,21 21:40

By #620263 at 25,Feb,21 21:35

By youngjpcock at 17,Aug,13 13:03 other posts of youngjpcock 
By Vita at 16,Feb,21 09:25 other posts of Vita 
hot notion: 10 from 10 points ! ✔

By winnie at 30,Dec,15 01:07 other posts of winnie 
Would you suck mine
By 3fdfd at 30,Sep,16 13:42 other posts of 3fdfd 
yes !

By #561126 at 30,Jun,19 19:32

By knewbi at 02,Jul,19 20:32 other posts of knewbi 
Well, you would not have to ask me twice...

By #451452 at 12,Aug,19 08:16
By Vita at 16,Feb,21 09:23 other posts of Vita 
pretty tool !!

By #315605 at 28,Nov,12 15:52
[deleted image]

[deleted image]

[deleted image]
By Uncut_Dick at 29,Nov,12 03:24 other posts of Uncut_Dick 
We should get together... I would suck that big cock for you! Yummy
By #632553 at 05,Jan,21 17:51
Mac84, I'd suck and lick yours. I bet I could get both your balls in my mouth.

By #285974 at 29,Oct,13 01:18
[deleted image]
By #632553 at 05,Jan,21 17:45

By leopoldij at 02,Jan,21 04:14 other posts of leopoldij 
Mine gets sucked today [deleted image]

By showingoff at 01,Jan,21 02:34 other posts of showingoff 

By quint at 30,Dec,20 21:11 other posts of quint 


By LGA6969 at 30,Dec,20 19:56 other posts of LGA6969 

By #625564 at 17,Oct,20 16:58

By jocstfr at 17,Oct,20 03:23 other posts of jocstfr 

By newwt10 at 16,Oct,20 23:07 other posts of newwt10 
Have at it!

By Wipperman at 13,Oct,20 12:21 other posts of Wipperman 
This is one I’d love to have a play with just so horny looking thick and big he’s a straight guy on here , love his pics


By HotFuckerBoy at 12,Oct,20 17:53 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
Can you believe you asked this like 8 years ago! I know, time flys... I was just curious if you're still craving a nice cock to suck the cum out of because mine is pretty full and ready to burst, if you know what I mean

By Mohammed at 10,Oct,20 14:00 other posts of Mohammed 
For you to suck

By #624140 at 24,Aug,20 21:31
[deleted image]

Would you?

By Louis at 24,Aug,20 11:22 other posts of Louis 

By chipplanet at 07,Jul,19 04:33 other posts of chipplanet 
By 3fdfd at 24,Sep,19 10:43 other posts of 3fdfd 
Might be a bit long to suck successfully but I would like to try

By #569438 at 06,Jul,19 18:53
[deleted image]
By 3fdfd at 24,Sep,19 10:39 other posts of 3fdfd 
Wouldn't mind sucking that

By cruz69696969 at 31,Aug,19 05:56 other posts of cruz69696969 
How about just the thought of a big hard cock sliding over your lips as your tongue wraps around it before it slips down your throat and then begins to spurt it's warm thick juice filling your mouth your body and your mind with an excitement that is known only by one who has sucked a cock before

By #578989 at 14,Aug,19 18:37
[deleted image]
By #551147 at 14,Aug,19 21:43
I certainly would if the author wouldn't. 😉

But he hasn't responded to his own thread since December of last year. I suppose he's changed his mind about sucking on a cock and regrets posting this as he simply ignores any and all notifications of it.
By #578989 at 14,Aug,19 23:38
look, I'm sure you're right. At least I'll get my cock sucked either way
By #551147 at 18,Aug,19 07:26
Indeed! 😁 🤗

By #590925 at 11,Aug,19 23:43
[deleted image]
Would you?
By #451452 at 12,Aug,19 08:15

By shackles at 12,Aug,19 03:53 other posts of shackles 

By boc at 02,Jul,19 22:44 other posts of boc 

By newwt10 at 01,Dec,16 14:54 other posts of newwt10 
Any Takers? Or Givers?
By tb1 at 03,Dec,16 02:44 other posts of tb1 
Oh yeah!!!

By #510951 at 03,Dec,16 11:48
very nice cock i would enjoy sucking you off anytime

By #550094 at 09,Feb,18 03:32
Hot damn, WOOF!!!

By #561126 at 30,Jun,19 19:30
I will

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