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Started by mr_blue at 30,Aug,15 16:18  other posts of mr_blue

New ones,old ones....what are you favourite movies,what are the turkeys you just don't like...have you got a favourite actor ?....you get the idea....

The Godfather trilogy....I still don't get it...

The Matrix was so good,then was followed by two sequels that just fucked the whole thing up....

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New Comment

By andrew999999999 at 15,Jan,20 08:41 other posts of andrew999999999 
Recently, I have watched Blue Story, Knives Out, Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker, and The Gentlemen at the cinema.
I will hopefully watch 1917 and Jojo Rabbit in the next couple of weeks.
Watched Headhunters and Life Of Brian on DVD, and Death Wish on Neflix recently.

By earthy at 14,Jan,20 18:56 other posts of earthy 
Peanut Butter Falcon was really good

By mr_blue at 14,Jan,20 18:52 other posts of mr_blue 
Watched the Irishman...if you like Scorsese, you'll like it...

By Scorps at 03,Jan,20 07:03 other posts of Scorps 
Just finished watching Misery, haven't seen it in over 15 years probably. That bitch is NUTS! Still a pretty damn good movie if you hadn't seen it.
By mr_blue at 03,Jan,20 07:07 other posts of mr_blue 
I haven't seen that in years..

Guess I'm not a number one fan
By Scorps at 13,Jan,20 19:46 other posts of Scorps 
Cute! Must have missed the response notification.
By Skittles at 13,Jan,20 21:43 other posts of Skittles 
Annie Wilkes... is TwoWarms
By Scorps at 13,Jan,20 22:31 other posts of Scorps 
She is a doody head!

By mr_blue at 03,Jan,20 00:54 other posts of mr_blue 
Anyone see any good movies over the festive season?
By t-rex at 03,Jan,20 01:16 other posts of t-rex 
I haven’t had time yet, any good recommendations ?
By mr_blue at 03,Jan,20 06:17 other posts of mr_blue 
Dunno about recommendations, I watched Shazam
Mary Queen of Scots was ok...
And I finally watched avengers Endgame...still not sure about that,I have too many questions about that whole thing..
By t-rex at 04,Jan,20 00:21 other posts of t-rex 
Thanks, I’m not caught up on all the Marvel movies yet, so I can’t watch the Endgame yet, I have heard tons of different things

By #601496 at 03,Jan,20 14:43
A Man and a Woman. The French version with subtitles. Anuk Aimee was terrific. The pic is retro 1960's

By sickboy2314 at 09,Jan,20 17:42 other posts of sickboy2314 
I watched Mortal Engines over x_mas. Not a bad film. Worth watching--------------------------------------- added after 97 secondsAvengers Endgame made more sense to me the 2nd time I watched it
By mr_blue at 13,Jan,20 16:08 other posts of mr_blue 
I understood what was going on in Endgame,I just have questions that need answers, I'm not a fanboy,but I can see holes in the story.....

By bella! at 10,Jan,20 08:45 other posts of bella! 
Who saw Cat's, or who will admit to seeing Cat's? I loved the Broadway production of Cat's so it is somewhat sad to believe that it has done so poorly in the movie theaters.
By mr_blue at 13,Jan,20 16:03 other posts of mr_blue 
I haven't seen it...

By sickboy2314 at 10,Jan,20 17:21 other posts of sickboy2314 
Just watched John Wick 3. Nothing but brutal action. I enjoyed it
By mr_blue at 13,Jan,20 16:02 other posts of mr_blue 
I watched that too

By able2selfsuck at 09,Jan,20 21:17 other posts of able2selfsuck 
Here's some of my all time favorites

Usual Suspects
Fight Club
Blazing Saddles
The Jerk
Pulp Fiction

By #521857 at 07,Mar,19 11:49
La Haine. (The best french movie, period.)
Akira (no description needed)
The Wind Rises (Most inspiring anime movie ever)
Casino / Pulp Fiction (best casting)
Clerks (best quotes)
Ia chute de l’empire Américain (meilleur film québécois)

Naruto shippuden (without fillers) best anime
Planet earth (sooo beautiful and perfect)
Daredevil/Punisher (everthing is just perfect)
Breaking bad (best finished serie, GoT might steal the trone tho)

By bigg at 03,Mar,19 06:29 other posts of bigg 
Mad Max, not including Thunderdome or Fury Road.

Do ya hear me Toecutter?

By mr_blue at 27,Feb,19 12:49 other posts of mr_blue 
Venom was pretty good...
Isle of dogs is a cool movie..
By bella! at 27,Feb,19 16:57 other posts of bella! 
Did you see The Upside? It was a good movie!
By milesbferry at 27,Feb,19 18:36 other posts of milesbferry 
The original French film is very good. It's called 'Untouchable', from 2011:

only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

For UK film fans, I use only registered users can see external links for DVD rental.
--------------------------------------- added after 6 minutes

PS. In the UK, we watch foreign language films with subtitles, not dubbed.
By bella! at 27,Feb,19 18:51 other posts of bella! 
Subtitles? Yuck!

Here is the trailer for The Upside. Is our accent hard to understand or do you prefer the distracting subtitles?

only registered users can see external links
By milesbferry at 28,Feb,19 18:18 other posts of milesbferry 
Should this scene from Inglorious Basterds be dubbed in English?

To pay full attention to foreign language films subtitles are part of the experience.

only registered users can see external links

And the original films, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish language, and the rest, are always better than the remakes. Compare the original Oldboy (Korea) to the US remake.

By Andthisisme at 03,Mar,19 02:48 other posts of Andthisisme 
After a while you become so accustomed to subtitles that you read them without wpeven noticing them, I find dubbed movies far more annoying.

By #487013 at 02,Mar,19 11:52
Lords of chaos. It was okay, not enough metal.

By Skittles at 10,Aug,18 16:23 other posts of Skittles 
Road House!

Right boot!

By gradurgaur at 07,May,17 18:20 other posts of gradurgaur 
I was watching one of my favorite film of All time

shawshank redemption and what can i say about this film it amassing the acting of Morgan freeman and Tim Robbins are so awesome and the story is so good is something about this film that give it something extra special.

I think it one of thous films that will be timeless and will be Cult classic forever

It in same Class as film called Green Mile with Tom hanks and Michal Clark Duncan
By mr_blue at 07,May,17 19:02 other posts of mr_blue 
Good movies
By Skittles at 10,Aug,18 16:22 other posts of Skittles 
Blue, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is on this weekend...

By mr_blue at 20,Oct,15 10:56 other posts of mr_blue 
Who's your favourite James Bond ?

Who's your favourite James Bond babe ?
By gradurgaur at 27,Oct,15 16:08 other posts of gradurgaur 
Graig for sure.

bond babe that is hard one.

I wil have to say melina havelook from

For your eyes only
By mr_blue at 01,May,17 07:59 other posts of mr_blue 
Daniel Craig, I like Eva Green.. she's hot..

By AussieMan187 at 02,May,17 03:49 other posts of AussieMan187 
I liked the Pierce Brosnan Bond. Daniel Craig is ok too I guess.
By tb1 at 07,Aug,18 13:21 other posts of tb1 
Eva Green is beyond HOT

By bigg at 07,Aug,18 13:25 other posts of bigg 
Daniel Craig, has the right Balance between suave and thumping bad guys. Eva Green, oh so lovely
By Skittles at 10,Aug,18 16:21 other posts of Skittles 
Sean Connery for sure in the original era

Daniel Craig- banging broads and shooting it up. Essential Bond. Not that Pierce Bronson. He could not take over a fucking GAP store.

Bond Girls: Pussy Galore- just for the name, but for the real vote it is Vesper all the way.


By CreativeOne at 06,Aug,18 23:54 other posts of CreativeOne 
Red Dawn

By Whoknows at 10,Jun,18 20:12 other posts of Whoknows 
Last week, Pulp Fiction was on TV and I had it on in the background whilst doing some work on the computer. I've seen it several times over the years and still don't get bored of it, which is unusual for me and movies.
As I was working and heard some of the classic script moments, I'd speak the lines along with the movie without really noticing how much I was doing it. There have been classic moments like those in countless movies I like where I might join in like that, but only those occasional ones that we all know well such as "Here's Johnny!" in The Shining, "We're gonna need a bigger boat" in Jaws or "Say hello to my little friend" in Scarface, for example. In Pulp Fiction that night, I must have joined in saying the lines more times than the classic moments from all the other movies combined!
I've watched other Tarantino movies, but in my opinion, Pulp Fiction is most definitely the pinnacle of his career. Everything about it works perfectly - cast, soundtrack, cinematography and editing. There's so many little details in it that seem insignificant or unnecassary when you think about them alone, but the humour and flow of the movie would be lost without them.
I think John Travolta is fantastic in it. Possibly the most unusual casting decision for a role I can think of, but I'd say it was the best acting he's ever done.
I have a friend, who's s0n is studying film at university at the moment. I asked him about the movie examples they use for studies, if any. He said they'd used Hitchcock's "Vertigo" and Kubrik's "2001 A Space Odyssey". Two fantastic movie favourites of mine, "2001" in particular as I'm a big fan of Kubrik, especially his "Dr Strangelove". I asked him this because I think Pulp Fiction should be one used for studying film these days, but I know there's no way it would be allowed due to it's content, which is a shame.

Sorry about my rambling, but I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to movies and music, and most of my friends don't have the same level of interest as I have, so this is a nice little chance to talk about it. I was about to continue this post by talking about the latest Star Wars movies, but I've done it as a blog post on my profile instead so this post is kept short.
By sinanff47 at 06,Aug,18 22:41 other posts of sinanff47 
His 'Pulp Fiction' -- "This ain't no dead nigga storage garage."

And don't forget his 'Inglourius Basterds', and his starring in 'From Dusk to Dawn'.

By mr_blue at 06,Aug,18 07:41 other posts of mr_blue 
I watched Justice League...looks so cheap compared to the Marvel movies...story is poop,plot holes galore..
By Blade at 06,Aug,18 22:01 other posts of Blade 
I just watched that too. Thought the same thing. Half the actors, mostly Ben afleck, are so horrible, it keeps reminding you that it's a bad movie.

By mr_blue at 03,Oct,15 11:18 other posts of mr_blue 
What have people made of the Star Trek reboot ?
By sickboy2314 at 06,Oct,15 16:21 other posts of sickboy2314 
I like it

By JustWill at 06,Oct,15 16:48 other posts of JustWill 
Both have been well done and quite enjoyable. Relaunches the franchise in fine fashion without destroying what came before.
By mr_blue at 07,Oct,15 01:42 other posts of mr_blue 
I have only seen the first one so far...good start...a few in jokes for the Trekkies
By JustWill at 07,Oct,15 12:44 other posts of JustWill 
TrekERS, thank you very much...TrekERS. Do not make me have to geek slap you...
By mr_blue at 07,Oct,15 12:47 other posts of mr_blue 
By milesbferry at 07,Oct,15 19:25 other posts of milesbferry 
They're both good films. There's a tribble in the second one, too.

By ChocolateDevine at 20,Oct,15 14:26 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
Both really good. I was surprised!
By mr_blue at 01,May,17 08:00 other posts of mr_blue 
I've watched all three now,good movies..

By earthy at 27,Oct,15 15:30 other posts of earthy 
I really liked both. I too was surprised.

By Sal5408 at 10,Jun,18 22:52 other posts of Sal5408 
I'm still loyal to the original crew of the USS Starship Enterprise.

By mr_blue at 10,Jun,18 17:13 other posts of mr_blue 
War for the planet of the apes is a good movie.
I watched Black Panther, Ragnarok,Wonder Woman,Dunkirk..
Spiderman Homecoming...
Anyone seen these movies ?

By #551226 at 26,Feb,18 15:04
The Jason Bourne series..sat down and watched all five of them this weekend.
By mr_blue at 26,Feb,18 15:05 other posts of mr_blue 
did you feel re-bourne after wards ?!!!

By mi-lips at 14,May,17 09:25 other posts of mi-lips 
I Love the Hellraiser films chainsaw Massacre,spit on your grave,Evil Dead,Saw,Centipede,Inbred.....and many more 😌
By #548464 at 26,Feb,18 14:45
Centipede?wow!that was really twisted! Wrong turn 2: Dead end..has amounts of ****,not so much quality but still impressive

By #548464 at 26,Feb,18 14:35
Totally agree!the sequels were useless..the first one was all the movie,inception also had something of matrix but at the end director could be better..

By JustWill at 20,May,17 09:09 other posts of JustWill 
A TV show rather than a movie, but:
AMERICAN GODS is really damn good!

By mr_blue at 14,May,17 09:17 other posts of mr_blue 
Below her mouth is a movie to watch if you like a bit of lesbian action...

By mr_blue at 10,May,17 09:42 other posts of mr_blue 
I watched Arrival , really good movie...

By #533081 at 07,May,17 18:23
I just watched the new guardians of the galaxy. It was amazing.
By gradurgaur at 07,May,17 18:29 other posts of gradurgaur 
It was so Good Even better then first one more jokes and lot more of cool action like it alot.

Cant wait to see part 3

By leopoldij at 06,May,17 10:07 other posts of leopoldij 
I'm looking for a free copy of the film "like the wind" (come il vento). Any ideas? Have you seen three film?
By mr_blue at 06,May,17 10:44 other posts of mr_blue 
It's on YouTube..if you want free you can Google that
By leopoldij at 06,May,17 17:37 other posts of leopoldij 
I didn't find it in youtube. If you did, please send the link. Thank you.
By mr_blue at 06,May,17 18:36 other posts of mr_blue 
only registered users can see external links

By JustWill at 30,Aug,15 17:08 other posts of JustWill 
THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy is on the top of my Best Movies Ever Made list. They are almost perfect.

GODFATHER I and GODFATHER II are also excellent movies (the third one is an abomination)

THE MATRIX (I've only ever bothered to watch the first one) is on the top of my list of Over Rated Cinematic Crap. (I don't care how fancy the special effects are, the story, acting and dialogue are just poop.)
It is followed very closely by anything with STAR WARS in the title.
By mr_blue at 30,Aug,15 17:25 other posts of mr_blue 
LOTR is a fav of mine too...

As for the Godfather I would agree that the third part is bad...I can appreciate the acting and cinematography, I just don't get it.
The Matrix is one of those movies that is pretty wooden really,but it is a popcorn flick,it was never really meant to challenge you mentally, I thought it actually opened a few doors to tell a much better story in the next films,but they are shit.... so as a stand alone movie it's just a popcorn flick,it did change the special effects in movies,a lot of the techniques used in The Matrix ended up being used in LOTR.
By JustWill at 30,Aug,15 18:24 other posts of JustWill 
Sadly, although they are enjoyable, THE HOBBIT trilogy is nowhere near as awesome as LOTR.
By bella! at 30,Aug,15 19:52 other posts of bella! 
Did you ever make it to the movie theater to see whatever it was that you were going to see on your birthday? I am not a movie person so I do not recall the name, I just remember that when I Google'd it to see what it was about, I saw it was long, really long.....
By JustWill at 30,Aug,15 23:14 other posts of JustWill 
ANT MAN. Nope. Never made it. That just means a Netflix movie night this winter!
By Ravioli_Max at 03,Sep,15 15:39 other posts of Ravioli_Max 
Do you like to see movies in 3-D? We watch them that way, sometimes.
By JustWill at 03,Sep,15 17:07 other posts of JustWill 
3-D movies give me a headache.
By leopoldij at 03,Sep,15 17:44 other posts of leopoldij 
The worse thing with 3D movies is that, after a while I get used to it and it doesn't feel 3D any more.

By mr_blue at 01,May,17 08:06 other posts of mr_blue 
Watched Ant Man the other day,
By JustWill at 01,May,17 09:26 other posts of JustWill 
I've also seen it since I posted that comment. It was fun! Dr. Strange was also a good time. Looking forward to Guardians Vol. 2!!! Marvel keeps putting out good comic-based films.
By mr_blue at 01,May,17 15:20 other posts of mr_blue 

By cockslut69 at 31,Aug,15 21:17 other posts of cockslut69 
Agreed the third godfather was damn awful hated it but I do like the human centipede trilogy

By sickboy2314 at 04,Sep,15 15:41 other posts of sickboy2314 
I'm the same the first two godfathers were excellent, the third was just not needed.

By AussieMan187 at 27,Apr,17 08:29 other posts of AussieMan187 
I just finished watching a movie called "A Serbian Film". Link here: only registered users can see external links

I'm 100% sure everyone that watches it will agree it's the most fucked up movie they've ever seen. I can't decide if i've seen worse yet. It's pretty close.

Another good one I watched called "The Snowtown Murders". It's about two Aussie serial killers that kill ****philes, homosexuals & rapists. It's a true story. Link here: only registered users can see external links

One of my favorite movies me & Lix watched just last weekend called "American Psycho". It's about a psycho-sociopathic serial killer named Patrick Bateman that goes around killing anyone & everyone. Made in 2000 but set in the late 80's. I won't post the link, but you can look it up on the site I posted those last two movies.

By licksipsuckit at 18,Oct,16 05:53 other posts of licksipsuckit 
we watched weekend at bernies, aussie never seen it before, and then we or maybe just me, watched the dressmaker, its an aussie film and l liked it..missed the end..as l do with most movies..but what l did see l really liked *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 17,Oct,16 03:04 other posts of licksipsuckit 
Saw mastermind and it was pretty good. A few good laughs

By milesbferry at 24,Sep,16 11:50 other posts of milesbferry 
By a strange and spooky coincidence (see music chat) the Norwegian film Troll Hunter is on Film4 channel here in UK tonight. I have seen it - very good, and the last Troll is a big one!

By mr_blue at 17,Sep,16 22:56 other posts of mr_blue 
Describe your current sex life with a movie title!

By mr_blue at 26,Aug,16 16:50 other posts of mr_blue 
What is your favourite movie sex scene ?
By JustWill at 27,Aug,16 00:01 other posts of JustWill 
I actually prefer movies to not have sex scenes. I know what sex looks like, and, in a non-porn movie, they just waste time that could be better spent on story/character building.
By mr_blue at 27,Aug,16 16:15 other posts of mr_blue 
That wasn't the question Mister
But taking on board your view,what if the sex scene is integral to the character development of the movie? have you got a favourite sex/lovemaking scene ?

By #516948 at 27,Aug,16 00:05
What's your favorite sex scene?
By mr_blue at 27,Aug,16 16:17 other posts of mr_blue 
it's a private movie of me and someone

I do like the scene in 8 mile where Brittany Murphy takes Eminem for a quickie at work...

By licksipsuckit at 27,Aug,16 02:53 other posts of licksipsuckit 
Caligula was a great movie, had lots of tit and arse, and Helen miran naked in the 70s, she was hot back then *lix*

By mr_blue at 26,Aug,16 16:44 other posts of mr_blue 
Anyone watched Suicide Squad ?
By #494679 at 26,Aug,16 18:06
Dying to see it!

By bella! at 26,Aug,16 19:08 other posts of bella! 
Actually, I'm surprised, I thought the first word would be censored.

By licksipsuckit at 26,Aug,16 23:57 other posts of licksipsuckit 
yes, l loved it, like most movies to me, theyre always too short...Harley quin has the hottest arse shots in it *lix*

By mr_blue at 18,Dec,15 12:29 other posts of mr_blue 
What's your favourite xmas themed movie ?

Elf cracks me up
By bella! at 18,Dec,15 12:41 other posts of bella! 
I like It's A Wonderful Life.
--------------------------------------- added after 10 minutes

Have you seen it, is it shown in the UK?
By big9inch21 at 18,Dec,15 15:21 other posts of big9inch21 
Have to agree with bella!, "It's a Wonderful Life" is a timeless classic. But a good laugh at Christmas is good as well, so a dose of Clark Griswold is always on at some point at our Christmas. only registered users can see external links
By mr_blue at 18,Dec,15 15:28 other posts of mr_blue 
@ that clip...

By mr_blue at 18,Dec,15 15:25 other posts of mr_blue 
I can't say I have sat down to watch it, I remember bits and pieces,but not enough...and it's on every Christmas over here...

Like JustWill said ,James Stewart,brilliant actor...my fav of his has to be the Glenn Miller story...

By milesbferry at 18,Dec,15 19:36 other posts of milesbferry 
It's on tv Christmas eve afternoon, 2ish. Glenn Miller Story next week too. All our favourite musicals are on over the hols. Set your recorders UK people

By JustWill at 18,Dec,15 12:54 other posts of JustWill 
Will Ferrell annoys the crap out of me.
It's not a movie, but I am a huge fan of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." (The animated Chuck Jones directed/Boris Karloff narrated version, not the Jim Carrey abomination.)
By mr_blue at 18,Dec,15 15:18 other posts of mr_blue 
I like Elf though,most of his other movies are hit and miss for me..

I haven't seen the Grinch movie you mention..something for me to look out for in the future...

Dr Seuss, I probably have used his quotes over and over without ever realising it....

“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!”
By JustWill at 18,Dec,15 16:47 other posts of JustWill 
True story:
My oldest nephew loved that book. He asked that it be read to him almost every night at bedtime. By the time he was five, I'd read it to him so many times that I'd committed the entire thing to memory...word for word...and no longer needed the book in hand.
A few years later, while at the local library, he mentioned to the librarian that I had memorized his favorite Seuss book, and she asked me if I would be willing to come to the library's Christmas party and recite it for the k*ds.
It went over quite well, and has become an annual tradition that I look forward to each year.
By bella! at 18,Dec,15 17:46 other posts of bella! 
That's a great story that has evolved into a tradition.

In my blog, 'Twas The Night Before Christmas, I mentioned to sherryann that my oldest nephew LOVED that story. At bedtime, he would select a book or two that he wanted to hear read to him. He didn't care whether it was February,June, October or December, he often selected 'Twas The Night Before Christmas and also committed the words to memory. Seems like one hundred years ago, a Christmas Eve gathering at my s!ster's, my nephew was just 3, he sat on the hearth with the book in his hand and began "reading" the words he had heard so many times before.....the book was upside-down.
By JustWill at 18,Dec,15 18:59 other posts of JustWill 

By mr_blue at 20,Dec,15 10:17 other posts of mr_blue 

By ChocolateDevine at 19,Dec,15 19:44 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
Elf - with Will Ferrell
A Christmas Story
Scrooged - with Bill Murray

By #410609 at 19,Dec,15 22:16
A Christmas Carol. I don't have a favorite. I like every version of that story. I think it's the greatest Christmas story ever written. Well, the Christmas Box is sorta okay also.

By HunterAce at 20,Dec,15 01:29 other posts of HunterAce 
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I practically am Clark Griswold

By routemaster at 05,Nov,15 02:17 other posts of routemaster 
One of my all-time favourites is the 1953 British film classic "Genevieve" which I've only ever seen on t.v. About two veteran car fanatics who go on the Brighton run and then decide to race each other back to London. In colour, it starred Kay Kendall, Dinah Sheridan, John Gregson and Kenneth More and this frolicsome romp was greatly assisted by Larry Adler's harmonica theme music. Poor Kay died only six years later from leukaemia aged just 32, she was a strikingly attractive comedy actress of enormous skill with a very sexy voice (see her sing and dance with Gene Kelly and Mitzi Gaynor in her one and only Hollywood film "Les Girls" in 1957 when she was already ill) and the nightclub scene where she gets up, drunk, and plays the trumpet is one of the best bits of the whole film. Dinah's spirited performance as the exasperated wife of John Gregson (who also died young too at 55 in 1975) is also spot on and there is also a brief but fabulous cameo by the one and only Joyce Grenfell (died 1979, aged 69) as the landlady of a seedy hotel. Kenneth More was only 67 when he too passed on in 1982 but Dinah outlived them all, passing away in 2012 at the ripe old age of 92. All the stars gone now except that they're not as, out in Australia, there is Genevieve herself, the veteran car of the film's title, a 1904 Daracq, and she will be its epitaph

By mr_blue at 27,Oct,15 01:57 other posts of mr_blue 
Who's the best Batman ?
By JustWill at 27,Oct,15 15:59 other posts of JustWill 
Christian Bale, hands down. Much better films, too.
By mr_blue at 29,Oct,15 11:55 other posts of mr_blue 
By sickboy2314 at 31,Oct,15 16:51 other posts of sickboy2314 
So who's looking forward to Ben Affleck's version?!
By mr_blue at 03,Nov,15 10:37 other posts of mr_blue 
If it's anything like daredevil...
By JustWill at 03,Nov,15 17:49 other posts of JustWill 
I've said it before and I'll say it again: IT WASN'T BEN'S FAULT.
Virtually everything about DAREDEVIL was horrible. The directing was awful, the dialogue was terrible and the story was a hodgepodge of too many elements which were cobbled together in shoddy fashion.
Mr. Affleck did the best he could given the circumstances.
No one could have polished that cinematic turd...
By mr_blue at 04,Nov,15 08:16 other posts of mr_blue 
By JustWill at 04,Nov,15 12:09 other posts of JustWill 
The Netflix version of DAREDEVIL, on the other hand, is very well done.

By leopoldij at 29,Oct,15 11:59 other posts of leopoldij 
Has anybody seen Maria Candelaria with Dolores del Rio?
By milesbferry at 30,Oct,15 21:02 other posts of milesbferry 
As I'm a bit of a film buff, I looked this one up on imdb.

I'd watch it but the DVD is not available on lovefilm.co.uk

I'll have a look at Dolores's other films. Featuring big stars of Hollywood. She was a Mexican star in those days
By leopoldij at 30,Oct,15 21:13 other posts of leopoldij 
If you understand Spanish you can watch it on YouTube. only registered users can see external links
By milesbferry at 30,Oct,15 21:40 other posts of milesbferry 
No espagnole! I'm guessing the youtube version is not in HD either
By leopoldij at 31,Oct,15 09:13 other posts of leopoldij 
I don't know what HD is. Anyway, I do watch lots of youtube films because I have no other choice. Fortunately, I understand spanish and some other languages.
By JustWill at 03,Nov,15 17:50 other posts of JustWill 
HD = High Definition.
You're welcome.
By leopoldij at 03,Nov,15 18:18 other posts of leopoldij 
Thank you

By leopoldij at 31,Oct,15 09:15 other posts of leopoldij 
But since you're a film buff, why don't you give me some tips? (What kind of films do you like, by the way?)Most of the people watch whatever the cinemas show so they have nothing interesting to suggest.

By mr_blue at 03,Nov,15 11:03 other posts of mr_blue 
Watched the Goonies for the hundredth time over the weekend...still funny...

By leopoldij at 27,Oct,15 19:56 other posts of leopoldij 
If you like comedies (a very difficult genre), here is a film combining the inimitable Louis de Funès and Coluche:
L'aile ou la cuisse
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It has been translated in English as
The wing or thigh?
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By sickboy2314 at 06,Oct,15 16:23 other posts of sickboy2314 
Anyone watched the new mad max film??
By #495558 at 06,Oct,15 16:35
Not yet.. heard mixed reviews... But I will see it eventually
By cockslut69 at 13,Oct,15 17:05 other posts of cockslut69 
Not good at all

By gradurgaur at 27,Oct,15 16:04 other posts of gradurgaur 
I loved the new mad max film amasing action

By mr_blue at 13,Oct,15 11:49 other posts of mr_blue 
Star Trek or Star Wars ?.... based on the movies only

Still Star Trek for me...
By JustWill at 13,Oct,15 12:44 other posts of JustWill 
I will take substance over style any day.
Star Trek all the way for me.
By mr_blue at 20,Oct,15 05:11 other posts of mr_blue 
Picard or James T ?
By cockslut69 at 20,Oct,15 09:27 other posts of cockslut69 
Picard obviously

By JustWill at 20,Oct,15 12:11 other posts of JustWill 
Though I am a fan of both captains (they each bring a different style of command to the bridge of Enterprise), I will confess to giving a slight edge to Kirk.

By #452019 at 13,Oct,15 14:22
not my usual movie but i saw interstellar at the weekend and really enjoyed it! actually it was a bit of a matthew mcconaughey weekend as i also watched dallas buyers club, which again was an excellent movie.
By milesbferry at 13,Oct,15 19:16 other posts of milesbferry 
Look out for Magic Mike, which might be on tv. A good film. I agree about buyers club, haven't seen interstellar yet.
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More info, now I've got the tv guide. Next week is good for films on tv (if you're a UK viewer, or receive UK channels). Film4 has a Matthew McConaughey season, and all are worth watching.

Magic Mike is on Wednesday. A fun film set around a male stripper club, and a happy ending. I like that. And good use of music.

But the night before is The Paperboy. It might make some people uncomfortable, with Nicole Kidman in a different role to usual, and John Cusack...... not a nice guy! Not a happy ending, either. Matthew McC would be described as a flawed character.

But this Sunday, late-ish on Ch4, I'll watch Haywire. Same director as Magic Mike (Steven Soderbergh) and actor (Channing Tatum) Don't mess with Gina Carano. My kind of woman
By #452019 at 14,Oct,15 10:50
i have seen magic mike and it was pretty good, mcc was hot as i recall. wish i could recall the film he was in where he played a right bastard and had a woman fellate 'something?' other than his cock, what was it called...?

thank you for the other 'tips' i will keep a look out for them.
By milesbferry at 14,Oct,15 13:11 other posts of milesbferry 
That's Killer Joe. Also on next week. Chicken leg, anyone?

By #452019 at 28,Sep,15 18:04
Blue is the warmest colour, a warm and sexy journey through a young womans awakening.
By milesbferry at 28,Sep,15 19:34 other posts of milesbferry 
It's a very long film. Even with the explicit girl girl sex scene I was in danger of nodding off. From recent French cinema I liked Jeune & Jolie.

PS. I didn't rate Nympho 1 and 2 either. I've never found a Lars Von Trier film I enjoyed.
By #452019 at 06,Oct,15 17:27
oh miles, it wasn't just the sex that made the film interesting, it was the whole relationship from it's tentative start to the inevitable break up, i found it very engaging.

i quite liked nympho 1 & 2 but sadly you could always tell how it would end.

sexual chronicles of a french family is another worth catching if you have a chance.
By milesbferry at 07,Oct,15 19:33 other posts of milesbferry 
I know, but I'm a bloke. I couldn't empathise with the protagonists like you could. And I still think it was an hour too long.

I've added the chronicles to my dvd list at lovefilm. Netflix streams perfectly well, but there just isn't the choice.

By Blade at 06,Oct,15 21:58 other posts of Blade 
I'm looking for anyone that saw the original, uncut movie, The Tin Drum. I saw it again on Stars or something, and it had a few scenes cut. If you saw it, you know exactly what scenes.

By leopoldij at 06,Oct,15 17:22 other posts of leopoldij 
A Short Film About Love, by Krzysztof Kieslowski.
It's a very good film.

By #495558 at 06,Oct,15 16:17
1. Raiders of the Lost Ark

2. CaddyShack

3. Porkys

4. Stripes

5. Pulp Fiction

6. Goodfellas

7. Casino

9. James Bond- All of them

10. Moneyball

11. Inglorius Bastards

12. Das Boot

13. Stars Wars

14. Wall Street

15. End of Watch

16. Bridge of the River Kwai

17. Apocalypse Now

18. Officer and a Gentlemen

19. Catch me if you Can

20. The Departed

21. Hot Fuzz

22. The Hurt Locker

23. Black Hawk Down

24. Taken

25. Boiler Room

and Kevin Costner- I dare that donkey to make another stupid baseball movie
By mr_blue at 06,Oct,15 16:22 other posts of mr_blue 
'and Kevin Costner- I dare that donkey to make another stupid baseball movie' if they write it,he will come
By sickboy2314 at 06,Oct,15 16:24 other posts of sickboy2314 
It hurt to watch the Hurt Locker!!....
--------------------------------------- added after 67 seconds

catch me if you can......brilliant movie

By Arexa at 31,Aug,15 00:24 other posts of Arexa 
I'm a Will Ferrell junkie. Fuckin love his movies... Step Brothers and The Other Guys will never get old for me, even though I know them both word for word and have probably seen them a thousand times. I like Ben Stiller, too... Zoolander cracks me the fuck up. Couldn't pay me to watch a Jim Carrey movie though. Or Adam Sandler. Or David Spade....
By JustWill at 31,Aug,15 10:05 other posts of JustWill 
I'm in total agreement about Carrey, Sandler and Spade. No nuance in any of their performances. Virtually the exact same shtick every time.
By #410609 at 31,Aug,15 11:18
Ya, but it's funny the first time. How can you not like "Happy Gilmore" or even"Liar Liar"?
By Arexa at 31,Aug,15 22:27 other posts of Arexa 
Happy Gilmore was kinda good. Til I turned like 15 and quit watching movies my parents had bought and started watching better shit. Liar Liar has always been crap though.
By #410609 at 31,Aug,15 23:39
Maybe "Cable Guy" was a better Jim Carey example. David Spade wasn't too bad when paired with Chris Farley in a couple movies. He sucked as "Joe Dirt" no doubt.
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Dont tell me you loved Will Farrell in "Land of the lost". That Movie was horrible.
By Arexa at 31,Aug,15 23:58 other posts of Arexa 
Not my favorite Will Ferrell movie, that's for sure.
Jim Carrey's voice just makes me want to punch him in the neck. Those god awful stupid facial expressions just make it worse. Lol.
And Joe Dirt was atrocious.
By #410609 at 01,Sep,15 00:02
Jim Carey does get old no argument there. He can spoof Will Shatners Captain Kirk better than anyone I've ever seen try it. His In Living Color skits just about make you piss yourself laughing!
By Arexa at 01,Sep,15 00:29 other posts of Arexa 
I always liked Homie the clown better. Lol.
By #410609 at 01,Sep,15 01:04
Fire Marshall Bill must have made you crack a full on Mona Lisa smile at least once!
By Arexa at 05,Sep,15 00:44 other posts of Arexa 
My Mona Lisa grin is reserved for occasions involving public flatulence. However, I really don't remember Fire Marshall Bill, and I watched lots of In Living Color when I was younger...
By #410609 at 05,Sep,15 03:40
Fire Marshall Bill Burns was one of Jim Careys' skit characters and he was on quite often. He can be found on youtube always. What's that smell and why are you smiling like that?

By mr_blue at 05,Sep,15 23:34 other posts of mr_blue 
I can only deal with Carey in Ace Ventura.. 'you must be the monopoly guy' but Sandler has been crap for years,always the same supporting cast too...

By ChocolateDevine at 28,Sep,15 17:01 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
What about Fun With Dick & Jane? That was hilarious to me!

By ChocolateDevine at 28,Sep,15 17:00 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
I haven't seen many "horrible" movies but did anyone see "Enemy" with Jake Gyllenhaal? HORRIBLE!!

By mr_blue at 28,Sep,15 15:49 other posts of mr_blue 
Anyone ever seen a bad Gene Hackman movie ?...

By cockslut69 at 15,Sep,15 20:07 other posts of cockslut69 
I like the millennium trilogy

By #418042 at 07,Sep,15 20:16
Pulp fiction for ever.
The best movie I saw this year was Straight Outta Compton.
I love the whole Marvel cinematic universe, especially both Thor's movies.
I'm a fan of Tim Burton's movies.
Samuel Jackson is my favorite actor.
jennifer lawrence is my acting crush (check out my tribute here www.showyourdick.org/bv3bc9c5vn6mpic.htm )
By Arexa at 07,Sep,15 22:24 other posts of Arexa 
Oooh. I'm a Thor fan, too. Awesome movies.
By mr_blue at 15,Sep,15 10:55 other posts of mr_blue 

By #410609 at 06,Sep,15 03:57
Das Boot is the longest movie I've ever watched and was entertained the whole time. That is truly an epic movie.
By leopoldij at 06,Sep,15 09:39 other posts of leopoldij 
I haven't seen that one. I searched on youtube and found

Das Boot 1981 - ganzer Film auf Deutsch
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but it's only in German.
By #410609 at 06,Sep,15 10:37
There is an English dubbed version of course. It must be available somewhere. It is a German film. I think its a riveting film for those who like war movies.
By leopoldij at 06,Sep,15 12:45 other posts of leopoldij 
yeah, but i like to find it on youtube ... (perhaps it exists for free on the internet, but i don't know how to find these things...)
By #410609 at 06,Sep,15 14:14
I can't help. I've only seen it on the movie channels and if they are airing the unedited version it is about 4 hrs long. But it doesn't seem that long. IMO its worth searching for.
By leopoldij at 06,Sep,15 14:18 other posts of leopoldij 
I will! And thanks for the suggestion!

By sinanff47 at 06,Sep,15 19:45 other posts of sinanff47 
Leo, I used my Roku box to search for 'Das Boot'. There are 3 versions available in the USA at least: An 'R' rated one, and unrated one, and a 'Director's Cut' one. They vary from 2 1/2 hours to 4 1/2 hours depending on which. Amazon appears to have 2 of the versions, VUDU also, and several other places, all for watching on TVs. Perhaps you can find a version where you are.
By leopoldij at 07,Sep,15 07:41 other posts of leopoldij 

By sickboy2314 at 04,Sep,15 15:43 other posts of sickboy2314 
Talking about gangster films, which are you favourites?
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Ps can't wait to see the new Krays film!
--------------------------------------- added after 21 hours

Your*......just noticed my mistake!!
By leopoldij at 04,Sep,15 17:06 other posts of leopoldij 
My favorite gangster film is "The Trials of Henry Kissinger"

By mr_blue at 05,Sep,15 08:23 other posts of mr_blue 
Goodfellas,The Departed, to start with... Layer Cake is a fav.. Lock stock,Snatch..are they gangster movies though ? are pikeys gangster
--------------------------------------- added after 113 seconds

Scarface...Pulp Fiction....
By sickboy2314 at 05,Sep,15 13:33 other posts of sickboy2314 
I was thinking the same can they be classed as gangster films! Luv Snatch ( Tyrone you fat Bastard!) . Laycake is fucking awesome ( there is word on the grape vine that they might make a number 2!) Also what about Rise of the footsoldier?........or Oldish one's Boyz in da hood, Juice??
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

Also liked American Gangster,

By cockslut69 at 05,Sep,15 20:28 other posts of cockslut69 
The departed is a remake of infernal affairs
By mr_blue at 05,Sep,15 23:31 other posts of mr_blue 

By #410609 at 06,Sep,15 02:39
Goodfellas, Casino, and The Good the Bad and the Ugly are three movies that I've seen dozens of times each but everytime I stumble across them I'm stuck watching them again for the next three hours.

By JustWill at 05,Sep,15 23:54 other posts of JustWill 
YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN is one of the few movies that will make me laugh every time I watch it. MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL is also on that very short list.
By #410609 at 06,Sep,15 02:31
Gene Wilder is amazing in that film. The scene where the blind man invites in the monster is classic. Marty Feldman's Igor is hilarious, who can forget Abby Normals brain!Monty Python is comedy genius. Who else could come up with the killer rabbits and the "horses" in that film. Thx for mentioning those movies!

By mr_blue at 05,Sep,15 23:29 other posts of mr_blue 
Bourne movies are good...

I like dumbass movies too...Kickass was pretty funny....Anyone seen 'Crank' ?....fucking dumb as fuck,but so funny...

By #410609 at 31,Aug,15 23:58
I haven't seen a Quentin Tarantino film yet that I didn't like. "Reservoir Dogs", "Pulp Fiction", "D'jango Unchained", "Inglorious Bastards", "Kill Bill 1&2"...all good.
By sinanff47 at 03,Sep,15 00:46 other posts of sinanff47 
I fully agree--his films are superb. 'Pulp Fiction' and 'Inglourious Basterds' are 2 of the finest movies I've seen in the last few years.
Although IMHO, not in the same league, don't forget 'From Dusk Till Dawn'.
By leopoldij at 03,Sep,15 01:30 other posts of leopoldij 
I actually don't like his films. But that's OK, we can still have a beer.
By sinanff47 at 03,Sep,15 01:37 other posts of sinanff47 
Perhaps because his films rely upon a lot of crazy absurdity?

And I'd love to buy you a beer or two. How about this one:

only registered users can see external links
By leopoldij at 03,Sep,15 02:45 other posts of leopoldij 
Perhaps. His films make me a bit upset. Perhaps I don't understand them. Perhaps I simply don't like. .. But I'm not too mainstream. I've been known for not been able to like stuff that the majority of people found entertaining.

The ale looks good. Here, in Sweden, a simple bottle of beer is at least 10 dollars a bottle in a bar or restaurant .... and salaries are less than in the US. So I rarely drink anything when I'm out . Thanks for the offer. We can have it without watching Tarantino.

By leopoldij at 03,Sep,15 07:45 other posts of leopoldij 
I like the font they use. Of celtic origin. So Big Rock is from Alberta? I only know Triple Rock. They have reasonably priced beer and you should go there once (google it to see where it is).

By milesbferry at 03,Sep,15 10:30 other posts of milesbferry 
Nobody ever mentions Jackie Brown. An excellent Tarantino film that can be watched again and again.
By #410609 at 05,Sep,15 03:58
I've never seen Jackie Brown or From Dusk til Dawn. Most of his movies have to be watched a couple times to really be appreciated. Pulp Fiction is a good example of that. It's pretty confusing the first time you watch it since events dont take place sequentially. Inglorious Bastards is also better after a couple viewings. He does an amazing job casting his movies also. Very talented recurring actors and actresses playing very different characters.

By leopoldij at 01,Sep,15 08:34 other posts of leopoldij 
One of my most favorite actors is Daniel Auteuil.
--------------------------------------- added after 47 hours

No reaction on Daniel Auteuil? I assure you he's a superb actor. Better than, what do you call him, Dennis Depp or something.
By milesbferry at 03,Sep,15 10:34 other posts of milesbferry 
He's very good. I always think of Jean de Florette and Manon Des Sources. Which makes me think of Emmanuelle Beart.....
By leopoldij at 03,Sep,15 17:22 other posts of leopoldij 

By JustWill at 03,Sep,15 14:18 other posts of JustWill 
I am a huge fan of Dunny Doors, Australian gay porn star. His first film, BABY GOT OUTBACK is a classic.
By bella! at 03,Sep,15 15:07 other posts of bella! 

You need quit your day job and do stand up comedy!

By cockslut69 at 31,Aug,15 21:18 other posts of cockslut69 
Horror movies are my favourite
By Arexa at 31,Aug,15 23:33 other posts of Arexa 
Ooooh. I loves me a good horror flick. Ever watched Cannibal Holocaust?
By cockslut69 at 31,Aug,15 23:38 other posts of cockslut69 
Not yet have you seen the rec films
By Arexa at 01,Sep,15 00:29 other posts of Arexa 
Nope. i should though.
By cockslut69 at 01,Sep,15 01:41 other posts of cockslut69 
Oh yes

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