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Do you prefer shaved, trimmed or all natural for pubic hair?

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Started by scott14 at 02,Aug,19 05:59  other posts of scott14
What do you think is best for a guys pubic hair? To be shaved, trimmed or let it grow out totally natural. What do you guys do? Do you switch around between the 3? How many of you guys leave your pubes totally natural?

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New Comment

By knewbi at 04,Aug,19 15:03 other posts of knewbi 
While I like it all, give me a fully clean shaved cock to enjoy any time.

By Steve116969 at 04,Aug,19 10:58 other posts of Steve116969 
I love the pubes, keep em natural!!

By Spunkbubbles at 04,Aug,19 09:10 other posts of Spunkbubbles 
Definately shaved...over 30 years shaved now

By Biwhiteman at 03,Aug,19 17:35 other posts of Biwhiteman 
I like natural.
Mine is natural, to damn hairy to shave any where.
By pifad at 04,Aug,19 04:47 other posts of pifad 
I like the sound of that

By Pantyhose1 at 03,Aug,19 22:17 other posts of Pantyhose1 
Im usually shaved smooth but im totally natural right now. Several months without shaving

By #594072 at 03,Aug,19 17:56
shaved love shaving my cock feels better and looks bigger. also love seeing a nice big shaved cock yummmy

By pifad at 03,Aug,19 13:49 other posts of pifad 
I leave mine natural.
By Biwhiteman at 03,Aug,19 17:36 other posts of Biwhiteman 

By bi_44 at 03,Aug,19 17:12 other posts of bi_44 
Totally smooth

By thesevenpointfive at 03,Aug,19 16:59 other posts of thesevenpointfive 
I loved smooth

By #595788 at 03,Aug,19 16:40
I like my sex kit hairy, but trimmed. I keep my balls hairy but usually remove any hairs from my shaft, using my wife’s depilatory cream. I like seeing dicks like that. Same with women, I like a neatly furred cunt.

By Ray10754 at 03,Aug,19 16:30 other posts of Ray10754 
totally smooth neck down and love it

By bil47 at 03,Aug,19 15:32 other posts of bil47 
Shaved is definitely sexiest. Closely trimmed looks sexy and is easier to maintain.
By SluttySarah069 at 03,Aug,19 15:34 other posts of SluttySarah069 
That's how I keep mine - I trim my pubes and shave my balls, legs, arm pits etc. Love to be as fem as possible.

By cutroundhead at 02,Aug,19 06:29 other posts of cutroundhead 
I like the full natural look

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