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Why do we get turned on looking at erect cocks?

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Started by ero2715 at 03,Jan,09 12:02  other posts of ero2715
Why do you get turned on and wank off to seeing other mens hard erect cocks. I myself love to see all your hard erect cocks it really gets me hard and ready to shot a load of cummmm.

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By #582295 at 07,Apr,19 01:26
I had a few bicurious encounters in my late adolescence. More men than are willing to admit have. Same with getting turned on by looking at a another penis.
Been married 30 years. And there are times when I want to see a nice cock, and Jack. Let's admit, a penis is amazing.

By Smoothmann at 06,Apr,19 22:41 other posts of Smoothmann 
It's something about a hard erect penis that says it's loaded for bear!

By bigshooter6 at 06,Apr,19 22:31 other posts of bigshooter6 
i cant explain what is so hot about a hard throbbing cock head pointing at ya but im pretty sure its why the gloryhole was invented

By jsmythe73 at 03,Apr,19 00:43 other posts of jsmythe73 
I ADORE women, and will always want sex with them, but yeah, dicks are really nice, sometimes, for other reasons.
Sometimes, as a guy, you need to get away from some of the women 'stuff' and just find something common, solid, and, no pun, intended, a nice penis!
I never really appreciated the penis, or even looked, thinking it was wrong, or something that I was told.
Now, sometimes, I just get in the mood, and I want to look at nice penises, soft, or hard, gay or straight, I just don't care. Even trans ones, are good, sometimes.
I think that if you are comfortable in who you are, sexually, you know, and sometimes just getting off to some hard penises here, on this site, is a nice release!
Maybe making eye contact with a guy in the locker room, at the gym, and then talking, standing, balls out, just casual, like it isn't any big deal?
Well, if his is bigger, maybe a big deal!
But why is it such an issue, with a lot of guys, just admitting that they like looking at penises, on this site, or in locker rooms or anywhere?
Just looking, and getting excited, and even getting off, thinking about or looking at penises, doesn't change anything, if you are hetero, or married, or whatever!
By liketoedge at 05,Apr,19 11:10 other posts of liketoedge 
I would totally agree, i feel secretly all guys do like seeing other guys cocks. But many are afraid to admit it. Growing up we never worried about labels or even knew there were labels like gay, bi ,str8 and anything sexual made us horny.

By knewbi at 01,Apr,19 13:45 other posts of knewbi 
Well for me I just love a hard stiff and standing tall cock...

By #583980 at 30,Mar,19 15:33
Why? Because we are Men! Innate male behaviour.

By Smoothmann at 26,Mar,19 20:36 other posts of Smoothmann 
I love to see all the different cocks out many styles and sizes!!!

By lawrenceo at 26,Mar,19 09:33 other posts of lawrenceo 
Because that is the way you are. Not every guy is turned on by all hard cocks.

By #583454 at 23,Mar,19 01:25
For me I get turned on by seeing erect cocks, that are bigger than mine. I always imagine how they would feel in my hand or mouth. Thinking how much sperm they would cum for me and how it will taste like.

By #5261 at 10,Jan,09 15:03
My profile has me down as bisexual. And as a man who adores sucking cocks I suppose I must be. BUT I am not actually attracted to men men! I never have been . I just love their cocks (I can come by just sucking someone off).
I also become erect when wearing women's clothes and I fantasise about being arse fucked (Although that has never happened and probably wont).
I am only attracted to women.
yet cocks drive me wild!
Looking through these comments makes me realise that I am not the only one!
A recent comment made by someone about one of the most popular photos was "I'm straight but I could suck that."
I think that says it all!
I no longer worry about why I love cocks. I just accept that I do. That is why I absolutely love this site...
By supablack at 26,Jan,09 12:54 other posts of supablack 
you couldnt have said that any better...i dont know why i like cocks either and i am straight or to have another guy suck my cock...its not that its a guy its that someone is bringing pleasure to my cock, and i just sit back and enjoy...and ask no questions

By #480214 at 23,Apr,15 06:24
I agree with your comments about not being attracted to guys. I love dressing in womens clothes, wering makup and hair and then being used like a woman - I enjoy nothing more than to be ordered to my knees and to suck a nice cock to ecrection and feel it cum inside my mouth.
I love your pics by the way

By Greek18cm at 31,Jan,19 16:24 other posts of Greek18cm 
Thats valid. I have friends tha are straight and turned on by my cock. They even crave to touch it. I dont know exactly the mechanism behind that human behaviour but it exists

By SluttySarah069 at 20,Mar,19 18:52 other posts of SluttySarah069 
You are just like me - I just like men's cocks - not the men. I also like dressing up as a slut for them to abuse me.

By SluttySarah069 at 20,Mar,19 18:47 other posts of SluttySarah069 
I've always loved other guys' cocks - soft (so I can get them hard) or already hard and ready for action

By JackHammer at 20,Mar,19 07:41 other posts of JackHammer 
I think why I like cocks is because I have had much pleasure in playing with my own cock over the last 60 some years that I now want to venture out and play with others cocks.

By jim1987 at 19,Mar,19 20:26 other posts of jim1987 
When I watch porn and see a mans hard cock with the head wet! I always rub my pre cum on my hole!! wishing it was me he is going to fuck!

By nolongercurious at 19,Mar,19 05:49 other posts of nolongercurious 
Why do I get turned on by viewing cocks? Probably because I'm a faggot.

By #563509 at 30,Jan,19 12:08

What do you think of my cock?
By #541363 at 30,Jan,19 16:43
i love the shape of cocks. Like this one for instance.
I will never have a relationship with a man. actually i don't want anything other than only his cock and balls.
By BALLZDIXNCLITZ at 04,Feb,19 08:22 other posts of BALLZDIXNCLITZ 

By Urcock at 18,Mar,19 19:59 other posts of Urcock 
Same here. I dont want to kiss a man, but if he has a nice cock and balls I would suck him off and hope he returns the favour

By #579310 at 09,Feb,19 02:51

Seeing other erect dicks makes me excited, wanting to touch them like mine. Suck them too.

By cruz69696969 at 30,Jan,19 18:25 other posts of cruz69696969 
Another reason is we who love to look at cocks find them incredibly beautiful so that excites us

By cruz69696969 at 30,Jan,19 18:23 other posts of cruz69696969 
I think we like to look to see how we measure up and when someone has more in one way or another than we have it excites us. Just one thought.

By bil47 at 30,Jan,19 08:22 other posts of bil47 
Here are some nice erect-cock pics:

only registered users can see external links

By 61-69 at 30,Jan,19 07:39 other posts of 61-69 
It turns me on to see others turned on, be it men or women, and a hard cock is a sure sign someone is turned on.

By bil47 at 30,Jan,19 07:05 other posts of bil47 
The firmly-erect cock is a display of pure raw sexuality.

By lankan at 30,Jan,19 01:24 other posts of lankan 
its a human thing...being attracted to genitals

By #5440 at 21,Apr,09 20:37
To answer the question...erect cocks are the most beautiful things in the world...
By #316057 at 04,Dec,13 04:50
yes they are

By foreskinlover52 at 23,Apr,15 02:59 other posts of foreskinlover52 
I agree!

By spermkiss at 22,Apr,15 15:42 other posts of spermkiss 
We like it because we know it's for real. It's impossible to fake an erection and impossible to fake an ejaculation. When we see the sperm shooting out of an erect cock we know it's the real thing.
By tb1 at 22,Apr,15 18:19 other posts of tb1 
It's also hot as all heck to see a cock grow form flaccid to erect I luv seeing that happen.
By spermkiss at 23,Apr,15 00:30 other posts of spermkiss 
Don't we all.

By #285354 at 22,Apr,15 19:46
A big piece of sensuality is bringing pleasure to yourself and to others. We know that when we have a hard cock we are experiencing great pleasure. We love to see others experiencing pleasure and it is ALL THE BETTER WHEN WE ARE ABLE TO JOIN IN

By 3fdfd at 18,Apr,15 07:22 other posts of 3fdfd 
A soft cock - especially a large soft uncut cock - can turn me on as well as any erect cock.

By deekayL at 17,Apr,15 15:20 other posts of deekayL 

By BushPilot at 13,Mar,09 22:13 other posts of BushPilot 
Does it have to be erect? A penis is a very sensuous part of the male body and one of the most amazing organs to boot. When it's flaccid, it is smallish (yes, it varies), but when it is erect it becomes huge in comparison. When flaccid, it begs to be made erect and when it is erect it begs to be made soft; by what means is unimportant. The other thing about an erect cock is that the viewer knows the man behind the member is turned on and ready to deliver his semen for procreation or recreation. That is very anticipatory and probably what most makes folks want to see an erect penis. My opinion for better or worse.

By #8336 at 23,Feb,09 23:33
I know how good my cock feels when it is hard, so it excites me to see other hard cocks.
By ero2715 at 24,Feb,09 16:44 other posts of ero2715 
Same Here

By Pauli at 07,Jan,09 15:17 other posts of Pauli 
I just get turned on looking on good quality pictures of dicks (regardless if flacid or errect) and like to show my genitals. Even if women think differently, I think size doesn't matter - we can't change it anyway! Therefor I would delete all pics showing stupid length or diameter metering device!

By supablack at 05,Jan,09 13:57 other posts of supablack 
It just goes back to childhood your mom putting you in the bathtube with your brother or cousin killing two birds with one stone...or in the lockeroom seeing people walking around...some people dont hide nudity and others like to show off and share their pics thats why we are all here...i am straight myself but enjoy a nice looking cock and will make comments whether someone says anything....i am comfortable to tell someone the have a nice many people peek over at the stall next to them....its that curious thing that wont go away...size doesnt matter to me i just like to look at the differtnt types...shapes...length...i dont have the biggest cock but i like the look and shape of my cock

By bsd7 at 03,Jan,09 13:14 other posts of bsd7 
i can get turned on by looking at hard cocks. i wish my cock was bigger and i envy other guys who have a bigger dick than me. looking at the biggest and best cocks makes me want to grab them and feel them throbing in my hand and wonder what it would be like if my cock was that big. i also get turned on by looking at pretty girls with great looking pussys.

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