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Naked Showering in Local Pool Facilities

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Started by satgeek at 25,Mar,17 08:36  other posts of satgeek
I love to go the showers while other guys are there. Alot of guys dont have problems showing & i try not get hard when doing so. To see so much cock & it makes me wan to rub one off while watching them shower or suck them.

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By Getyourdickout at 15,Feb,23 15:34 other posts of Getyourdickout 
I get so horny in the pool / gym anyway - so many sexy guys and then to watch them strip and shower is like
By PITBULL at 16,Mar,23 22:49 other posts of PITBULL 
do you get hard in the showers when watching them naked?

By Robben at 16,Mar,23 00:41 other posts of Robben 
I like when others look at my softie in public shower rooms

By new2day at 11,Mar,23 16:46 other posts of new2day 
I grew up with the gang style showers at the local pool and gyms, so it was entirely normal to wander about naked with a towel over your shoulder. It's good to be seen, and see others.

By tb1 at 09,Mar,23 21:07 other posts of tb1 
About 30 years ago, on a day when it was 30 fucking degrees below zero, I went for a walk at our neighbourhood fieldhouse. Afterwards I went into the locker/shower room to change out of my walking shoes into my winter boots. In the aisle, between me and my locker were four guys who were still wet from the shower. They were towelling off and kibitzing as guys do having a good old time. I wasn’t embarrassed and waited and stared at them. One guy was overweight and short staffed, considerably short staffed! Two guys were of average length and girth cockwise. The fourth guy was hung like a horse. His endowment hung down halfway to his knees and flopped around as he moved. They were obviously good friends and fond of each other, joking around. They noticed me and I asked, “Excuse me, can I get to my locker?” One moved aside and I moved past him. I sat on the edge of the bench facing them as I changed shoes. I kept my eyes down but didn’t miss glancing at all four packages as they uninhibiditly dried off, slipped into their underwear and got dressed. They acted as equals and I noted that no lewd comments were directed at the horse hung guy nor the guy with the little prick. I was envious of them. I never had close friends like that. 🙁

By Mynakedcock at 23,Feb,23 21:25 other posts of Mynakedcock 
A few years ago I went for a swim at my local pool after which I went to the showers and toilet area, the changing cubicles and lockers were unisex but the showers and toilets were separate sex. I got my shower gel and proceeded to go to the showers.
To get to the toilets you had to pass the showers which were a square area with showers on three sides of the square, I went into them and in the showers was a couple of boys about 12 years old and also a couple of girls about the same age who were just inside of the showers.
I needed to have a pee and the urinals were just past the showers in full view of the girls, well I figured if the girls are in the men’s shower/toilet area if they see my cock to bad, so I go to the first urinal and I pull my trunks down and have a pee not trying to hide my cock from them at all, I finish peeing then go into the showers and take my trunks off.
I thought the girls would probably leave then but they didn’t they stayed and watched me shower, I rinsed off and then rubbed gel over my entire body then lathered up all over taking extra time with my cock which was already quite hard getting it fully hard all the time being watched by the girls and the boys.
I could see the boys getting little hard ones through their trunks and the girls were both giggling at seeing my hard cock.
I couldn’t help myself and decided to have a full jerk off session and rubbed myself off until I shot my load in full view of the four onlookers.
By PITBULL at 05,Mar,23 21:51 other posts of PITBULL 
damn...I wish the shower facilities at my gym were unisex.

By Odin_york_pa at 05,Mar,23 21:41 other posts of Odin_york_pa 

By wycowboy at 15,Feb,23 15:12 other posts of wycowboy 
It doesn't bother me much, never has. I would get a stiffy when younger but I don't much anymore unless I am getting attention from another naked male. At 320 pounds and 6 feet tall that doesn't happen much anymore.

By gingerpik at 15,Feb,23 13:12 other posts of gingerpik 
BAck in High shcool when we started showering together after gym you kinda have to get used to be naked around other guys - So I hav no issue with it, since I have done it so many times - always kinda enjoyed checking out the otherЁs , ever since boys from my class started developing still do

most guys have peeked at another dick on occasion - whether they admit it or not.. just be discreet..

You shouldn't worry to much about getting a boner - it happens.. Not as often with grown ups as with younger guys, but it's not all that rare - I never seen anyone who judged a guy for it since we all know what it's like

By Alwaysnude at 10,Feb,23 04:32 other posts of Alwaysnude 
We grew up showering in groups from junior high through high school some guys got hard ons also swam nude at YMCA as a kid I always felt so small but didnt care nor fid anyone else

By Robben at 10,Feb,23 02:12 other posts of Robben 
I like the attention my soft cock actually gives when Im nude in public shower rooms. So, you should continue to take a look

By Mynakedcock at 22,Jan,23 23:51 other posts of Mynakedcock 
My local swimming pool had an open plan shower room with shower heads spaced out along the walls, I would always shower in them naked and would often get a hard on especially if there was lots of girls at the pool.
The showers were situated immediately as you walking in from the pool so the first thing you see when entering changing rooms is whoever was showering, on more than one occasion I would be in the showers and girls would suddenly appear at the entrance to them, I was often seen in the shower totally naked by girls from my school and sometimes with a ragging hard on.

By german_guy at 15,Dec,21 18:42 other posts of german_guy 
I like to look around and as well I like it when others look at me

By #64328 at 15,Dec,21 18:17
I have always got a thrill out of been seen naked in a pubic shower setting. Municipal swimming pools, school showers and gyms. Nudity was very common as I was growing up.

By Robben at 15,Dec,21 03:22 other posts of Robben 
A public shower is a natural place to nude. I like when others look at my softie there.

By dgraff at 10,Dec,21 18:56 other posts of dgraff 
Nice 👍

By spermkiss at 25,Mar,17 15:34 other posts of spermkiss 
Two things jump out at me: You're trying to keep your dick soft and you're thinking about rubbing out a load. Man, don't hold back on either of these.

The camaraderie of being nude and showering with other men is hard to beat (pun definitely intended). You'll find that erections are contagious and once you take the lead and let your dick stand proud without shame or embarrassment, others will follow. When all the men are not only nude, but fully erect that will greatly enhance the camaraderie.

Then start stroking. Again, when you take the lead, others will follow. Climaxing together is good male bonding and true fellowship of men. Try it.
By tb1 at 25,Mar,17 18:10 other posts of tb1 
And you might even make a Friend With Benefits
By DJS at 09,Dec,21 09:53 other posts of DJS 
You must of made a lot of friends with benefits who doodatt

By #435701 at 29,Mar,17 17:42
WOW! How bold that would be!
By spermkiss at 29,Mar,17 19:23 other posts of spermkiss 
Yes, it would be bold, but it also would be a lot of fun. I've had private discussions with another (now former) SYD member who did this very thing. He started by allowing his dick to get hard in the changing room. He found that by not being self conscious about having an erection, but just acting as though it was normal and natural (which it is), others would just go about their business. Some would get erections, too.

Then he kicked it up a notch by jacking off in the showers. The truth is that many men would like to finish off an exercise session by exercising their love muscle. But they are too shy to do it. Once he got the ball rolling (so to speak), he found that others often joined in. And a good time was had by all.

By #652988 at 07,Dec,21 09:24
I like it anywhere I can be seen nakef

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