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Points Changes

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Started by admin at 19,Jun,22 16:08  other posts of admin
It seems some members think their points number is a meter of their importance on this site or something like that. Well, I don't really know what happens in their heads. But the fact is - some members hoard points and never use them. I personally do not care because if members do not use points they mean nothing. But this annoys many paying members and I have to respect their feelings. So from now on unused points will be converted automatically (happens overnight during all other points distribution calculations) into treasure chests for all non-paying members with points balance over 700. The chests can be converted back into points without any loss, but only if the current points balance is less than 200 or the member recently purchased points or membership. Big chests stays forever since I still respect the efforts some members took over many years to gather huge amounts of points, but small chests will vanish after 60 days if not used.

If I did not screw up with the coding you will see first results of this tomorrow.

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New Comment

By qqqq1234 at 27,Aug,23 14:12 other posts of qqqq1234 
There is a problem with the chests.

I have two chests, one of them expiring tomorrow, and the other expiring in 60 days. I clicked on the one expiring tomorrow, so the one with 60 days left should still be there, but the chest that's left says 1 day and not 60.
By admin at 27,Aug,23 17:14 other posts of admin 
That is not a problem, this is by design so that you can not swap them indefinitelly.

By #692771 at 10,May,23 00:06
Question, is there like a time period, so like for example if 5000 points were purchased & just sat there, how long would it take for them to be turned into treasure ?

Question, as a Premium member what are the restrictions of turning treasure back into points, if any, I see a non paying member has to wait till their points have to be bellow 200 points ?
By admin at 10,May,23 01:05 other posts of admin 
Points start converting into chests when it's 120 days after last payment if I remember correctly. You can convert all chests back to points without restrictions when you have paid status (real paid, not gifted).
By #692771 at 10,May,23 01:22
Thank you very much for your response

By bella! at 10,May,23 02:21 other posts of bella! 
The conversion of points to treasure chests is geared toward non paying members, correct? As a premium paid member, it is possible that I could have as many points as I wanted, correct?
By admin at 10,May,23 02:38 other posts of admin 
Yes. But why are you asking this? Paid members almost never hoard points.
By bella! at 10,May,23 03:04 other posts of bella! 
I might be mistaken but I have the impression that Puppet_Master! might think this caveat refers to all members but it really pertains to non paying members, right?
By admin at 10,May,23 03:22 other posts of admin 
That is stated in the initial post this thread was started from. "unused points will be converted automatically into treasure chests for all non-paying members with points balance over 700". It implies that nothing happens to paid members. Should I really state it with all possible tediousness? I've been always thinking I'm already too tedious by my nature.
By bella! at 10,May,23 03:47 other posts of bella! 
Please accept my apology, admin.
By #692771 at 10,May,23 05:00
Ok so non Premium members, thanks for clearing that up Bella! I don't get why it would annoy some Premium that non paying members had a lot of points, but it is wad it is I guess 🤷‍♀️
By CAT at 25,Jun,23 03:03 other posts of CAT 

By XJacker at 10,May,23 11:32 other posts of XJacker 
Points is just a bit of fun. When I get 250 I always use them to post a picture in the top banner.
By CAT at 25,Jun,23 03:02 other posts of CAT 

By BuckFizz at 09,May,23 23:14 other posts of BuckFizz 
If the member wants to collect Points they should be able to do so, I do not see why this should have anything to do with paying members nor non paying member, in fact what it comes down to is Paying Members can shit over the Non Paying and have the site changed due to them being a paid member.... Looking down on it is once again, very clear Paid members can do what ever they like, but the non paid members are treated like SHIT..... Again, member collect points, and want points and currently there are 2 Paid Members that are causing a LOT of Hate on the Site, and the amount of Negative Gifts being sent, Members Need as many points as possible to remove such Gifts. Thats what its all about Admin, and you have fallen in to the Paid Members Trap, and left the non paying members out to Dry, with No support at all. I was paid member many years ago, and other members collecting points did NOT worry me at all, and still should be the same Today.
By admin at 09,May,23 23:18 other posts of admin 
Oh, I remember who you were. What you describe is exactly what you were doing.

By DonTheShyBoy at 04,Jul,22 13:06 other posts of DonTheShyBoy 
pls why do paying members bother with this? lmao

By Sir-Skittles at 02,Jul,22 17:43 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
So... are we going to get to raid these treasure chests?

By dgraff at 03,Jul,22 01:59 other posts of dgraff 
Arrrr matie hand me my musket so I can shoot the lock off and the gold is all ours
By Dev01 at 03,Jul,22 02:41 other posts of Dev01 
Most would probably be full of fools gold
By dgraff at 03,Jul,22 09:50 other posts of dgraff 
Or sex toys
By Sir-Skittles at 03,Jul,22 13:45 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
Yeah- Bjuk's pegging kit!

By dgraff at 03,Jul,22 13:49 other posts of dgraff 

By bella! at 23,Jun,22 02:06 other posts of bella! 
admin , based on my calculations, if I set my clock to notify me every 4 hours to vote in the BEST IMAGE/MEMBER TOP feature, I could earn up to 18 points per day (3 points every 4 hours). But if I factor in sleep time, dinner, bathroom time, I determined it would be easier to base my voting on only 4 times per day, for a total of 12 points. Earning 12 site points per day and IF I calculated correctly, in less than 84 days I would amass 1,000 points! Woo hoo! I have my eyes set on the prize!
By admin at 23,Jun,22 02:59 other posts of admin 
You may laugh all you want but there are members who collected over 10'000 points this way.
By tecsan at 23,Jun,22 05:42 other posts of tecsan 
Yes, I agree with you on this, but like I stated in the past, this does not bother me. But, I think your new plan will give non members another reason to become premium. Seems you are asking for comments and opinions here. Sorry if I am wrong.
By admin at 23,Jun,22 13:20 other posts of admin 
Did not bother me either, I just reacted to dissatisfaction of old paid members about this.

By bella! at 23,Jun,22 12:12 other posts of bella! 
A an average of 12 points per day it take me approximately 2 years and 3.5 months to achieve about 10,000 points and that's not missing a day. I don't know that I have that commitment and dedication to get the job done.

By CAT at 23,Jun,22 13:31 other posts of CAT 
How many of us even remember to check in on the BEST IMAGE GAME?
By tecsan at 24,Jun,22 02:13 other posts of tecsan 
I do Cat, every day as for others I do not know.

By Sir-Skittles at 23,Jun,22 21:09 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
Sounds like a lot of work

If I want 10K points, I will just whip out the VISA
By Dev01 at 23,Jun,22 22:04 other posts of Dev01 
A lot easier

By bella! at 24,Jun,22 00:45 other posts of bella! 
But if you're cheap, and you push yourself, if you can be online every 4 hours without fail, you can git 'er done in 555 days or approximately 1 year 6 months and 10 days. My calculation is based on a 30 day month.
By tecsan at 25,Jun,22 05:47 other posts of tecsan 
I think you are right here, I did not bother to fact check. It sounds very close or right on probably.

By tecsan at 24,Jun,22 02:12 other posts of tecsan 
No crap, that is my thought. I prefer MC though.

By CountryCouple54 at 24,Jun,22 02:05 other posts of CountryCouple54 
We are paying members so none of this point shit matters to us. The only question I have is, why does it matter how many points someone has? What if a member has 50 or 60 contest wins and a handful POTM trophies and a shitload of gifts worth 10,000 points. Should that member be made to cash them in? Now administration wants to force somebody to use their points to buy a membership, then I'm all for that. I just don't understand the concern of someone saving points? It's not costing administration any money.
By admin at 24,Jun,22 11:53 other posts of admin 
I did not care how many points people had. Paying members were dissatisfied with this situation and I had to spend some of my time to resolve it. However, points hoarding is not a productive activity both for those who do it and for mechanics of the site so if it will be discouraged by this change, I consider it a positive change.

I did some analysis before doing this. People who win contests usually keep trophies, not points. Most of hoarders get points from something primitive - clicking in image top for example or taking the ball from someone who do not pass it. And honestly, this was my fault to begin with. I should have limited points income from these activities as I did with "boobs" after I noticed some people routinely hunt for those. These things were meant to make people interact more with each other, not to make it a job for several people who has nothing better to do.
By CountryCouple54 at 24,Jun,22 17:26 other posts of CountryCouple54 
What about having some kind of program that tells members once they hoard or save a certain number of points whatever you choose as the number. That they would have to cash that in for a one month membership. I understand that doesn't bring the site any money, but it may once that person experiences the advantages of a membership. Maybe the following month they might possibly become a paying member which would bring the site money.
By admin at 24,Jun,22 18:16 other posts of admin 
I have no illusions whatsoever about any of the point hoarders ever buying a membership. But I added an ability to use chests when gifting premium membership to others or themselves. So, they can do this if they chose so.

And as I said, I don't care about the number. You were here long enough, you should remember that JohnS collected like 30'000 points reporting fakes and I did not care. Others were not so happy, though.
By CountryCouple54 at 25,Jun,22 02:15 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Wow, honestly I never knew how many points he had

By tecsan at 25,Jun,22 05:36 other posts of tecsan 
Points do not matter to me, but I think countrycouple54 made the point I was trying to make. I think getting paying members should be priority number one.

By JustWill at 23,Jun,22 19:00 other posts of JustWill 
Wait--this was actually an issue here??
Good lord, some folks just find any silly thing to bitch about...
By Ray10754 at 23,Jun,22 22:12 other posts of Ray10754 
I agree with you completely Will!
By JustWill at 23,Jun,22 23:07 other posts of JustWill 
I usually agree with me completely too, Ray!

By tecsan at 20,Jun,22 08:45 other posts of tecsan 
Confused as hell. I have no idea how she got the treasure chests (stolen), but with 264 points they cannot be converted unless she uses 65 or more points, talk about confusing. This sounds like something biden would do. She has 264 how did she get so many, was it a code fail. Oops, forgot to include that in the code right. One treasure chest would exceed the amount right. So there is no way to get another until converted and used right.
By bella! at 20,Jun,22 09:04 other posts of bella! 
Read your post, you most certainly are "confused as hell". As if admin is going to know how to respond to your question about "she".
By tecsan at 20,Jun,22 09:21 other posts of tecsan 
I was being discreet. He knows or can find out quickly. Do you think you can explain this to me better, if you can, I will concede.

By tecsan at 20,Jun,22 10:18 other posts of tecsan 
You missed my whole point. I feel sorry for you. The treasure chest does not count as points unless you convert them to points right? What is to stop others from hoarding treasure chests? Point hoarding or treasure chest hoarding, what is the difference? Oops epic fail. I mean one member gets seven chests in a row, that is ridiculous.
By #275407 at 20,Jun,22 11:39
Admins explanation didn't sound confusing to me, try reading it a couple more times and you will get your answer.
By Sir-Skittles at 20,Jun,22 16:54 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
I could use some Site Cooperation Points

By tecsan at 21,Jun,22 00:15 other posts of tecsan 
You know I was right. Read the thread.

By admin at 20,Jun,22 11:55 other posts of admin 
Thank you, you gave me a thought about something I missed. But I do not think hoarding of the chests will be a common practice. I think it will be quite complicated and costly. We will see.
By #574505 at 20,Jun,22 13:34
I didn't get one
By admin at 20,Jun,22 14:42 other posts of admin 
This does not affect actively paying members. That was the whole point of it.
By #574505 at 20,Jun,22 15:33
Thank you

By bella! at 20,Jun,22 16:35 other posts of bella! 
I hope it's something diabolical!
By admin at 20,Jun,22 16:41 other posts of admin 
From the point of view of those who will try to hoard small chests it probably is diabolical...

By bella! at 20,Jun,22 15:33 other posts of bella! 
Don't feel sorrow for me, feel sorrow for yourself. In your quest to be discreet, it seems you failed to read admin's entire post. Re-read admin's last sentence, it reads;

Big chests stays forever since I still respect the efforts some members took over many years to gather huge amounts of points, but small chests will vanish after 60 days if not used.

SMALL CHESTS WILL VANISH AFTER 60 DAYS IF NOT USED. It's the ol' use it or lose it strategy.
By Ray10754 at 20,Jun,22 16:14 other posts of Ray10754 
So please define a small chest compared to a large chest for us dummies. And at what point do your points get converted to a chest? after 700 points??
By bella! at 20,Jun,22 16:32 other posts of bella! 
Hi Ray, you have both on your page. They look similar but the "small chest" appears to open right to left and the "big chest" opens left to right. The "small chest" has a point value of 500 points noted directly beneath whereas the "big chest" has a point value of 5,000 points noted directly beneath.
By Ray10754 at 20,Jun,22 17:24 other posts of Ray10754 
I know it happens at night when all other things are done! My question was when (at what value of points 300,400 500)do they get changed??How many are you allowed to have befor they are considered un used?

By bella! at 20,Jun,22 16:38 other posts of bella! 
Regarding when are points converted into treasure chests, I'm not sure, that's something admin will determine/address.
By Sir-Skittles at 20,Jun,22 16:56 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
What does a Saggy chest get you here?

Asking for the Saggy Granny Cat

By bella! at 20,Jun,22 16:59 other posts of bella! 
A "saggy chest" gets you a bad back and also means that it's time to invest in new undergarments, no?

By admin at 20,Jun,22 17:04 other posts of admin 
You know that all points calculations and other adjustments such as reputation updates and some cleanups happen soon after midnight US East Coast time.
By bella! at 20,Jun,22 17:19 other posts of bella! 
Yes, I understand when the "magic time" is however the question Ray has is with regard to the point threshold. If I understand the process put in place in the early hours on 20,Jun,22, free members can amass upto 700 points doing whatever they do before their points are then converted into treasure chests, correct?

Here's a question someone might ask, what if I buy 5,000 points, how long do I have to use my points before they are converted into treasure chests?
By admin at 21,Jun,22 00:44 other posts of admin 
Indeed. When the balance of a non-paying member is over 700 at midnight the system will make a chest deducting 500 points until the balance is below 700. Quite simple.

Big chests of 5000 were made only because I did not want to wipe out points of people who hoarded 10000+ points over many years. If I was making this from the start I would not do big chests at all. This all was difficult to figure out exactly because I did not want to punish those tho put a lot of efforts into it, though they still feel I fucked them.

If you buy points or membership you have 100 days the system won't check your balance at all. Well, at least it's supposed to be so, I make mistakes sometimes. And after that you have 60 days to convert chests back into points and use them before they perish. So, overall 160 days. I think it's quite enough.
By bella! at 21,Jun,22 01:09 other posts of bella! 
160 days, roughly 5Ѕ months, is a generous amount of time to use purchased points. Heck, when I buy points I'm excited if they last me 2 weeks!

By tecsan at 21,Jun,22 02:10 other posts of tecsan 
There is another flaw here, ask me and I will explain. I do understand we all make mistakes, no-one is perfect.

By Ray10754 at 20,Jun,22 17:16 other posts of Ray10754 
I know it happens at night when all other things are done! My question was when (at what value of points 300,400 500)do they get changed?? how many are considered un used .
By bella! at 20,Jun,22 17:24 other posts of bella! 
700 points. Example, you have +701 points. You have 201 points reflected in your point balance on your page and a "small chest" icon (500 point value) reflected in your gift banner. You will have 60 days in which to convert your chest for additional points.

See my question above. I know you are a member who buys points from time to time and if I were you, I would want to know how long do I have to use these points before they get converted.

By tecsan at 20,Jun,22 23:59 other posts of tecsan 
How do you get the large chest vs the large chest? Hell, how do you get any chest? Is this a game for non-premium members or for the ones with very few points?
By admin at 21,Jun,22 00:49 other posts of admin 
For god's sake, it's not a game, it's a kind of punishment for not spending free points. As a premium member you do not have and do not want to get chests.
By tecsan at 21,Jun,22 02:04 other posts of tecsan 
Lighten up, I was trying to be funny with the game part. And that was one of the first things I stated, I have no skin in this. I thought saying game would be hilarious. You know that some of your proposal is a little sketchy (but it is your site and you have the right to change the rules). I get that. I just thought more explanation was needed. Fine if you disagree with me, it was my opinion only.
By admin at 21,Jun,22 02:52 other posts of admin 
None of the things here are "my proposal". This entire site is build on proposals of active members, I just try to figure out ways to implement them. Reality has some limitations so some ways may seem or really be "sketchy". It's the best I can do, I'm just a regular human.
By tecsan at 21,Jun,22 03:21 other posts of tecsan 
I do agree with that statement. You really are doing a great job. Sometimes though a little criticism helps. Remember, it was just my opinion. I just thought the point system was ok before you changed it to these treasure chests. I may have misunderstood one of your comments, but those that purchase points, well I think they should never expire as long as they are a member in good standing and granted this site is still here. Cannot imagine why the site would disappear though, you were very smart here, especially with the names.

By tecsan at 21,Jun,22 06:24 other posts of tecsan 
Bella Bella still fells the need to attack me. WOW.

Besides, try to use 7 small chests in 2 months, you would have to be here more than you are bella.
By bella! at 21,Jun,22 06:56 other posts of bella! 
tecsan, tecsan...are you really as simple and odd as you project yourself to be? It's a rhetorical question, please do not respond, I formed my opinion months and months ago. It's unfortunate that you are not in touch with life. Even admin was exasperated with your failed attempt to be "funny" and needed to rein you. Please, let's do each other a favor by avoiding one another.
By tecsan at 21,Jun,22 07:17 other posts of tecsan 
You really feel that way. That is pathetic. I will send you a pm because it is no business of anyone here, probably not you especially. It will be short and simple for you to understand, I promise. Think about what you said. I am not like what you think. Stop with the crap, if you really do not want me to respond you can stop that with a few clicks or touches. I know you are wondering. I will honor your little request if you stop your attacks on me. 'Rein' vs 'reign' think about that also, yes this was added as an afterthought. I can spell though.

By tecsan at 21,Jun,22 07:55 other posts of tecsan 
I forgot to ask this, are you as old as your pics project?
By #275407 at 21,Jun,22 12:41
Tecsan, why do you feel the need to start shit with other members, other members don't start with you, you post on there threads. Just sit back and enjoy the site, it is what it is and deal with it.
By bella! at 21,Jun,22 20:41 other posts of bella! 
cody, if you're addressing his posts to me, let it be. Last week I called him a wack-job and that probably still stings.

By tecsan at 22,Jun,22 01:46 other posts of tecsan 
Cody, now you know why. She attacks me all the time. What would you do? Laugh her off like I will probably start doing.
By bella! at 22,Jun,22 12:17 other posts of bella! 
Attack, attack, attack. You toss that word about so much I'm beginning to believe that you believe you're being attacked. Wah! Wah! Wah! Quit your crying and belly aching and pull your big boy pants up and grow a couple for cryin' out loud.
By tecsan at 23,Jun,22 06:21 other posts of tecsan 
Do you really want me to do that bella! ? I think not, you done lost many times. Do I call you names? If so give me an example.

By tecsan at 23,Jun,22 08:04 other posts of tecsan 
Hey bella!, I figured it out. Good luck with you're endeavors.

By PITBULL at 21,Jun,22 14:26 other posts of PITBULL 
bring back stealing points.
By #574505 at 21,Jun,22 16:19
Lol what stolen points
By Sir-Skittles at 21,Jun,22 18:14 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
Jamie my treasure chest is between my legs cunty
By #574505 at 21,Jun,22 18:20
What your cilt.. bjuk jr
By Sir-Skittles at 21,Jun,22 18:46 other posts of Sir-Skittles 

By bella! at 21,Jun,22 20:43 other posts of bella! 
Wouldn't it be difficult for members to steal points if some members hide their points?
By PITBULL at 22,Jun,22 01:22 other posts of PITBULL 
true. It should be available to premium members only. If you are for free here then you shouldn't get don't get any privileges.
By admin at 22,Jun,22 01:24 other posts of admin 
Hiding points is a premium only feature.
By PITBULL at 22,Jun,22 01:28 other posts of PITBULL 
ok.... you're right about that!

By bella! at 22,Jun,22 12:33 other posts of bella! 
So effectively what you are saying is that only paying members can steal points! Oh, Freddy, that would cause a big problem.
By PITBULL at 22,Jun,22 12:46 other posts of PITBULL 
The problem is the one's here getting free access to this website.
By bella! at 22,Jun,22 13:46 other posts of bella! 
Okay, but your original post was regarding point stealing and that's what I was responding to.
By PITBULL at 22,Jun,22 15:08 other posts of PITBULL 
Stealing points, in favor of it. Just like it was before. It should be stealing points from those who are non-premium members of this site. They cannot hide their points.
By bella! at 22,Jun,22 15:14 other posts of bella! 
That just sounds criminal! Maybe one day you will find yourself standing before Judge RuFino, Judge Fredesbinda OR Judge Claribilda! Perhaps all three, for that matter!
By PITBULL at 22,Jun,22 15:23 other posts of PITBULL 
It's no criminal. It is justice
By bella! at 22,Jun,22 17:18 other posts of bella! 
Oh, Freddy!

By admin at 22,Jun,22 18:12 other posts of admin 
Just for the record - it was never "stealing". It was "burning". You had to spend your points to make someone elses points disappear. And you were losing more than the opponent in that transaction. I removed it in order to comply with the billing rules and also because almost no one used that feature in recent years.

When used, that feature was a lot of pain in my ass. Because usually it came down to two paid members clashing with each other and both demanding that I stand with him and not with his opponent, otherwise they quit the site or stop paying. It was very annoying. I'm no diplomat.
By bella! at 22,Jun,22 18:35 other posts of bella! 
I remember that it was point burning very well. One hundred years ago a member was sending me mass amounts of piles of poop. I could have destroyed the "gifts" however it was cost effective to just move the gifts off the top of my page so they were no longer visible. I spent money, bought points and transferred those points to another member that I trusted and it was understood that he was to push the poops off my page. What I did not anticipate was that the "trusted member" would arbitrarily decide to keep a good amount of points as a payment for his "troubles". BOOM! Here comes my idea to burn the points that I paid for. Yes, if I recall correctly, it cost me three times as much to burn what was mine but I did it and it gave me so much satisfaction!
By admin at 22,Jun,22 19:06 other posts of admin 
>and it gave me so much satisfaction
By bella! at 22,Jun,22 20:25 other posts of bella! 
It did bring me satisfaction, dammit! Some dumbass thinks he's going to keep something he didn't pay for? Heck, NO!

By Sir-Skittles at 22,Jun,22 21:23 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
By bella! at 22,Jun,22 21:30 other posts of bella! 
It did give me satisfaction. That dumbass, kmadeau was not going to keep my points.
By Dev01 at 22,Jun,22 22:30 other posts of Dev01 
I remember burning holiday22's points all 12,000 of them because he was being a smarty. Then I get message from him very sad stating.. why did you do that and a sad emoji.

As night went on I felt bad so I gave them all back + some 🤣🤣. Credit card had a stretch and I felt better. Oh and there was no cooling off period then so it was excellent 🤣
By bella! at 22,Jun,22 22:41 other posts of bella! 
Well, perhaps you had a change of heart because you felt you did something devilish. Me, on the other hand, only burned what was mine. I bought and paid for those points and by golly, that thief was not going to keep them.
By Dev01 at 22,Jun,22 22:48 other posts of Dev01 
Yep I had been burned too. Anonymous chat was like the gladiator pit and not for the faint hearted. Like that INXS song kick, sometimes you burn, sometimes you get burned 🔥 ouch...
By bella! at 22,Jun,22 23:37 other posts of bella! 
I sent a "message" to that weasel, don't fuck with me.

By #574505 at 22,Jun,22 18:44
anyone don't like the change of points thing there's a easy way out /delete_profile.php...

By Sir-Skittles at 22,Jun,22 21:24 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
Dick65 limp this way and click on the above link for site customer service

By bibi1 at 22,Jun,22 15:20 other posts of bibi1 
You often state that you want participation here. Well, we all got our points by participating, often for years! Im not personally aware of any paying members who cares what my points are (except for one who is ALWAYS butting in to everyone's business. And why should they? And if the paying members are "annoyed" they should realize that they also have the same potential to accumulate points, and even more than us! Are those members also annoyed at people who have more money in real life, when they had the same opportunity to make money but didnt? Really dont think members should have a right to change the site for those who take advantage and participate while staying within the rules. Really, it all boils down to JEALOUSY that someone can achieve something that they cant, but they can pay to do it. Good thing they cant throw richer people in jail until they get rid of their money. Get real man!!!
By mr_blue at 22,Jun,22 15:34 other posts of mr_blue 
So admin gives you free points that you just sit on while paying members argue that they should have a say in how the points are actually used!!!!! Can you not see how the paying members actually fund you here ?

They put the points into the system for you to take out!!!
Call it jealousy,you get stuff for free......and you said it yourself,you take advantage of the points system.....
You participate within the rules but not in the spirit!!!!!! Just accumulating points in itself is pointless.......play candy crush instead

You pay taxes,you have a say in how things get run where you are!!! paying members are essentially paying taxes here!!!!!!
By bibi1 at 22,Jun,22 17:58 other posts of bibi1 
Again, what concern is it of yours, or anyone, what is done with anyone's points here? We arent stealing anything, or breaking any laws, or using them negatively, which I am opposed to. Yet admin gives people the opportunity to do so. And they required participation which admin has always encouraged. Just how do we hurt paying members? Im at a loss how anyone's unused points hurts anyone. Payers get points for paying. And they also have the same opportunity to earn additional points just like everyone else
Yes the points are "free" but earned. All we do its take advantage of what is there.
The trouble with a lot of people is that they feel that they have the right to control others to conform to anything they want. You think I should play Candy Crush. I could, but choose not to. And I dont feel the need to tell YOU how to play or behave (unless you're bad). I think one might find it better to be tolerant. Its called freedom. And I support yours as much as mine. A live and let live approach is usually better.

I can agree with your point on paying members can be considered the ones paying the taxes here, but also keep in mind that without the nonpaying members there would be no site at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just try making everyone pay and see what happens.
I will abide by whatever administration decides, they own and maintain it. But the abrupt change in rules after over a decade (been here 8 yr and several yrs prior)of membership here is a bit over the top. But I will likely participate less. That's my choice too.
Would love to know what made this issue crop up now when it didn't seem to be one in the previous decade.
By mr_blue at 22,Jun,22 18:19 other posts of mr_blue 
I couldn't give a hoot what you do with the points you have accumulated through use of this site.....admin doesn't get ad revenue like Facebook,he mostly relies on the payment for points so when paying members say something admin is going to listen.....

By CAT at 22,Jun,22 17:48 other posts of CAT 
I'm not much on points. I average about 400 points every 4 to 5 days. Those are FREE POINTS. I also buy 1000 points every 2 to 3 months and spend those in day or two. Why keep points? Why would you want to hold on to them? Even if you buy them, it's stupid to hold them. It's not like flyer mile points. You know what most of us think when we see a points hoarder? Coitus, another showoff.

By admin at 21,Jun,22 03:36 other posts of admin 
Well, this was another eye opener for me, really...
By #574505 at 21,Jun,22 03:43
I really think you did a good thing here.
By admin at 21,Jun,22 03:55 other posts of admin 
Well, thank you. But what do you think about people who think that increasing a virtual number on a page of some small unbeknownst site is a daily hard work?
By cumcouplessa at 21,Jun,22 04:59 other posts of cumcouplessa 
It's not hard work as such. Simple truth is that we don't have internet banking, and likely cannot afford to "buy" points. We set our goal at 5000 points and have "sneaked" away to be on the site every opportunity we have. At 5000 we likely would have given them away and started over. In getting these points, we are constantly voting, hitting excitement meters etc and basically being very "active" members of the site. Can you not understand that we feel "robbed"? How would people feel if the bank suddenly took their savings away, because they were "accumulatig" too much wealth? Absolute madness! You offer these points as "reward" for participation on the site then simply take them away at your will. Sounds like the "government" to me? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
By Dev01 at 21,Jun,22 05:50 other posts of Dev01 
Stop whinging... So you have been here 8 years and not once bought a membership or points?

You got your chests. Do you think it Costs Admin nothing to run and maintain the site?

Have a cry and get over it! You pay for your internet, electricity, food... Yes they don't come for free either.

Why is it the people moaning and crying about this new system are all 1. non paying members and 2. The ones that "state" they don't care about points, are the ones butt hurt about the change

By mr_blue at 21,Jun,22 06:18 other posts of mr_blue 
Admin is the government here, it's his site....and terms and conditions apply to use it!!!

What were you going to do with those virtual points in the end !!
Points are supposed to be used here not sat on, that's why they were implemented....as a way to get revenue to admin,the guys has overheads to cover,and seeing how people just do nothing with them makes people not bother being here....and not support the site...
This ain't Facebook/Instagram...

Cut admin some slack...
By Dev01 at 21,Jun,22 06:29 other posts of Dev01 
I think he thinks points are Crypto or something
By mr_blue at 21,Jun,22 06:51 other posts of mr_blue 
It's kinda funny,how people just come here to get virtual points all day!!!!
Fancy being on a social networking site and not being social!!!
Still amazes me that people don't know what to do with them or cannot think of how they would use so many points so quickly...
I mean basic maths tells you seven globes sent is 1400 points...
But I guess people don't want to spend their virtual points on virtual friends

By #574505 at 21,Jun,22 16:16
Her activitie number is 8 how can he say he put that they vote on pics and so on

By bella! at 21,Jun,22 05:22 other posts of bella! 
May I ask, how was this an eye opener for you?
By admin at 21,Jun,22 13:04 other posts of admin 
Realisation that I should not have made this site with all its multiple features, just should have made a page with numbers that people could increase by some way of daily clicking and charge money for extra clicks.
By bella! at 21,Jun,22 16:00 other posts of bella! 
From the various posts here, members appear to derive a sense of self worth by the number of points they have. Some have so many that they seem to not know what they should do with them. Some set their eyes on a specific number to work toward for whatever their reason be. But aside from the members that buy MORE POINTS, everyone needs to realize that the points were "earned and paid out" by you. Whether they were greeting new members (+4), taking the ball (+5), voting for their favorite member's image (+3 BEST IMAGE/MEMBER TOP), taking chances in the various free theme photo contests that individual members pay points to create, you provide the trophy that has a point value and in most cases a percentage of overage....yet many still do nothing with these magical points. I don't know whether my attitude toward points is much like money, I can't take it with me so I'm going to spend it while I can enjoy it! What's the use of having points if you don't use them? Give them away to people that enjoy using them!
By Roadie_is_back at 21,Jun,22 21:52 other posts of Roadie_is_back 
I agree, can't take them with you so enjoy. And you, Ms Bella, are a VERY generous person. Always make me smile Thank you !!
By bella! at 22,Jun,22 12:26 other posts of bella! 
Smile? You said smile! That's great! I hope you won't mind if I say that I find men extremely attractive when they genuinely smile!

By cloudbreak at 20,Jun,22 00:26 other posts of cloudbreak 
Confused. Do not understand, are you saying my points will vanish into a treasure chest that others can take from?
Why would other members be jealous of a members points??
By admin at 20,Jun,22 00:37 other posts of admin 
Obviously not other members. Only you can convert your chests into points. I was considering something like what you said, but decided it would be too evil even for me.
By Dev01 at 20,Jun,22 00:46 other posts of Dev01 
I was considering something like that, but decided it would be too evil even for me

By bella! at 20,Jun,22 05:53 other posts of bella! 
Oh, c'mon! The icon symbol you chose was a chest, a pirate's chest and what are pirates known to do? YES! They steal!
By Dev01 at 20,Jun,22 06:39 other posts of Dev01 
Arghhh... Ye be right lass ☠️

By dgraff at 20,Jun,22 14:28 other posts of dgraff 
Arrrr 15 men on a dead man’s ship yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

Shiver me Timbers 🏴‍☠️ walk the plank Mattie

By Sir-Skittles at 20,Jun,22 16:56 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
Site evil

By cloudbreak at 21,Jun,22 04:17 other posts of cloudbreak 
bizarre...why do other members give a fuck???

By cloudbreak at 21,Jun,22 04:31 other posts of cloudbreak 
So...if I don't use these treasure chests within 60 days, they disappear???? Can't I just leave them parked as gifts? They represent my rewards for years of policing fakes to the benefit of the site!
By Dev01 at 21,Jun,22 04:35 other posts of Dev01 
There's alot more of "policing fakes" to do
By mr_blue at 21,Jun,22 06:40 other posts of mr_blue 
maybe admin could throw in a site police award for most reports in week!??
By Dev01 at 21,Jun,22 06:46 other posts of Dev01 

By kebmo at 21,Jun,22 06:05 other posts of kebmo 
Evil? Not at all. Interesting? Absolutely!

By admin at 20,Jun,22 00:44 other posts of admin 
As for why other members are "jealous of points" - ask them, not me.

By tecsan at 21,Jun,22 00:00 other posts of tecsan 

By cumcouplessa at 21,Jun,22 02:55 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Well FUCK. We've been active members of this site since 2014 and built our points up to over 4000. This was hard work, through the excitement meter, voting more than once daily for top image, etc etc. Creeping up at 3 points at a time. It's very sad that someone chose to simply TAKE over 4000 points away with no warning. How do we use 4000 points in 60 days? And why the hell would anyone be offended by the fact that we had so many? We worked harder than most on the site to get there? Absolutelly absurd!!!!

By Roadie_is_back at 20,Jun,22 16:33 other posts of Roadie_is_back 
If anyone needs to use some points, I LOVE receiving gifts Honestly, I do not understand why anyone would be upset about someone "hoarding" points. I never do as I like sending gifts but maybe they are saving up for someone's special day LOL BTW My birthday is March 20th
By bella! at 20,Jun,22 16:40 other posts of bella! 
Oh, your birthday is so far away I'm going to send you some birthday cakes NOW!
By Roadie_is_back at 21,Jun,22 02:49 other posts of Roadie_is_back 
You truly are a wonderful, caring, thoughtful, generous person Thanks for the cakes

By DeepThroatThis at 20,Jun,22 21:17 other posts of DeepThroatThis 
I have 10 Treasure Chests, wasn't expecting this......any suggestions?
By admin at 20,Jun,22 21:51 other posts of admin 
And what would you have done if you were expecting this?
By DeepThroatThis at 20,Jun,22 22:46 other posts of DeepThroatThis 
Not sure any suggestions?
By admin at 20,Jun,22 23:04 other posts of admin 
If you do not know what you would do with them, than does it really matter? Just forget about chests and keep doing what you have been doing - voting for +3 points in image top "game". This changes nothing for you. You would never spend points anyway until this site ends or you get bored and close your account.

By qqqq1234 at 20,Jun,22 13:55 other posts of qqqq1234 
WTF? It took me MONTHS to get those points and now you took 1000 away overnight

I save them until 1750 so I can convert to premium with those points. I use the premium to see the full-size pics and videos

700 is too low to convert them to chests. Make the threshold higher, like 2000.

How many points for a big chest?
By admin at 20,Jun,22 17:39 other posts of admin 
You are probably making this up, but I now added a possibility to use chests when gifting premium to yourself (or anyone else). So you can still do it. Your chests will be automatically converted into needed points during that given that there is enough of them. You still need to do this before their expiration, indeed.

And I really recommend to swap gift memberships with someone else you know. You gift it to them and they gift it to you. This way you spend 250 points less.

By cumonme1 at 20,Jun,22 14:39 other posts of cumonme1 
Really what Does it matter to other members paying or otherwise. I spend my points on a special friendship I have with a special young lady. I use these points on special occasions for her and now I can't do this during the Christmas holiday I spent a thousand Plus points on her a just recently I sent a birthday day cake. Why does it bother paying members, I didn't have an enormous amount of points. It's your right to change your rules, but you should send a message to let membership know of changes that are coming and the effective date of the changes I have been a member for several years. I might have to reconsider my continued affiliation with this site. I don't hoard the points I use them !!!!!
By bella! at 20,Jun,22 15:24 other posts of bella! 
May I ask a question, please? How did you acquire the points, did you buy points? Did you convert gifts to points? Were you involved in features that admin created?

By bella! at 19,Jun,22 16:10 other posts of bella! 
Interesting! Let's see what happens.
By admin at 20,Jun,22 00:48 other posts of admin 
Probably nothing except that some will still whine about some members having a lot of chests for a while, until they are pushed out of profile fronts by other gifts.
By Dev01 at 20,Jun,22 00:57 other posts of Dev01 
Syd/Syc pirates Consumption of rum just went up 110%

By bella! at 20,Jun,22 05:48 other posts of bella! 
Did the conversion of points to treasure chests work as anticipated?

As for members having an abundance of chests "until they are pushed out of profile fronts by other gifts. , just my observation, that will be slow to happen as the members who hoard points are normally not generous members ie do not send gifts therefore do not get gifts in return.
By admin at 20,Jun,22 11:21 other posts of admin 
Seems it worked fine.

By dgraff at 20,Jun,22 14:24 other posts of dgraff 
I don’t send a lot of gifts and I receive a lot of gifts but I do a lot of voting excitement and best image best member I burn through my points as fast as I get them

By Dev01 at 19,Jun,22 22:56 other posts of Dev01 
Great decision
By #275407 at 20,Jun,22 11:43
I agree

By XJacker at 19,Jun,22 19:45 other posts of XJacker 
Sounds good. If I find I’m accumulating points I blow them on putting my cock in the top banner and attracting attention to myself. It’s not like accumulating $ or Ј is it? It’s all just fun!
By tecsan at 20,Jun,22 06:34 other posts of tecsan 
I agree with your comment, the blowing part not so much. Sorry with the site name, I had to include the last part. No offense meant.

By tecsan at 20,Jun,22 05:58 other posts of tecsan 
Are you sure this is the right thing to do? I know it does not affect me, but who really cares if non members have excessive points, that is the last thing on my mind here. In comparison, do you care about inflation or climate change more? I really cannot believe you are involving yourself with this kind o crap. I further have to say that I do not care how many points a non member has, that is they're business I think. My opinion and maybe I am wrong. This is a major mistake, trust me. Remember, that is my opinion only. This is just censorship like twitter. I admit far from the same but along the same lines.

By CAT at 19,Jun,22 19:46 other posts of CAT 
Good news

By mr_blue at 19,Jun,22 16:21 other posts of mr_blue 
You managed to work it out then!!!!
Nice use of members suggested ideas over the years...

By #574505 at 19,Jun,22 16:17

--------------------------------------- added after 8 hours

I will see a lot crying about it..

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