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Caught Wanking

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Started by #10614 at 19,May,09 17:44
ever been caught masturbating... by someone awkward,, such as friend , family, family friend, and so on

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By PA-Freddy at 17,Oct,22 15:54 other posts of PA-Freddy 
I was at the park parking lot and I was masturbating. I thought no one was around so I pull my pants down. I was getting close to cumming and hear a voice that said; "very nice" It was a black guy who was watching me and just sneaking in. I stop masturbating but I did cum in front of him.

By yeehawboyy at 17,Oct,22 15:30 other posts of yeehawboyy 
I've been walked in on a few times, not by family thankfully but my friend has caught me cock in hand a few times

By XJacker at 17,Oct,22 11:35 other posts of XJacker 
Only by my wife. We were in bed together. I thought she was asleep and I treated myself to a surreptitious Jack off. Moments after I’d spurted she snuggled against me and asked me if it had been a good one.

By #672017 at 17,Oct,22 07:30
I was caught in High School the faculty laundry room by one of my teachers with my first girlfriend, making out with my hand down her pants and fingers buried in her pussy

By nekekal at 03,Jul,22 19:04 other posts of nekekal 
When you masturbate as much as I did, you get caught a lot. My brother and I shared a bedroom so we actually jacked each other off. Mom or dad must have heard us and dad came in to tell us to be quiet and we should not do that. I was caught out in a field by my best friend but no one ever said anything. My wife caught me but since the other option was that she do it, or suck or fuck, she just got careful about opening doors.

By onthelose at 02,Jul,22 20:34 other posts of onthelose 
Spear kiss is exactly right. I might draw the line when it comes to masterbating in a public place. It was great when at the bath house though.

By Alwaysnude at 30,Jun,22 12:59 other posts of Alwaysnude 
My moms friend caught me she said slow down take it easy you mighthurt yourself my buddy’s too she asked what areyou doing

By #589016 at 26,Jun,22 04:56
Caught wanking by my step bro , he locked the door and took my clothes off. He loved my tight shrunken cock and making it bounce around while fucking.

By #660539 at 14,Feb,22 18:31
Yes, my mom caught me when I was 10. She just looked for a second and walked out of my room. She never mentioned it.

By Bottimmy at 27,Aug,14 17:22 other posts of Bottimmy 
I was caught by a room mate when I was in the Army. Pretty awkward.

By #467216 at 27,Aug,14 07:42
I got caught jerking by my **** and her friend and I still finished

By #41957 at 09,Aug,14 03:08
Yes got fought by my ex she walked in wile I was wanking ,ashed what happened to my dick .had not seen the beads.

By #469430 at 06,Aug,14 08:08
my mom caught me a few times when I first started

By leopoldij at 02,Aug,14 22:38 other posts of leopoldij 
I got caught on the train. But that's because the restroom door doesn't lock properly.... I had edged myself well, and when the door opened, I shot a nice load, to the surprise and embarrassment of the woman who opened the door.

By #124358 at 26,Sep,11 18:34
not directly..I got all my penis/cum shots pics and movies in my regular Picture folder on my laptop...and one day as my friends were over, one of them decided to check out my laptop without asking while i was using the bathroom...when i came back they asked me " why do you have pictures of your penis on your laptop?"...i was shocked and didnt know what to say , but from that moment on, I didnt care anymore...went on these sites while they were around...back then it was LPSG first..they didnt understand why i do this but they accepted it...and I have my penis as wallpaper which they see everytime they go on my laptop ..
By iowaguy at 21,Jul,14 00:47 other posts of iowaguy 
The answer is because your cock is fuckin hot and even you have to stop and admire it beauty so you savor it on your computer.

By irvineboy at 17,Nov,13 08:13 other posts of irvineboy 
My mrs caught me as I sucked on the crotch of her dirty panties, she just stood there looking at me and told me to finish! She now leaves her panties under my pillow for me
By #446675 at 20,Jul,14 21:45

By #316057 at 17,Nov,13 01:35
yes by a friend

By #266252 at 02,Nov,13 08:19
Always. Love to cum outdoors. But one of my favorites was on a secluded beach on the island of Kauai. The sun was rising and I walked the beach naked found a place to sit and enjoyed myself.

By #291618 at 02,Nov,13 06:39
yep family

By #57199 at 01,Nov,13 04:22
yeah, quite a few times. By my bro, my dad, mom, an uncle, and a couple of times in public places

By botanic at 31,Oct,13 14:26 other posts of botanic 
Yep , I was driving home from a club ( alone ) one night a couple of years back and had a stalk on , so decided to drive into the local park and jack off in the car . Had my cock out and was just on the point of cumming when a cop car pulled up behind me. I just had time to pull my coat over my erect dick as the cops approached the window , which I wound down . They simply asked if everything was OK , to which I answered all's fine and off they went . Whilst they were talking I had shot my load into my coat and kept a straight face. Glad they didnt ask me to step out of the car though !

By Liketosee at 30,Oct,13 09:36 other posts of Liketosee 
Wife caught me last year humping her panties, now she leaves them on the floor for me

By #390287 at 30,Oct,13 08:59
I was caught by my cousin once...he just shrugged and unzipped his pants too.

By #179980 at 31,Jul,11 10:27
I got Caught wanking while watching my daughters girl friend masturbating on air mattress in our Pool she looked Up Just as I blew my wad on the glass on one of Panels under the railing around the deck.
By slipper at 01,Aug,11 06:11 other posts of slipper 
By #436014 at 26,Oct,13 22:13
i know, right?

By cumaddik at 26,Oct,13 16:22 other posts of cumaddik 
Got cought a few times by my older gay bro... I cought him a few times too

By smokieb69 at 26,Sep,11 17:36 other posts of smokieb69 
got caught a few times by my dad - the worst was the time i was sitting in my room, jerking to porn on my pc, he walked in and i couldnt get the slideshow to stop fast enough. I still remember that there was a picture of a woman with a fish sticking out of her pussy (i just had a mix of all sorts of pics that were on a slideshow) - i had to stuff my cock in my pants, but he stood behind me and just looked at the pics scrolling across my screen, then walked out

By spermkiss at 26,Sep,11 05:43 other posts of spermkiss 
What's the big deal about getting caught jacking off? All men do it and it's nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. Masturbation is a normal, natural and healthy thing to do. I've jacked off in public hundreds of times and I don't care if someone sees me. Indeed, it's a lot more fun with an audience.

By #87092 at 26,Sep,11 03:10
yep all i said was I was cleaning it and it went off

By bonefire at 10,Aug,11 22:22 other posts of bonefire 
Yes all part of growing up I guess, I was in the army, quite embarassing and horny thought too

By slipper at 01,Aug,11 06:11 other posts of slipper 
I keep standing on the corner of 1st & Main at noon beating-off, but no one seems to notice or care!

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