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biggest dick you ever seen in person ?

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Started by #477745 at 19,Jan,15 16:31
Tell me the experience of when u encountered the biggest dick in your life.

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By #703216 at 02,Oct,23 07:39
Last weekend I sucked and took a 12 inch cock while at a private party.

By Jamie at 01,Oct,23 22:41 other posts of Jamie 
When I was 13 I saw my brothers and friend's they had big cocks look like 10 inches. I like how they swing ..

By Fixittight at 01,Oct,23 21:39 other posts of Fixittight 
10" and yes sucked it for a hour taking my time about it

By oraljoeforyou at 01,Oct,23 07:59 other posts of oraljoeforyou 
Have seen a few very VERY big cocks. Biggest was.probably about 15" thing was beautiful! One other about 12-13. I have a six inch, my two older brothers were 9" & 10" Had a nice three some with my brother and his wife with the 10". He sucked me off once when I was coked out in the 80's

By LGA6969 at 30,Sep,23 19:10 other posts of LGA6969 
In high school there was this guy I knew had at least a 9" cock His nickname was horse.

By Cummingforyou at 30,Sep,23 00:56 other posts of Cummingforyou 
Seen many cocks big as when in hard on mode . But the biggest flaccid cock I seen was from a guy who put me and many others to shame . And to make matters worse he looked around 15 . We were in a spa and swimming pool in Finland area and in the changing rooms as we went into the sauna area a rule is you have to enter the sauna naked and shower before . So of course I dropped my Speedo pulled a little on my pride and joy to make it look bigger and so did everyone else people of all different ages from kids to oldies. So a range of penises on show . Till we notice this kid with the biggest cock I have ever seen in a flaccid and he looked only 15 or 16
By tb1 at 30,Sep,23 06:01 other posts of tb1 

By SixInchCock69 at 29,Sep,23 18:13 other posts of SixInchCock69 

By #699038 at 27,Sep,23 13:20
One of my fuckbudds who was 22 had a solid 10 inch monster dam that was awsome to have in my mouth big an thick and was awsome to be able to mess aroud with him
By tb1 at 27,Sep,23 23:11 other posts of tb1 
I can see where that would have been incredible
By #699038 at 29,Sep,23 17:17
Yeh it was like havn tree trunk jamed in my mouth but yeh it was wicked havn big monster but yeh big is nice but preffer up to 8 inches lot easier to work with

By wycowboy at 28,Sep,23 16:54 other posts of wycowboy 
One of the black guys in my Marine Corps unit had a cock that was about 7-8 inches flaccid. I caught him jacking off in the shower once and hard was an easy 12 inches and very thick. I watched him finish and his huge balls pumped out a huge amount of cum.
By tb1 at 28,Sep,23 17:48 other posts of tb1 
Hot dam, that would have been exciting

By bottomboi69 at 28,Sep,23 08:06 other posts of bottomboi69 
The biggest cock i ever had was at a porntheater in a gloryhole video booti.I was stroking while watching videos and someone entered the next booth.I got on my knees to look thru the gloryhole and saw a huge black cock that got my mouth watering.I stuck my finger thru the hole to let him know i wanted to suck and he stuck his cock in the hole and i started sucking.His cock got bigger and bigger and now i wanted him to fuck me.I let him in my booth and it was so big that the only way to get iu all in and i asked how big it was and he said he had been asked that many times that now he brings a small tape measure so they see for themselves how big,i measured and it was a bit over 11 in

By bigguy at 28,Sep,23 05:31 other posts of bigguy 
Visited a local spot that has several glory holes recently. Sitting there and a huge perfectly shaped cock head came through the hole. Could only get the head in my mouth. The guy helped out by pushing it all the way through the hole to give complete access. 8/9 inches and very big balls. Manipulted it all as good as I could licking and sucking. He pulled back and asked if I wanted his load. He jacked off a little and put the head back where I could get to it. Was just intime to suck and swallow an enormus amount. He continued to milk out big globs very thick sperm. He left it all through the hole so I could do what I wanted with it. Very interesting and soo good.

By wirda at 27,Sep,23 18:18 other posts of wirda 
11 inches

I was hooking up with this guy and he whipped it out and was freaking huge!

I put it inside of me and the entire thing was not able to fit inside of me haha

By Rockoutwithmycockout at 27,Sep,23 16:28 other posts of Rockoutwithmycockout 
Joe Biden.
By randm58 at 27,Sep,23 16:43 other posts of randm58 

By PSerect at 26,Sep,23 20:42 other posts of PSerect 
The biggest cock I ever saw belonged to an ex boyfriend of mine. I met him at a party my friend hosted one night. He was handsome and very kind and after spending most of the time at the party that night talking with each other, I invited him to stop by my place on his way home for a night cap. He came over and we had a few drinks and started making out on my couch before heading to the bedroom. He was very well dessed in loose fitting shirt and trousers so I couldnt see a bulge or any indication of the size of his cock. When we started to get undressed, I asked him to lay on the bed and let meunress him, which he did. I slowly started taking hi shoes and sockoff first before removing his shirt and finally unbuckling his belt and sliding his pants and underwear off. Whenhis cock broke free of his boxers, I was in shock. He had the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was nearly 13" long and 8" thick. A monster cock for sure. The only way I could suck on it was to lay on my bed and danglemy head of the edge and let him slowly push that monster down my throat. When he asked to fuck me, I had him lay on his back and I slowly lowered my ass on to his massive cock until I felt hi balls touching my ass cheecks. After letting my body get use to it, I was able to take the entire thing with no problem. We dated for 2 years and not only was his big cock fun to play with, he was all so the most sensual lover I ever had.

By gingerpik at 26,Sep,23 07:23 other posts of gingerpik 
Probably my brother-in-laws.. Saw him with a semi and it was at least as big as mine hard..

By galaxy123 at 21,Sep,23 09:17 other posts of galaxy123 
I remember 2 in particular. The first was my fathers, his has much bigger than mine. It also looked very different as he was circumcised. Soft his was about 6" and hard it was probably just over 8". I was very curious about the difference in appearance and size as I developed late and when young we looked so different.
The second was a friend from school, David developed well before me and lots of the other boys. His was circumcised too - David is jewish. His was about 5" soft and about 7" hard when we were 13. I know the size as we went to a boarding school and it was common for us to compare and measure our dicks. I last saw Davids dick in the showers at school when we were 16 and his hung down half way to his knees.

By metalraven13 at 25,Dec,15 01:56 other posts of metalraven13 
A friend when I was 12 or 13. He was probably at least 6" flaccid. His looked huge but then again compared to my flaccid size of 2" or so back then it wouldn't take much.
By Letscompare at 21,Sep,23 05:30 other posts of Letscompare 
How old was he?

By tb1 at 19,Sep,23 07:54 other posts of tb1 
I’ve jerked off a few guys with 8 inch cocks and a few 7 inch cocks but I’ve never seen a 9 incher

By Lookingtosee at 19,Sep,23 06:20 other posts of Lookingtosee 
The biggest dick that i have seen was my friend's he was 8 inces and thick too,not only did i see it,but got to suck it and feel it in my ass hurt like hell the first time...we had sex on and off for a few months

By mrnobody6039 at 18,Sep,23 20:44 other posts of mrnobody6039 
Once upon a time, there was a high school friend of mine that had a pretty big cock. It was probably 8 inches flashed and pretty big around. I never got the impression from him. That he was gay but I did get the impression that he liked to put his Dick into things. I remember hanging out with him and getting cockblocked more than once. I was at his house visiting him and his wife. At 1 point they had walked up behind me. She standing behind him and wagging his giant cock in my face. At that time, I didn't realize that sucking cock would be something I love to do. I wonder how my life would have changed if I had started sucking his cock that day.

By #692872 at 17,Sep,23 16:25
The biggest dicks I ever seen was this guy Bill I met on he had a big fat long thick white dick 9 in by 6in round he butt fucked me and when he push is dick he spilt my ass hole wide open it hurt I asked to stop he grabbed me by my throat and fucked ever harder he tell I was a slut I loved it it felt so good

By #289712 at 25,Dec,15 23:57
One of my friends years ago had a whopper. He was forever getting it out. Got to have been ten or so, it was huge, he loved it. Alot of girls wouldn't try it on though. Had a tendency to leave when they saw it..

By #503815 at 24,Dec,15 12:30
Saw a guy at the nude beach who was at least 10" flaccid and thick. It was scary!
I also hooked up with a guy who was short about 5'5" but was 7" flaccid. He was a tripod! It hurt really good!

By #485312 at 21,Dec,15 12:26
bit over 10 inches and still searching for that elusive footer...when l find it, its going straight up my arse *lix*

By #436014 at 18,Dec,15 20:43
just sucked it the other day, see my thread /forum/thread.php?id=24895

about 8 by 6 or more. at pornhub search 'look at the size of that thing' and it is a rough comparison, unfortunately I didn't have much time to give it a good looking over (while i was sucking no less) before it shot its load which I got most of in my belly

By #378916 at 18,Dec,15 17:54
The biggest I ever saw in person was in the showers. My friend had to be 6-7 inches completely soft and probably as big around as my wrist.

By #436014 at 15,Dec,15 00:57
Sucked off about 3 or 4 that were around 8 inches, was in my cum-dodging days though. I guess unless you're lucky or good at hunting down big cock, more than 8 inches is hard to find. Statistically it's pretty rare, most cocks fall within the 5-7 range and many more of those close to 5 than to 7.
By #286649 at 15,Dec,15 07:12
Really cause I am 8 1/2 inches.

[deleted image]

I have seen bigger. In college there was this guy I knew that had a twelve inch flaccid cock. He used to walk around the dorm naked all the time. His impressive cock hung past his knees. I never saw it get hard though. I imagine a cock that big is hard to use.

By #435701 at 14,Dec,15 18:20
First time I saw a BIG cock was in 7th grade. My friend obviously was more advanced than the rest of us as we undressed to take showers. His had hair and hung so beautifully! One time after he had told us it was 9" erect and we, being dubious 7th graders with no pubic hair, said 'prove it'! He did! Each of us went in to see him stroking the most magnificently HUGE cock! It has stuck with me to this day...The next time I saw a huge cock was at Chicago O'Hare. Between flights I went into the Men's room and totally unexpectedly, saw this guy pissing in an unprotected urinal. He was so HUGE even when flaccid! Never forgot that either!

By JeffinKS at 24,Jan,15 14:06 other posts of JeffinKS 
my "roommate" in the military had a big cock. he was between 8 1/2 and 9 1/2 soft and 11 1/4 erect and maybe 6" around. funny thing is... he HATED his cock. he always said it was too big and was envious of guys with smaller cocks.
I had great pleasure in sucking on his cock, sucked him off at least twice a day for little over a year and a half....
By Blade at 06,Apr,15 02:43 other posts of Blade 
I had a freind in college that said same thing. We hooked up with same girl, and she told me the size of his dick. He was ~9-10ish.

We openly discussed all sex stuff since we knew about each other. He was telling me how he couldn't fully thrust into girl because it hurt them. He sent his long term gf to nurse, who sent her for xrays since she was having pain after. come to find out, he brused her cervix. (that the correct part?) He wished he was thicker and shorter. He told me no one with deep throat him because of same thing.

I was thinking I had both things with my 3 inch smalller dick. And how ironic it was that mine 'worked' better.

By 3fdfd at 13,Dec,15 18:30 other posts of 3fdfd 
Too bad that he had more than he could use - he easily could have given be about 4"

By thicknsmooth at 07,Apr,15 02:50 other posts of thicknsmooth 
The biggest cock I ever saw was on a street corner in LA. I was stopped at a light and two cops were strip searching a black teenage boy. the cop put on rubber gloves and pulled his pants down to his ankles and checked under his balls. The kids cock soft was as fat around as a baseball bat and about hafe as long! unbelieveable!

By *kmadeau* at 28,Jan,15 08:49 other posts of *kmadeau* 
almost all dicks at MP!... how much bigger the dicks are, so much more fakes ...honor to exception!
By JeffinKS at 28,Jan,15 13:27 other posts of JeffinKS 
huh? can some one translate this?
By #40556 at 07,Apr,15 00:16
He is saying his bourbon is good tonight

By basque9 at 29,Jan,15 03:44 other posts of basque9 
The man is simply saying that almost all of the dicks he sees on the main page are the biggest he has encountered; he goes on further to say that most are fakes. Finally he says that he gives respect to those few dicks on the main page that are actually very large! I think he makes a quite valid statement!
By *kmadeau* at 29,Jan,15 04:06 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By JeffinKS at 29,Jan,15 04:23 other posts of JeffinKS 
wow... uh thanks!
--------------------------------------- added after 34 seconds

and yes I feel the same way

By donkeyuncut at 05,Apr,15 22:59 other posts of donkeyuncut 
A genuine 9" 23cm cock is very very rare think how many people r 6'10"
Im sure some larger may exist same as people r 7ft tall

Im sure uncut 7" is average of younger generation

By #479082 at 31,Mar,15 12:07
During my military service I have seen the biggest soft cock ever. I can say "a real horse dick". I hope this was not bigger when hard because I think nobody would have been able to handle it.
The biggest hard dick I ever seen was at a nudist beach. He was a black guy. My tiny cock was nothing compared and my girlfriend was laughing madly.

By Fritz at 31,Mar,15 11:48 other posts of Fritz 
the biggest dick I have ever seen in reality was the dick of an older man of about 60years. It was in a public Swimming bath, which had beside the "dressed" section two separated nudist sections one for men and one for women. He was fequently over there and honestly, I could not take my eyes of it, but he was not intrested in any contact, so I was , like some others just looking at his huge tool. I could not measure it or even take a Picture of it, but it was None erected way beyond 30cm repectivly 12inch and fat like a real horse dick. My weiner of less than 10cm soft and 6inches (hard) looked ridiculous compared with him. However, it was realy so big, that I can not imagine that he was able to get a real hard one, at least, he never showed anything similar to an erection in that Nudist bath. And he did not realy look very fit, so do not know what happened to him, because I havent seen him again in the past two years

By #486847 at 31,Mar,15 10:37
honestly? my dad

By Newforeskin at 31,Jan,15 13:58 other posts of Newforeskin 
I roomed with a guy for a little while, he came out of the shower on day and had a huge cock. I would say it was as big around as a beer can and about 6 inches long. Never saw it hard. I sure felt inferior. He made mine look like a baby dick.

By 3fdfd at 28,Jan,15 15:00 other posts of 3fdfd 
2 stand out in my mind: one a guy in college - 50+ years ago. He was in my PE class - huge soft dick. I remember him with a towel around his waist in the shower room - the entire head of his dick was hanging down below the towel. I have no idea what he might look like hard - but soft he was enormous.

Another was a guy in the bathroom at a McDonald's on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. He pulled out this huge soft cock to pee. His cock may have been bigger soft than the guy in my PE class. Obviously, I never saw either of them hard, but I'd guess both guys were guys whose cocks don't get all that much bigger when hard from when they are soft.

By #455374 at 25,Jan,15 11:28
At the sauna. There was this guy, I swear it must have been close to 30 cm flaccid, it was ridiculous. It flopped around violently as he walked. Everybody there kept staring. This was a normal sauna, not some kind of sex sauna.

I got a very good look at it, but it's a shame I didn't get to see it erect. When I think of big cocks now, I imagine how big his must get.

By #472683 at 20,Jan,15 20:09
I'd say ten inches. And this was the only time I came within a few seconds during sex.
By leopoldij at 20,Jan,15 20:29 other posts of leopoldij 
I would have like to watch this live. A big cock entering your pussy. mmmm...

By #220845 at 20,Jan,15 19:55
I was in my twenties at a adult bookstore ,at that time I was letting guys suck me not vicea ,versa. White guy stuck his cock through the glory hole ,I was so nervous I leaned over and rubbed it under my nose sniffing it smealt incredible,rubbed my face with it ,so warm and smooth,it was huge and beautiful

By #7976 at 20,Jan,15 05:26
Does this question include horses, elephants, and whales? I've seen them all.

By #477745 at 19,Jan,15 22:45
Wow what a hot story. Who was this person and how did u get him to show u his cock?
By spermkiss at 19,Jan,15 23:24 other posts of spermkiss 
Hey, we were both gay men and we gay guys show each other our cocks all the time. And we do more than show them. We have a lot of sex.

By spermkiss at 19,Jan,15 18:47 other posts of spermkiss 
Well, since you're the possessor of a really long dick (assuming your photos are real and I expect that they are), I guess I can understand why this subject interests you.

My own "biggest dick" experience was with a guy whose dick was maybe two inches longer than yours and considerably thicker. Not only was it the biggest dick I have ever seen, but it was stunningly attractive. Perfect proportion of shaft length to diameter, a nice neat circumcision, a well shaped "helmet head" glans and perfect proportion of shaft length and diameter to glans size. All told, a lovely dick.

Of course it was too big to really do anything with except admire, lick and stroke (at least for me). Sure, I could suck on the head, but there is no way I could deep throat it. I doubt anyone could. As for taking it in the ass, no I couldn't. But quite a few men could. He was candid enough to tell me that he had quite a crew of fuck buddies whom he fucked regularly with that monster cock.

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