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Started by mr_blue at 07,Sep,15 15:32  other posts of mr_blue

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By bella! at 15,Feb,18 16:19 other posts of bella! 

Do others feel that sometimes less said works best?

Case and point; I sent a member a Valentine gift and posted a "Happy Valentine's Day" message on their wall. I received a "thank you" from them but they went on to tell me that they would have reciprocated and sent me a balloon gift too, but they wanted to get the more expensive gift for a particular SYC member and only had 4pts left for the day.

Too much information, you could have stopped at "thank you". Just sayin......
By PoloFields at 16,Feb,18 02:09 other posts of PoloFields 
Being thankful you got something isn't enough for some folks.
By Dev01 at 16,Feb,18 03:10 other posts of Dev01 
Maybe Bella you just need to get laid....pm me for details

By Andthisisme at 16,Feb,18 07:25 other posts of Andthisisme 
I do agree. Why the member felt the need to share that detail baffles me. A gift is a gift be it 10pts or 100pts, the old cliche 'it is the thought that counts' still holds true despite being a cliche.
I was just replying to a comment in a different thread about what you say if someone asks for your opinion on their breasts and you are not a fan. My response was essentially this, try to find a positive comment to make but don't go into detail if it is not positive.

By jayman73 at 16,Feb,18 08:12 other posts of jayman73 
They do that to make themselves feel better because they feel guilty not giving you a gift. They feel if they mention it to you, it is now your problem and not theirs, and they're in the clear. I see and get a lot of this too. I just had that, when a guy was cancelling an radio interview with me, he was saying a lot of unnecessary information as well.

In your case. This guy should have said thank you, like he did, and just have waited to get the points and given you a balloon then.

By bella! at 03,Feb,18 18:29 other posts of bella! 

Has anyone ever wondered how the term "gumshoes" ever became a reference to detectives?
By sherryann at 03,Feb,18 19:17 other posts of sherryann 
That is funny, I've never heard that before. I've never heard anyone call a detective that word.
I know some detective's and I'm going to ask them about that.
By bella! at 03,Feb,18 20:35 other posts of bella! 
As Whoknows mentioned, it is an old term. I came across an article about a local man, 90 years of age, who had a theft at his property. He was quoted as saying that he would be grateful if the "gumshoes" would be able to solve the crime. The local reporter did qualify the term of gumshoes as being detectives.

For sure, ask your detective friends if they've ever heard that term. And if they live in Michigan, please put a BOLO out for an antique railroad lamp that is from the Grand Trunk Railroad.

By Whoknows at 03,Feb,18 19:21 other posts of Whoknows 
It's an old term used for plain clothed police who wore gum/rubber soled shoes so they couldn't be heard sneaking up on naughty people... I think.
By bella! at 03,Feb,18 20:43 other posts of bella! 
Thank you, I does sound like a reasonable response. After reading a local news article and knowing the the term referred to detectives, in my head, I envisioned the detectives "pounding the pavement", so to speak, and that their shoes would be subjected to all the nasty stuff that is dropped on the ground, gum, spittle, yucky stuff......
By Whoknows at 03,Feb,18 20:53 other posts of Whoknows 
We have some other fun slang names for police here (UK). In Manchester, they sometimes call them "Dibble", named after Officer Dibble from Top Cat. An old fashioned term in London is "Sweeney", which is a shortened version of "Sweeney Todd", the Cockney rhyming slang for Flying Squad. My favourite is "Plod", named after "PC Plod", who was a policeman in ch1ldrens story books by Enid Blyton for years.

By veryshyguy at 05,Feb,18 14:09 other posts of veryshyguy 
I always wondered about the term cop or copper to refer to a policeman. The term comes from the time the helmets that the police wore were made of copper, so the term copper, then it got shortened to cop.

Just my worthless 2 cents!!!
By andrew999999999 at 15,Feb,18 15:55 other posts of andrew999999999 
Their badges.

By #548364 at 15,Feb,18 16:05
I think itīs a reference to rubber-soled shoes, unlike leather soled shoes. leather soles (as any Office worker will know) arenīt really waterproof, if you "Pound the pavement" (ooohoo dear, that sounds so sexy) rubber which was also available would be better. FYI rubber in German is "Gummi". FYI2, i add rubber soles to my leather sole Business shoes cos I often travel by Train and Need to walk outside in the wet.

By mr_blue at 13,Feb,18 03:27 other posts of mr_blue 
Or is there a lot of females showing their faces but they get a bit pissy if you ask for a verification picture ?
How's that work !!!!you show your face but won't write on a bit of skin or paper!!!!
The wonders of this site.....
By Dev01 at 13,Feb,18 05:02 other posts of Dev01 
Probably late 2009 this phenomenon started bro 😂😂😂
By mr_blue at 13,Feb,18 06:30 other posts of mr_blue 

By CountryCouple54 at 13,Feb,18 08:04 other posts of CountryCouple54 
With the exception of a few girl members that we know are real. The overflow of female face pics that have flooded the "Tits" and "Miscellaneous" pages are not real. Like you said, if your going to plaster your face all over this site why not get verified. But the real reason is, it's dudes posing as girls and they can't produce a verification pic with the fake stolen pics they have. But you already know all of this Blue.
By mr_blue at 13,Feb,18 08:08 other posts of mr_blue 
Always good to refresh the members on what's what though cc54
By CountryCouple54 at 13,Feb,18 08:25 other posts of CountryCouple54 
We haven't had one member recently (last 2 years) that has produced a verification pic. Not one.
--------------------------------------- added after 76 seconds

4 years ago was a different story.

By Andthisisme at 13,Feb,18 09:45 other posts of Andthisisme 
As an aside I am always amazed when a member asks me to verify them that they react in much the way you describe, not just women. I really wonder if these people understand what verification means - it is a privilege not a right.

By Angelofdeath at 13,Feb,18 09:51 other posts of Angelofdeath 
And the ones you wish wouldn’t show their faces plaster all over.
By Skittles at 13,Feb,18 10:10 other posts of Skittles 

By bella! at 14,Feb,18 00:17 other posts of bella! 
Ain't that the fricken truth!

By leopoldij at 13,Feb,18 10:56 other posts of leopoldij 
or they block you if you ask for verification or more pics...
By *jamie at 14,Feb,18 01:19 other posts of *jamie 
I don't blame them to block you asswipe....

By bella! at 14,Feb,18 00:48 other posts of bella! 

Has anyone else wondered what it's like to travel, via the "chunnel" from the Great Britain to France or from France to Great Britain?

If anyone has made that trip and would care to share the process and/or their experience, I would be appreciative.

By bella! at 02,Feb,18 15:25 other posts of bella! 

Does anyone really watch the Olympics? Beginning February 9, the 2018 Winter Olympics will preempt all television programming for two very long weeks.......
By Andthisisme at 02,Feb,18 17:10 other posts of Andthisisme 
Phew !! I am glad it is not only me feels that way.
By bella! at 02,Feb,18 20:05 other posts of bella! 
Do you think Kim Jong-un will behave himself?
By Andthisisme at 03,Feb,18 06:13 other posts of Andthisisme 
My own view is that while he is a very strange man he is not stupid and the Winter Olympics have given him the chance to appear reasonable and somewhat conciliatory in his relations with South Korea. All of which may be an attempt to damage U.S/South korean relations.
So for the duration of the Olympics i think that he will...but afterwards all bets are off.

By Andthisisme at 03,Feb,18 11:27 other posts of Andthisisme 
This article just shows what i know abou Kim Jong-Un

only registered users can see external links

By veryshyguy at 02,Feb,18 17:47 other posts of veryshyguy 
I will watch some of the events. There are some I have no interest in. I prefer the summer Olympics and especially the long distance running events, namely the marathon.
By bella! at 02,Feb,18 20:08 other posts of bella! 
I'm really not an "Olympics" kind of person other than perhaps watching the opening ceremony. I did like the opening ceremony when the games were hosted in London!
By veryshyguy at 10,Feb,18 15:26 other posts of veryshyguy 
WOW! I have to admit I really enjoyed the opening ceremony of the Olympics last night! I loved the drones when they grouped to form an image of a snowboarder!!! It was impressive!!!

I'll watch a few events for sure. I hope the American Woman's ice hockey team gets the gold this year!!!

By bella! at 07,Feb,18 21:16 other posts of bella! 

Did any other "dominant" involved in the Domination Game fail to get their award, the whip, to convert into 25 points, on February 7, at 01:00?
By *jamie at 07,Feb,18 22:09 other posts of *jamie 
I gave up i don't get a thing
By bella! at 07,Feb,18 22:46 other posts of bella! 
I messaged admin and my response was; "The rules have changed."

Gee, thanks, Mr. admin, care to share when they changed, how they changed and where the printed rule changes can be found? Duh!
By *jamie at 07,Feb,18 22:56 other posts of *jamie 
At the bottom of the rules I guess.. no fun any more
--------------------------------------- added after 6 hours

No daily trophies any more For no one..
By bella! at 08,Feb,18 07:06 other posts of bella! 
Yeah, found the piece and read it. The rules can change at any time and it seem that they just did. Funny how he is quick to post that he's made a "little change" if he thinks it is something positive yet if it is something where he takes it away, no nothing!

By bella! at 03,Feb,18 21:21 other posts of bella! 

Has anyone had the fortune of reconnecting with members that left SYD/SYC and have now returned? The last 3 or 4 days, I have hit the "jackpot"!
By Whoknows at 03,Feb,18 21:28 other posts of Whoknows 
By bella! at 05,Feb,18 11:23 other posts of bella! 
Make that 4, F - O - U - R! Woo hoo!

By PoloFields at 04,Feb,18 01:11 other posts of PoloFields 

By mr_blue at 02,Feb,18 03:43 other posts of mr_blue 
Is having 9 trophies for potm enough ?
By Skittles at 04,Feb,18 11:24 other posts of Skittles 
By mr_blue at 04,Feb,18 11:41 other posts of mr_blue 
It is pretty funny,watching the same people over and over again,not no different on the female side.... Same people....
And I've already been called a sore loser....
Nah,not a sore loser,just looking at the bigger picture of this site....same people winning,people don't bother being onsite if only the same people are at the top of whatever game it is...
By *jamie at 04,Feb,18 13:34 other posts of *jamie 
Soon it be like the excitement game everyone wins
By bella! at 04,Feb,18 14:36 other posts of bella! 
There's an idea!

By Big_Balled_Artist at 04,Feb,18 12:28 other posts of Big_Balled_Artist 
It's getting harder to "get milk" on this site.
Haven't seen the bouncing tits in months
By bella! at 04,Feb,18 14:34 other posts of bella! 
I donated 100 points.

Hey, all you folks with a pile of points, why not consider donating back to the site for the enjoyment of others?

By mr_blue at 04,Sep,16 07:33 other posts of mr_blue 
is members using others members pics as their avatar taking the piss ?
By CountryCouple54 at 18,Nov,16 20:51 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Is "taking the piss" the same as us Americans saying "eating shit" ?
By mr_blue at 19,Nov,16 08:02 other posts of mr_blue 
It's just a way of saying a person is taking liberties,being unreasonable...
By CountryCouple54 at 19,Nov,16 11:42 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Kinda the same definition. But we say "your eating shit".
By leopoldij at 02,Feb,18 08:22 other posts of leopoldij 
No, it's not the same. You can say "I'm taking the piss out of you" to a friend (or not) meaning that you're making fun of him. And you can say that in jest. Or one can say "Are you serious or are you taking the piss?" if, for example, it's not clear what the other person intends to say. (Imagine, for instance, someone giving a presentation on the qualities of the president of the US by saying how educated he is, how organized and dilligent, how just, etc. Then a confused Brit in the audience might say "are you serious or are you taking the piss now?")

On the other hand, "eating shit" is different. It's an expression of anger.
By mr_blue at 02,Feb,18 08:59 other posts of mr_blue 
It's one of things where the tone of the conversation dictates it's meaning....also tone of voice...
If I say "Leo is a piss taker" written that looks bad...but if you say it...I could say it in a way that's in jest..
So eat shit is the same..
By CountryCouple54 at 02,Feb,18 10:21 other posts of CountryCouple54 
We use the term "eating shit" kinda like like the term " you made your bed now lay in it". Meaning you done something wrong or made a bad decision." You made your bed now lay in it". You deal with the consequences. So if you fucked up now you "eat shit".
By mr_blue at 02,Feb,18 10:34 other posts of mr_blue 
It's slang...you could use "taking the piss" to mean you've done something bad/made an error too....

If you were with your buddies having a beer,you could say to them, depending on the conversation tone, "eat shit" and it would mean something different cuz of the way you said it/tone....and they'd say it back to you and laugh....but if someone was listening in... they might think something is gonna kick off...

By leopoldij at 02,Feb,18 11:11 other posts of leopoldij 
Ok. But does "eating shit" ever used in the see of "joking"
By mr_blue at 02,Feb,18 21:46 other posts of mr_blue 
Of course it does...
People are bothered by different words....
It's really the voice that carries the phrase...and how you say it...like sarcasm....easy to understand when it's vocal.

I use "fuck off" so often people don't take offence to it...cuz I'm not telling them to really fuck off cuz we carry on talking.....
By bella! at 02,Feb,18 22:36 other posts of bella! 
Yes, one word can mean something totally different when spoken aloud and spoken by someone that you have an understanding of.

By Andthisisme at 02,Feb,18 17:12 other posts of Andthisisme 
Definetly 100% yes. Even if they had the members approval the members avatar is supposed to relate in some way to them, and clearly another persons photo cannot.

By Sinjid306 at 09,Sep,15 20:06 other posts of Sinjid306 
Bernie Sanders for President!!!
By leopoldij at 02,Feb,18 08:15 other posts of leopoldij 
Instead, you got Bart Simpson as PreZident.

By mr_blue at 18,Nov,16 13:04 other posts of mr_blue 
Is potm a waste of time now ? Saw a member with 3 potm trophies....they won last month and look like they can get votes to bump them up at anytime...wtf is up with that...
By JustWill at 18,Nov,16 13:09 other posts of JustWill 
Personally, I've always thought that potm was a waste of time.
By mr_blue at 18,Nov,16 14:04 other posts of mr_blue 
Like most of the games/competition it's supposed to be a bit of fun...but one person winning all the time is boring...and kinda suspicious...but I'm a cynical grumpy fucker.

By Arexa at 18,Nov,16 13:40 other posts of Arexa 
It's been 4 months straight, and they're working on a fifth. Must've cashed a trophy so it didn't look like desperation. Haha
Awful funny cuz I remember that member number... It changed its name and gender... The profile was originally a man...
By CountryCouple54 at 18,Nov,16 14:17 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Up until now we had never entered a pic in the contest ourselves due to the politics involved. We don't beg or ask for votes ever. So after 2.5 years my wife entered her pic for shits and giggles. The pic she entered had almost 1,800 views and 70 comments. In the contest it has a 5 rating. The leader has like an 80 rating. The next closest pic has a 10 rating. Not that it matters, but we can't figure it out. I guess we take it as my wife got her ass whooped. Lol
--------------------------------------- added after 2 hours

Ooops. Guess maybe I made some member's upset with what I said. The wife is down to a 2 rating now.
By mr_blue at 18,Nov,16 14:26 other posts of mr_blue 
I conducted a little experiment..and I was a bit out of order for entering your wives pic that time...but I wanted to see how hard it is to get a win with a female picture...I asked people to vote for the pic and it didn't even come close to winning...so I asked myself then,wtf is up there...how can someone keep winning every time they enter....you have to beg to win,fuck that...I don't mind asking people to vote but not begging...one dude even sent me a pm asking to vote for him even though I had entered myself in that potm contest...
--------------------------------------- added after 115 seconds

And I got properly ass whipped..over 250 +votes I got beaten by I think....
By CountryCouple54 at 18,Nov,16 15:36 other posts of CountryCouple54 
It was okay that you entered her picture other members have done it also. But I do agree it is suspicious when the same few win over and over. And they win by such big margins. I don't ever remember seeing a contest at least on the women's side that was ever close. It's always a runaway.

By Arexa at 18,Nov,16 16:56 other posts of Arexa 
I've done it many times, and in order for a female to win, yes... We gotta beg. I usually just copy and paste messages to most of my friends list when I enter (I have more than a few buddies who enter me when they don't see me in there for the month, I don't bother asking for votes on those months)... And posting a ten point message on the main page, or a 20 point message in the header can help... I don't see how this person keeps winning though, cuz they're rarely online...

By phart at 18,Nov,16 19:39 other posts of phart 
To hell with a "game" Countryboy, Your wife is a 11 on a scale of 1 to 10.
By CountryCouple54 at 18,Nov,16 20:48 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Thank you. She will appreciate that.

By mr_blue at 10,Mar,16 19:46 other posts of mr_blue 
Have I become addicted to emoticons ?
By leopoldij at 11,Mar,16 01:39 other posts of leopoldij 
You need help.

By #316057 at 11,Mar,16 02:58
what I the most
By mr_blue at 11,Mar,16 20:59 other posts of mr_blue 

By mr_blue at 07,Mar,16 13:37 other posts of mr_blue 
Is there a disturbance in the f0rce ?
By #494679 at 07,Mar,16 14:45
Obi Wankernobi, is that you?
By mr_blue at 07,Mar,16 14:50 other posts of mr_blue 
Possibly Luke Skywanker...
By #494679 at 07,Mar,16 15:08
Hahaha! Hey, I was with Boba Fetish the other day. He's a badass bouncyhumper!
By mr_blue at 08,Mar,16 10:37 other posts of mr_blue 
Was he a little chewy ? Did he go Hands Solo ?

By mr_blue at 08,Mar,16 09:51 other posts of mr_blue 
Is that dude nuttier than a squirrel's turd ?....

You know what they say about paranoid people,don't you ?
By bella! at 08,Mar,16 10:33 other posts of bella! 
Yes, HE is nuttier than a squirrel's turd and no, I do not know what "they" say about paranoid people. It makes my head get all hurty when I try to determine who "they" are OR why anyone would eat peanut butter and dill pickles.

By mr_blue at 22,Sep,15 06:56 other posts of mr_blue 
Is flake the word of the week ?
flakey,flakey rise and shine extrathick likes to whine...
By Arexa at 22,Sep,15 08:14 other posts of Arexa 
Dude is definitely a whiny weiner.

By mr_blue at 08,Sep,15 04:37 other posts of mr_blue 
Is it just me or,is the thought of Sarah Palin and Donald Trump being in charge really fucking scary ?....
By licksipsuckit at 08,Sep,15 08:01 other posts of licksipsuckit 
could it be worse than 2 bushes?? *lix*

By leopoldij at 08,Sep,15 08:02 other posts of leopoldij 
Of course it's scary. You'll have two moronic individuals run a country. What a disaster!
By licksipsuckit at 10,Sep,15 05:50 other posts of licksipsuckit 
they might get lucky and get a 3rd one yet *lix*

By JustWill at 07,Sep,15 18:53 other posts of JustWill 
It's just you.
And maybe that other guy.
The jury is still out on him...
By mr_blue at 08,Sep,15 04:38 other posts of mr_blue 
Funny that,the other guy said the same thing about you

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