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ever been sexually attracted to/ liked a friend who's "straight"? What do I do?? would love any advice723,Feb,12 14:52
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Young studs!1123,Feb,12 00:06
Help/Advice uncut 222,Feb,12 23:33
do u like my balls?322,Feb,12 20:44
Putting on a condom622,Feb,12 17:34
Auto-Censor .....WTF?1622,Feb,12 17:25
sexe en fran?ais422,Feb,12 17:08
I wish there was a dude who's cock I could suck and fuck in my area.422,Feb,12 13:42
Straight husband gives self facial 322,Feb,12 04:09
First page on Syd1022,Feb,12 01:11
dildo in ass121,Feb,12 17:21
Who is Bigger321,Feb,12 15:13
who wants to see me cum?221,Feb,12 10:12
COCK COMPETIT ION320,Feb,12 16:37
obviously520,Feb,12 13:40
Cum See Me...I'm New420,Feb,12 13:25
pics320,Feb,12 11:10
my mother opened the bathroom door n complimented my cock n masturbated while i was taking a shower.was she hitting on me?2620,Feb,12 06:36
BBM Cum Videos swopping120,Feb,12 01:47
New Pics of me in lingerie and Dildo Play320,Feb,12 00:14
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Jerk off tactics619,Feb,12 22:31
iPhone app119,Feb,12 19:32
TIT WEIGHT619,Feb,12 18:54
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cumshots619,Feb,12 00:15
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Leave the Person Above You a Picture Comment! 218,Feb,12 10:39
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Dildos718,Feb,12 06:50
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Drau?en Wichsen macht Spa?!618,Feb,12 05:39
verification418,Feb,12 01:27
try to guess my penis size...117,Feb,12 18:00
small shaved dicks under 2" soft417,Feb,12 18:00
Please Check Out Our Profile...617,Feb,12 16:51
Treffen217,Feb,12 16:14
who would fuck/suck this217,Feb,12 13:52
Shaving - Pole1417,Feb,12 13:48
jam rag217,Feb,12 13:22
which women scream617,Feb,12 13:03
guess the size of my cock!1217,Feb,12 11:26
Tight, white panties2017,Feb,12 09:30
in need of a jerk off friend217,Feb,12 02:24
Florida anyone517,Feb,12 00:04
yahoo IM416,Feb,12 18:32
poultry516,Feb,12 18:05
Closet Queen & Size Queens716,Feb,12 16:37
big cock on thin body316,Feb,12 16:31
New Photoshoot tonight any suggestions or requests?416,Feb,12 16:31
smooth little dicks416,Feb,12 09:50
First cock216,Feb,12 08:02
What do you think about my cock? My 1st time posting715,Feb,12 23:08
Where do you wank?915,Feb,12 21:44
similar sites?315,Feb,12 21:35
Guess my cock size 215,Feb,12 21:03
Sex in Israel215,Feb,12 20:43
Masturbate915,Feb,12 20:40
do you prefer a thick or a long cock ?315,Feb,12 19:49
Homemade porno?215,Feb,12 19:48
never pre cum515,Feb,12 19:06
Shaven or natural2015,Feb,12 18:35
Favorite type of Birth Control615,Feb,12 18:28
do you like my little dick615,Feb,12 17:59
I have seen my wife suck my elder ****'s cock......515,Feb,12 15:31
Myself and cockahoops???215,Feb,12 09:57
Why is everyone asking me to "verify" them all of a sudden???215,Feb,12 02:31
xxl penis614,Feb,12 18:23
EBay panties114,Feb,12 16:32
Suck your cock114,Feb,12 12:08
buck rogers 614,Feb,12 08:26
who would like to have webcam sex with me?214,Feb,12 08:11
WHITNEY HOUSTON R.I.P.614,Feb,12 02:21
Glans type 22 yo213,Feb,12 18:45
show pics in private113,Feb,12 16:19
Who likes communal showers 1313,Feb,12 15:52
musky bearded clam vs stinky shaved beaver313,Feb,12 14:56
Get me to orgasm?213,Feb,12 12:22
Women who initiate chat...713,Feb,12 08:38
BLOWJOB PICS112,Feb,12 23:24
Does cock size really matter212,Feb,12 22:09
Cock Birthmark712,Feb,12 21:24
thirst 4 a date wit strong men. message me n show me pics plz.u'd better live in Asia now.412,Feb,12 10:41
my gf's mutha seems 2 have hit on me...212,Feb,12 09:52
i fucked my girlfriend 3 days after her menstrual period and we have forgot preventing conception.can she be pregnant?512,Feb,12 09:13
Playing with Dildos212,Feb,12 06:37
teen cock on SYD312,Feb,12 06:23
Any twins...212,Feb,12 05:54
Soft cock shots2612,Feb,12 05:31
Inserting Chocolate Candy and Honey in Pussy Hole412,Feb,12 04:21
my dick212,Feb,12 00:30
Muslim Pussy411,Feb,12 23:05
SHOW YOUR BUSH2211,Feb,12 21:06
Please don't feed the Chinese trolls511,Feb,12 15:41
looking for sexual nsa fun tonight!!! 111,Feb,12 11:30
how much sex do you get?2511,Feb,12 07:46
Question311,Feb,12 05:18
woman's bent knees211,Feb,12 02:20
Pre-Cum911,Feb,12 01:15
Saying farwell to 1XSpurt also known as CreativeOne!610,Feb,12 13:33
Do you love anal?210,Feb,12 13:02
Let me be your slut!! my pussy and ass is yours!710,Feb,12 12:49
Cumming on cloths310,Feb,12 11:39
youngest dick on SYD310,Feb,12 11:14
Has anyones mom caugh them maturbating and what did they do when they saw you?310,Feb,12 05:55
Who's not gay1710,Feb,12 01:12
My cum vids209,Feb,12 17:51
Should I show my pussy to my son for sex education?309,Feb,12 10:56
Who from UK2309,Feb,12 10:51
check out my pussy plz!both good n bad comments r welcome!209,Feb,12 09:20
get of with me and my wife on cam109,Feb,12 07:33
post you dick when its "really" hard ! and let the ladys enjoy it7908,Feb,12 23:50
Girls Please208,Feb,12 16:20
Have you paid for sex?308,Feb,12 14:43
Very large dicks dating or pics sending208,Feb,12 10:17
hi. i m new to this site. check my dick and gimme honest reply308,Feb,12 09:58
Nude in backyard307,Feb,12 18:05
Cum video807,Feb,12 17:21
Really unsure507,Feb,12 15:48
plz help me:how can i enlarge my small penis effectively?r there any feasible measures?507,Feb,12 10:42
Can somebody tell me why.....507,Feb,12 09:13
Old pics from the past.407,Feb,12 06:11
Spread your pussy lips so we can see your little pee hole307,Feb,12 04:44
8" inches and Up406,Feb,12 17:54
leaving or staying on this site606,Feb,12 16:35
First time :-)206,Feb,12 11:27
Tributes of my pussy pics makes me horny!! 206,Feb,12 10:25
i need to no if my cocks a good size206,Feb,12 10:05
Front Page Cock Admin406,Feb,12 08:54
I May not play Pro Football but mt dick,, thats PRO,206,Feb,12 08:54
i Thought this pic would be more popular606,Feb,12 08:53
Main Page, here I cum!306,Feb,12 08:20
aussie public strokers206,Feb,12 06:13
Any male from england interested to have sex with black asian guy wih big cock...206,Feb,12 04:42
Lost points for commenting on a pic....?506,Feb,12 02:50
The perfect photo angle. 1706,Feb,12 00:50
My Dick305,Feb,12 23:53
would any one like to sit on my 7inch cock..205,Feb,12 14:14
Honest comments needed205,Feb,12 11:59
1st time stories305,Feb,12 10:59
would u suck my cock405,Feb,12 10:48
Slutty Comments305,Feb,12 08:33
New Pics?105,Feb,12 05:31
are my pics too extreme?1205,Feb,12 04:12
would u cum on her face304,Feb,12 21:00
dresser104,Feb,12 20:24
cum farming?204,Feb,12 19:55
gangbang304,Feb,12 19:03
Spread those lips wide!304,Feb,12 05:55
comment my pics :)204,Feb,12 04:45
Anyone who wants to dominate me? You can give me a task here and maybe I'll do it ;)304,Feb,12 01:09
I got 99 problems but my Dick aint 1!503,Feb,12 12:58
what size dicks are okay for most girls?403,Feb,12 12:56
I have made the main page 13 times...403,Feb,12 12:40
please vote for my tiny cock203,Feb,12 10:07
3D Hairy Cock203,Feb,12 09:58
Picture posting in topics203,Feb,12 08:52
new pics503,Feb,12 08:39
6-inch-Drip fan page!403,Feb,12 07:53
A video of me cumblasting303,Feb,12 07:41
Why the censoring (replaced by "***") of totally innocuous words?2003,Feb,12 06:24
anyone msn?303,Feb,12 04:27
who takes your pics?1903,Feb,12 04:15
Skype 103,Feb,12 02:33
Gay Marriage? 802,Feb,12 17:26
Holding foreskin back202,Feb,12 16:47
jack-off buddies2002,Feb,12 13:52
young boy with hot cock102,Feb,12 12:03
clone a will.202,Feb,12 10:04
Do you like to see me gape?901,Feb,12 21:16
Do straight guys sometimes fantasize about a same sex experience1801,Feb,12 20:43
Our next picture shooting201,Feb,12 11:12
Do u like takin it r givin it r both?201,Feb,12 10:01
bi boy in Germany201,Feb,12 08:28
Backdoor action301,Feb,12 00:25
skype?231,Jan,12 23:05
Live on cam4931,Jan,12 22:19
What's it like to have a huge cock and fuck a girl?331,Jan,12 16:14
Tight balls2331,Jan,12 14:59
cum on her331,Jan,12 11:38
Wichsen731,Jan,12 11:21
what u think231,Jan,12 10:14
How does sounding work?531,Jan,12 07:53
G-Spot231,Jan,12 05:52
my friend wants me.831,Jan,12 01:32
To shave or not to shave?531,Jan,12 01:23
Boobs on Men831,Jan,12 00:58
Asian COCK~431,Jan,12 00:22
Foreskin731,Jan,12 00:16
FORESKIN OR NOT?4130,Jan,12 22:57
How do u get points??230,Jan,12 22:45
penis enlargement730,Jan,12 19:45
skype ?430,Jan,12 19:17
bbm:)130,Jan,12 15:30
check out my wife330,Jan,12 14:26
question: how to post a pic in a message?330,Jan,12 12:15
SEND ME YOUR VIDEOS230,Jan,12 10:24
Concerts430,Jan,12 10:02
guys with small dick in lingerie630,Jan,12 09:00
big cumshot!230,Jan,12 08:29
frenuloplasty 630,Jan,12 07:54
How do i get my pussy on the main page?429,Jan,12 23:44
your best cum pics 1429,Jan,12 15:59
Bulging, freeballing in sweats229,Jan,12 15:14
Gf says its small629,Jan,12 14:42
Skype229,Jan,12 14:12
A question about private '4 Friends' pics!529,Jan,12 13:32
spare underwear/clothes129,Jan,12 06:06
handsfree529,Jan,12 03:00
i need money1329,Jan,12 02:44
Frisch gewichst in den Tag329,Jan,12 02:05
balls bigger than cock129,Jan,12 00:33
Lubricant329,Jan,12 00:28
What do you think?229,Jan,12 00:13
Bored at home228,Jan,12 22:00
www.StealOthersPics 828,Jan,12 19:17
my first BJ628,Jan,12 14:46
who wants to fill my hole 228,Jan,12 14:41
There are days......328,Jan,12 14:34
Dropped Trouser Pics1628,Jan,12 13:54
see through underwear pics328,Jan,12 13:12
pumping water up in the ass (question for expert) ??228,Jan,12 11:00
whore128,Jan,12 09:05
would you suck me if you were here?2228,Jan,12 08:59
cum look at my whore and tell her how u would treat her she loves it228,Jan,12 08:31
To numb to cum428,Jan,12 03:25
New Ideas328,Jan,12 02:21
more gifts728,Jan,12 00:49
Love my anus in this photo227,Jan,12 20:58
do u like my cock127,Jan,12 18:21
Cut / Uncut - how much?927,Jan,12 13:08
An Bo!227,Jan,12 13:08
20yo virgin boy hot or not 327,Jan,12 09:47
Whats your favorite pic of firm_tits?927,Jan,12 00:46
Swallow or not727,Jan,12 00:26
Small or average?226,Jan,12 23:38
Suggestions126,Jan,12 22:02
Help226,Jan,12 20:43
Would you suck my penis?426,Jan,12 20:29
virgin ass come and see1726,Jan,12 17:35
Size of my dick426,Jan,12 17:19
Judge Cock Size426,Jan,12 15:32
Ficke meine Frau live nach Euren WŁnschen326,Jan,12 03:25
New pics up 326,Jan,12 02:43
Please comment on my cock .525,Jan,12 20:18
Would u fuck me?325,Jan,12 15:37
Beware members who vote "not"1525,Jan,12 14:54
New here! Just wondering am I small? 825,Jan,12 14:53
Whore wife/girlfriend825,Jan,12 13:58
Sucking cock225,Jan,12 13:53
am i really small325,Jan,12 13:40
Am I hot?225,Jan,12 13:38
I like to fill my mouth with my cum.225,Jan,12 13:05
Cumshot Vid Feedback, Are They Playing?????425,Jan,12 11:31
my small dick...424,Jan,12 22:10
hi,anybody want to be my friend324,Jan,12 22:03
18 - 21 bi boy wanted!!!224,Jan,12 21:57
"Three Ring Circus" cock ring.524,Jan,12 21:53
what do u think of my dick?224,Jan,12 21:14
new guy824,Jan,12 17:25
keep calm and swallow cum524,Jan,12 15:30
what thought goes into an email address324,Jan,12 13:43
pictures/videos taking a shit724,Jan,12 03:40
Favourite part?824,Jan,12 01:00
Rating piture categories 1123,Jan,12 17:01
hey beautiful ladies, what do you all think?323,Jan,12 15:12
What's a handsome cock?2323,Jan,12 12:34
suckable or no?323,Jan,12 10:28
Hairy Penis' & Vagina's223,Jan,12 10:27
would you suck my cock??223,Jan,12 06:33
OUTSIDE CONTEST823,Jan,12 01:47
Woman comment on my dick please :0)122,Jan,12 23:05
Foreskin1722,Jan,12 17:58
CUM ON MY PICS!!!!!122,Jan,12 14:24
Photoshop Contest322,Jan,12 10:28
does your cock make you horny?1722,Jan,12 05:20
CRITICIZE my COCK!921,Jan,12 17:40
All redhead. Join the redheads only! group221,Jan,12 17:33
do you like to stuff your own ass let me now 421,Jan,12 17:02
guys ass221,Jan,12 10:22
Which body part....721,Jan,12 02:42
Who wants to swop cum videos and pictures privately?121,Jan,12 02:18
MY FIT ASS320,Jan,12 15:52
Please Take A Look, Comment320,Jan,12 10:48
2 new pics!220,Jan,12 10:43
Ye Olde First Time220,Jan,12 10:40
wifes pics220,Jan,12 10:36
help!!! bi curious520,Jan,12 10:02
Why Do You Post Nude Pic Of your self on this site?1320,Jan,12 02:29
WANT TO TASTE MY CUM?320,Jan,12 01:00
Cock Feedback820,Jan,12 00:45
FUCK ME =)1319,Jan,12 22:01
Underwear turns me on so much.4619,Jan,12 19:20
Why I am addicted to big dicks319,Jan,12 16:12
what age did you start?319,Jan,12 16:01
C2C with guys419,Jan,12 15:41
Standards of cock measurement419,Jan,12 12:56
ladies look at my pics :)319,Jan,12 11:31
looking for a sexting buddy! 219,Jan,12 11:27
COCK TEASERS719,Jan,12 09:54
sell your old used cumrags319,Jan,12 09:30
Make me your slut119,Jan,12 07:47
Anybody want it??319,Jan,12 02:42
GENTIAL WARTS119,Jan,12 02:35
do i have a nice cock???319,Jan,12 02:31
*** "Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10" ***2519,Jan,12 01:40
Just for the guys619,Jan,12 00:18
hiden cock318,Jan,12 18:41
what do you like more? foreskin or circumcised618,Jan,12 18:29
foreskin318,Jan,12 18:19
foreskin318,Jan,12 18:11
Why are most Americans circumsised? It is a shame and there is no need!8918,Jan,12 17:01
I cum too quickly 618,Jan,12 16:23
Asking to suck cock?418,Jan,12 12:28
Does anybody like old granny hairy pussy ?1918,Jan,12 11:20
MOre pictars218,Jan,12 10:51
To admin - cookies418,Jan,12 10:49
come & live218,Jan,12 10:39
Saggy nuts!!218,Jan,12 10:34
why do people look at your page and don't reply to messages??618,Jan,12 07:40
TRIBUTE SEXY GIRLS .......218,Jan,12 02:05
Guys with muscles and big dicks post your pics here...417,Jan,12 22:12
My pics217,Jan,12 20:38
a sensitive anus417,Jan,12 16:15
Dick and balls217,Jan,12 15:09
Please comment on my pics thanx317,Jan,12 15:08
what do you think?217,Jan,12 15:06
YOU CAN MAKE MY DICK BIGGER!!!517,Jan,12 15:01
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My flashlight masturbation - video317,Jan,12 09:00
No chicks on here want my cock?317,Jan,12 08:48
Pittsburgh 117,Jan,12 07:40
Can I get some feedback on this VID?317,Jan,12 06:27
Dutch cocks and balls only1416,Jan,12 18:54
Would I be classified as small?216,Jan,12 18:30
New Photos!216,Jan,12 18:21
Sucking?116,Jan,12 18:21
my **** in law216,Jan,12 17:10
What do you think of my dick?416,Jan,12 16:59
tell me about my dick316,Jan,12 15:14
My Best Picture so far416,Jan,12 15:12
Rate my cock416,Jan,12 15:11
My cock's never been sucked816,Jan,12 14:38
how to see who voted for your pic316,Jan,12 10:47
I'm Gay and Single!416,Jan,12 10:46
Etiquette216,Jan,12 10:41
Pensioner's Erections and Sex Drive1416,Jan,12 07:58
ball shaving tips616,Jan,12 02:42
What happens when you....316,Jan,12 00:47
Come and have a vote pls115,Jan,12 23:45
who like close-up pics...????1215,Jan,12 16:41
Like SexySara?1015,Jan,12 13:09
Cum and cock my pix!115,Jan,12 11:25
my pussy1615,Jan,12 10:27
From what age did you start masturbating?2315,Jan,12 09:02
anonymous comment posters215,Jan,12 06:42
Look please! 515,Jan,12 04:22
Problem voting for Pic of the Month215,Jan,12 02:22
Private chat etiquette?1215,Jan,12 01:04
Nicest Cocks1214,Jan,12 17:06
who uploads there pics&videos by there smartphone?414,Jan,12 12:20
HELP PLEASE114,Jan,12 08:33
how can i chat with girl about sex.414,Jan,12 07:11
Anyone watching porn314,Jan,12 05:17
Any nurses here? What do you think I've got?414,Jan,12 05:15
Sex Positions413,Jan,12 21:40
Wanking 1113,Jan,12 17:51
My wife is out of town this weekend613,Jan,12 16:32
How to show a pic?????? Help!!!!313,Jan,12 16:10
Does Anyone like my pics?213,Jan,12 16:06
show us your face if you not fake2313,Jan,12 15:13
has anybody got the Samsung galaxy S2?413,Jan,12 13:06
i thought i post my message in the forum,feel free to comment!213,Jan,12 12:31
Check this out.!513,Jan,12 12:30
why the fuck leave any comments 213,Jan,12 12:29
pics taken at your office613,Jan,12 12:21
Rate my cock213,Jan,12 12:08
Looking for Hot Couple to have Bi-Sexual Experience413,Jan,12 12:07
men in the shower513,Jan,12 11:41
sex stories413,Jan,12 11:23
deusche hir ???213,Jan,12 10:54
Be honest...would you fuck me?1413,Jan,12 09:56
Panties613,Jan,12 05:30 or receiving?1713,Jan,12 02:02
womans thoughts on my amputated penis913,Jan,12 00:16
blowjob men and women312,Jan,12 23:36
Fuckable Ass?112,Jan,12 21:50
men wearing underwear with their cocks hanging out2112,Jan,12 15:01
what you think of this312,Jan,12 13:56
When you cum......1312,Jan,12 11:46
Condom problem212,Jan,12 04:54
Shaved311,Jan,12 22:18
Pre cum pics911,Jan,12 21:03
Do you think your pussy is sweeter than this??211,Jan,12 20:30
SHAVING!311,Jan,12 20:07
hairy611,Jan,12 17:22
FLESHLIGHTS !!!411,Jan,12 16:40
See my cock and favourites them111,Jan,12 16:15
Suit-wearers311,Jan,12 15:09
take a guess411,Jan,12 11:05
What would you do to me or make me do to you?211,Jan,12 10:36
Mushroom Head..DO I HAVE ONE??211,Jan,12 00:45
Let me know what you think and i'll do the same210,Jan,12 23:41
Seeing as many of you asked...310,Jan,12 22:58

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