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HETERO!! yeah... right!!1109,Jul,13 14:18
floppy2109,Jul,13 13:15
Who else is in love with their cocks?1209,Jul,13 08:34
Let me be honest with myself!!! Why did I join SYD???309,Jul,13 04:59
Fun with Veggies409,Jul,13 02:46
are you bi if you love shemales?809,Jul,13 01:41
ok big areolas or small ones?1408,Jul,13 22:40
the smell of an uncut dick2008,Jul,13 20:01
tied up and blindfolded408,Jul,13 10:38
Upper banner pics.1307,Jul,13 17:39
anyone for a chat?607,Jul,13 13:39
Rate my Ass207,Jul,13 13:01
black guys with small dicks107,Jul,13 07:59
My GF507,Jul,13 01:04
Chubby guys4106,Jul,13 21:53
penile surgery306,Jul,13 08:59
The male G spot1106,Jul,13 08:29
Trannies806,Jul,13 04:35
Who are like gay sex?505,Jul,13 16:29
Any South African cock lovers on this site?1905,Jul,13 16:14
Hottest Female Pics On SYC2805,Jul,13 13:39
painful pleasures..anybody addicted??405,Jul,13 09:54
i feel bisexual305,Jul,13 04:34
Any information you care to share ladies?305,Jul,13 03:57
When does girth become a problem for BJs?304,Jul,13 18:18
Cocksucking Self-portraits404,Jul,13 13:08
Really meaty pussy lips: Big, plump vulvas!1903,Jul,13 19:48
Big black cocks303,Jul,13 18:05
Uncut cocks in 5011203,Jul,13 03:36
Favorite lube?2602,Jul,13 17:08
Question for a straight man2802,Jul,13 14:48
Eating creampied pussy.2002,Jul,13 10:26
Is asian dick tiny?602,Jul,13 08:18
Asian cock please post your pic702,Jul,13 05:52
skype302,Jul,13 00:34
what book r u currently reading3301,Jul,13 21:50
I'm horny and I got a big white long cock ;)501,Jul,13 13:02
men who like to be fucked in front of women601,Jul,13 06:11
dream sex partner from this site701,Jul,13 03:57
Anyone from massachusetts?330,Jun,13 23:22
Swallow Cum 1230,Jun,13 22:50
Looking at cocks makes me so horny730,Jun,13 21:29
Would you like a group about keeping your foreskin back?1230,Jun,13 20:40
Hardened my hanging big balls, peas squashed in a water baloon830,Jun,13 15:43
Does your willy get bigger or smaller with age?2429,Jun,13 12:02
Almost Free Holiday429,Jun,13 04:15
Wie oft onanierst Du am Tage13528,Jun,13 07:35
first time328,Jun,13 06:24
How do you like yours?728,Jun,13 03:40
Views but no comments!!327,Jun,13 14:36
I want to cum in your mouth.627,Jun,13 11:02
Rate me227,Jun,13 00:40
Women and shaved cocks!826,Jun,13 17:27
cbt game with extrem works1526,Jun,13 16:29
Stoned in Kansas City1126,Jun,13 15:16
anyone in reno Nevada?226,Jun,13 09:52
Relation between the size of ones diddle bopper and their brain.426,Jun,13 08:09
masturbating to much926,Jun,13 07:43
tight balls225,Jun,13 21:25
Turned on to be dominant?225,Jun,13 18:39
Old guys want my nice younger cock?225,Jun,13 17:02
If I was naked in front of you what would you do to me225,Jun,13 16:37
Leather and Studs x224,Jun,13 22:37
Are glory holes essentially nonexistent outside of porn?2024,Jun,13 13:00
adult cinemas624,Jun,13 12:43
Malta324,Jun,13 05:34
rate my body and I'll do same in return224,Jun,13 00:09
trim or shave2023,Jun,13 20:50
horny person223,Jun,13 18:24
Forum Remoras523,Jun,13 12:53
Tell me what you think...323,Jun,13 11:12
40-70 YEAR OLD DICK PICS9523,Jun,13 10:50
Cock Rings822,Jun,13 21:30
cock piercings1422,Jun,13 20:07
Say YES to Michigan! 8522,Jun,13 19:23
I think that sucking cock is far far better than sucking pussy.... what do u thing guys??2922,Jun,13 19:09
Shave, trim or let it grow out? This blog determines my fate!622,Jun,13 12:15
Does anyone actually know what a blowjob is?1722,Jun,13 11:17
Free photos of you for your SYD page1522,Jun,13 10:07
Michigan 622,Jun,13 06:05
HELP! Are you good with words in the bedroom?1222,Jun,13 02:50
China's wife vaginal need semen821,Jun,13 15:12
Why do you feel the need to torture your cock and balls?1521,Jun,13 12:08
wife's pics what would you to her321,Jun,13 10:00
Foreskin restoration-- Do I look natural?1221,Jun,13 07:20
Piss sound521,Jun,13 01:51
Can't reply to or send PMs220,Jun,13 23:20
Needing Womer To Humiliate my FLEXIBLE Boner320,Jun,13 20:42
Fake Women!220,Jun,13 19:11
Where can I find a cock to suck?320,Jun,13 15:57
Do You Like Ride Up & Down?1020,Jun,13 08:38
Buddies together...???320,Jun,13 08:00
Show your papules!1019,Jun,13 22:06
Cant stay hard enough during sex419,Jun,13 21:17
sex in paris119,Jun,13 19:22
Sexy fit body with a big cock to match1119,Jun,13 14:30
Erwischen519,Jun,13 11:50
Wer m?chte meine enge Muschi sto?en? Who wanna bang my tight cunt?1219,Jun,13 11:39
about pearly penile papule219,Jun,13 10:53
Anyone who likes pearly papules219,Jun,13 10:44
Pearly Pink Papules519,Jun,13 10:42
Check me out219,Jun,13 09:32
Conall's BIG Skype Partner219,Jun,13 08:13
Girls opinion on cock size3819,Jun,13 06:02
sexpartner gesucht219,Jun,13 04:38
Ejaculation - Weibliche Abspritzer519,Jun,13 04:37
Lange Schamlippen219,Jun,13 04:36
Opinions?518,Jun,13 22:56
Might be gross418,Jun,13 20:30
fiance wants filling618,Jun,13 20:27
Anal Sex718,Jun,13 19:56
ME vs. Nacho Vidal & Manuel Ferrara318,Jun,13 13:43
Sit It On218,Jun,13 11:45
Favorites vanishing.218,Jun,13 05:43
Don't know If this is the right place but...217,Jun,13 15:39
Clean your room!2317,Jun,13 14:51
It's My Birthday1117,Jun,13 00:53
Hot mature men want to show a teen boy new experience?316,Jun,13 18:36
who gets off filling up pussy or asses?116,Jun,13 15:56
6 to 6.5 inch Penises!2316,Jun,13 12:49
how is my cock?!416,Jun,13 10:13
Rate my big black dick2015,Jun,13 21:55
New Drink Ideal: CUM IN A CAN!415,Jun,13 11:19
LONGEST PUSSY LIPS715,Jun,13 11:08
Who's the hottest women on thi site?1715,Jun,13 09:56
Rate my dick914,Jun,13 18:44
Surprised at the Married People 1514,Jun,13 13:25
rate my dick214,Jun,13 11:43
To suck cock or not to suck cock???213,Jun,13 19:55
cum and/or piss stains213,Jun,13 19:10
masturbating with lube pics please!213,Jun,13 19:03
alaska?413,Jun,13 19:00
big too young713,Jun,13 18:13
Ladyboy cock613,Jun,13 13:29
wowfactor saying goodbye313,Jun,13 13:04
Your honest opinion.713,Jun,13 09:57
Cam to Cam213,Jun,13 05:23
Sturdy or Flimsy Boner... how do i compare?612,Jun,13 23:44
Does Sturdiness Make a Difference to Women?.1112,Jun,13 23:39
Loss of a valued and respected member.312,Jun,13 08:26
Balls perfect for tea bagging1012,Jun,13 03:09
Pierced Cock and Shaved Balls412,Jun,13 01:25
any guys from perth211,Jun,13 22:36
Men in unforms.1611,Jun,13 17:01
Risque sex.....2110,Jun,13 20:32
I love comparing...310,Jun,13 18:59
Why do we show ourselves to the world?510,Jun,13 14:47
PENIS PUMP Too Small410,Jun,13 13:41
OLDER GUYS 1210,Jun,13 12:20
Tit pics on Kik messenger210,Jun,13 08:13
Build the perfect shemale310,Jun,13 07:39
have an amazing cock. it is big and i would love to suck it410,Jun,13 03:56
big young cocks1409,Jun,13 21:51
well hung709,Jun,13 14:08
rate my dick and i will rate yours409,Jun,13 09:00
Rate My dick209,Jun,13 08:57
Nosy fucktards wanting to get all up in the koolaid and dont even know the flavor.208,Jun,13 23:07
Please rate my cock and I'll rate yours208,Jun,13 17:10
*Jackdanniel is back now907,Jun,13 14:53
Married guys in the south east looking for guy fun.707,Jun,13 01:06
Skype,facetime,kik306,Jun,13 22:58
Asian guys who like CBT: A General Survey, please have your say here. 306,Jun,13 21:04
Watching guy fuck my girl1005,Jun,13 18:19
Tall Women1105,Jun,13 14:01
The myth of the "straight cocksucker"1705,Jun,13 12:06
why i cant write private messages?405,Jun,13 11:18
shaved or unshaved??305,Jun,13 10:38
Upload a pic of your favourite masturbation position705,Jun,13 10:32
If your sex life was a video game, what would the title be?905,Jun,13 06:55
Telling wife I love Dick805,Jun,13 04:47
Best way to get hair off ur balls1505,Jun,13 04:07
FKK in T?bingen/Kirchentellinsfurt705,Jun,13 03:37
Can someone please verify me please.205,Jun,13 03:26
Homophobia705,Jun,13 02:22
Your favorite type of porn?4804,Jun,13 13:18
Does wife know you drool for cocks?804,Jun,13 11:42
Large Penis (BBC),,504,Jun,13 08:19
what is your age, and cock length704,Jun,13 01:51
Forced display of your cock403,Jun,13 17:48
Am I the only one who is bored to tears??!!!2103,Jun,13 16:23
Massachusetts103,Jun,13 15:56
first one see your cock2203,Jun,13 15:53
Girth another way303,Jun,13 10:26
cocksucker wanting teeth removed3002,Jun,13 17:15
simulated cock torture302,Jun,13 15:50
torture302,Jun,13 15:11
Humiliate Me302,Jun,13 01:13
Self-suck401,Jun,13 15:11
My sisters Vagina!701,Jun,13 12:16
What do u think of my cock101,Jun,13 11:59
Website Problems.301,Jun,13 11:24
Please comment on my cock501,Jun,13 04:10
MY DICK BOUNCES 501,Jun,13 02:39
Do u think this post is worth 20 points?201,Jun,13 01:13
Rate my cock please!331,May,13 21:19
Fat uncut cock and big balls!431,May,13 18:29
Can't PM on Cocks331,May,13 18:23
FAT COCKS!!631,May,13 09:46
How to coach women as well as men to be better cock suckers?331,May,13 09:44
50+ Cock Pics1331,May,13 09:00
New Zealand Cock Suckers?231,May,13 05:10
Women to C2C with.....230,May,13 16:23
Girls Mastubating - First Time230,May,13 12:06
Complimenting women is becoming pointless4630,May,13 05:47
jack addicts!430,May,13 02:29
anyone from Mass?529,May,13 17:16
Masturbating in female condom229,May,13 14:34
Lost all my Pic329,May,13 07:51
are women just as horny???729,May,13 01:00
Anybody near Massachusetts?228,May,13 20:46
Camel Toe's328,May,13 19:28
"Coke Can" Covered by My Dick428,May,13 19:26
Man who shave their cock728,May,13 14:48
RATE MY COCK!728,May,13 13:29
My dirty wife828,May,13 11:25
Squirt surprise228,May,13 10:54
Digit Ratio Theory428,May,13 09:57
Pubic Hair!1928,May,13 09:00
Virgin Pussy!!!!428,May,13 03:38
home made dildos?1328,May,13 01:24
Oversize cock...227,May,13 20:28
Truth or dare.727,May,13 16:34
Anybody meet someone using the "Meet Up for Sex" portion of the site?327,May,13 16:27
Is Penis power?627,May,13 12:29
would any one like to have sex with my wife...627,May,13 10:26
Dont know if my cock can please727,May,13 09:56
Ladies to get in touth with South African in KZN. My whatsapp...427,May,13 09:26
CAM2CAM226,May,13 19:55
no one likes me1426,May,13 19:43
KANSAS PEOPLE?426,May,13 18:07
Food item turn ons226,May,13 11:19
Who has some big balls ??226,May,13 01:38
is my dick small?326,May,13 00:03
HELP !!!1125,May,13 11:26
WHO WOULD WANNA FUCK MY GIRL????825,May,13 10:11
Cum eating925,May,13 05:25
Weird that I used to jack off Infront of my dad when I was younger or no?2625,May,13 02:32
Anons?424,May,13 23:17
Thoughts on long distance relationships (from male/female)224,May,13 21:18
Good Bye.1224,May,13 16:40
Cincinnati bound. anyone there?1124,May,13 15:43
Jelking124,May,13 11:12
Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)824,May,13 10:51
lack of precum224,May,13 08:51
Describe924,May,13 02:37
ADMIN for a day!1323,May,13 23:48
Am I a weird guy?723,May,13 19:34
Corn Flakes723,May,13 12:41
who is longer and thicker422,May,13 15:08
Is this weird/Crazy/Strange ?522,May,13 15:05
I want a 3some with another guy but my girlfriend wont do it is it cause she dont want me to see her with bigger or wontshechea1122,May,13 13:00
bored122,May,13 11:49
Is a boys spread ass hole a turn on for u?1022,May,13 04:43
purposely caught jerking322,May,13 01:56
Small Penis Fetish2221,May,13 22:37
Ever fantasize about a hot guy you knew and finally got to see him naked ? Nice cock ? Hot ass ?321,May,13 19:01
Underwear321,May,13 17:00
older men/ women1621,May,13 16:39
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Iceland in eurovision songcontest finals on saturyday all vote for iceland2120,May,13 08:42
favorite thing about >^.^<720,May,13 02:10
Dose any one know penis enlargement exercisers220,May,13 01:44
FIREFOX HAS DIED819,May,13 21:51
20 YEAR OLD COCK919,May,13 18:55
Isn't it frustrating when you start a new topic and a bunch of yahoos derail it with off-topic comments?3819,May,13 17:17
Has anyone ever jerked off to my pics?319,May,13 15:40
27 year old bi curious guy, not into anal--just dicks519,May,13 14:46
Blank site219,May,13 08:20
pics of full body naked in forest good or not719,May,13 05:05
Bilder weg ....219,May,13 03:35
Did you ever try to scratch in the middle of your belly button?1619,May,13 03:26
will you admitt you like guys with womens cloths on???1118,May,13 17:59
If a man is alone in a forest?718,May,13 16:26
first timer218,May,13 14:57
What would you do to me?718,May,13 11:29
Why partial to small or large?418,May,13 10:47
do girls want it up the ass?2918,May,13 09:36
Technical problem318,May,13 07:03
how to find a cock?817,May,13 16:51
Anyone in South Wales, UK217,May,13 09:52
Turned on by your own pic???1317,May,13 06:14
Hairy or bald? (men and/or women)317,May,13 01:12
Thick ones....4816,May,13 23:35
I see a number instead of user name516,May,13 17:33
saline balls....916,May,13 17:17
Из России с любовью...116,May,13 04:29
shaved assholes2415,May,13 21:07
Jerking off with a condom 1915,May,13 21:01
how's my dick?315,May,13 15:56
Prefered places for masturbating2315,May,13 10:30
First time sucking a cock1114,May,13 21:57
saline in sac914,May,13 21:23
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penis towards right or left when erect?1214,May,13 18:31
im.wondering what you guys and.ladies think about my dick214,May,13 17:40
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Saline Infusion1014,May,13 14:40
Take a dick in the ass or slobber all over it instead?414,May,13 10:12
Wer kennt.....714,May,13 09:39
What do girls tell big-cock guys about their small-cock ex's?214,May,13 08:25
Folding It in Half714,May,13 03:57
Cocks whose forskin stays over head hard unless pulled back2313,May,13 16:59
Favorite porn site?813,May,13 04:23
Sounding on skype213,May,13 02:07
What's got YOUR panties in a knot?1313,May,13 01:44
Rate my dick512,May,13 13:48
horny guys in ottawa112,May,13 12:44

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