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Your Opinion of Trannies?4121,Sep,15 13:21
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Talk about Sex in eastern Germany 2615,Sep,15 12:28
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Always wanting more!!314,Sep,15 23:50
Intercourse during MC814,Sep,15 23:11
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Relation between deep penetration and a boy baby ?1214,Sep,15 10:51
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birthdays1414,Sep,15 00:15
New feature - Blogs613,Sep,15 23:38
Blog913,Sep,15 23:01
Increasing cock size1113,Sep,15 17:09
Skype group312,Sep,15 07:25
my wife asked me to quit mastrubating. is that normal2712,Sep,15 01:34
sexual enjoyment711,Sep,15 19:13
Penis Enlargement411,Sep,15 19:11
No brief or panty at home.311,Sep,15 18:49
Penis piercings and other painful looking objects511,Sep,15 18:13
Do you like the scent of your cum?811,Sep,15 08:20
other sites like showmydick.org?510,Sep,15 14:33
Girls into Trans women?610,Sep,15 07:03
Grey sweat pants / trackies1410,Sep,15 06:12
big cocks or small cocks?1709,Sep,15 20:32
Musky cock309,Sep,15 16:29
anyone on Kik? location?509,Sep,15 08:22
yahoo pic trades108,Sep,15 22:04
cock extenders508,Sep,15 13:56
How to suck my first dick?508,Sep,15 08:06
Scotland for ever908,Sep,15 05:32
The "Ageist" nonsense4308,Sep,15 00:00
Why do people stretch their assholes?807,Sep,15 12:28
Penpal ???107,Sep,15 07:03
Show It Or Leave?706,Sep,15 20:08
Any ladies from Edinburgh on here wanna chat ;)206,Sep,15 12:50
California people1206,Sep,15 04:37
older flaccid cock12505,Sep,15 12:43
Who is a squirter??705,Sep,15 08:09
my other weird fetish... Men with big vocabulary and oral sex405,Sep,15 06:10
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Dark anus1504,Sep,15 17:13
Cum on food1303,Sep,15 13:32
what do you think of my 7 inch cock603,Sep,15 10:56
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prostate massager toys202,Sep,15 15:45
Nudist Beaches2502,Sep,15 14:45
Do you like sex toys?3702,Sep,15 13:36
old men with big dicks1502,Sep,15 10:37
Cum on food802,Sep,15 10:26
Older Men202,Sep,15 10:05
Your favorite finish method1002,Sep,15 07:10
skype?1001,Sep,15 14:06
skype advice401,Sep,15 08:38
Cum in Water501,Sep,15 07:03
NEXT TO THE LAST WORD3031,Aug,15 18:36
Self-bondage431,Aug,15 01:56
Using the "Reply" Button in the Forum631,Aug,15 00:01
Who are your favorite comedians?1930,Aug,15 18:53
What Animal has the biggest Cock?1230,Aug,15 14:03
Do you want logo on pics?829,Aug,15 21:39
Why you gotta be such a poopie-head?2829,Aug,15 20:53
Nurse Wanted1129,Aug,15 01:56
Separate Category for SHAVED DICKS AND SHAVED PUSSY1828,Aug,15 18:55
Guys from Germany, France or Belgium?227,Aug,15 13:49
SEX EDUCATION227,Aug,15 06:50
Lots of visitors but no comments227,Aug,15 03:39
Small vagina humiliation2027,Aug,15 02:40
Being naked3127,Aug,15 00:32
When masturbating2526,Aug,15 08:37
Time726,Aug,15 07:42
Short fat cocks226,Aug,15 06:16
Count the number of squirts as you cum!326,Aug,15 05:19
foreskin is nasty!3925,Aug,15 18:20
Everyday breakfast525,Aug,15 02:55
All Your Junk on Google1724,Aug,15 22:12
tattoos824,Aug,15 19:52
WHY.......???4224,Aug,15 16:05
Shaved or unshaved1424,Aug,15 11:29
You might want to hold off on posting a new topic for a bit...2024,Aug,15 11:23
Which taste better black or white dick4024,Aug,15 09:57
Admin424,Aug,15 06:38
Do you like see things in guys butts?924,Aug,15 06:22
Porn industry423,Aug,15 14:56
musically speaking1023,Aug,15 10:56
First Porno923,Aug,15 01:05
LIMIT ON PHOTOS......1822,Aug,15 22:42
Favorite pair of panties2022,Aug,15 12:33
You people are funny (and nice)2622,Aug,15 07:21
Many thanks ADMIN422,Aug,15 04:59
authenticity921,Aug,15 22:51
Can YOU have an orgasm without touching...2621,Aug,15 16:28
Gay or bi saunas in the southwest.221,Aug,15 10:17
Members with muscular body5721,Aug,15 10:15
Small experimental upgrade2221,Aug,15 09:26
Florida? Guys with foreskins and/or small dicks in Florida?119,Aug,15 22:59
Creampies1119,Aug,15 18:43
Wrist watch smells....1119,Aug,15 17:57
A question for the ladies.919,Aug,15 07:51
*TOP TENS*13819,Aug,15 07:34
Anyone like shocking their cock n balls319,Aug,15 04:47
Hairy Asshole2418,Aug,15 10:17
The Truth...518,Aug,15 02:14
Penis Enlargement pills & methods1618,Aug,15 00:43
Lets see some piss picks!1917,Aug,15 14:17
compare pics on watsapp117,Aug,15 07:05
Does anyone else take pictures of their cocks, pussys, or317,Aug,15 04:47
Sucking a coworker217,Aug,15 04:41
Tell us about the first time you had your pussy licked.817,Aug,15 02:37
PRETTY PUSSIES6116,Aug,15 22:33
An Observation...1316,Aug,15 18:40
extra options on member page?816,Aug,15 10:53
To the Site316,Aug,15 10:21
who knows niss?316,Aug,15 10:11
ANOTHER JOKE316,Aug,15 08:56
Late night trash216,Aug,15 08:54
Stupid hateful people ....416,Aug,15 08:51
*Three Wishes*4116,Aug,15 08:39
Wanking with inanimate objects1616,Aug,15 08:32
paraniod activity516,Aug,15 08:29
Bitches, Cunts, Sluts, and Whores... Oh my!316,Aug,15 08:25
WHY???516,Aug,15 08:20
passing the gas316,Aug,15 08:10
somethings never change316,Aug,15 08:05
Need BULLS with BALLS715,Aug,15 23:09
Unpopular Opinions Thread2915,Aug,15 22:55
Really kinky young guys515,Aug,15 11:13
! You Woke Up This Morning As The Opposites Sex!!!1715,Aug,15 10:29
Who got the cane at School715,Aug,15 09:06
????1315,Aug,15 06:35
Nipple Piercing414,Aug,15 10:05
"Women do not masturbate"3313,Aug,15 21:16
loss of desire1713,Aug,15 13:52
Best public bathrooms London613,Aug,15 08:11
Nudist Beaches1113,Aug,15 06:42
First time going to nude beach. erection ok?1212,Aug,15 23:58
Members meet?312,Aug,15 16:41
Anal Sex Survey - Ladies Only (no men)511,Aug,15 11:18
what does a mouthful of cumm taste like to you.411,Aug,15 07:28
znauts drama1611,Aug,15 05:50
Panties and dildo story.510,Aug,15 20:02
Post your best pic here3110,Aug,15 12:54
Blue berry growers1310,Aug,15 08:21
Cheese Lovers Unite!610,Aug,15 01:41
ughhhhh hard times.3309,Aug,15 23:08
Calling all lovely gals!309,Aug,15 22:02
Stable Kink( as in steady, not horses)309,Aug,15 12:45
Eating Cum Pic. ( please vote for free HOT ore Not )209,Aug,15 02:32
Big Nipples? (on guys)1209,Aug,15 01:44
How do you slееp with your partner?807,Aug,15 13:04
Natural & Unadulterated1007,Aug,15 08:15
Is my cock good for pussy?307,Aug,15 07:45
Who loves you more your dog or wife?607,Aug,15 07:35
better cock contest207,Aug,15 07:21
Ever see someone you know personally on a porn site?607,Aug,15 02:06
HOW Do I Look?407,Aug,15 01:50
Things Every Man Should Do at Least Once6006,Aug,15 23:57
What's the weirdest thing you have done with your cock ?2806,Aug,15 23:43
hose on man506,Aug,15 20:12
Why is watching porn wrong?1306,Aug,15 19:18
hard on nude beach406,Aug,15 19:05
Deli Mustard Clam406,Aug,15 19:03
Do you really like your pussy to be licked?606,Aug,15 15:39
New Experiance906,Aug,15 12:08
Male Porn706,Aug,15 03:47
PM's Repeat906,Aug,15 03:40
Circumcised teens906,Aug,15 00:02
Where do u like cum unloaded?805,Aug,15 12:12
Bi/Gay sex while she watches805,Aug,15 10:41
So many big cocks!805,Aug,15 10:11
Virgin Ass705,Aug,15 05:20
broke my penis2305,Aug,15 05:08
Off travelling505,Aug,15 04:40
is my dick to thin305,Aug,15 00:43
Women with hairy pussy, images of user ??104,Aug,15 22:49
Queening Party404,Aug,15 20:07
Rate it please204,Aug,15 12:43
Undercover Gay304,Aug,15 10:48
Hands In Motion204,Aug,15 08:44
Kansas City Metro104,Aug,15 08:31
Hot tubs904,Aug,15 07:19
How to masturbate the right way.504,Aug,15 06:35
Cunts2104,Aug,15 04:35
thin cocks403,Aug,15 17:32
OMG, CILLA BLACK DIES AT 72503,Aug,15 13:21
anal masturbation tips203,Aug,15 07:54
What is your perfect cock preference402,Aug,15 21:28
Cunts covered with cum1202,Aug,15 21:15
prostate massager toys902,Aug,15 19:00
should it matter?302,Aug,15 16:04
Cocksucker in Oxford102,Aug,15 10:51
Cock head pics for my girl201,Aug,15 22:50
Vote for me for pic of the month201,Aug,15 15:38
Family size report401,Aug,15 15:12
Free Ballin'1301,Aug,15 10:19
Soapy cocks601,Aug,15 00:07
Perfect cock size?1331,Jul,15 16:54
CRAIGSLIST HOOKUPS!!!!!430,Jul,15 19:39
Pussy I Preferred230,Jul,15 11:16
Foreskins and toothpaste1129,Jul,15 23:52
Do you have pic with same pose229,Jul,15 19:19
pissing games1329,Jul,15 03:35
pissing on one self1229,Jul,15 00:33
whoever said peeing on yourself was bad528,Jul,15 23:49
Horny moment at the doctor1028,Jul,15 22:16
Look Yummy Or Not ?728,Jul,15 21:49
"How can you be gay if you don't love cocks?"2028,Jul,15 18:07
balls1728,Jul,15 13:25
Mature ladies would you like this?1028,Jul,15 10:06
bad circumcision job628,Jul,15 05:06
Pissing pics4228,Jul,15 04:33
Women Only827,Jul,15 13:21
Vagina curious1627,Jul,15 11:46
NUDISM327,Jul,15 11:32
whats the last really good book that you have read??5426,Jul,15 05:39
What makes you happy...4825,Jul,15 22:23
Thinking about going to a nude beach.525,Jul,15 18:07
A masterpiece, you say? ^_^425,Jul,15 13:44
How to ask a friend to compare cocks?2825,Jul,15 12:21
Losing points!825,Jul,15 11:55
IT'S ALL ABOUT THE POINTS!425,Jul,15 11:08
Your cock nickname?1625,Jul,15 04:04
Proposed New Site Feature2225,Jul,15 02:12
Top or Bottom? Which do u prefer?3325,Jul,15 01:09
Many thanks624,Jul,15 22:51
What would you do424,Jul,15 20:13
Lightning At the Nude Beach624,Jul,15 18:07
Big Curved Dicks3724,Jul,15 17:31
Anyone like some mild pain?524,Jul,15 08:42
Profile with no pics = stupid1424,Jul,15 02:55
Panties, what's the attraction.1124,Jul,15 02:18
Be proud and show your small tits2623,Jul,15 17:01
Happy Dick Head223,Jul,15 16:41
Mouth-watering COCK623,Jul,15 10:43
Flaccid Cock poking through boxer briefs223,Jul,15 10:24
advice please? hiring a prostitute1523,Jul,15 09:11
Say something for above cock :)123,Jul,15 04:45
Would you have sex with a woman who has her man's name tattooed on her?2122,Jul,15 20:35
Feast or famine in cockland322,Jul,15 19:40
Which women get most action?1622,Jul,15 11:54
Names822,Jul,15 09:13
Out of curiosity...1622,Jul,15 09:00
topically applied viagra322,Jul,15 08:58
Negative Anonymous Comments721,Jul,15 15:42
give me some commands please ;-)920,Jul,15 22:53
My penis. small medium or large?1320,Jul,15 12:48
Stop the same pics over over919,Jul,15 17:37
:posted hot video ;)219,Jul,15 17:20
JOYS OF PUSSY818,Jul,15 17:28
How's my cock look?1218,Jul,15 04:30
Where is the craziest place you have had sex?3218,Jul,15 01:40
Suggestions on shaving genitals2117,Jul,15 23:43
would you suck my balls?917,Jul,15 22:16
Females modeling throngs and panties617,Jul,15 22:16
how do you make it bigger?1317,Jul,15 20:28
I thought this may be useful for someone else (copyright, etc)1917,Jul,15 09:08
I am NOT "Mattes"416,Jul,15 14:42
A new page816,Jul,15 13:59
Women's feet316,Jul,15 11:18
Women of the site reveal yourselves!2516,Jul,15 05:30
rate my clock please!! comments appreciated316,Jul,15 03:45
Need Help .... VERY IMPORTANT !!!!1516,Jul,15 01:36
BIGGEST PUSSY GAP2215,Jul,15 19:06
blowjob at movies1015,Jul,15 15:48
who likes to 693315,Jul,15 12:41
Convince me (Piercing)415,Jul,15 10:02
what do you women prefer215,Jul,15 09:58
Narcissists415,Jul,15 09:47
Attention women who like their asses eaten...1515,Jul,15 09:41
Why this punitive punishment for improvement suggestions?!1515,Jul,15 09:36
Rate my cock?315,Jul,15 09:12
Cameltoes1315,Jul,15 04:19
Gay Action Pics wanted615,Jul,15 00:28
being so horny1614,Jul,15 22:31
SPERM or CUM2214,Jul,15 17:31
Anger Issues1314,Jul,15 17:13
"I LOVE YOU ALL "514,Jul,15 14:50
"It's a SEX site!"6914,Jul,15 12:02
Loss of mojo214,Jul,15 10:43
The Smaller Than Average Club714,Jul,15 07:15
ANYONE PLEASE HUMILIATE & DEGRADE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1114,Jul,15 06:14
Online men's site profile says "Not into hook ups" while featured pic is of nice big cock. lol414,Jul,15 01:58
Cock Site Court of Law in Session713,Jul,15 12:55
A lost bet413,Jul,15 09:15
Four sweetest words a woman will ever hear!3713,Jul,15 01:51
Feature Request313,Jul,15 01:28
Well, THAT'S just...weird.1812,Jul,15 08:18
Because she has owned a vagina her entire life...2211,Jul,15 23:26
Cock worshipping stories211,Jul,15 18:58
peeing wile sum 1 els hols your cock1111,Jul,15 17:33
am i a weird woman??1111,Jul,15 17:04
Pregnant W/Boy Circumcise or Not Circumcise5611,Jul,15 11:44
Anyone in kentucky610,Jul,15 23:10
A piece of information for regular trolls410,Jul,15 20:58
Central PA1210,Jul,15 17:19
People tell me I have great nipples3610,Jul,15 09:52
How do you like my gallery?309,Jul,15 19:49
Foreskin lovers14209,Jul,15 08:58
Enough of the on site politics709,Jul,15 06:15
Admin please change the rules!!!!!!!!!!!808,Jul,15 14:55
Foreskin growing tips needed1407,Jul,15 00:05
Need advice considering removing frenulm706,Jul,15 23:26
Small tits - female track athletes.805,Jul,15 23:16
Anyone one in the SoCal area for my gf to suck both of us?105,Jul,15 22:37
I guy just asked me if his "dog could bite my coyote"...1705,Jul,15 16:35
19 year old girl naked body305,Jul,15 11:03
HintOfLemons: please un-ban me1504,Jul,15 14:46
interested in dogging1204,Jul,15 06:09
What do you Guys think of my wifes ass?303,Jul,15 19:02
Anyone in Ohio?403,Jul,15 18:56
Buttplug tails, anyone?503,Jul,15 14:01
dicks wraped in the underwears203,Jul,15 13:54
"Notes" feature..5103,Jul,15 12:52
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fucking a tranny1602,Jul,15 18:11
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Guys in Cincinnati Ohio down for a fling?330,Jun,15 13:26
What pornstar do I look like ☺️330,Jun,15 04:27

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