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EDGING Stories411,Apr,12 07:13
Submissive Oral311,Apr,12 05:31
what would u do to me?310,Apr,12 20:36
New around here410,Apr,12 19:17
dick310,Apr,12 14:41
Why the most girls dont like my dick or balls?810,Apr,12 11:36
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ugliest dick on this page 410,Apr,12 02:23
like my penis?209,Apr,12 18:20
skype with older fat men over 50209,Apr,12 17:15
What age did you first cum or fuck Please give juicy details.209,Apr,12 12:26
suck?209,Apr,12 10:13
dirty cocks109,Apr,12 07:25
who else has encountered this?409,Apr,12 02:04
Which picture do you prefer?109,Apr,12 01:30
my dick size208,Apr,12 16:30
Chat Room408,Apr,12 16:01
HAPPY EASTER208,Apr,12 09:22
Any girls wannna sext with me?!!308,Apr,12 08:25
If you like HIGH Cumshot Vidoes 108,Apr,12 02:29
Veiny cock ring.207,Apr,12 21:58
do you like my foreskin?107,Apr,12 20:58
i seem to have fell in love with my cousin and frequently dreamed of sleeping with him... 1407,Apr,12 18:16
Shorts or not?207,Apr,12 13:29
daddy here for107,Apr,12 12:43
What do you think about Asian Men? Have you tried one? Trry me? :]607,Apr,12 10:47
whats up im new here!!107,Apr,12 07:32
This site is SLOW!!107,Apr,12 02:31
iv never had cock, but....806,Apr,12 19:05
WOO HOO306,Apr,12 18:52
Can I get a witness?806,Apr,12 18:51
To fuck or be fucked206,Apr,12 16:48
going fishing tomorrow306,Apr,12 16:21
Dirty Talk!!!:)206,Apr,12 12:22
What are your favorite words to use in dirty talk?406,Apr,12 10:44
dirty chat506,Apr,12 10:35
search daddy 206,Apr,12 10:29
How to "Cum" more, And Thicker206,Apr,12 10:27
I want a bigger dick!606,Apr,12 10:16
2 New Cumshot Videos 306,Apr,12 08:50
have you ever caught any female peeing by chance?306,Apr,12 08:42
Any Comments on my Young Cock?406,Apr,12 07:57
Do you think my cocks too small?306,Apr,12 06:45
Back after a long break !1306,Apr,12 00:41
Thoughts on cock?405,Apr,12 21:44
White swim shorts405,Apr,12 21:09
do you like my cock?205,Apr,12 16:52
Please Comment on my Young 6" Cock...........305,Apr,12 10:37
How to eat pussy?205,Apr,12 01:01
live on cam4104,Apr,12 17:06
8 inchers or more wanted1304,Apr,12 17:04
Cock phenomenon304,Apr,12 15:00
crossdressers204,Apr,12 14:04
new pics up....enjoy204,Apr,12 10:30
do u like my dick/204,Apr,12 04:57
Send me your load?503,Apr,12 22:21
CUM FILLED PUSSY803,Apr,12 19:18
I had my first dick sucking encounter with a guy603,Apr,12 19:13
Playing with my tits..303,Apr,12 16:07
dick twins?303,Apr,12 14:35
Clone A Williy or Make Your Own Dildo803,Apr,12 14:35
I need a fuck buddy!503,Apr,12 12:44
my feet303,Apr,12 12:33
what would you rate my young fresh cock??303,Apr,12 11:48
New pictures :) 203,Apr,12 11:04
pic ideas303,Apr,12 10:05
I AM ADDICTED TO BIG COCK ! ! ! ! ! ! 3103,Apr,12 09:07
Red Pubic Hair803,Apr,12 01:25
BBW!! 402,Apr,12 22:09
im new here302,Apr,12 19:19
Please Vote for this Picture202,Apr,12 17:27
coming out....202,Apr,12 15:15
if your gay or bi post your number here302,Apr,12 15:03
Who would suck my cock502,Apr,12 12:57
Rate me!202,Apr,12 11:02
my pics202,Apr,12 10:55
help202,Apr,12 10:32
guys always wanna cam? WTF!!!302,Apr,12 05:38
Foot fetish202,Apr,12 05:31
my wife seems to have become intimate with another man totally irrespective of my feeling...202,Apr,12 05:29
How do you like to measure?101,Apr,12 21:34
let's post your pee picture1701,Apr,12 20:37
pic of the month201,Apr,12 19:20
Mobile show your dick201,Apr,12 12:48
anyone in wendover231,Mar,12 23:22
What do you think about Frotagge 231,Mar,12 22:08
biggest dick?231,Mar,12 20:27
Why does he always have to blow his load over my ass?631,Mar,12 19:21
stolen pic431,Mar,12 18:13
Big cum shooters!431,Mar,12 12:25
Philly, pa131,Mar,12 02:48
watch my 21yo big vained german cock!730,Mar,12 22:20
Cum see a hot & sexy babe230,Mar,12 21:54
Tell me what you think330,Mar,12 13:21
Tell me what u want to see in a pic? Guys and Gals... What's hot?230,Mar,12 10:31
your thoughts on my penis??230,Mar,12 10:24
members without a single pic230,Mar,12 03:48
Young man looking for a woman to c2c with129,Mar,12 13:28
opinions on my dick229,Mar,12 13:27
Swingers!!!!229,Mar,12 13:04
Naked in public1929,Mar,12 11:25
I'm gay.429,Mar,12 11:05
U LIKE MY COCK ?429,Mar,12 04:06
My cock or her cunt?1229,Mar,12 04:04
Never been with a guy229,Mar,12 02:46
Dick Naked 360: From Backside to Full Frontal428,Mar,12 17:35
anyone cum for me?? 528,Mar,12 16:06
Male "grooming"1428,Mar,12 14:38
guys showing their feminine side328,Mar,12 13:46
Here's what I'm looking for...228,Mar,12 13:12
THICK OR THIN CUM??328,Mar,12 10:17
my cock.228,Mar,12 10:15
Who wants to verify me?128,Mar,12 04:34
are you horny now?1028,Mar,12 01:34
Yes or no928,Mar,12 01:21
CUM in Glass127,Mar,12 16:51
Cock Beauty Pageant - hornybicurious judging2027,Mar,12 14:58
What would you do?227,Mar,12 14:57
New to site only 19 big cock!!527,Mar,12 12:43
any idea for new picture ?227,Mar,12 11:12
What do you think about my dick ?327,Mar,12 10:18
Do i have a big cock?327,Mar,12 10:06
Who has the biggest uncut dick?3727,Mar,12 07:05
Send request on what do do with my cock! 226,Mar,12 18:36
tips on how to get bigger326,Mar,12 17:14
What do you think of my cock?226,Mar,12 15:58
anyone for docking?526,Mar,12 15:24
Anal326,Mar,12 15:22
Rate my cock?226,Mar,12 13:49
Are you in India?626,Mar,12 13:33
Toe rings226,Mar,12 12:11
Any ideas anyone?326,Mar,12 10:19
SKYPE226,Mar,12 04:41
who loves der cock...525,Mar,12 21:12
Smile225,Mar,12 20:20
Just Posted my first two vids1425,Mar,12 20:00
Ya gotta love a Banana Cock.........225,Mar,12 10:14
similar dicks625,Mar,12 02:53
I can belive I'm doing this925,Mar,12 00:28
First time anal324,Mar,12 22:16
Who has wanked over me324,Mar,12 19:03
Who lukes unshaved dicks?924,Mar,12 16:42
Girls only324,Mar,12 15:35
my dick... big or not424,Mar,12 13:55
golden showers.624,Mar,12 09:04
Why don't more girls show us what nice figures they have?324,Mar,12 08:08
who has wanked off over my wifes pictures324,Mar,12 04:46
my dick????223,Mar,12 22:41
make fun of my tiny dick323,Mar,12 21:51
TXT SEX223,Mar,12 16:52
"Ladies" - Make fun of my Cock plz!!!!223,Mar,12 15:31
Like my ass, boys?323,Mar,12 14:08
ginger323,Mar,12 13:42
speedos2523,Mar,12 12:13
Looking for someone close to wallace N.C. to fuck my ass man or women223,Mar,12 10:26
Do you like my dick? 323,Mar,12 10:19
Shaved or Unshaved?823,Mar,12 10:09
SHAVING/PLUCKING423,Mar,12 08:29
who will like to fuck in la now323,Mar,12 03:01
Footjobs from woman322,Mar,12 23:52
check out my cock ladies122,Mar,12 23:13
Advice322,Mar,12 22:51
Members List122,Mar,12 15:29
Just look my first uploaded picture and please comment222,Mar,12 10:13
Why most women don't cam?822,Mar,12 09:12
Fleshlight1222,Mar,12 09:05
LONG CUMSHOT222,Mar,12 02:13
give me ur honest opinion 222,Mar,12 01:15
best shower sex story122,Mar,12 01:09
dick piercing321,Mar,12 18:16
Flesh light221,Mar,12 16:44
My dirty Sexual encounters 321,Mar,12 14:06
Quistion for the ladies221,Mar,12 13:34
chubby girls621,Mar,12 13:24
Real Women221,Mar,12 13:07
Girls mostly but guys too321,Mar,12 11:36
More than one pic on most popular pics of last 5 days321,Mar,12 10:23
I want to suck a dick621,Mar,12 10:18
New pics221,Mar,12 10:14
To Routemasters friends521,Mar,12 06:54
broadcasting on cam4221,Mar,12 00:17
PRETTIEST PANTIES, girls only420,Mar,12 23:44
What would you do to me...?320,Mar,12 23:18
Wanting input.320,Mar,12 15:30
how deep is your pussy?720,Mar,12 15:21
What do guys think?220,Mar,12 06:32
Howz my ass?420,Mar,12 03:54
To all members who can verify520,Mar,12 02:56
Were you a top or bottom for your first time?619,Mar,12 20:34
Whose horny?319,Mar,12 19:43
wanna suck me dry419,Mar,12 18:53
please comment on nasty pics619,Mar,12 16:07
TOTAL VIRGIN519,Mar,12 10:38
Dick wanted in Omaha Nebraska219,Mar,12 10:33
would u like to suck my cock r. now...?319,Mar,12 10:14
Who wants to have phone sex/sext219,Mar,12 10:12
toy boy219,Mar,12 02:28
what do u think about my latin cock???? rate it419,Mar,12 02:24
What's your favorite FREE Amateur GAY sites?218,Mar,12 23:31
BBM Contacts618,Mar,12 20:39
Looking for an older woman218,Mar,12 19:21
Role playing games!318,Mar,12 16:17
6.5" cock518,Mar,12 15:32
I like this picture and you?418,Mar,12 11:37
What do you think of my dick317,Mar,12 13:59
what age did you find out you were gay/or bi417,Mar,12 11:33
Cut or uncut girls and guys117,Mar,12 10:09
How's my dick?417,Mar,12 07:51
Want a nice guy117,Mar,12 04:39
how do i post pic 2 a wall with other comments216,Mar,12 17:52
Anyone else like being teased 316,Mar,12 15:02
trade pics anyone???116,Mar,12 12:15
Poop fetishes 516,Mar,12 11:36
Eating your own cum from a pair of tits516,Mar,12 11:31
Curious str8 21 year old guy wants to chat about sucking and more316,Mar,12 10:34
Question316,Mar,12 04:11
Who likes my cock?216,Mar,12 03:51
Is my natural hairless body good or bad215,Mar,12 23:46
winter or summer cut - which looks better?215,Mar,12 23:21
How is my cock?415,Mar,12 23:09
I'm back and horny ;)215,Mar,12 23:07
Suck own dick1815,Mar,12 22:33
Show Your Cock515,Mar,12 20:42
Please, rate my Penis!115,Mar,12 20:07
Would you fuck this ass?215,Mar,12 19:06
Finally making a comeback! :)215,Mar,12 18:26
DO YOU LIKE MY ASS??315,Mar,12 16:43
What do you like?515,Mar,12 13:25
Are You a Quick Cummer?815,Mar,12 11:11
Whos from perth wa115,Mar,12 07:59
BBw girls314,Mar,12 10:16
Is my penis to thin ?414,Mar,12 05:41
RATE MY SMALL COCK714,Mar,12 04:37
Mature girls for the win313,Mar,12 22:19
such a bich really piss me off!what an appalling day it was!313,Mar,12 21:13
tits size2113,Mar,12 20:35
Best mature cunt ? On here post1013,Mar,12 19:37
Cock Squirt!813,Mar,12 18:00
Cum drops from Penis413,Mar,12 17:25
Anybody know where...113,Mar,12 12:07
I love my wife to pull down on my balls as i cum613,Mar,12 10:37
What would you do?213,Mar,12 10:23
Honest opinions213,Mar,12 10:07
young boy into older girls413,Mar,12 04:45
I want to fuck a MILF.313,Mar,12 03:02
Definition of Fem213,Mar,12 01:27
a turn on ?612,Mar,12 20:34
Photshopped pics312,Mar,12 18:14
What size of dick take my 19 year ****512,Mar,12 17:55
Show your precum pics812,Mar,12 16:24
What do you think of my body in just a red ribbon?212,Mar,12 15:58
"Cunt," "Cock," "Tits," and other slang terms for privates1912,Mar,12 15:57
wanted cyber gf212,Mar,12 10:40
Please answer712,Mar,12 10:26
Ugly cocks1412,Mar,12 07:57
Spandex112,Mar,12 00:55
Why married men have sex with other men911,Mar,12 23:50
Do Big Dick Maste bate more?211,Mar,12 20:58
40 days possible???611,Mar,12 20:45
What do you think of my pussy?3611,Mar,12 13:19
uploading pic question211,Mar,12 11:59
MORE ORIGINAL311,Mar,12 11:19
It's Been 5 Days!!!511,Mar,12 05:02
BBw ass <3 best ass on here ? Post pictures 211,Mar,12 04:10
Tell me what youd really do to my girl, i want details!211,Mar,12 03:38
Why are women so conniving and competitive??????211,Mar,12 01:50
Bisexual Porn :-)810,Mar,12 10:28
Adult circumcision1610,Mar,12 05:30
I want to know your opinion on my uncircumcised cock310,Mar,12 02:54
piercing your cock709,Mar,12 23:37
pics of your lips, both sets309,Mar,12 21:47
PERTH 209,Mar,12 14:56
Photographers1109,Mar,12 13:42
What makes you instantly horny3209,Mar,12 12:50
people in perth 109,Mar,12 11:35
Is my african dick the BEST looking DICK on this site? 609,Mar,12 07:00
HIV - How do you know???209,Mar,12 05:55
pee fetish509,Mar,12 01:41
webcam208,Mar,12 17:41
There's a Cucumber up my Ass!308,Mar,12 15:06
do u like my cunt308,Mar,12 09:13
what type of underwere you like most.2608,Mar,12 09:11
What do you think about my dick?408,Mar,12 03:23
what do you think about me? 408,Mar,12 03:15
pee pics407,Mar,12 23:45
18 ish107,Mar,12 22:10
IS MY COCK SUCKABLE407,Mar,12 19:35
Sissy slut boy!607,Mar,12 18:42
Do You Think This Is Real?!507,Mar,12 18:03
Points needed!!!207,Mar,12 17:44
Cock morphing107,Mar,12 16:59
you will be fucked by this?307,Mar,12 14:08
Has anyone actually met/had sex with anyone on this site?707,Mar,12 05:37
Foreskin Reconstruction707,Mar,12 00:18
Foreskin restoration207,Mar,12 00:14
accepted girth measuring207,Mar,12 00:00
Average??206,Mar,12 16:51
doubles?206,Mar,12 16:49
what ya think of my wifes pussy806,Mar,12 16:37
Anyone wanna see more of my girl??706,Mar,12 15:44
Compare my natural pics to trimmed!206,Mar,12 14:20
guess what is the length of my dick!306,Mar,12 10:06
honest comments on my pics!506,Mar,12 07:56
Worship Men Who Want It306,Mar,12 06:22
want dirty comments on my wifes pics. thanks406,Mar,12 04:46
who lieks my pics106,Mar,12 04:32
Txting206,Mar,12 01:21
Condoms205,Mar,12 14:59
Bored and horny!305,Mar,12 13:27
What do you think?105,Mar,12 13:21
Does anyone else in your family know if you are gay/bisexual/bicurious and how did they re-act when they found out?605,Mar,12 10:20
toilet sex405,Mar,12 02:54
small, average, large? ?504,Mar,12 17:12
weed n cocks204,Mar,12 16:49
Ladies ladies ladies!204,Mar,12 16:46
How is my cock?204,Mar,12 15:20
shaved or pubes on this cock?404,Mar,12 10:41
Question for the ladies604,Mar,12 07:43
Do you belive this is real?2003,Mar,12 23:58
str8 yet turned on by big cock pics1203,Mar,12 22:30
tight foreskin403,Mar,12 22:24
OPEN for USE.... 303,Mar,12 20:50
DO U LIKE MY COCK?103,Mar,12 14:51
WHO LIKES MY COCK???103,Mar,12 13:38
Shave or wax ur ass?503,Mar,12 13:04
What a shame......2903,Mar,12 12:14
why do some women call themselves sluts?703,Mar,12 12:02
is it nice friends??????503,Mar,12 10:16
Check out my ugly bell203,Mar,12 10:15
whose got a big mushroom bell end203,Mar,12 10:12
Mass ban903,Mar,12 06:30
to admin and anyone: about starting a topic, what do you think?403,Mar,12 06:28
Lady Gaga Lovers!!!!!603,Mar,12 05:47
Would you suck my Cock 4 $1000503,Mar,12 05:43
orders 203,Mar,12 03:34
LOVE TINY COCKS!! DO YOU???603,Mar,12 03:16
Photography 101 Mini-Camp.1502,Mar,12 22:18
Would any men or women like to suck/fuck me?402,Mar,12 22:13
Fat bottom girls you make the rocking world go round!502,Mar,12 15:41
Am i small?202,Mar,12 15:12
Check out my dick !302,Mar,12 10:14
WHO LIKE 14CM COCK?202,Mar,12 10:11
MY BIG DICK 302,Mar,12 10:08
lost points702,Mar,12 09:09
THE BIG TIT GAME202,Mar,12 08:44
fingering502,Mar,12 08:42
Just realized402,Mar,12 00:41
Im just currius. HOW MANY CAN WE GET TO COMMENT THIS TOPIC?!701,Mar,12 16:00
does anyone know? 301,Mar,12 13:16
* Negative votes not showing in points log1401,Mar,12 11:01
Is there a way?501,Mar,12 07:30
post your best ever pussy/dick pic2401,Mar,12 05:24
Morning masturbation1501,Mar,12 03:02
OLDER MEN WANTED901,Mar,12 01:54
Wide Open Pussy and Ass Views you'd like to share of yourself?501,Mar,12 01:50
"I'm letting my Pubes grow back"429,Feb,12 23:04
will i shave or not?429,Feb,12 23:00
does anyone in WIlkes barre pa suck cock229,Feb,12 22:12
Fuck my ASS?!?!1329,Feb,12 13:11
anyone like the taste of there own cumm1329,Feb,12 11:22
Member rating based on relationship with other members229,Feb,12 10:49
rate my dick229,Feb,12 10:00
Requesting us to verify you.229,Feb,12 09:29
feel of disgust428,Feb,12 20:52
Show Your Grower!3828,Feb,12 18:26
is my cock small or average?528,Feb,12 16:46
Honestly tell me.428,Feb,12 16:43
Do Like My Dick.......328,Feb,12 12:57
what do you think?328,Feb,12 12:56
worried 228,Feb,12 12:03
tell me what to post on my profile228,Feb,12 10:31
Who would fuck me? 328,Feb,12 10:09
I want to get blown1028,Feb,12 06:10
Australia - Brisbane Girls228,Feb,12 01:33
horny and in need of help in kcmo area 127,Feb,12 19:04
please tell my bf what you think of him627,Feb,12 18:17
My next orgasm!627,Feb,12 17:11
Teen cock127,Feb,12 13:24
horny 327,Feb,12 12:52
Skinny twink or beef cake..what do u want to fuck most??1327,Feb,12 10:11
honestly tell me what you think327,Feb,12 10:08
Wrong Category527,Feb,12 09:58
what do you think of my size327,Feb,12 04:55
IS MY PICTURES OF MY **** WRONG?327,Feb,12 04:10
never had dick in my ass, any advise?1227,Feb,12 03:34
Fuck my arse.627,Feb,12 03:32
micropenis role427,Feb,12 02:38
Would you suck me? 1226,Feb,12 21:59
what do you think of my cock? 326,Feb,12 15:37
music726,Feb,12 05:40
hubby wants cock426,Feb,12 04:27
What do you think of my cock626,Feb,12 04:23
Check of My pictures ?226,Feb,12 04:03
Gloryhole226,Feb,12 01:22
Do you ever get so hard your cock aches?926,Feb,12 01:05
who is real?1325,Feb,12 19:40
micropenis man , only good to serve225,Feb,12 11:59
small dick225,Feb,12 11:01
USE ME!225,Feb,12 10:37
cock art 425,Feb,12 10:32
20yo virgin what do u think of my cock 425,Feb,12 05:42
pussy or ass?925,Feb,12 04:14
category on the main page for verified pics only425,Feb,12 03:47
members with out pic 224,Feb,12 20:34
naked at the gym124,Feb,12 19:21
my penis n bong 324,Feb,12 17:56
Negative vote324,Feb,12 17:53
The size of my lips1424,Feb,12 16:50
is dick big or small224,Feb,12 16:33
Skype Cam2Cam624,Feb,12 15:21
straight guys becoming bi1524,Feb,12 14:58
check out my cockkk224,Feb,12 11:16
Fantasy Dates824,Feb,12 06:24
How yo last longer???????????1124,Feb,12 06:09
First pic!224,Feb,12 01:36
Thanks, Admin1724,Feb,12 01:01
Are you stupid?923,Feb,12 22:28
curious...723,Feb,12 16:54

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